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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Caballero Erin DEANS  
Caballero Jennifer PRESDT  
Caballero-Acuna Vincenzo DEANS  
Cabalsi Ryan Jae DEANS  
Caban Kaydene DEANS  
Cabato Joseph DEANS  
Cabral Michelle DEANS  
Cabrera Julio DEANS  
Cabrera Luis DEANS  
Cacciapaglia Kristin DEANS  
Cadima Mariela PRESDT  
Cadwell Nathaniel PRESDT  
Caggiano Emily DEANS  
Cai Xiangcuo DEANS  
Cain Charlotte DEANS  
Cajati Nicholas DEANS  
Calderon Gino DEANS  
Calderwood Pixie DEANS  
Caldwell Christina DEANS  
Calhoun Robert DEANS  
callalli pamela DEANS  
Callaway Darren DEANS  
Calles Julia DEANS  
Calley Emily DEANS  
Calloway Jennifer DEANS  
Calloway Jessica DEANS  
Calvo Paula DEANS  
Camacho Carlos DEANS  
Camacho Gabriel PRESDT  
Camacho Victor DEANS  
Camat Aldrich PRESDT  
Camerlin Benjamin PRESDT  
Caminade Cristina DEANS  
Cammarano-Moyers Danielle DEANS  
Camp Christine PRESDT  
Campbell Brendan DEANS  
Campbell Clarence DEANS  
Campbell Helen DEANS  
Campbell Michael DEANS  
Campbell Ross PRESDT  
Campos Ernest DEANS  
Campos Esteban DEANS  
Campos Giulliana DEANS  
Campos Jorge PRESDT  
Campos Katherine DEANS  
Cancel Velez Diana DEANS  
Candia Fabiola DEANS  
Canfield Thomas PRESDT  
Cannady Holly DEANS  
Cantrell James DEANS  
Cantrell Rhonda DEANS  
Cantu Jessica PRESDT  
Cao Jiahui DEANS  
Capaldi Graciele DEANS  
Capps Stephanie DEANS  
Carbo Escobar Jose PRESDT  
Carbone Denise DEANS  
Cardenas Paul DEANS  
Cardoso Emanuella PRESDT  
Cardoza Karen PRESDT  
Cardwell Iver DEANS  
Carey Devin DEANS  
Caridi Philip DEANS  
Carley Jeffrey DEANS  
Carlon Iyshcia DEANS  
Carlos Malik DEANS  
Carlson Aaron PRESDT  
Carlson Kathleen DEANS  
Carlson Marcia DEANS  
Carneal Sarah DEANS  
Carneiro Victor DEANS  
Caron Marie DEANS  
Carpenter John DEANS  
Carpenter Kelly PRESDT  
Carpenter Kirsted PRESDT  
Carper Nicole DEANS  
Carper Steven DEANS  
Carr Bradley DEANS  
Carr Carlene DEANS  
Carr Jennifer PRESDT  
Carrasco Jeremiah PRESDT  
Carreno Lucas DEANS  
Carrillo Giorgio PRESDT  
Carrillo Xioryeth DEANS  
Carroll Benjamin DEANS  
Carroll Jill DEANS  
Carroll Jonathan DEANS  
Carroll Matthew DEANS  
Carroll Theresa DEANS  
Carson Rachel PRESDT  
Carter Ashley DEANS  
Carter Gary DEANS  
Carter James DEANS  
Carter Judy DEANS  
Carter Melinda DEANS  
Carter Natacia DEANS  
Carty Jeffrey DEANS  
Carvalho Maria DEANS  
Carver Christopher PRESDT  
Carwile Amanda DEANS  
Case Stephanie DEANS  
Casey Meredith DEANS  
Cash Jammi DEANS  
Cash Jesse DEANS  
Cashwell Joe DEANS  
Casibang Kimberly DEANS  
Casino David DEANS  
Casquero Aranda Mayra DEANS  
Cassel Dean DEANS  
Cassels Jessica DEANS  
Cassin Megan DEANS  
Castano Carlos DEANS  
Castellano Rosa DEANS  
Castillo Fernando DEANS  
Castillo Joanne-Ritzelle DEANS  
Castillo Jose DEANS  
Castillo Maria DEANS  
Castillo Rosa DEANS  
Castillo- Arias Susana DEANS  
Castro Eduardo DEANS  
Castro Erika PRESDT  
Castro Maritza PRESDT  
Castro Alfaro Lindsay PRESDT  
