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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Maarouf Manal PRESDT  
Mabhena Trishia PRESDT  
Mabika Obanda Alfred Keith Felix PRESDT  
Mabrouk Sara PRESDT  
MacAvoy Ross DEANS  
MacBride Lorraine DEANS  
Macchiavello Lauren DEANS  
MacDonald Jessica DEANS  
Macdonald Julie DEANS  
MacDonnell Brian PRESDT  
Mach Linh DEANS  
Machicado Giovanni DEANS  
macias luis DEANS  
Maciel Fernanda DEANS  
MacIver Brice PRESDT  
Mack Christina DEANS  
Mackall Kristal DEANS  
Mackey Jessica PRESDT  
Mackey William DEANS  
Mackissock Linda PRESDT  
MacMillan Lorena DEANS  
Maddox Brittanie PRESDT  
Maddox Jamie DEANS  
Maddox Reginald DEANS  
Maddox Timothy DEANS  
Madhu Princy DEANS  
Madison Krystina PRESDT  
Madubuko Ijeamaka DEANS  
Maeda Sophia PRESDT  
maffett ashley PRESDT  
Magee Ashley DEANS  
Magee Patrick PRESDT  
Magruder Austin DEANS  
Mahabir Linda PRESDT  
Maharjan Rabin DEANS  
Mahboubi Ali DEANS  
Mahdi Fouad DEANS  
Maher Brittany DEANS  
Maher Thomas DEANS  
Mahil Baljeet DEANS  
Mahmod Tazria DEANS  
Mahmood Furkan DEANS  
Mahmood Mahvish DEANS  
Mahmood Mohammad DEANS  
Mahmood Sabahat DEANS  
Mahmoudzadeh Maryam DEANS  
Mahoney Brendan DEANS  
Mahoney Mikhail DEANS  
Mahoney Thomas DEANS  
Mahony Colin DEANS  
Maia Jessica DEANS  
Mailand Russell DEANS  
Maisel David PRESDT  
Maizel Valerie DEANS  
Majano Diana PRESDT  
Majdas Justyna DEANS  
Majid Alaha PRESDT  
Major Matthew DEANS  
Makki Roya PRESDT  
Makkieh Amer DEANS  
Makris Genevieve DEANS  
Makris George PRESDT  
Maksic-Rich Irma PRESDT  
Malasek Jaroslav DEANS  
Malden Courtney PRESDT  
Maldonado Monica DEANS  
Malek Auryana DEANS  
Malhotra Neha DEANS  
Malhotra Sonia DEANS  
Malik Abu DEANS  
Malik Aisha DEANS  
Malik Amna DEANS  
Malik Hamna PRESDT  
Malik Humera DEANS  
Malik Rabia DEANS  
Malkan Divyesh DEANS  
Malkawi Heba PRESDT  
Malla Dhiraj PRESDT  
Mallick Nicole PRESDT  
Mallini Monica PRESDT  
Mallory Matthew DEANS  
Malloy James DEANS  
Malone Brittany DEANS  
Malone Zachary PRESDT  
Malveaux Shannon DEANS  
Malychev Liliya DEANS  
Mamo Abraham DEANS  
Mamo Hirut DEANS  
Mamo Shitaye PRESDT  
Mamuyac Joanne DEANS  
Manalili Razmer PRESDT  
Mancia Sonia DEANS  
Mancipe Martha DEANS  
Mandal Argha DEANS  
Mandiringa Lizah DEANS  
Maneka Mohammad DEANS  
Maness David DEANS  
Mangat Jasmin PRESDT  
Mangoba Glory PRESDT  
Manion Michael DEANS  
Mann Kyle DEANS  
Mann Stephen PRESDT  
Mann Tiffany PRESDT  
Mannino Lenore DEANS  
Manshori Mahsa PRESDT  
Mansoor Arham PRESDT  
Mansure Richard DEANS  
Mantell Melissa DEANS  
Mantravadi Mahesh DEANS  
Manus James DEANS  
Maplesden Helen PRESDT  
Maqbool Faiza DEANS  
Maqsood Nouraiz DEANS  
Marable Jennifer DEANS  
