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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Ba Sawdiatou DEANS  
Baah-Kpabitey Gifty DEANS  
Babaie Alexander PRESDT  
Babaran Francis Albert DEANS  
Babilonia Andrew DEANS  
babsa john PRESDT  
Bachmann Laurent PRESDT  
Back Barbara PRESDT  
Backer Alexandria DEANS  
Baddoo Philip PRESDT  
Baden-Mayer Dorothy DEANS  
Bae Chun DEANS  
Baek In Sung DEANS  
Baer Steven DEANS  
Baerwald Brian PRESDT  
Baeza Marcos DEANS  
Bagshaw Alexander DEANS  
Bah Mamadou DEANS  
Baha Najeeb DEANS  
Baharustani Haseebullah DEANS  
Bahorich Christine DEANS  
Bahr Lauren PRESDT  
Bahumian Catherine DEANS  
Baig Mirza Muzammil DEANS  
Baig Usman PRESDT  
Baik Christopher DEANS  
Baik Ju Yoong DEANS  
Bailey Emily DEANS  
Bailey Jason DEANS  
Bailey Jeremy PRESDT  
Bailey Joelle DEANS  
Bailey Stacey DEANS  
Bailey Stephen DEANS  
Baird Matthew DEANS  
Baird Raymond DEANS  
Baird Ryan PRESDT  
Baisden Melissa DEANS  
Bajwa Novpreet PRESDT  
Baker Bernadine DEANS  
Baker Christine DEANS  
Baker Jazmine DEANS  
Baker Lauren DEANS  
Bakhshi-Azar Vibeke PRESDT  
Bakhtiari Golnaz DEANS  
Balani Vishal DEANS  
Balbaro Martinez Rocio DEANS  
Balbuena Ada DEANS  
Baldandorj Temuulen PRESDT  
Baldelomar Genny DEANS  
Balderrama Michael DEANS  
Baldwin Aaron PRESDT  
Baldwin Nancy DEANS  
Balestrieri Kathleen DEANS  
Balile Wasima PRESDT  
Ballah Katy DEANS  
Baluch Ali DEANS  
Bamford Michaela DEANS  
Bamford Renee DEANS  
Banach Richard DEANS  
Bandoh Adu DEANS  
Banegas Jenny PRESDT  
Bang Hye Bin PRESDT  
Banjara Jhanak PRESDT  
Banner Marilynne PRESDT  
Bansah Rhodalyn DEANS  
Bansah Stephanie DEANS  
Banules Kailin DEANS  
Banya Jim Banya DEANS  
Bao Huy DEANS  
Bapisteller Linda DEANS  
Baptiste Isoke DEANS  
Baral Rachana PRESDT  
Baran Barbara PRESDT  
Baraya Husaina DEANS  
Barazandehkar Bita DEANS  
Barber Andrew DEANS  
Barber Jessica DEANS  
Barber Kris DEANS  
Barber Leslie DEANS  
Bardwell Lauren PRESDT  
Barham Edward DEANS  
Barham Thomas DEANS  
Bari Aymal DEANS  
Barish Shila PRESDT  
Barkalow Thao DEANS  
Barker Trevor DEANS  
Barkneh Solomon DEANS  
Barkova Elvira DEANS  
Barksdale Stephen DEANS  
Barksdale Tiffany DEANS  
Barlis Gina DEANS  
Barlow Myiketta DEANS  
Barlow Steven DEANS  
Barnes Gerald DEANS  
Barnes Mary DEANS  
Barnes Ricardo DEANS  
Barnes Sean PRESDT  
Barnes-Pryce Allswell DEANS  
Barnett Jessica PRESDT  
Barnett Monay DEANS  
Baron Carla DEANS  
Baron Edward PRESDT  
Barqadle Khalid DEANS  
Barr Morgan DEANS  
Barratt Venus DEANS  
Barrett Kevin DEANS  
Barrett Nathaniel DEANS  
Barrett Sandra PRESDT  
Barrie Mariama DEANS  
Barrineau Anna-Mari DEANS  
