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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Gaafar Mona DEANS  
Gaal Abdigani DEANS  
Gaarde Jessica PRESDT  
Gabaldon Maria DEANS  
Gabriel Erik PRESDT  
Gabriel Kelly DEANS  
Gabriel Medhanie DEANS  
Gadiraju Sowmya DEANS  
Gadson Kimberly DEANS  
Gage Alyssa PRESDT  
Galanty Margaretta DEANS  
Galassi Morgan DEANS  
Galaviz Amber DEANS  
Galgano Peter DEANS  
Galie Catherine PRESDT  
Gallagher Jennifer PRESDT  
Gallegos David DEANS  
Galloway Charles DEANS  
Galloway Raquel DEANS  
Galvan Luis DEANS  
Galvez Fiorella DEANS  
Galvez Karen PRESDT  
Galvin Kenneth DEANS  
Galvin Robert DEANS  
Ganci Michael DEANS  
Ganesan Nirmala DEANS  
Ganous Andrew PRESDT  
Ganoza Matthew DEANS  
Gantt Yoshiko DEANS  
Gaquin Brian DEANS  
Garay Leily DEANS  
Garbarino Katherine DEANS  
Garbee Jeffery DEANS  
Garber Roman DEANS  
Garcia Alessandra DEANS  
Garcia Brittney PRESDT  
Garcia Bryan DEANS  
Garcia Esther PRESDT  
Garcia Jennifer PRESDT  
Garcia Jesse PRESDT  
Garcia Maria DEANS  
Garcia Vanessa DEANS  
garcia victoria DEANS  
Garcia Zurita July DEANS  
Garcia-Chinchilla Alejandro PRESDT  
Garcia-nieto Alejandra DEANS  
Gardepe Hope PRESDT  
Gardezi Syed Karam DEANS  
Gardner David DEANS  
Gargulinska Anna PRESDT  
Garlock Jenny DEANS  
Garmon Jeremy DEANS  
Garratt Robert DEANS  
Garrett Jade PRESDT  
Garrett Stacey DEANS  
Garrison Holly PRESDT  
Garrison Trahern DEANS  
Gartrell Valerie DEANS  
Garzan Sophia DEANS  
gas arielle DEANS  
Gaskins Mikuel DEANS  
Gates Kristin PRESDT  
Gates Milissa DEANS  
Gathman Elissa PRESDT  
Gathoga Irene PRESDT  
Gathro Katarina DEANS  
Gaul Laura DEANS  
Gauldin William DEANS  
Gault Eastern DEANS  
Gault Megan PRESDT  
Gautam Sanju DEANS  
Gaviola Agustina PRESDT  
Gaviola Lucia DEANS  
Gawad Neal DEANS  
Gaygay Mary DEANS  
Gaylor Anthony DEANS  
Gaza Nichole DEANS  
Gazarek Rudolph DEANS  
Gdid Rachida DEANS  
Gebhart Joshua DEANS  
Gebke Meghan DEANS  
Gebremedhin Ephrem DEANS  
Gebremichael Melaku DEANS  
Gebresilassie Lula DEANS  
Gebretatyos Meron DEANS  
gebretensai mekdes DEANS  
Gebreyes Meselu DEANS  
Gebreyohannse Saba DEANS  
Gee Ali DEANS  
Geiger Josie DEANS  
Geisler Jerome PRESDT  
Geist Kristi PRESDT  
Gelb Janet DEANS  
Gelfand Desiree DEANS  
Gemery Laura DEANS  
Genao Loren DEANS  
Gentile Neil PRESDT  
Gentry Rechelle DEANS  
Gentzen Nathan DEANS  
Geoghegan Timothy DEANS  
George Isobel DEANS  
George Jennifer DEANS  
George Lauren DEANS  
George Ryan PRESDT  
Georgieva Stanislava DEANS  
Geppi Lauren PRESDT  
German James DEANS  
German Laura PRESDT  
Germer Lorie DEANS  
Gerring Walter PRESDT  
Gervais Kevin DEANS  
Geschke Brian PRESDT  
Getahun Selamawit PRESDT  
Getu Amrote DEANS  
Geyer Breton PRESDT  
Geyer Christopher DEANS  
Ghaderi Samira DEANS  
Ghaemi Nick DEANS  
Ghaffarian Amirali DEANS  