Maradiaga Kullike PRESDT  
Maranon Oscar DEANS  
Maraqa Anoud DEANS  
Marca Gustavo DEANS  
March Lissy DEANS  
Marcocci Norman DEANS  
Marcucci Kristen DEANS  
Marfo Christiana DEANS  
Marfo Kofi DEANS  
Marian Larisa Mihaela PRESDT  
Marien Abigail DEANS  
Marin Alvaro DEANS  
Marinkovic Aleksandar DEANS  
Mariscal Krizia DEANS  
Markell Caitlin DEANS  
Markin Kristy PRESDT  
Markova Dilyana DEANS  
Markowitz Randee DEANS  
Marlowe Adam DEANS  
Marolia Vinky DEANS  
Marouf Ineas DEANS  
Marquette Alisha DEANS  
Marquina Dayana DEANS  
Marquina Susana DEANS  
Marr Alexander DEANS  
Marr Allyson DEANS  
Marsh Christopher DEANS  
Marshall Alexis DEANS  
Marshall Bruce DEANS  
Marshall Gregory PRESDT  
Marshall John DEANS  
Marshall Kelsey DEANS  
Marshall Mary DEANS  
Martelli Jean PRESDT  
Martens Catherine DEANS  
Martin Aaron DEANS  
Martin Allan DEANS  
Martin Ann PRESDT  
Martin Ashley PRESDT  
Martin Bryan PRESDT  
Martin Chelsea DEANS  
Martin Jared DEANS  
Martin Jason DEANS  
Martin Jeffrey PRESDT  
Martin Kia DEANS  
Martin Maria DEANS  
Martin Melanie DEANS  
Martin Neville DEANS  
Martin Tamika PRESDT  
Martinelli Valerio DEANS  
Martinez Adriana PRESDT  
Martinez Agustin PRESDT  
Martinez Alexander DEANS  
Martinez Ana DEANS  
Martinez Cindy DEANS  
Martinez Claudia DEANS  
Martinez Elisa DEANS  
Martinez Erica PRESDT  
Martinez Gonzalo DEANS  
Martinez Joshua DEANS  
Martinez Rita DEANS  
Martinez William PRESDT  
Martinez Cajero Paloma PRESDT  
Martinez Herrera Claudia DEANS  
Martinez Huaman Victor PRESDT  
Martino Jeanette DEANS  
Martir Lauren DEANS  
Martz William DEANS  
Marzoni Christopher PRESDT  
Maschino Anne DEANS  
Mashaeva Natalia PRESDT  
Mashkour Ahmed PRESDT  
Mashkour Ameer PRESDT  
Masiak Shannon DEANS  
Maslovskyy Yaroslav PRESDT  
Mason Brian DEANS  
Mason Gregory DEANS  
Mason Joni DEANS  
Mason Kenji DEANS  
Mason Laura DEANS  
Mason Lauren DEANS  
Mason Rebecca DEANS  
masoumi maryam DEANS  
Masresha Dagemawit DEANS  
Massara Ashlie DEANS  
Masschelin Steven DEANS  
Masters Armand DEANS  
Mastrangelo Justine DEANS  
Mastrostefano Alexa DEANS  
Masuda Brandie PRESDT  
Matadial Joshua DEANS  
Matali Christine DEANS  
Maternick Andrew DEANS  
Mathalon Lisa DEANS  
Matheson Amie DEANS  
Mathews Amanda DEANS  
Mathews Christina DEANS  
Mathews Shenay DEANS  
Mathisen William DEANS  
Mathur Jitendra PRESDT  
Matias Mark DEANS  
Matics Lindsey PRESDT  
Matney Chad DEANS  
Matos Lena PRESDT  
Matters Ashley DEANS  
Matteson Earl DEANS  
Matthews Christina DEANS  
Matthews Kyle PRESDT  
Matthews Samantha DEANS  
Matthews Tamika DEANS  
Matthews Thomas DEANS  
Matthys Jason DEANS  
Mattingly Danielle DEANS  
Mattoon Sarah PRESDT  
Mattox Claudia DEANS  
Matykowski David PRESDT  