Castrop Cienna PRESDT  
Castueil Didier DEANS  
Catana Sorina PRESDT  
Cate Emily PRESDT  
Cate Walter PRESDT  
Cattanach Colin PRESDT  
Catton Janet PRESDT  
Caucci Joe DEANS  
Causey Clifton PRESDT  
Cave Ariadne DEANS  
Cayrampoma Laura DEANS  
Ceigersmidt Colleen DEANS  
Cekala Christina DEANS  
Cekanskiene Birute DEANS  
Celenski Mark PRESDT  
Celestin Stacy DEANS  
Celestino Gayeanne DEANS  
Cengic Melisa PRESDT  
Centeno Lisa PRESDT  
Cha Hye Jin PRESDT  
Chachumporn Aomjai DEANS  
Chahine Yousef DEANS  
Chakeris Nicole DEANS  
Chalf Essam DEANS  
Chambers John PRESDT  
Chambers Kristine DEANS  
Chambers Zane PRESDT  
Champagne Diane PRESDT  
Champion Blythe DEANS  
Chan Amanda PRESDT  
Chan Che Kei PRESDT  
Chan Salley DEANS  
Chan Tin Hang PRESDT  
Chan To DEANS  
Chandler Jennifer DEANS  
Chandler Kristen DEANS  
Chandrasekaran Arthi DEANS  
Chanfreau Agustin DEANS  
Chang Dennis PRESDT  
Chang Joo PRESDT  
Chang Joon PRESDT  
Chang Shih-yueh DEANS  
Chang Terri DEANS  
Chanthavong Franky PRESDT  
Chao Christina DEANS  
Chapman Gail PRESDT  
Chapman Thomas PRESDT  
Chappelear Margarita PRESDT  
Chappell Jane DEANS  
Charles Anatu DEANS  
Charles Mercedes DEANS  
Charnrissuragul Anusorn DEANS  
Chartuk Elizabeth DEANS  
Chase John DEANS  
Chatha Simarjit DEANS  
Chau Trung DEANS  
Chaudhry Faad PRESDT  
Chaudhry Saba DEANS  
Chaudhry Zaheer PRESDT  
Chavarria Roberto PRESDT  
Chaves Veronica PRESDT  
Chavez Ana PRESDT  
Chavez Cindy DEANS  
Chavez Jimmy DEANS  
Chavez Lazaro DEANS  
Chavez Randy DEANS  
Che Hye Jin PRESDT  
Cheah PeiVen DEANS  
Cheborak Alona DEANS  
Cheddad Omayma PRESDT  
Cheema Ali DEANS  
Cheema Zagim DEANS  
Chehreh Ramin PRESDT  
Chekol Adey DEANS  
Chekol Melaku DEANS  
Chekulaeva Galina PRESDT  
Chen Ann PRESDT  
Chen Chao Yuan DEANS  
Chen Chien-nan DEANS  
Chen Kevin PRESDT  
Chen Kexue DEANS  
Chen Tian Hui DEANS  
Chen Weijia DEANS  
Chen Wei-Ying DEANS  
Chen Yu-Tao DEANS  
Chenari Nima PRESDT  
Chenette Laura PRESDT  
Cheon Bogyeong DEANS  
Cheon Kathleen DEANS  
Cheong Yon Ho PRESDT  
Chernoskutova Tamara PRESDT  
Chesser William DEANS  
Chetta Sarah PRESDT  
Cheu Shu DEANS  
Cheung Yu Tai DEANS  
Chevalier Joseph DEANS  
Cheytanov Alexandre DEANS  
Chia Hyacinth DEANS  
Chiarine Nelly Chiepodeu Chiekoua DEANS  
Chicaiza Victor DEANS  
Chick Theresa PRESDT  
Chiknawari Asma DEANS  
Childress Camille DEANS  
Childs Carrie DEANS  
Chiles Lydia PRESDT  
Chilli Frank DEANS  
Chilson Ayako DEANS  
Chinn Ryan DEANS  
Chinyama Dora DEANS  
Chivaluri Srinivasa DEANS  
Chmura Catherine DEANS  
Cho Areum DEANS  
Cho Changwoo DEANS  
Cho David DEANS  
Cho Dong Jin PRESDT  
Cho Ho Yoon DEANS  
Cho Hyun PRESDT  
Cho So Yeon DEANS  
Cho Young Woon DEANS  
Cho Yu Na DEANS  
Choe Da Un DEANS  
Choe John DEANS  
Choe Ryeora DEANS  
Chohan Roshia DEANS  
Choi Baigalmaa PRESDT  
Choi Chong DEANS  
Choi Christine DEANS  
Choi Ellen DEANS  
Choi Hyong DEANS  
Choi In Kyoo DEANS  
Choi Jae Won PRESDT  
Choi Jean DEANS  
Choi Koeun DEANS  
