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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Packard Megan DEANS  
Padberg Paul DEANS  
Padgett Charniece DEANS  
Padilla Elizabeth DEANS  
Padilla Javier DEANS  
Padua Sean DEANS  
Pafford Emilyann DEANS  
Pagan Jose DEANS  
Paganelli Claudia DEANS  
Page Sean PRESDT  
Page Zachary DEANS  
Pai Fu-Chen DEANS  
Paigir Mursal DEANS  
Painter Tammy DEANS  
Pak Erin DEANS  
pak helen DEANS  
Pak Tiffany DEANS  
Palacios Jessica DEANS  
palacios jorge DEANS  
Palen Matthew DEANS  
Palma Oscar DEANS  
Palmer Anne PRESDT  
Palmer Marie DEANS  
Palmer Mark DEANS  
Palomo Katerina DEANS  
Palucho Leslie DEANS  
Palumbo Sheila DEANS  
Pan Chunyun PRESDT  
Pan Xiaochun DEANS  
Panah Benjaporn DEANS  
Pandey Sindhu DEANS  
Pang Makiko DEANS  
Pangilinan Malia PRESDT  
Pansiri Pawvana DEANS  
Pantaleo Katrina DEANS  
Pante Maria Felicidad DEANS  
Papatheodorou Georgia DEANS  
Papp Anne DEANS  
Papp Claire PRESDT  
Pappa Morgan DEANS  
Parcel Dawn DEANS  
Pardo Deborah DEANS  
Paredes Carla DEANS  
Paredes Elsa DEANS  
Paredes Timothy DEANS  
Parent Amy DEANS  
Pareti Jonathan DEANS  
Parillon Sharon DEANS  
Parish Courtney DEANS  
Park Chang DEANS  
Park Chang Sik DEANS  
Park Ellen DEANS  
Park Eungjin PRESDT  
Park Eunju PRESDT  
Park Grace PRESDT  
Park Hollie PRESDT  
Park HyoJin PRESDT  
Park Hyoungkun DEANS  
Park Hyowon PRESDT  
Park Jaesung DEANS  
Park Jeeson DEANS  
Park Jong Woo PRESDT  
Park Jun Eui PRESDT  
Park Jungjin DEANS  
Park Kkot Na Rae DEANS  
Park Monique DEANS  
Park Paul DEANS  
Park Se DEANS  
Park Sean DEANS  
Park Sin Hyen PRESDT  
Park Yoo Sun PRESDT  
Parker Chris DEANS  
Parker Colby DEANS  
Parker Jason DEANS  
Parker Rebecca DEANS  
Parker Sammantha PRESDT  
Parkhomenko Adam PRESDT  
Parks Holly DEANS  
Parks James PRESDT  
Parks Sue DEANS  
Parnham Taylor DEANS  
Parra Jhonatan DEANS  
Parraga Maria DEANS  
Parrott William PRESDT  
Parsons Cameron DEANS  
Parsons Kristine DEANS  
Parthasarathy Quin DEANS  
Partin Rebecca DEANS  
Partovi Tabar Parnaz PRESDT  
Parveen Shahnaz DEANS  
Parvine Sharnaz DEANS  
Pascarella Michael DEANS  
Paschalides Justin DEANS  
Paschalis Thomas DEANS  
Paskalev Radoslav DEANS  
Pasko Luba PRESDT  
Patel Shetal DEANS  
Patil Hemal DEANS  
Patio Daniela DEANS  
patrick asmeret DEANS  
Patrick Brian PRESDT  
Patrick Daryl DEANS  
Patrick Jordan DEANS  
Patrick Shannon DEANS  
Pattan Seelay DEANS  
patterson jacalyn DEANS  
Paul Alexandra DEANS  
Paul David DEANS  
Paul Reenu PRESDT  
Paulovkin Dillon DEANS  
Pavel Lisa DEANS  
Pavlovic Dragana PRESDT  
Pavon Andrea DEANS  
Pawlak Peter PRESDT  
Payabyab Cecilia DEANS  
Payan Carlos PRESDT  
Payne Andrew DEANS  
Payne Carl DEANS  
Payne Thomas DEANS  
Paz Zinaret DEANS  
Pazuki Neda PRESDT  
Peak Carly DEANS  
Pearson Hannah PRESDT  
Pecarro Jr Ralph DEANS  
Peck Daniel PRESDT  
Peck Gary DEANS  
Peckham Frances DEANS  
Pedrazas Terrazas Yanine DEANS  
Peele Charles DEANS  
Peer Ziyaad DEANS  
Peets Sarah PRESDT  