Matz Thomas PRESDT  
Mauch Pamela PRESDT  
Maududi Narges DEANS  
Mause Penelope DEANS  
Mausolf Joshua PRESDT  
Maxwell Thomas DEANS  
May Sarah DEANS  
Maybach Sarah PRESDT  
Maybee Milton DEANS  
Mayel Mohammad PRESDT  
Mayer James PRESDT  
Mayernik Christopher PRESDT  
Mayfield Richard DEANS  
Maylett Daniel PRESDT  
Mayo Donald DEANS  
Mayo Robert DEANS  
Mays Kaitlin DEANS  
Mays Kevin DEANS  
mays robert PRESDT  
Mazloum Yazdi Aryan PRESDT  
Mazzanti Victor DEANS  
Mazzoccoli Angelea DEANS  
McAfoos John DEANS  
McAllister Bryant DEANS  
McAllister Deanna DEANS  
McAllister Megan DEANS  
Mcauliffe Elizabeth DEANS  
McBride Keane PRESDT  
McBride Kiaya DEANS  
McCabe Christy DEANS  
McCarden Yolanda DEANS  
McCarthy Andrea PRESDT  
McCarthy Hannah DEANS  
McCarthy Jennifer PRESDT  
McCarthy Olga DEANS  
McCarthy Zachary PRESDT  
McCarty Regina DEANS  
McCauley Krista DEANS  
McCauley Robert PRESDT  
McCauley Robin DEANS  
McChrystal Molly PRESDT  
McClees Matthew DEANS  
McCloskey Caroline PRESDT  
Mccloskey Linda DEANS  
McClure Laura DEANS  
McClure Timothy DEANS  
Mcconchie Keith DEANS  
McConnell Ian PRESDT  
Mccormick Chris DEANS  
Mccormick Janine PRESDT  
McCormick Michael DEANS  
McCowan Shaylanie PRESDT  
McCoy Elisabeth DEANS  
McCoy Priscilla DEANS  
Mccracken Jamie DEANS  
McCreary Chad DEANS  
Mccue James PRESDT  
McCullough Kristina DEANS  
McCurdy Ross DEANS  
Mcdermott Katherine DEANS  
McDine Jonathan DEANS  
McDonald Chase DEANS  
McDonald Jasmin DEANS  
McDonnell Bryan DEANS  
McDowell Elizabeth DEANS  
McDowell Leah PRESDT  
Mcelhinney Rachel DEANS  
McElligott Leslie DEANS  
Mcelroy James DEANS  
Mcentee Kevin DEANS  
McEvoy Liam DEANS  
Mcfadden Elizabeth DEANS  
Mcfadden Thomas DEANS  
McFarland Maria PRESDT  
McFarland Micah PRESDT  
McFarland Nathan DEANS  
Mcfarland William DEANS  
McGahern Patricia DEANS  
McGartland Erin DEANS  
Mcgee Cristina DEANS  
Mcgee Erin DEANS  
McGinnis Catherine DEANS  
McGowan Milan PRESDT  
McGraw Colleen DEANS  
McGregor Malcolm PRESDT  
McGuigan Linda DEANS  
McHail Daniel PRESDT  
McHale Gerard DEANS  
McIntosh Marques DEANS  
McIntyre Jaime DEANS  
McKeefer Melissa DEANS  
McKeegan Rozina DEANS  
Mckenna Catherine DEANS  
McKenzie Aja PRESDT  
McKenzie Caitlin DEANS  
McKey Ken DEANS  
McKimmey Brittany DEANS  
Mckimmey Isaac DEANS  
McKimmey James DEANS  
McLean Danielle PRESDT  
McMahon Alex DEANS  
McMahon Marissa DEANS  
McManus Colin PRESDT  
McMartin Beth DEANS  
McMaster David DEANS  
McMillan Jamie DEANS  
McMillan Lucia DEANS  
Mcminn Jacob DEANS  
McNairy Michael PRESDT  
Mcnamee Yenny DEANS  
McNeal Timothy DEANS  
Mcnealy Ingrid DEANS  
McNeil Emily DEANS  
McNinney Patrick PRESDT  
McNulty Tina PRESDT  
McPhee Alicia DEANS  
