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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Da Cruz Veronica DEANS  
Dabbe Lyla PRESDT  
Dabiri Sanaz DEANS  
Dabreo Tricia DEANS  
Dacales Nicole DEANS  
Dach Kimberly DEANS  
Daconta Michael DEANS  
Dada Michael DEANS  
Dadrast Mahzad DEANS  
Dadson Daniel DEANS  
Dagnachew Bernabas PRESDT  
Dahik John DEANS  
Dahnke Tyler DEANS  
Daigle Candace DEANS  
Daigler Rachael PRESDT  
Dailey Amy DEANS  
Dailey Richard DEANS  
Dais Yosiko DEANS  
Daisley Melissa PRESDT  
Dale Taylor DEANS  
Dallara Emily DEANS  
Dalrymple Brianna PRESDT  
Dalton Eric DEANS  
Daly Cynthia DEANS  
Dam Lan DEANS  
Damisch Dorie DEANS  
Dang Anh Tu PRESDT  
Dang Lam PRESDT  
Dang Terence PRESDT  
Dang Tien DEANS  
Daniel Claudia DEANS  
Daniel Jamal DEANS  
Daniel Timothy PRESDT  
Daniels Jessica PRESDT  
Danielson Christopher PRESDT  
Danigole Hannah DEANS  
Dannelley Jay DEANS  
Dannenfelser Hannah DEANS  
Danner Christopher DEANS  
Danner Laura DEANS  
Dao Huong PRESDT  
Dao Linh PRESDT  
Darensbourg Louis PRESDT  
Darling John DEANS  
Darner Shannon DEANS  
Darsch Davis DEANS  
Darvish Mersedeh DEANS  
Darvish Zadeh Zolpirani Elmira PRESDT  
Das Ponkos PRESDT  
Dasch William PRESDT  
DaSilva Jessica PRESDT  
Daube Hannah PRESDT  
Daudelin Anne-Gabrielle DEANS  
davalos sergio DEANS  
David Carla DEANS  
Davids Dale DEANS  
Davis Amber DEANS  
Davis Andy DEANS  
Davis Colin DEANS  
Davis Erin DEANS  
Davis Griffin DEANS  
Davis Halley DEANS  
Davis Harry PRESDT  
Davis Joshua PRESDT  
Davis Kelley DEANS  
Davis Kyle PRESDT  
Davis Loryn PRESDT  
Davis Maiah DEANS  
davis Merritt PRESDT  
Davis Ronnie DEANS  
Davis Stephanie PRESDT  
Davis Stephanie DEANS  
Davis Stephen DEANS  
Davis Susan DEANS  
Davis Wyatt DEANS  
Davis Zachary PRESDT  
Davis Zackery DEANS  
Davison Nevine DEANS  
Dawson Kristen PRESDT  
Dawson Richard PRESDT  
Day Justin DEANS  
Day Nicole DEANS  
Daychman Tatiana DEANS  
de Azagra Richard DEANS  
De Beer Michelle DEANS  
de Bernardo Jennifer DEANS  
de Bree Linda DEANS  
De la cruz ii Robert DEANS  
de la Pena Jose DEANS  
De La Quintana Anahi DEANS  
de Menocal Emily DEANS  
de Nooy Anneke PRESDT  
de Walque Jean-Marc DEANS  
Deahl David DEANS  
Dean Cecilia DEANS  
Dean Holly DEANS  
Dean Katherine DEANS  
Dean Sophia DEANS  
Dean Tyler DEANS  
Deane William DEANS  
Deans Kayleigh DEANS  
DeArmond James DEANS  
Dechants David DEANS  
Deeb Kelly DEANS  
degaga helina DEANS  
Deguzman Michael PRESDT  
DeHaven Angelee DEANS  