Ghale Digaj PRESDT  
Gharahdaghi Pouya DEANS  
Ghazniwall Tabasum DEANS  
Ghebremariam Yonas DEANS  
Ghebremedhin Nathnael DEANS  
Ghebremichael Akililu DEANS  
Gherman Aliona DEANS  
Ghilazghi Mulugeta PRESDT  
Ghim Jennifer DEANS  
Ghods Golnar DEANS  
Ghorbani Jamsheed DEANS  
Ghumman Sukhjit DEANS  
Giampietro Tatiana DEANS  
Giang Van PRESDT  
Giannini Nikolaus DEANS  
Giare Aparna DEANS  
Gibbard Erin PRESDT  
Gibboney Lisa DEANS  
Gibbons Valerie DEANS  
Giberti Francesco PRESDT  
Gibrael David DEANS  
Gibson Lisa DEANS  
Gicker Gladys DEANS  
Giddings Chinito DEANS  
Giglia Charles DEANS  
Gilbert Rachel PRESDT  
Gilbride Claire PRESDT  
Gill Gabrielle DEANS  
Gill Meredith DEANS  
Gill Stacy DEANS  
Gilliard Kevin DEANS  
Gillich Jody DEANS  
Gilligan Justine PRESDT  
Gillikin Linda DEANS  
Gillikin Stephen DEANS  
Gilliland Luke DEANS  
Gillis Scott DEANS  
Gillison Vivian DEANS  
Gilmore Bruce DEANS  
Gilray Bryan DEANS  
Gingras Chelsea DEANS  
Ginwright Michael DEANS  
Giordano Nicholas PRESDT  
Girard Eric PRESDT  
Girard Ryan DEANS  
Giri Gita DEANS  
Girma Benyam PRESDT  
Girma Liyuwork DEANS  
Giron Caroline DEANS  
Gishnock Cayla PRESDT  
Giuliano Kathleen DEANS  
Given Candace DEANS  
Gjormand Christopher DEANS  
Glass Helen PRESDT  
Glassley John DEANS  
Gleason Erin DEANS  
Glotfelty Tyler DEANS  
Glover Michael DEANS  
Go Avaline DEANS  
Go Woon DEANS  
Goc Filip PRESDT  
Goci Ermal DEANS  
Goci Gledion DEANS  
Godbolt Dawn PRESDT  
Godby Jesse DEANS  
Goddard Ashley PRESDT  
Godfrey Hannah PRESDT  
Godinez Kevin DEANS  
Godlove James DEANS  
Goeller Aaron DEANS  
Goff Eric PRESDT  
Goffney Ashley DEANS  
Goga Bereket DEANS  
Goheen Jennifer DEANS  
Gold Austin DEANS  
Golden Steven DEANS  
Goldman Jeffrey DEANS  
goldstein matt DEANS  
Goldstein Vivienne PRESDT  
Goldston Matthew DEANS  
Goley Patrick PRESDT  
Goloborodko Nataliya PRESDT  
Gomez Andrea DEANS  
gomez krista DEANS  
Gomez Marlene DEANS  
Gomez Miguel DEANS  
Gomez Stephanie PRESDT  
Gonzaba Lindsay DEANS  
Gonzaga Cintra Sandoval Carolina PRESDT  
Gonzales Anthony DEANS  
Gonzales Samantha DEANS  
Gonzalez Ina DEANS  
Gonzalez Julysan PRESDT  
Gonzalez Lady DEANS  
Gonzalez Martin DEANS  
Gonzalez Michael DEANS  
Gonzalez Sergio DEANS  
Good Cohinta DEANS  
Good Jeffrey DEANS  
Goode Christopher DEANS  
Goodlow Janorah DEANS  
Goodman Eartha DEANS  
Goodnight Curtis DEANS  
Goodroe John DEANS  
Goodwin David DEANS  
Gorchev Ramsey DEANS  
Gordon Chelsey DEANS  
Gordon Matthew DEANS  
Gordon Michael DEANS  
Gordon Robert DEANS  
Gordon Stephanie DEANS  
Gorgan Alina DEANS  
Gorgan Dumitry DEANS  
Gorine Leonid PRESDT  
Gorman Belinda PRESDT  
Gormley Justin DEANS  
Gorobet Iulia DEANS  
Gorska Wioletta PRESDT  
Gory Gennaro DEANS  
Gosain Nishant DEANS  
Goshu Wosenyelesh DEANS  
Gosselin Noriko DEANS  
Gossman Cynthia PRESDT  