McPhilamy Cristin PRESDT  
McSorley Adjoua DEANS  
Mcveigh Elissa DEANS  
Mead Nicole DEANS  
Meador Michelle DEANS  
Meadows Eric DEANS  
Meadows John PRESDT  
Meagher Patrick DEANS  
Mebrahtu Yonatan PRESDT  
Medehane Roza DEANS  
Medeiros Jacqueline DEANS  
Medina Ana DEANS  
Medina Elise DEANS  
Medina Isabella DEANS  
Medina Reinaldo DEANS  
Medina Martinez David DEANS  
Medrano Eliana DEANS  
Medrano Ingrid PRESDT  
Medrano Mindy DEANS  
Medrano Pauline DEANS  
Medrano-Logo Damaris DEANS  
Medve Audra DEANS  
Mehboob Gulpanrha DEANS  
Meheret Addisu PRESDT  
Meissner Joshua PRESDT  
Mejia Andres PRESDT  
Mejia Denice DEANS  
Mejia Jose DEANS  
Mejia Roger DEANS  
Mejia Rosibeh DEANS  
Mejia Valeria DEANS  
Mekonnen Anteneh DEANS  
Mekonnen Endalkachew DEANS  
Mekonnen Melisaw DEANS  
Mekonnen Tigest PRESDT  
Meky Mona PRESDT  
Melendres Jennifer DEANS  
Melgar Franklin DEANS  
Melgarejo Ariel PRESDT  
Melka Awoke DEANS  
Mellace Sarah DEANS  
Melton John DEANS  
Mena Fonseca Maria PRESDT  
Mendel Joshua DEANS  
Mendez Kelly DEANS  
Mendez Michel DEANS  
Mendonca Ana Paula PRESDT  
Mendoza Nadia DEANS  
Menegat Heather DEANS  
Meneses-Espinosa Carolina DEANS  
Mengel Jennifer PRESDT  
Menghis Semere PRESDT  
Mengistu Dagmawi PRESDT  
Mengue Mireille DEANS  
Menjou Matthew DEANS  
Menke Andrew DEANS  
Menna Caroline DEANS  
Menor Joshua PRESDT  
Mensah Stephen DEANS  
Mercado Candice PRESDT  
Mercer Bey Patricia DEANS  
Merino Herson DEANS  
Merino Juan DEANS  
Merker Elliot DEANS  
Merkezas Olha DEANS  
Merlo Stephen DEANS  
Mero Meloney DEANS  
Merritt Andrew PRESDT  
Meruvia Nathan DEANS  
Merza Angie DEANS  
Mesbahi Alborze DEANS  
Mesfin Betelehem DEANS  
Mesfin Hushai DEANS  
messan kodjo DEANS  
Metcalf Danica DEANS  
Metcalf Jessica DEANS  
Metcalfe Aubrey DEANS  
Meyerhofer Katharine PRESDT  
Meyers Claire DEANS  
Mezhepoglu Sercin DEANS  
Michael Jarrett DEANS  
Michael Wayde DEANS  
Michel Betty PRESDT  
Michell Lucinda DEANS  
Michelotti Kopp DEANS  
Middleton Joshua PRESDT  
Middough Jennifer DEANS  
Might Anthony PRESDT  
Mignone Michael DEANS  
Miguel Wendy DEANS  
Mihal Benjamin DEANS  
Mijango Jennifer PRESDT  
Mikhalchanka Viktoryia PRESDT  
Milenkovic Kristina PRESDT  
Miles Katrina PRESDT  
Milford Noel PRESDT  
Milkowska Magdelena PRESDT  
Miller Aida DEANS  
Miller Amy DEANS  
Miller Andrew DEANS  
Miller Angela PRESDT  
Miller Audrey DEANS  
Miller Cassandra PRESDT  
Miller Charles DEANS  
Miller Gloria DEANS  
Miller Jennifer PRESDT  
Miller Jeremy DEANS  
Miller Jessica PRESDT  
Miller Kimberley PRESDT  
Miller Laura DEANS  
Miller Laurie DEANS  
Miller Melissa DEANS  
Miller Patrick PRESDT  
Miller Pepe DEANS  
Miller Peter PRESDT  
Miller Shannon PRESDT  
Miller Stefanie DEANS  