Del Aguila David PRESDT  
Del Cid Ricky PRESDT  
Del Favero Julie DEANS  
Del Solar Romina DEANS  
Dela Cruz Anna DEANS  
Dela Cruz Maria Cathrina DEANS  
Dela Cruz Maria Christina DEANS  
Delaney Elizabeth DEANS  
Delaney Sarah PRESDT  
Delao Jose DEANS  
Delcid Bianca DEANS  
Deldeo Michael DEANS  
Delfin Fiorella PRESDT  
Delgadillo Jorge DEANS  
Delgado Dulce PRESDT  
Dell Beverley DEANS  
Della queva Clara DEANS  
Dell'Aria Madeline PRESDT  
Dellospidale Salvatore DEANS  
Delmar Christopher DEANS  
Deloatch Donnell DEANS  
Delorenzo Joseph DEANS  
Delsalto Sebastian DEANS  
De-Lumban Anthony DEANS  
Dema-Narh Osmund PRESDT  
Demanou Kaze Cedric Thibaut DEANS  
DeMarr Brendan PRESDT  
DeMent Katie DEANS  
Demesew Martha DEANS  
Demorest Jemy DEANS  
Demshur Lesley DEANS  
Deng WenJun PRESDT  
Deng Zhu DEANS  
Dengler Kelly DEANS  
Denkel Yagcioglu Kadriye PRESDT  
Denker Nancy DEANS  
Denney Tenika DEANS  
Dennis Brian PRESDT  
Dennis Deborah DEANS  
Dennis Jason DEANS  
Dennis Sharon DEANS  
DePrizio Jodi DEANS  
Dere Charlotte DEANS  
Deresse Abebech DEANS  
Derksen Nicole PRESDT  
DeRoma Joseph DEANS  
DeRoma Savannah DEANS  
Derrick Price DEANS  
dervishi artan DEANS  
Desai Devang DEANS  
Desai Manan DEANS  
Desai Meghakumari DEANS  
Desalegn Meseret DEANS  
Desiatnikov Dina DEANS  
Desjadon Jihye PRESDT  
Desta Meseret DEANS  
Desta Negatu DEANS  
Dettmar Theodore DEANS  
Devallon Dee Dee DEANS  
Devera Esteven DEANS  
Devereux Andrew PRESDT  
Devine Christina DEANS  
Devnozashvili Georgiy DEANS  
Devoise Shannette DEANS  
DeWitt Lana DEANS  
Deyarmin Alicia DEANS  
DeYott Katherine DEANS  
Diamond Garland DEANS  
DiAntonio Nicole PRESDT  
Diaz Andrea DEANS  
Diaz Cherea DEANS  
Diaz Joseph DEANS  
Diaz Karen DEANS  
Diaz Miguel DEANS  
DiBiasio Christine PRESDT  
Dickens David DEANS  
Dickenson Danielle DEANS  
Dickenson Leysan DEANS  
Dickerson Donya DEANS  
Dickerson James DEANS  
Dickey Abraham PRESDT  
Dickinson Jeffrey DEANS  
Dickson Katharine DEANS  
Diener Emily PRESDT  
Diep Bryant DEANS  
Dieter Margaret DEANS  
Dieter Natalie DEANS  
Dieupe-Kamaha Mireille DEANS  
Diffenbaugh Candice DEANS  
DiFondi Patricia DEANS  
DiGirolamo Christine DEANS  
Digracia Bianca DEANS  
Dillard III James DEANS  
Dillon Ana DEANS  
DiMatteo Corey DEANS  
Dingbaum Stephanie DEANS  
Dinger Cristina DEANS  
Dinh Steven DEANS  
Dinh Thuy Vy DEANS  
Dinh Tuong Vy PRESDT  
Dinh Le Nam Anh DEANS  
Dinyarian Dianoush DEANS  
Dirubbio James DEANS  
Disands Michael PRESDT  
Dittenber Sara DEANS  