Peiffer Chris PRESDT  
Peji Nina Andrea PRESDT  
Pek Sothy DEANS  
Pekera Kyle DEANS  
Pelayo Loverly PRESDT  
Pelechova Monika PRESDT  
Pell Richard DEANS  
Pelletier Anastashia DEANS  
Pena Annie DEANS  
Pena Julia PRESDT  
Pena Katherinne DEANS  
Pena Paula DEANS  
Pena Rene PRESDT  
Penate Katherine DEANS  
Penn Gordon DEANS  
Pennington Christopher DEANS  
Peoples Kenneth DEANS  
Peralta Andrew PRESDT  
Peralta Leonard Vincent DEANS  
Perdew Tracy DEANS  
Perdomo Mariela DEANS  
Perdomo cortes Roger DEANS  
Perdue Amber DEANS  
Pereira Eduardo DEANS  
Pereira Helton DEANS  
Pereira Jennifer DEANS  
Perera Chamil DEANS  
peretz maayan PRESDT  
Perez Aline DEANS  
Perez Angela DEANS  
Perez Bonnie PRESDT  
Perez Boris PRESDT  
Perez Diego PRESDT  
Perez Fabian DEANS  
Perez Holly DEANS  
Perez John DEANS  
Perez Joseph DEANS  
Perez Juan-Pablo DEANS  
Perez Mayra DEANS  
Perez Monica DEANS  
Perez Lorenzo Kenny PRESDT  
Perez-Calderon Martin DEANS  
Perina Sofia DEANS  
Perkins Thomas DEANS  
Perkumaite Kristina DEANS  
Peroutky Devon DEANS  
Perricci Nicolas DEANS  
Perrin Carol DEANS  
Perrish Evelyn DEANS  
Perrochon Paola PRESDT  
Perrochon Thomas DEANS  
Perry Chelsey DEANS  
Perry Joseph PRESDT  
Perry Kenneth DEANS  
Perry Nathan DEANS  
Perry Susan DEANS  
Perryman Lee DEANS  
Persohn Cory PRESDT  
Persson Therese DEANS  
Peschau Jason PRESDT  
Pesoa Alan DEANS  
Peter Nicholas DEANS  
Peter Stephen PRESDT  
peterman wanda PRESDT  
Peters Anita DEANS  
Peters Braeden PRESDT  
Peters Iyin DEANS  
Peters James DEANS  
Peters Shelby DEANS  
Peters Teowanna PRESDT  
Peters Whitney PRESDT  
Petersen Christina DEANS  
Petersen Tara DEANS  
Peterson Lequila DEANS  
Peterson Patrick DEANS  
Peterson Rebecca PRESDT  
Petillo Anastasia DEANS  
Petraeus Anne DEANS  
Petrescu Yvette PRESDT  
Petro Sandra PRESDT  
Petrosino Kyle DEANS  
Petrus Chris PRESDT  
Pettit Michael DEANS  
Petty Rachel DEANS  
Peverall Jesse DEANS  
Pfaff Amy DEANS  
Pfister Rebecca PRESDT  
Pfisterer Kurt DEANS  
Pfotenhauer Jonathan PRESDT  
Pham Bao PRESDT  
Pham Hoang-Thi DEANS  
Pham Linh PRESDT  
Pham Minh-Hieu PRESDT  
Pham Tim DEANS  
Pham Truc PRESDT  
Phan Dana DEANS  
Phan Duyen DEANS  
Phan Hang PRESDT  
Phan Mai-han DEANS  
Phan Nhi DEANS  
Phan Ronald DEANS  
Phan Russell PRESDT  
Phan Thinh DEANS  
Phan Truc DEANS  
Phanitdee Paknapa PRESDT  
Phau Peter PRESDT  
Phelan Kevin DEANS  
Phelps Cassandra DEANS  
Pheng Puttheary PRESDT  
Philapy James PRESDT  
Philbin Casey DEANS  
Philipp Angelique DEANS  
Phillips Amy DEANS  
Phillips Erin DEANS  
Phillips Jacqueline DEANS  
Phillips Megan DEANS  
Phillips Michael DEANS  
Phipps Lurah PRESDT  
Pick Christopher DEANS  
Pickelsimer Janalee DEANS  
Pickrell Katelyn PRESDT  
Pidkanphai Rachata DEANS  
Pierce Diane DEANS  
Pierce Jason PRESDT  
Pierre Brian DEANS  
Pierson Johnathan DEANS  
Pierson Owin DEANS  
Pijaca Nicholas DEANS  
Pikas Amanda DEANS  
Pike Kevin DEANS  
Pikiell John DEANS  
Pilat Karen DEANS  
Pilkington Laura DEANS  
Pimley Ann DEANS  