Miller Tabatha DEANS  
Miller Tyler PRESDT  
Miller William PRESDT  
Mills Michael PRESDT  
Miluszusky Aaron DEANS  
Mims Keith DEANS  
Min Ji Hyun DEANS  
Min Sohyun DEANS  
Mineros Sara DEANS  
Mingo Eric DEANS  
Minor Amanda DEANS  
Minor Terrance DEANS  
Mintah Moses PRESDT  
Mirabal Michelle PRESDT  
Miracle Seth PRESDT  
Miranda Carol PRESDT  
Miranda Kevin DEANS  
Mireku Mabel DEANS  
Mirza Abdul DEANS  
Mirza Saira DEANS  
Mirzaie Ferda DEANS  
Misajon Lennard DEANS  
Miser Sharon DEANS  
Mishima Justin DEANS  
Mitchell Aimee DEANS  
Mitchell Doyoung DEANS  
Mitchell Marion PRESDT  
Mitongo Marie DEANS  
Mittelholtz Elsa DEANS  
Mixon Michael DEANS  
Mkaimel Samira DEANS  
Mlambo Kudzaishe DEANS  
Mnatsakanov David PRESDT  
Moayyer Nilofar DEANS  
Mobley Ross DEANS  
Mock Kayla DEANS  
Moghadas Mandana DEANS  
moghaddam mehdi DEANS  
Moghaddam Parastou PRESDT  
Mohamed Alaa DEANS  
Mohamed Ammar DEANS  
Mohamed Mohamed DEANS  
Mohamed Nadia DEANS  
Mohamed Rayan DEANS  
Mohamed Shyma PRESDT  
Mohamed Tahir DEANS  
Mohamed Kheir Mustafa DEANS  
Mohammad Farooq DEANS  
Mohammad javaheri Saharnaz DEANS  
Mohammadi Shirin DEANS  
Mohammadpour Mardin DEANS  
Mohammed Abdulhamid DEANS  
mohammed guadalupe DEANS  
Mohammed Rafiuddin DEANS  
mohammed jawad marwa DEANS  
Mohamoud Afrah PRESDT  
Mohamud Falhad PRESDT  
Mohmmed Jowid Nada PRESDT  
Mohn Alec DEANS  
Mohs Patti DEANS  
molina alexis DEANS  
Molina Michelle PRESDT  
Molina Sergio DEANS  
Molino Frank DEANS  
Molloy Belinda PRESDT  
Molnar Sandra DEANS  
Momen Mana DEANS  
Monahan Megan DEANS  
Monastra Nura DEANS  
Monge- Barlow Max DEANS  
Monges George PRESDT  
Monico Ricardo DEANS  
Monjer Abu PRESDT  
Monnet Jeremy DEANS  
Monsalve Maria DEANS  
Monson Christopher PRESDT  
Monson Douglas DEANS  
Montagna Nicholas PRESDT  
Monte-Ball Justine DEANS  
Montequin Natalie DEANS  
Montes Pamela PRESDT  
Monteverde Svitlana DEANS  
Montgomery Katherine PRESDT  
Montgomery Lauren PRESDT  
Montgomery Somer DEANS  
Montiel Vanessa DEANS  
Montoney Lindsay DEANS  
Montoro Graziele PRESDT  
Moon Jungho DEANS  
Moon Ky-Huan PRESDT  
Moondra Deepali DEANS  
Mooney Thomas PRESDT  
Moore Ashley DEANS  
Moore Donna PRESDT  
Moore Eric PRESDT  
Moore Michael DEANS  
Moore Nathan PRESDT  
Moore Samuel DEANS  
Moore Steven DEANS  
Moore Tonika DEANS  
Moore Wendy DEANS  
Moore William DEANS  
Moored Angela DEANS  
Moradi Hengameh DEANS  
Morales Nahun PRESDT  
Morales Natalia DEANS  
Morales Wendy PRESDT  
Moran Alis DEANS  
Moran Patrick DEANS  
Morar Paula PRESDT  
Morataya Jonathan DEANS  
Morataya sanchez Idalia DEANS  
Morehead James DEANS  
Morehouse Scott DEANS  
Morejon Maritza DEANS  
Moreno Eliana DEANS  
Moreno Maura PRESDT  
Moreno-Ramirez Jessenia DEANS  
