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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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K.C. Bharosha DEANS  
Kabato Mekedes DEANS  
Kabat-Post Zachary DEANS  
Kabinde Priscilla DEANS  
Kabir Imran DEANS  
Kaboeamodimo Katlego DEANS  
kabteyimer minna DEANS  
Kadih Mona DEANS  
Kaegi Nathaniel PRESDT  
Kafubula Chibuye DEANS  
Kahelin Tracey DEANS  
Kahsay Tsehaye PRESDT  
Kaiser Matthew PRESDT  
Kajoshaj Amela DEANS  
Kakkar Parmela DEANS  
Kakkar Sonia DEANS  
Kalafa Evan DEANS  
Kalantarian Seyedeh DEANS  
Kaldmaa Donna DEANS  
Kaldmaa Erik DEANS  
Kalhorn Jesse PRESDT  
Kalkstein Frances DEANS  
Kalsi Janinder DEANS  
Kamal Nazia DEANS  
Kamara Dorothea PRESDT  
Kamara Hassan DEANS  
Kamara Ramatu DEANS  
Kamel Joseph DEANS  
Kane Baba DEANS  
Kane Boubacar PRESDT  
Kane Lucia DEANS  
Kang Chan Hee DEANS  
Kang Jihee PRESDT  
Kang Joanna DEANS  
Kang John DEANS  
Kang Joong Chul DEANS  
Kang Michael DEANS  
Kang Sanghoon PRESDT  
Kang Susan DEANS  
Kanhai Carl DEANS  
Kanode Stephen DEANS  
Kanojia Ashneel PRESDT  
Kantrowitz Jason PRESDT  
Kantz Shara PRESDT  
Kapar Marc DEANS  
Kaplan David PRESDT  
Kapur Dhriti DEANS  
Kapur Joy DEANS  
Karamanis Lorraine PRESDT  
Karbanda Lehar DEANS  
Karim Sabrina DEANS  
Karimy Mohammad DEANS  
Karmilowicz Samuel DEANS  
Kartchner Brittany DEANS  
Karvelas Rebecca DEANS  
Kasawat Anas DEANS  
Kasaye Yenenesh DEANS  
Kasdorf Adam DEANS  
Kashanian Namdar DEANS  
Kashner Brian DEANS  
Kashur Chelsea PRESDT  
Kassa Daniel DEANS  
kassab omar DEANS  
Kassaye Yonathan DEANS  
Kassebaum Malia DEANS  
Kassem Fatmeh DEANS  
Katcher Jordan DEANS  
Katherine Theodora DEANS  
Katkova Tetyana DEANS  
Kato Daiki DEANS  
Katz Anne DEANS  
Katz Michael DEANS  
Kaufmann Dan DEANS  
Kaufmann Stephanie DEANS  
Kaur Amandeep DEANS  
Kaur Davinder DEANS  
Kaur Harbhajan DEANS  
Kaur Kamalpreet DEANS  
Kaur Manjot PRESDT  
Kaur Navchetan PRESDT  
Kaur Poonamjit DEANS  
Kaur Rajvir DEANS  
Kauser Naghmana DEANS  
Kaushal Akanksha PRESDT  
Kawaguchi Kozo DEANS  
Kearon Meaghan DEANS  
Keate Dustin PRESDT  
Kebede Seblewengel DEANS  
Keddis Mina DEANS  
Kedikilwe Poloko DEANS  
Kefale Daniel PRESDT  
kefene addis DEANS  
Keister Michael DEANS  
Keita Norlita DEANS  
Keithly Thomas DEANS  
Kelch Michele DEANS  
Kelleher Shannon PRESDT  
Keller Courtney DEANS  
Keller Stephanie DEANS  
Kellett Jennifer DEANS  
Kelley Daniel DEANS  