Barringer Jack PRESDT  
Barrows Kurtis DEANS  
Barry Caroline DEANS  
Barry Christina DEANS  
Barry Nicholas DEANS  
Barry Ousmane PRESDT  
Barrymore Jennifer DEANS  
Bartakke Tejas DEANS  
Bartholomew Catherine DEANS  
Bartlett Alexander DEANS  
Bartlett Christine DEANS  
Bartlett Sherri DEANS  
Barto Carol Lynne PRESDT  
Bartzsch Janina PRESDT  
Barzani Vian DEANS  
Basha Albatoul PRESDT  
Basham Benjamin DEANS  
Bashir Manal DEANS  
Bashir Shamaila PRESDT  
Bash-Taqi Aminata PRESDT  
Basiga Jerson DEANS  
Basilio Mary DEANS  
basinger paul PRESDT  
Basir-Temory Nooran DEANS  
Basitova Iroda DEANS  
Basnet Sadiksha DEANS  
Bass Keya DEANS  
Bassarab Jenifer DEANS  
Bassil Joana DEANS  
Bastos Felipe DEANS  
Basu Brenda DEANS  
Batbayar Tsetsee DEANS  
Batbayar Tsolmonbayar PRESDT  
Batchelor Carolyn DEANS  
Bates Jessica PRESDT  
Bates Jessica DEANS  
Bates Maria DEANS  
Batjargal Solongo DEANS  
Battifora Pierina DEANS  
Battino Sara DEANS  
Batzorig Khongorzul PRESDT  
Bauer Robert DEANS  
Bauer Samantha PRESDT  
Baugh Danielle DEANS  
Baughan David DEANS  
Baugher Kyle PRESDT  
Baugher Lansen PRESDT  
Baumgartner Heidi DEANS  
Baumgartner Marcia PRESDT  
Bavera Marco DEANS  
Bawa Varun DEANS  
Bawazer Suffian DEANS  
Bayanjargal Enkhzaya DEANS  
Beaman Matthew DEANS  
Bean Hollie DEANS  
Bean Theresa DEANS  
Beard Chino DEANS  
Beard Jessica DEANS  
Beard Robert DEANS  
Bearinger Lynette DEANS  
Beato Carly DEANS  
Beattie Annia PRESDT  
Beatty Andrew DEANS  
Beaudoin Norman DEANS  
Beavers Veronica DEANS  
Becerra Vania DEANS  
Bechtel Morgan DEANS  
Becker Cody PRESDT  
Becker Fabiana DEANS  
Bedford James DEANS  
Bedon Alexandra DEANS  
Bedraoui Othmane PRESDT  
Beeler Ronda DEANS  
Beeson Dawn PRESDT  
Behmand Syrous DEANS  
Behnam Sonita DEANS  
Beiter Katharine DEANS  
Bekkadja Hasnia DEANS  
Bekkali Mohammed DEANS  
Bekri Sami DEANS  
Belachew Arsonia PRESDT  
Belay Tesfaye DEANS  
Belcheva Galina DEANS  
Belete Jemanesh PRESDT  
Belisle-Rutkowski Mary DEANS  
Bell Ryan DEANS  
Bell Stephanie PRESDT  
Bellacqua Tracy PRESDT  
Belliveau Taylor PRESDT  
Belluomini Judith DEANS  
Belote Pamela PRESDT  
Belush Branden DEANS  
Benamar Mouadh PRESDT  
Benavidez Steve DEANS  
Benbaba Salah PRESDT  
BenBoubaker Mariem DEANS  
Bender Kimberly DEANS  
Bender Rhodessa DEANS  
Benferchad Rachida DEANS  
Benguedouar Alaa PRESDT  
Benissan Messan DEANS  
Benitez Gloria DEANS  
Benitez Oscar PRESDT  
Benitez Romina DEANS  
Benitez Samier PRESDT  
Benkert Elizabeth DEANS  
Benner Christina DEANS  
Bennett Amy DEANS  
Bennett Kenneth PRESDT  
Bennett Laura DEANS  
Bennett Michelle PRESDT  
Bennett Jr John DEANS  
Benson Aaron PRESDT  