Morgan Aaron DEANS  
Morgan Allison DEANS  
Morgan Daniel DEANS  
Morgan Edward DEANS  
Morgan Emily DEANS  
Morgan Jesse DEANS  
Morgan Mel DEANS  
Morgan Samantha DEANS  
Morrad Mostafa PRESDT  
Morris Christopher PRESDT  
Morris D'oyen DEANS  
Morris Karen DEANS  
Morris Lakisha DEANS  
Morris Nancy PRESDT  
Morris William DEANS  
Morrison Katherine PRESDT  
Morrissey Marta DEANS  
Mortenson Pamela DEANS  
Morthimer Pam DEANS  
Mosad Mina DEANS  
Mosavian Aitak DEANS  
Mose Edward DEANS  
Mosely Michael DEANS  
Mosemak Gabriel PRESDT  
Moser Charles DEANS  
Mosquera Luis DEANS  
Moss Alexis DEANS  
Moss Charles DEANS  
Moss Joshua DEANS  
Mostafa Iman PRESDT  
Mosteller Anna DEANS  
Mothershed Heike DEANS  
Motsch Michelle DEANS  
Motsenbocker Jake DEANS  
Mottesheard Corey DEANS  
Moujaes Richard PRESDT  
Moultrie Denice DEANS  
Mounguen-Ndom Isaac DEANS  
Mountain Kassondra DEANS  
Mourilhe Dirce PRESDT  
Mourtaza Saliha DEANS  
Mousavi Mehrdad PRESDT  
Moushey Jacquelyn DEANS  
Moya Kathleen PRESDT  
Moya Talyza DEANS  
Moya Yariela DEANS  
Moyer Samantha DEANS  
Mozziconacci Varvara DEANS  
Mraczek DIane DEANS  
Mueller Anne PRESDT  
Mueller Kallee DEANS  
Mueller Tanja PRESDT  
Mughal Salma DEANS  
Mugler Charles DEANS  
Muhammad Amreen PRESDT  
Muhammad Hajjah DEANS  
Muhammad Zainab DEANS  
Muhlgeier Brandon DEANS  
Mukai Regan PRESDT  
Mulagha Anasa DEANS  
Mulate Woinshate DEANS  
Mullen Amanda PRESDT  
Mullen James DEANS  
Mullen Matthew DEANS  
Muller Christine DEANS  
Muller Morgan DEANS  
Mullins Coleman DEANS  
Mullins Jeremiyah DEANS  
Mullins Tyler DEANS  
Mullis Mary DEANS  
Mulugeta Aden DEANS  
Mulugeta Tehetena PRESDT  
Mumini Adnan DEANS  
Mumini Ceylan DEANS  
Mun Alex DEANS  
Munch-Sage Kelly PRESDT  
Mundru Sivakanth DEANS  
Muneer Mohammed DEANS  
munir zainab DEANS  
Munkhjargal Mendbayar PRESDT  
Munoz Crystal DEANS  
Munoz Diana DEANS  
Munoz Hector DEANS  
Munoz Robin PRESDT  
Murad Amin PRESDT  
Murawski Michael DEANS  
Murdock Orison DEANS  
Murillo Natasha PRESDT  
Murphy Anna-Marie PRESDT  
Murphy Lauren DEANS  
Murphy Mary Rose DEANS  
Murphy Skyler DEANS  
Murphy Teri DEANS  
Murray Andrew PRESDT  
Murray Catherine DEANS  
Murray Dave PRESDT  
Murray Dawn DEANS  
Murshed Syed DEANS  
Murthy Kishore DEANS  
Musa Sagal PRESDT  
Musau Muoki PRESDT  
Muscarella Louis DEANS  
Muslu Saadet PRESDT  
Mussa Ubah DEANS  
Mussett Colby PRESDT  
Mussie Yonathan DEANS  
Mussog Jamie PRESDT  
Mustafa Mabast DEANS  
Mustafa Muhammad PRESDT  
Muzi Raissa PRESDT  
muzzamil asfaden PRESDT  
Mwasi Nicholas DEANS  
Myatt Thomas DEANS  
Myers Anthony DEANS  
Myers Benjamin PRESDT  
Myers Laura PRESDT  
Myers Lynn DEANS  
Myers Rachel DEANS  
Myrah Jean DEANS  
Mzamo Mbonisi DEANS