Kelley Evan PRESDT  
Kelley Kristen DEANS  
Kelley Michael DEANS  
Kelley Patrick PRESDT  
Kelliher Ann DEANS  
Kellogg Gregg DEANS  
Kelly Anja PRESDT  
Kelly Caroline DEANS  
Kelly Claire DEANS  
Kelly Donald PRESDT  
Kelly Harry PRESDT  
Kelly Michael PRESDT  
Kelpsaite Monika DEANS  
Kelter Michael DEANS  
Kempin Joseph DEANS  
Kempsell Howard PRESDT  
Kendall Heather PRESDT  
Kendall Tania DEANS  
Kenderdine Mary DEANS  
Kendrick Brett PRESDT  
Kennedy Heather DEANS  
Kennedy Juanita PRESDT  
Kennedy Kyle PRESDT  
Kennedy Nathan DEANS  
Kennedy Nijean PRESDT  
Kennedy Walter DEANS  
Kenniston Barbara PRESDT  
Kent Marie DEANS  
Kent Rachel DEANS  
Kepler Raymond PRESDT  
Kepler Samantha DEANS  
Keplinger Bethany DEANS  
Keran David PRESDT  
Kern Sara DEANS  
Kerrick Jessica DEANS  
Kerrick Sarah DEANS  
Keshishian Vazrik DEANS  
Keshtkaran Maryam PRESDT  
kessenich Marina DEANS  
Key Alicia DEANS  
Key Brittany DEANS  
Key Jennifer PRESDT  
Keyes Ashley DEANS  
Keys Daniel DEANS  
Keyser Douglas DEANS  
Khadbaatar Enkhnasan PRESDT  
Khadgi Dinesh DEANS  
Khadka Binod DEANS  
Khadka Devi DEANS  
Khadka Chhetri Radhika PRESDT  
Khalid Bushra DEANS  
Khalil Ramy DEANS  
Khalsa Hariamrit DEANS  
Khaltar Dulguun PRESDT  
Khambay Mickey DEANS  
Khamvongsa Sivanh DEANS  
Khan Abdul DEANS  
Khan Aliza DEANS  
Khan Anita DEANS  
Khan Azad DEANS  
Khan Erum DEANS  
Khan Etaf DEANS  
Khan Harris DEANS  
Khan Jasim DEANS  
Khan Javed DEANS  
Khan Kanwal DEANS  
Khan Kashif DEANS  
Khan Madiha DEANS  
Khan Muhammad PRESDT  
Khan Najma PRESDT  
Khan Rifat PRESDT  
Khan Sadaf DEANS  
khan saiqa DEANS  
Khan Saleha DEANS  
Khan Sarah PRESDT  
Khan Shahbaz DEANS  
Khan Sophia DEANS  
Khan Taimur DEANS  
Khan Tutul DEANS  
Khan Umair PRESDT  
Khan Zahina DEANS  
Khan Zoya PRESDT  
Khanafseh Leith DEANS  
Khanal Bishwo DEANS  
Khanna Radha DEANS  
Khanna Ricky DEANS  
Kharazi-Amin Kryspina PRESDT  
Kharbanda Kunal DEANS  
Khardi Walid DEANS  
Khattak Asim PRESDT  
Khawar Azmaira DEANS  
khelifi touhami malek DEANS  
khokhar waqas DEANS  
Khomsi Ahmed DEANS  
Khordehpaz Melissa DEANS  
Khoshshekari Colt PRESDT  
Khosravi Parmis PRESDT  
Khoury Jae DEANS  
Kiani Anam DEANS  
Kibret Moges DEANS  
Kidd Christina DEANS  
Kiefer Lauren DEANS  
Kieu Ly PRESDT  
Kigo Gloria DEANS  
Kihara Alfred DEANS  
Killian Amy DEANS  
Kilpatrick Jeffery DEANS  
Kim Angela PRESDT  
Kim Byeong Gwan PRESDT  
Kim Byung Joo DEANS  