Choi Mi Ryeong PRESDT  
Choi Michael DEANS  
Choi Seong Hun DEANS  
Choi Soo PRESDT  
Choi Tae Won PRESDT  
Choi Woo Chul PRESDT  
Choi Yong Jin DEANS  
Chon You DEANS  
Chong Inhar PRESDT  
Chong Yujin PRESDT  
Chopin Santos DEANS  
Chou Rachel PRESDT  
Choudhary Aqsa PRESDT  
Choudhary Nida DEANS  
Choudhry Nadia PRESDT  
Choudhry Omar DEANS  
Chowdhury Ahsan PRESDT  
Chowdhury Dewan DEANS  
Chowdhury Raiyan PRESDT  
Chreky Isabel DEANS  
Chrisinger Caroline DEANS  
Christel Jared PRESDT  
Christensen Jessica PRESDT  
Christensen Megan PRESDT  
Christian Melinda DEANS  
Christou Julianne DEANS  
Chukalov Emil PRESDT  
Chung Nguyen PRESDT  
Chung Seulmin DEANS  
Chutchainon Smithchai DEANS  
Ciavarella Natalie PRESDT  
Cichocki Sara DEANS  
Cipolla Heather DEANS  
Cividanes Michael DEANS  
Cladera Carrera Nathalie DEANS  
Clair Jon-Michael DEANS  
Clare Ann DEANS  
Clark Brandy DEANS  
Clark Caitlin DEANS  
Clark Christopher DEANS  
Clark Corrie PRESDT  
Clark Devin DEANS  
Clark Edward DEANS  
Clark Esther PRESDT  
Clark Jennifer PRESDT  
Clark Korina DEANS  
Clark Marilyn DEANS  
Clark Robert DEANS  
Clark Ryan DEANS  
Clarke Devin PRESDT  
Clarke Sean PRESDT  
Clarke Shareese DEANS  
Claros Mirtha DEANS  
Clasen Matthew PRESDT  
Clawes Jennifer DEANS  
Cleaves Cameron DEANS  
Cleckner James DEANS  
Cleland Lauren DEANS  
Clement Corey DEANS  
Clements Kolethia DEANS  
Clemmons Heather DEANS  
Clermont Kristen PRESDT  
Cleveland Susan PRESDT  
Clevenger James DEANS  
Clifford Gregory DEANS  
Clifton Derek DEANS  
Clinebell Chelsea DEANS  
Cloninger Robin DEANS  
Clouse Abigail PRESDT  
Coad Jessica DEANS  
Cobb Christopher DEANS  
Cobb Jacob DEANS  
Coffey Melissa DEANS  
Coffinberger Benjamin PRESDT  
Coffman John PRESDT  
Coggan Laura DEANS  
Cohen Kelly DEANS  
Cohen Mary DEANS  
Cohn Benjamin PRESDT  
Cohn Leah DEANS  
Coker Karen DEANS  
Colcombe Shannon PRESDT  
Cole George PRESDT  
Cole Kevin DEANS  
Coleiro Maria DEANS  
Coleman Brian DEANS  
Coleman Jaleesha DEANS  
Coleman Jane DEANS  
Coleman Yvonne DEANS  
Coleto Sophia DEANS  
Colfelt James DEANS  
Collell Anja DEANS  
Collier Lauren DEANS  
Collier Nicholas DEANS  
Collier Quentin DEANS  
Collier Rebecca DEANS  
Collings Crystal DEANS  
Collins Angela DEANS  
Collins Brian DEANS  
Collins James PRESDT  
Collins Joanna DEANS  
Collins Karen DEANS  
Colombo Teruel Omar PRESDT  
Colon Damaris DEANS  
Colon Lydia DEANS  
Colon Marcela PRESDT  
Colon Maria DEANS  
Colona Ingrid DEANS  
Combemale Colette PRESDT  
Combs Brownell DEANS  
Combs Kyle DEANS  
Comish Kenneth DEANS  
Commander Cirona DEANS  
Compton Aaron DEANS  
Compton Christopher PRESDT  
Compton Kelly DEANS  
Compton Nathan DEANS  
Concepcion Carla DEANS  
Conde Hernandez Eduardo DEANS  
Condezo Alex PRESDT  
Conklin Patrick DEANS  
Conlan Shane DEANS  
Conn Holly DEANS  
Conner Kristi DEANS  
Connerley Maria PRESDT  
Connolly Britta DEANS  
Connolly Kelly DEANS  
Connor Adrian DEANS  
Connors Matthew DEANS  
Connors Ryan DEANS  
Conte Danielle DEANS  