Dittl Verena PRESDT  
Ditulli Sarah DEANS  
Diunizio Cristiane DEANS  
Dixon Katlyn DEANS  
Dizon Frances DEANS  
Djadjo Soraya PRESDT  
Djangkuak Noviantari DEANS  
Djondo Nicolas DEANS  
Dmitrasinovic Zeljko DEANS  
Do Hieu DEANS  
Do Maria PRESDT  
Do Ngan PRESDT  
Do Thanh Vi DEANS  
Doan Thoa DEANS  
Doan Vu DEANS  
Doan Vuong-hung DEANS  
Dobert-Kehn Chelsea PRESDT  
Dobrowski Benjamin DEANS  
Doctson Christopher DEANS  
Dodd Amanda DEANS  
Dodd Ami DEANS  
Dodd Elizabeth DEANS  
Dodd Erin DEANS  
Dodd Nicole DEANS  
Dodson Ian DEANS  
Doermann Christopher DEANS  
Dogbo Gogo PRESDT  
Dogru John DEANS  
Doheney Sean DEANS  
Doherty Thomas DEANS  
Dolan Maggie DEANS  
Dolinh Mai PRESDT  
Dolly Melissa DEANS  
Dolly Rebecca DEANS  
Domiciano Maira DEANS  
Dominguez Mariam DEANS  
Dominguez Yesli DEANS  
Donaghue Jaime PRESDT  
Donahoe Francis DEANS  
Donnelly Jennifer DEANS  
Donnelly Stephen PRESDT  
Donohue Elmira DEANS  
Donovan Daniel DEANS  
Donovan Ethan PRESDT  
Dooley Charles DEANS  
Dorca Paula DEANS  
Dorn Alison DEANS  
Dorrough Nickia PRESDT  
Dosseva Svetla DEANS  
Dost Haider DEANS  
Dotsey Ambrose DEANS  
Dotson Jonathon PRESDT  
Dotson Patrick DEANS  
Dow Robyn PRESDT  
Dowd James DEANS  
Dowgiello Nancy DEANS  
Dowling Gregory DEANS  
Downard Georgia PRESDT  
Downey Anna PRESDT  
Downey Cynthia DEANS  
Downey Marybelle DEANS  
Downey Sean DEANS  
Downs Mary DEANS  
Doyle Erin DEANS  
Doyle Ryan DEANS  
Doyle Timothy DEANS  
Drachsler Laura PRESDT  
Drain Natasha DEANS  
Draper Kaitlin DEANS  
Drass James PRESDT  
Driscoll Lucie DEANS  
Driskell Brian DEANS  
Driskill Patrick PRESDT  
Drobusheva Anna DEANS  
Du Thanh-lan DEANS  
DuBose Bradley PRESDT  
Ducker Camden DEANS  
Dugan Rebecca DEANS  
Dugbazah Zah DEANS  
Dukuly Vasayon DEANS  
Dulc James PRESDT  
Dumas Ashley DEANS  
Dumas Nathaniel PRESDT  
Dumas Stacy DEANS  
Dumlao Margarita Angela PRESDT  
Duncan Benjamin DEANS  
Duncan Elizabeth DEANS  
Duncan Jesse PRESDT  
Dunlap Mark DEANS  
Dunlop Heather DEANS  
Dunn Adrian DEANS  
Dunnaville Massa DEANS  
Duong Duy PRESDT  
Duong Henry DEANS  
Duong Quyen DEANS  
Duong Thien-Kim PRESDT  
Duplan Joseph DEANS  
Dupree Edith DEANS  
Duraiswamy John DEANS  
Duran Rose DEANS  
Durbin Dorothy PRESDT  
Durham Bethany DEANS  
Duron Nina DEANS  
DuRousseau Gerald DEANS  
DuRousseau Matthew DEANS  
Duta Jesse PRESDT  
Dutch Candice DEANS  
Duvall Dawn PRESDT  
Duwady Shikha DEANS  
Dwamena Prince PRESDT  
Dwarka Neelam DEANS  
Dwyer Carol DEANS  
Dzubow Cara PRESDT