Kim Byung Kwan PRESDT  
Kim Chin DEANS  
Kim Christina DEANS  
Kim Chungwoon DEANS  
Kim Daniel PRESDT  
Kim David DEANS  
Kim Derik DEANS  
Kim Duck Gun PRESDT  
Kim Eddie PRESDT  
Kim Eric PRESDT  
Kim Eunjoo DEANS  
Kim Gee PRESDT  
Kim Gwanyung PRESDT  
Kim Hae Jin PRESDT  
Kim Han DEANS  
Kim Hana DEANS  
Kim Hee PRESDT  
Kim Hye Jin DEANS  
Kim Hye Ryun PRESDT  
Kim Hyerin DEANS  
Kim Hyun A DEANS  
Kim Hyun Jin DEANS  
Kim Hyung DEANS  
Kim Hyunseung DEANS  
Kim Jae PRESDT  
Kim Jae DEANS  
Kim Janet PRESDT  
Kim Jennifer DEANS  
Kim Jennifer PRESDT  
Kim Ji DEANS  
Kim Ji Min PRESDT  
Kim Ji-Eun PRESDT  
Kim Jihoon DEANS  
Kim Jinhong DEANS  
Kim Jong PRESDT  
Kim Jungeun PRESDT  
Kim Justina DEANS  
Kim Katlen PRESDT  
Kim Keunhak PRESDT  
Kim Ki Won PRESDT  
Kim Kyung DEANS  
Kim Matthew DEANS  
Kim Min PRESDT  
Kim NaYeon DEANS  
Kim Norma DEANS  
Kim Saehee PRESDT  
Kim Sandra DEANS  
Kim Sang Woo PRESDT  
Kim Scott DEANS  
Kim Se Won PRESDT  
Kim Seong Cheol PRESDT  
kim shin PRESDT  
Kim Sue DEANS  
Kim Suk DEANS  
Kim Sun gyum DEANS  
kim sung ok DEANS  
Kim Sungwoo DEANS  
Kim Tae Eun PRESDT  
Kim Tong PRESDT  
Kim Won DEANS  
Kim Wooju DEANS  
Kim Yang-joong DEANS  
Kim Yi Seul DEANS  
Kim Young PRESDT  
Kim Yujin DEANS  
Kim Jeon JungHye PRESDT  
Kim lee Chounja PRESDT  
Kimani Griffin Benson DEANS  
Kimball Kristen DEANS  
Kimball Lindsay DEANS  
Kimberlin Anna DEANS  
Kimberly Josh DEANS  
Kimberly Milan DEANS  
Kim-Hong Eun DEANS  
Kimmerle Howard PRESDT  
Kinariwala Falguni DEANS  
Kinder Sarah DEANS  
Kindler Alison DEANS  
King Amber DEANS  
King Dwayne DEANS  
King Jessy DEANS  
King Jill PRESDT  
Kingrey Briana DEANS  
Kinley Tarah DEANS  
Kinney Sarah DEANS  
Kinnick Lidiane DEANS  
Kiptis Sandra PRESDT  
Kirby Benjamin PRESDT  
Kirby Elizabeth DEANS  
Kirby Susan DEANS  
Kirk Chelsea DEANS  
Kirkpatrick Heather DEANS  
Kirkpatrick Robert DEANS  
Kirkwood Lindsey DEANS  
Kiros Yonathan DEANS  
Kirsch Christine DEANS  
Kiser Aubrey DEANS  
Kiser Cassandra DEANS  
Kiser Kristin DEANS  
Kiser Matthew PRESDT  
Kist Thomas DEANS  
Kitch Justin DEANS  
Kitcho-Lucero April PRESDT  
Klakowicz James DEANS  
Klapper Michael DEANS  
Klaren Jonathan DEANS  
Klebaur Grace DEANS  
Kleder Michael DEANS  
Klein Mary Frances PRESDT  
Klein Stephen PRESDT  
Kleintop Samuel DEANS  
Klem Brian DEANS  
Klemens Keista DEANS  
Klene Erica DEANS  
Kline Jennifer PRESDT  
Kline Ransom DEANS  
Klink Kelley DEANS  