Conway Padmatti PRESDT  
Cook Aubrey PRESDT  
Cook Caroline DEANS  
Cook Martine PRESDT  
Cook Nash PRESDT  
Cook Sarah DEANS  
Cook Schyler DEANS  
Cook Tammy DEANS  
Cooke Diane DEANS  
Cooke Kiel PRESDT  
Cooke Megan PRESDT  
Cooley Foree DEANS  
Cooley Patricia PRESDT  
Coon Martin DEANS  
Cooper Jessica DEANS  
Cooper Jonathan DEANS  
Cooper Lawrence DEANS  
Cooper Patricia DEANS  
Cooper Sasha DEANS  
Cooper Younikka DEANS  
Cooperstein Kathryn DEANS  
Coopwood Kennedy DEANS  
Coppage Deirdre DEANS  
Corado Julio DEANS  
Corbett Michael DEANS  
Cornejo-De La Mora Bibiana PRESDT  
Cornett Ashley DEANS  
Coronel Manuel DEANS  
Corrales Fredy DEANS  
Corrales Ximena DEANS  
Correa Luis DEANS  
Corrigan Peter PRESDT  
Cortes Karla DEANS  
Cortes Luisa DEANS  
Cortez Juan DEANS  
Cortez Monica Jen DEANS  
Cortez Thomas DEANS  
Cosman Jennifer DEANS  
Costa Joshua DEANS  
Costello Jessica DEANS  
Costello Sara DEANS  
Cota Carey DEANS  
Cota-Robles Curtis PRESDT  
Cotrina Elvia DEANS  
Cottle Ellen DEANS  
Couch Jonathan PRESDT  
Coulter Kristi DEANS  
Courtney William PRESDT  
Cousins Haley PRESDT  
Coussa Tina DEANS  
Coutu Justin DEANS  
Covert Catharine DEANS  
Covert John DEANS  
Covington Stephanie DEANS  
Cox Christine PRESDT  
Cox Haylie DEANS  
Cox Joseph PRESDT  
Cox Melissa DEANS  
Cox Ralph DEANS  
Cox Sherry DEANS  
Coye Susanna PRESDT  
Coyle James DEANS  
Coyoy-Estrada Josue DEANS  
Cradic Brandon PRESDT  
Craig Jennifer DEANS  
Craig Nicolas DEANS  
Crane Sherri PRESDT  
Crank David PRESDT  
Crawford Adam Nina DEANS  
Crawford Brandon DEANS  
Crawford Kyle DEANS  
Crawford Natasha PRESDT  
Crawford Patrick DEANS  
Crawford Shayne DEANS  
Cremeans Joshua PRESDT  
Crenshaw Clint DEANS  
Crews Jonathan DEANS  
Crider Kenneth PRESDT  
Cripe Deborah DEANS  
Crishi John DEANS  
Critzer Nancy DEANS  
Croke Jessie PRESDT  
Cromartie Lisa DEANS  
Cronin Sean PRESDT  
Crosby Laura DEANS  
Crosby LeVarr DEANS  
Cross Alicia DEANS  
Cross James PRESDT  
Cross Jennifer PRESDT  
Cross Misty DEANS  
Cross Monique DEANS  
Crouch James DEANS  
Crum Jennifer PRESDT  
Crum Jessica PRESDT  
Crump Chris PRESDT  
Crump Timothy PRESDT  
Crutchfield Ashley DEANS  
Cruz Alan DEANS  
Cruz Jessica DEANS  
Cruz Lauren DEANS  
Cruz Luis PRESDT  
Cruz Rosa PRESDT  
Cruz Sonia DEANS  
Cruz William PRESDT  
Cruz Yanina DEANS  
Crvic Milos PRESDT  
Cubas Jessica DEANS  
Cuesta Margaret DEANS  
Cuevas Diana DEANS  
Cuevas Tinajero Andrea DEANS  
Culpepper Jonathan PRESDT  
Cumberbatch Oswald DEANS  
Cummings Jennifer DEANS  
Cummings Robert DEANS  
Cummings Tahlia DEANS  
Cummins Mathew DEANS  
Cummins Nicholas PRESDT  
Cunningham Daniel DEANS  
Cunningham Erin DEANS  
Cunningham Lauren DEANS  
Cunningham Michael DEANS  
Curington Rahsaan DEANS  
Curley Tom DEANS  
Currey Isaac DEANS  
Curry Jessica DEANS  
Curry Karen DEANS  
Curtis Lauren PRESDT  
Curtis Sarah DEANS  
Cush Harrison DEANS  
Cvijanovic Tatjana PRESDT  
Czapski Natalia DEANS  
Czech Justin PRESDT  
Czuwak Andreya DEANS