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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Rabatin Madonna PRESDT  
Rabil Brian DEANS  
Radcliffe Nancy PRESDT  
Rader Whitney DEANS  
Radi Tareq PRESDT  
Radoye Douglas DEANS  
Raduege Kimberly DEANS  
Rafa Karen DEANS  
Rafalco Maria PRESDT  
Rafferty Lynn DEANS  
Rafi Ikra DEANS  
Rafiqi Khalida PRESDT  
Rafiqzad Waleed DEANS  
Raggio Kathryn PRESDT  
Raguindin Genevieve DEANS  
Raguso Anton DEANS  
Raheem Katherine DEANS  
Rahimzadeh Pooya DEANS  
Rahmani Sogand DEANS  
Rahmoune Meryem DEANS  
Rahynes Myron DEANS  
Raines Joseph DEANS  
Raja Attia DEANS  
Raja Rabia DEANS  
Rajamohan Rajamarthandan DEANS  
Rajan Madhan DEANS  
Raker Paige DEANS  
Rakpluem Sarinda DEANS  
Ramadan Ehsan PRESDT  
Ramaj Kaitlyn DEANS  
Ramaraju Marjan DEANS  
Ramazani Tara PRESDT  
Rambert Samuel PRESDT  
Ramesh Vijethillek PRESDT  
Raminpour Ali PRESDT  
Ramirez Alfredo PRESDT  
Ramirez Dianeladia DEANS  
Ramirez Jannyl DEANS  
Ramirez Luis DEANS  
Ramirez Manuel DEANS  
Ramirez Pamela DEANS  
Ramirez Santos DEANS  
Ramirez Yasmina DEANS  
Ramos Edgar PRESDT  
Ramos Ivette DEANS  
Ramos Jennifer DEANS  
Ramos Luz DEANS  
Ramos Rafael DEANS  
ramos ruben DEANS  
Ramos Santos DEANS  
Ramos Yanileht PRESDT  
Rampersad Juliana DEANS  
rampey walter DEANS  
Ramserran Jason PRESDT  
Ramsey Amanda DEANS  
Randle Ezra DEANS  
Randolph David DEANS  
Randrianarivelo Bakoly DEANS  
Randrianasolo Antonio PRESDT  
Rangel Blanca DEANS  
Raphael Xavier DEANS  
Rascoe Ashley DEANS  
Rasekh Neysari Marjan DEANS  
Rash Wayne DEANS  
Rasheed Anaam DEANS  
Rasheed Najaah DEANS  
Rashid Mohammed DEANS  
Rashidi Nabeal DEANS  
Rasmussen Kyle PRESDT  
Rasmussen Robert DEANS  
Rathbone John PRESDT  
Ratliff Shelbi DEANS  
Rauch Patty DEANS  
Rausch Stacy DEANS  
Ravenscroft Michael DEANS  
Rawat Rajeev DEANS  
Rawlings Aaron DEANS  
Rawls Kelly DEANS  
Ray Hilary DEANS  
Raya Pablo DEANS  
Rayburn Lauren DEANS  
Rayner Danielle PRESDT  
Raynor Jeremy DEANS  
Rayo Jordan DEANS  
Razafijemisa Josee DEANS  
Razaq Wida DEANS  
Razzaq Saira PRESDT  
Rea Huertas Fiorella DEANS  
Reavey Kimberly PRESDT  
Rebar Wendy DEANS  
Reczek Jane DEANS  
Redd Valerie DEANS  
Redmiles Jessica DEANS  
Reece Kristin DEANS  
Reed Aaron PRESDT  
Reed Corinne DEANS  
Reed David DEANS  
Reed Melissa DEANS  
Reed Taylor DEANS  
Reese Fritz DEANS  
Reeves D Eleazer DEANS  
Regis Natalie DEANS  
Regmi Subodh PRESDT  
Rehayem Chehnaz DEANS  
Rehman Aftab DEANS  
Rehman Faiza DEANS  
Reid James DEANS  
Reid Virginia DEANS  
Reihman James PRESDT  
Reilly Deborah DEANS  
Reilly Heather DEANS  
Reiman Teresita DEANS  
Reinecke Alyssa DEANS  
Reinhold David PRESDT  
Reinhold Yodit DEANS  
Rekhi Mona DEANS  
Rekik Asma PRESDT  
Rellan Paru DEANS  
Relton Matthew DEANS  
Remington Michael DEANS  
Ren Guochao DEANS  
Renart Adrian DEANS  
Renchin Dorj DEANS  