Benson Jessica DEANS  
Benson Kay DEANS  
Bentz Greg PRESDT  
Bentzen Rebecca DEANS  
Berberich Kristen DEANS  
Berchtold Lesley PRESDT  
Berg Candra DEANS  
Berganza Flor DEANS  
Berger Andrea DEANS  
berger benjamin PRESDT  
Berger Lorena PRESDT  
Berger Owen DEANS  
Bergman Jessica DEANS  
Bergstrom-wood Raemond PRESDT  
Bergsveinsson Bjarki DEANS  
Berhane Benyam DEANS  
Berhanu Selam DEANS  
Berhe Eden DEANS  
Bernal Walter DEANS  
Bernales Brian DEANS  
Bernard Jeffrey DEANS  
Bernard Terence DEANS  
Bernardo Jose DEANS  
Bernedo Sandy PRESDT  
Berner Amalia DEANS  
Bernhard Todd DEANS  
Berrillos Sandra DEANS  
Berro Nicole PRESDT  
Berry Beth PRESDT  
Berry Darren DEANS  
Berry Enny DEANS  
Berryhill Heather DEANS  
Berryman Cortney PRESDT  
Berschauer Jacob DEANS  
Berst Jitka DEANS  
Berthaume Thomas DEANS  
Berthold Andrew DEANS  
Bertrand Corinna PRESDT  
Berver Caroline PRESDT  
Beshara Monica DEANS  
Beshir Asmaa PRESDT  
Betz Haley PRESDT  
Betz Lauren DEANS  
Beutel Peter PRESDT  
Bevenour Kaitlyn PRESDT  
Beverage Justin DEANS  
Beverage Megan DEANS  
Beveridge Arthur DEANS  
Beverly Drew DEANS  
Beverly Kevin DEANS  
Beverstock Brooks PRESDT  
Beverstock David PRESDT  
Bexfield Kathryn DEANS  
Bey William Patrick DEANS  
Beyene Tadele DEANS  
Beyers Leah DEANS  
Bezos Jennifer DEANS  
Bezu Essayas DEANS  
Bhagia Pooja DEANS  
Bhandari Prekshya DEANS  
Bhargava Pranay DEANS  
Bhatia Nitin PRESDT  
Bhattarai Sateesh PRESDT  
Bhatti Khurram DEANS  
Bhatti Mohammad DEANS  
Bhatti Mohsin DEANS  
Bhatti Taaha PRESDT  
Bhowmic Suchismita DEANS  
Biassey Christopher DEANS  
Bienerth-Jaszay Dora PRESDT  
Biesecker Brittany PRESDT  
Biggs John DEANS  
Bigley Joseph DEANS  
Bigos Diane DEANS  
Bilikha Ivo PRESDT  
Billeb Todd DEANS  
Bilomba Raphael DEANS  
Bilowus Daniel PRESDT  
Bilson Andrea DEANS  
Birhane Gebriel DEANS  
Birihanyuma Beatrice DEANS  
Bishop Logan DEANS  
Bislimi Shqype DEANS  
Bistami Jihane PRESDT  
Bisulca Timothy PRESDT  
Bisyir Hykel DEANS  
Bjork Lars DEANS  
Bjorkman David DEANS  
Bjorkman Melissa DEANS  
Black Ellen PRESDT  
Black Nicole DEANS  
Blacketor Sharon PRESDT  
Blackman Delroy DEANS  
Blackwell Colin DEANS  
Blain Natashia DEANS  
Blaine Joshua DEANS  
Blair Keenan PRESDT  
Blair Kelsey PRESDT  
Blair Ryan DEANS  
Blaisdell Erika PRESDT  
Blake Bret DEANS  
Blake Brian DEANS  
Blake David PRESDT  
Blakely Nicholas DEANS  
Blakeney Helen DEANS  
Blakeslee Eleanor DEANS  
Blalock Bethany DEANS  
Blanchard Lucas DEANS  
Blanco David DEANS  
Blanco Elmer DEANS  
Blanco Nataly PRESDT  
Bland Kevin PRESDT  
Blankenship Alexis DEANS  
Blanton SonjaJoyce DEANS  
Blas Jonathan DEANS  