Pineda Zairy DEANS  
Pinedo Pantoja Amilcar DEANS  
Pinkevich Olga DEANS  
Pintado Francisco DEANS  
Pioselli Paul DEANS  
Piovesan Laura DEANS  
Pipan Michael DEANS  
Pirault Jason PRESDT  
Pirault Pierre DEANS  
Pirzada Ahmed DEANS  
Pirzada Muneeba DEANS  
Pisfil Enrique DEANS  
Piskova Anna DEANS  
Pita Maritess DEANS  
Pitas John-henry PRESDT  
Pittman Rebecca DEANS  
Pittman Roger DEANS  
Piwek Katarzyna DEANS  
Pixley Jessica PRESDT  
Pizarro Juan DEANS  
Pizer Samuel DEANS  
Plaine Dalila DEANS  
Plant Jay DEANS  
Plante Melinda PRESDT  
Plaster Jennifer PRESDT  
Platero-Orellana Maria DEANS  
Plier Robert DEANS  
Plott Suzanne DEANS  
Plourde Laura DEANS  
Pluemmol Suchada DEANS  
Plummer Sonja DEANS  
Plunkett William PRESDT  
Pnakovich Paul DEANS  
Po Maryna DEANS  
Pociask Theresa PRESDT  
Podjed Helena DEANS  
Podorovskaya Yana DEANS  
Podraza Steven DEANS  
Poe Farrah PRESDT  
Poe Michelle DEANS  
Pokharel Bibhaw PRESDT  
Poland Sarah DEANS  
Polatian Tevin PRESDT  
Polera Nicholas DEANS  
Polio George PRESDT  
Polk Cynthia DEANS  
Pollack Chelsea PRESDT  
Pollak Shlomit DEANS  
Pollard Marlene DEANS  
Pomeroy Vanesa DEANS  
Ponce Quintanilla Dennis DEANS  
Poole Micah DEANS  
Popa Matthew PRESDT  
Popal Ramzia PRESDT  
pope brooke DEANS  
Pope Jeffrey PRESDT  
Popham Timothy PRESDT  
Poppy Rachel DEANS  
porcelli philip DEANS  
porter deborah DEANS  
Porter Katie DEANS  
Portillo Cristi DEANS  
Portillo Jose DEANS  
Portillo Veronica DEANS  
Portillo Yesenia DEANS  
Portnoy Arthur DEANS  
Portobanco Aida DEANS  
Posada-Roque Erick DEANS  
Posso Mauricio DEANS  
Post Ashley PRESDT  
Post Erin DEANS  
Potapchuk Jacob DEANS  
Poteet Stephanie DEANS  
Potosky Melissa PRESDT  
Potter Stephanie PRESDT  
Potts Erica DEANS  
Poudel Ananta DEANS  
Poudel Santosh PRESDT  
Poudel Sujeeta DEANS  
Pouliot Amy DEANS  
Pourkazemi Yassaman DEANS  
Pourkiani Nayereh DEANS  
Poutre Christy DEANS  
Powell Ashley DEANS  
Powell Joshua PRESDT  
Powers Krystal DEANS  
Powlen Stephanie PRESDT  
Poyner Karen DEANS  
Pozniak Daniel DEANS  
Prabhakar Nalini DEANS  
Prada Nicolas PRESDT  
Pradhan Rosy DEANS  
Prah Edward PRESDT  
Pratt Dana PRESDT  
Preisser Juliane PRESDT  
Preletz Valerie DEANS  
Preslar Jonathan DEANS  
Prestegord Adam PRESDT  
Preville Teresa DEANS  
Price Andrew DEANS  
Price Jason DEANS  
Price Letavious DEANS  
Price Lisa DEANS  
Price Melissa DEANS  
Price Roconia PRESDT  
Price Shalarri DEANS  
Price-Gray Janet DEANS  
Prier Alisha DEANS  
Prieto-Conrad Ruth DEANS  
Prince Bryson DEANS  
Pritchard Christina DEANS  
Prokop Brittany DEANS  
Propps Leah DEANS  
Prosper Louisa DEANS  
Prudencio Valeria DEANS  
Pruefer Karla PRESDT  
Puckett Samantha DEANS  
Puckett Sarah PRESDT  
Pugh Shandril DEANS  
Pujol Melissa PRESDT  
Pulatova Kamola DEANS  
Puletic Nevena DEANS  
Pulling Alexis PRESDT  
Pulluaim Rebecca PRESDT  
Puppi-Valdez Claudia DEANS  
Purcell Renee DEANS  
Purohit Rohan DEANS  
Purrier Kadeem DEANS  
Purvis Amanda PRESDT  
Purvis Andrew DEANS  
Pyrch Tetiana DEANS