Renteria Pamela DEANS  
Renzi Matthew DEANS  
Restani Tais Cristina Rocha DEANS  
Restivo Ryan DEANS  
Retherford Graham PRESDT  
Reubens Justin DEANS  
Rey Katherine PRESDT  
reyes juan DEANS  
Reyes Martin PRESDT  
Reyes Michelle DEANS  
Reyes Shelby PRESDT  
Reyes Winter PRESDT  
Reyes Yuri PRESDT  
Reyes Meza Maria PRESDT  
Reyle Maria DEANS  
Reynolds Eric DEANS  
Reynolds Jason DEANS  
Reynoso Jaime PRESDT  
Reza Syed DEANS  
Rezvankhoo Venus DEANS  
Rhim Youngjae DEANS  
Rhoades Ruth DEANS  
Riaz Ricky PRESDT  
Ribeiro Laurinda PRESDT  
Rice Bradley DEANS  
Rice Cody PRESDT  
Rich Steven DEANS  
Richard John DEANS  
Richard Stacy PRESDT  
Richards Amanda DEANS  
Richards Christy DEANS  
Richards Erika DEANS  
Richards Stephanie DEANS  
Richardson Ashley DEANS  
Richardson Forrest DEANS  
Richardson Jay PRESDT  
Richardson Phyllis DEANS  
Richardson Uma DEANS  
Richitt Heather DEANS  
Richman Meredith DEANS  
Richmond Chana'e DEANS  
Rickard Natalie DEANS  
Rieder Chris PRESDT  
Rigaud Raphael PRESDT  
Riggs Joshua DEANS  
Rigley Danielle PRESDT  
Rigsbey Tina PRESDT  
Rihl David PRESDT  
Rimel Douglas DEANS  
Rinehart Christopher PRESDT  
riner harrison DEANS  
Ringer Andrew DEANS  
Ringwood Corry DEANS  
Rinker Brittany DEANS  
Rios-tapia Juan DEANS  
Ripa Christian DEANS  
Ripley Anhela DEANS  
Ritchie Nicole PRESDT  
Ritt Thomas DEANS  
Rittenhouse Ginger DEANS  
Rivas Angel DEANS  
Rivas Joanna DEANS  
Rivera Adhemar PRESDT  
Rivera Alexander DEANS  
Rivera Celina DEANS  
Rivera Erin DEANS  
rivera Maira DEANS  
rivera marina DEANS  
Rivera Arnez Roberto DEANS  
Riveros Luis PRESDT  
Rivers Yolande DEANS  
Rivinus Francis PRESDT  
Rizkallah Karin DEANS  
Rizvi Sahar PRESDT  
Rizwan Muddassir DEANS  
Rizzo Adam PRESDT  
Rizzoni Amanda PRESDT  
Robb Erica DEANS  
Robb Susan DEANS  
Robbins Brooke PRESDT  
Robbins Cassandra DEANS  
Roberge Mary DEANS  
Roberson Sherry DEANS  
Roberts Brett PRESDT  
Roberts Craig DEANS  
Roberts Grayson DEANS  
Roberts Tara DEANS  
Robertson Cheri DEANS  
Robertson Dale DEANS  
Robertson Rhonda DEANS  
Robic Jessica PRESDT  
Robic Matt DEANS  
Robinson Brittany DEANS  
Robinson Michael DEANS  
Robinson Richard DEANS  
Robinson Treniese DEANS  
Robinson Vashti DEANS  
Robinson Virginia PRESDT  
Robles Nydia DEANS  
Robson Kacie DEANS  
Roca Alexandra DEANS  
Roca Allison DEANS  
Rocha Nicholas DEANS  
Rochelle Lance DEANS  
Rock Erin DEANS  
Rock Matthew PRESDT  
Rockwell Kaitlin DEANS  
Rodeheaver Samuel DEANS  
Rodgers Edward DEANS  
Rodgers-Cromer La Shonda DEANS  
Rodionova Olena PRESDT  
Rodrigo Bianca Eunice DEANS  
Rodriguez Ana DEANS  
Rodriguez Ariel DEANS  
Rodriguez Christina DEANS  
Rodriguez Daniel DEANS  
Rodriguez Dwayne DEANS  
Rodriguez Grecia DEANS  
Rodriguez Janeth DEANS  
Rodriguez Juan PRESDT  
Rodriguez Larry DEANS  
rodriguez maritza DEANS  
Rodriguez Michael DEANS  