Klinkhardt Olivia DEANS  
Knauff Rebecca DEANS  
Knebel Austin DEANS  
Knibbe Benjamin PRESDT  
Knight Brittney PRESDT  
Knight Theresa DEANS  
Knighton Brenda DEANS  
Knoll Abbey DEANS  
Knoth Amanda PRESDT  
Knott Elisabeth PRESDT  
Knott William DEANS  
Knudsen Audriana DEANS  
Ko Esther DEANS  
Ko Hieji DEANS  
Ko Hyoun-Jung DEANS  
Kobylinska Dominika PRESDT  
Kocahan Ege PRESDT  
Kochany Rebwar DEANS  
Kociemska Monika DEANS  
Kocinski Jenae DEANS  
Kodali Pavani DEANS  
Kodali Venkataramani DEANS  
Koefoot Eileen DEANS  
Kofler Dawn DEANS  
Kohi Mohammad DEANS  
Kohl Eric PRESDT  
Kohne Megan DEANS  
Kok Shun Sung Heng DEANS  
Kolansky 'Laria' Amanda DEANS  
Kolb Karen DEANS  
Kollars Patricia DEANS  
Kolodziej Cynthia DEANS  
Komedja Romaric DEANS  
Komleva Lilia PRESDT  
Komnenovic Andreja DEANS  
Komnenovic Borko DEANS  
Konczal Anna DEANS  
Kondner David DEANS  
Konow Shawn DEANS  
Konoza Mimi DEANS  
Koo Ellie PRESDT  
Koo Hyunhee DEANS  
Koo Min PRESDT  
Koo Nicholas DEANS  
Koo Sujin PRESDT  
Koomson Enock DEANS  
Kopko Skyler DEANS  
Kopp Gregory DEANS  
Korbel Andrea DEANS  
Koreski Daniel DEANS  
Korkor Emelia DEANS  
Koroma Kiptiatu PRESDT  
Korten Patrick DEANS  
Kortuem Olivia DEANS  
Kosanovich William DEANS  
Kosobucki Kaitlyn DEANS  
Kosoglu Sedat DEANS  
Koster Brittney DEANS  
Koster Hilary PRESDT  
Kougias Chloe PRESDT  
koulibaly macky DEANS  
Kouri Kelsey DEANS  
Kourtu Faiza DEANS  
Kpodo Emily DEANS  
Kraselsky Shohreh DEANS  
Krause Amanda DEANS  
Krause Lauren DEANS  
Krebs Amy DEANS  
Krebs Maggie DEANS  
Krejcar Brittany DEANS  
Kresh Matthew DEANS  
Kretsch Matthew DEANS  
Krieger Scott DEANS  
Kriss Ashley DEANS  
Krivell Michael PRESDT  
Krocker Kallan PRESDT  
Kroll Alyssa DEANS  
Kropp Shane PRESDT  
Kruczynski Lauren PRESDT  
Krueger Timothy DEANS  
Kruger Marie-Christine PRESDT  
Ktiri Mohammed DEANS  
Kuendel Daniel DEANS  
Kuhn Jonathan DEANS  
Kuhns Nathan PRESDT  
Kulkarni Ashwinee DEANS  
Kumah Christine DEANS  
Kumaka Patricia DEANS  
Kumar Praveen DEANS  
Kunicki Marek DEANS  
Kuraishi Atifa DEANS  
Kurdyukov Alex DEANS  
Kurt Cem DEANS  
Kurukulasuriya Jeewani DEANS  
Kurz Justin DEANS  
Kush Rebecca DEANS  
KuyKendall Micheal PRESDT  
Kuz John PRESDT  
Kwak Hanna PRESDT  
Kwakye Kwaku PRESDT  
Kwasny Nadin DEANS  
Kwon Eunsook DEANS  
Kwon Hyeokjin PRESDT  
Kwon SeongMin PRESDT  
Kwon Seung Hwan DEANS  
Kwon Seungmi DEANS  
Kwon Soon DEANS  
Kyei-Mensah Lawrence PRESDT