Gosweiler Kyle DEANS  
Goto Akiko DEANS  
Gough McKenzie DEANS  
Gourlay Chad PRESDT  
Gourley Michael PRESDT  
Govoni Whitney PRESDT  
Gozdawa Ziemowit DEANS  
Grace Bella DEANS  
Gradia Kelsey DEANS  
Grady Kristin DEANS  
Grafton Sarah DEANS  
Grageda Andrea PRESDT  
Graham Angeline PRESDT  
Graham Casey DEANS  
Graham James DEANS  
Graham John DEANS  
Graham Nicole PRESDT  
Graham Sheila DEANS  
Granados Melicia DEANS  
Grandmaire Jean DEANS  
Grant Katelyn DEANS  
Graves Kimberly PRESDT  
Graves Sam DEANS  
Gray Andrew PRESDT  
Gray Jackson DEANS  
Gray Jennifer DEANS  
Gray Kimberly DEANS  
Gray Lindsey DEANS  
Gray Terry PRESDT  
Grayson Sherry DEANS  
Grayson Tiffaney DEANS  
Grazette Christopher DEANS  
Greaney Michael DEANS  
Grebneva Elizaveta PRESDT  
Grebneva Ksenia PRESDT  
Green Allison PRESDT  
Green Brandon DEANS  
Green Caitlin PRESDT  
Green Edward DEANS  
Green Meghan DEANS  
Greene Katherine PRESDT  
Greene Monica DEANS  
Greene Sabrina DEANS  
Greene Stefan DEANS  
Greenlee Ariel DEANS  
Greenlee Clint DEANS  
Greenwell Russell DEANS  
Gregg Thais DEANS  
Gregory Jennifer PRESDT  
Gregory Jennifer DEANS  
Gregory Mark DEANS  
Gresham Danielle PRESDT  
Grichtmeier Katherine DEANS  
Grieco Christine DEANS  
Griffey Chris DEANS  
Griffin Jeanne DEANS  
Griffin Jenifer PRESDT  
Griffin Louise DEANS  
Griffin Monica DEANS  
Griffith Iryna DEANS  
Grimes Delisa DEANS  
Grimes Loreann PRESDT  
Grimm Mary DEANS  
Grimm Sarah DEANS  
Grimwood Oliva Allan DEANS  
Grini Hanane DEANS  
Grisi Michael DEANS  
Groesbeck Allison PRESDT  
Grondin Jordan DEANS  
Grooms Travis DEANS  
Groover Hannah PRESDT  
Gross Katelyn DEANS  
Groth Kelly DEANS  
Ground Sarah PRESDT  
Grove Lisa DEANS  
Grozeva Daniela DEANS  
Grudev Radosvet PRESDT  
Grunwald Lucas DEANS  
Grygorian Viktoria PRESDT  
Guagliardi Emily DEANS  
Guajardo Hawach Miriam PRESDT  
Guardia Ernesto PRESDT  
Gudely CHristy DEANS  
Gudeta Abebech DEANS  
Guerra Wilma PRESDT  
Guevara Maria-Gracia DEANS  
Guevarra Nina DEANS  
Guico Marione DEANS  
Guilaran Ma Sigrid DEANS  
Guirgis Madona DEANS  
Gul Naila DEANS  
Gulati Sukriti DEANS  
Guliuk Vadym DEANS  
Guluma Aklilu PRESDT  
Gundayao Maricel DEANS  
Gundert Richard DEANS  
Gupta Pavan DEANS  
Gupta Richa DEANS  
Gurung Hira PRESDT  
Guruswamy Fathima PRESDT  
Guscoff Max DEANS  
Gushterova Albena DEANS  
Gust Mary DEANS  
Gustin Deborah DEANS  
Guta Dawit DEANS  
Gutarra Aurora DEANS  
Gutierrez Gabriela DEANS  
Gutierrez Gustavo DEANS  
Gutierrez Jamie DEANS  
Gutierrez Miguel PRESDT  
Gutierrez Sergio DEANS  
Gutierrez-Jaldin Jose DEANS  
Guy Kirstyn DEANS  
Guyton Kara DEANS  
Guzman Edna DEANS  
Guzman Edward DEANS  
Guzman Eli DEANS  
Guzman Joshua PRESDT  
Guzman-Padron Cecilia DEANS  
Guzman-Salmeron Delmy DEANS  
Gwiazda James DEANS  
Gyamfi Regina DEANS  
Gyamfi-Awuah Kwesi DEANS