Rodriguez Nelson DEANS  
Rodriguez Sandy DEANS  
Rodriguez Stephanie DEANS  
Rodriguez Tatiana DEANS  
Rodriguez Ubaldo DEANS  
Rodriguez Reyes Diana DEANS  
Roe Young Kuk PRESDT  
Roesch Diana DEANS  
Roeske Alison DEANS  
Roeun Lorraine DEANS  
Rogers Aaron PRESDT  
Rogers Cecillia DEANS  
Rogers Daniel PRESDT  
Rogers Gerald DEANS  
Rogers Jennifer DEANS  
Rogers Jennifer PRESDT  
Rogers Michael DEANS  
Rogers Rhonda DEANS  
Rogers Taylor DEANS  
Rogers Wayne DEANS  
Rohrer Judy DEANS  
Rojas Christina DEANS  
Rojas Roberto DEANS  
Rojas Sara DEANS  
Rojas Cadima Omar DEANS  
Rojo Amy PRESDT  
Roldan Megan DEANS  
Roldugina Darya PRESDT  
Rollamas Vanessa PRESDT  
Rollano Victor PRESDT  
Rolle Stephen DEANS  
Rolley Anna DEANS  
Rollins Diana DEANS  
Rollins Phillip DEANS  
Rollison Brian DEANS  
Roltsch Anna PRESDT  
Roma Gerald DEANS  
Roman Matthew DEANS  
Romeo Dion DEANS  
Romero Cesar DEANS  
Romero Genesis DEANS  
Romero Leny DEANS  
Romulo Chelsie DEANS  
Ronan Katy PRESDT  
Ronayne Michael DEANS  
Rook Naomi DEANS  
Rookard Katherine DEANS  
Rooker Ronald DEANS  
Rooney John DEANS  
Rooth Craig DEANS  
Roquemore Lashanta DEANS  
Rosa Kyle DEANS  
Rosales Ana DEANS  
Rosales Dennis DEANS  
Rosales Jessica DEANS  
Rosales Renee DEANS  
Rosales Miranda Gerson DEANS  
Rosamond Jennifer DEANS  
Rosas Natalie PRESDT  
Rose David PRESDT  
Rosen Christine PRESDT  
Rosenberg Elizabeth PRESDT  
Rosenblatt Krista DEANS  
Roshdy Sara DEANS  
Roshelli Kelly DEANS  
Ross Amanda DEANS  
Ross Brooke DEANS  
Ross Celeste DEANS  
Ross Christopher DEANS  
Ross Ninette DEANS  
Rosse Robert DEANS  
Rossman Kenyth DEANS  
Rotati Fabrizio DEANS  
Roth Amanda DEANS  
Roth Christopher DEANS  
Roth Sofia DEANS  
Rothermel Candace DEANS  
Rousseau Katrin DEANS  
Rovinsky Isabelle DEANS  
Rowe Michelle DEANS  
Rowland Jeffrey DEANS  
Rowley Andrea DEANS  
Roxas Christopher George DEANS  
Roy Kenya DEANS  
Royce Gary-david DEANS  
Rubens Juliane PRESDT  
Rubin Michael DEANS  
Rubini Talia DEANS  
Rubio Leidy DEANS  
Ruble Elizabeth DEANS  
Ruckman Eric DEANS  
Rudert Savannah PRESDT  
Ruefer Katie PRESDT  
Ruester Anna-Karina DEANS  
Ruf Angela DEANS  
Ruffing Blaise DEANS  
Rufo Alexandra PRESDT  
Ruggiero Andrew DEANS  
Ruhlin Allison PRESDT  
Ruhman Rami DEANS  
Ruhomutally Samiirah PRESDT  
Ruiz Erik DEANS  
Ruiz Joseph PRESDT  
Ruiz Sandra DEANS  
Ruiz Stephany DEANS  
Rulapaugh Marlena DEANS  
Rule Christina DEANS  
Rumford Kathleen DEANS  
Runft Diane DEANS  
Runge Michael DEANS  
Runnerstrom Kathryn DEANS  
Ruscsak Monika DEANS  
Rush Robert DEANS  
Russell Amanda DEANS  
Russell Amy PRESDT  
Russell Jennifer DEANS  
Russell Sarah DEANS  
Russell Scott PRESDT  
Russell Torey PRESDT  
Rutkowska Marta PRESDT  
Ryals Nicole DEANS  
Ryan Benjamin DEANS  
Ryan Kyle PRESDT  
Ryan Laurie DEANS  
Ryner Symmone PRESDT  
Rynex Emily DEANS  
Rynne Erin-marie DEANS