Blasser Kyle PRESDT  
Bleach Joe DEANS  
Bledsoe Peter DEANS  
Blee Meagan DEANS  
Blevins Charles DEANS  
Blevins Gerel DEANS  
Blevins Victoria DEANS  
Bliss Maria DEANS  
bloom benjamin DEANS  
Blot Thomas DEANS  
Blough Luisa DEANS  
Bloxton Pamela DEANS  
Bly Evan PRESDT  
Blythe Erik DEANS  
Boakyewaa Victoria DEANS  
Boastfield Scott DEANS  
Boateng Emma DEANS  
Boateng Francisca DEANS  
Bock Viktoria DEANS  
Bode Katrin DEANS  
Bodenheimer Alexander DEANS  
Bodrog Isabel DEANS  
Boehmer Tanya PRESDT  
Boehs-Dunlap Brittany DEANS  
Boelk Allyssia DEANS  
Bogden Nicholas PRESDT  
Boggs Justine PRESDT  
Bogus Jason DEANS  
Bohle Michael PRESDT  
Boigegrain Rhonda DEANS  
Boisseau Jessica DEANS  
bokhary syed DEANS  
Boland Jordan DEANS  
Bolanos Lindana PRESDT  
Bolchini Maria DEANS  
Bolden Deonte' DEANS  
Bolin Kevin PRESDT  
Bolo Yao DEANS  
Bolton Heather DEANS  
Bolton Rebecca DEANS  
Bomar Stamm Heather DEANS  
Bombardier Jennifer PRESDT  
Bomfim Raissa DEANS  
Bond Amanda PRESDT  
Bond Jamie DEANS  
Bond Joshua DEANS  
Bondarenko Oxana PRESDT  
Bondo Kyle DEANS  
Bonick James DEANS  
Bonilla Jessica DEANS  
Bonnette Josh DEANS  
Bono Chianna DEANS  
Bonuccelli Christina DEANS  
Bonyadian Behnam DEANS  
Bonzano Rebecca DEANS  
Boone Kimberly DEANS  
Boonyoo Chacris DEANS  
Booth Laura PRESDT  
Booth Lezlie DEANS  
Boothby Lauren PRESDT  
Boothe Phil PRESDT  
Bordell Krista DEANS  
Borden Angela DEANS  
Borecky Kenneth DEANS  
Borhauer Alan DEANS  
Boron Jonathan PRESDT  
Borrelli Christopher DEANS  
Boru Issack DEANS  
Boster Monica DEANS  
Bouadjadj Fouzia DEANS  
Boudad Rachid DEANS  
Boudreaux Sean DEANS  
Boufalla Hafida PRESDT  
Bouhali M'barka DEANS  
Bouland Jennifer DEANS  
Bouldin Amy DEANS  
Bouldin Amy PRESDT  
Boules Christen DEANS  
Boumlic Issam DEANS  
Bounmasanonh Alexis DEANS  
Bourdelais Karin PRESDT  
Bourne Lesley DEANS  
Boutsaroute Mohamed DEANS  
Boutselis Tasha DEANS  
Bowden Andrew DEANS  
Bowden William DEANS  
Bowen Ciara DEANS  
Bowen Judith DEANS  
Bower Thomas PRESDT  
Bowers Philip DEANS  
Bowersox Christian DEANS  
Bowes Brian PRESDT  
Bowman Anthony DEANS  
Bowman Melodie DEANS  
Bowser Silvana DEANS  
Bowyer Debra DEANS  
Boyd Christopher DEANS  
Boyett Rhonda DEANS  
Boykin Erin DEANS  
Boyle Amy PRESDT  
Boyle Melissa DEANS  
Bozadjian George PRESDT  
Bozzay Paul PRESDT  
Bracken Michelle DEANS  
Bradley Barbara PRESDT  
Bradley Beau DEANS  
Bradshaw Gregory PRESDT  
Brady Charles DEANS  
Brady Gregory DEANS  
Bragg Molly PRESDT  
Brahmbhatt Ankur DEANS  
Brandenstein Sara DEANS  
Brandes Aaron DEANS  
Brandes Lara DEANS  
Brantley Alicia DEANS  
Brass Alyssa DEANS  
Bravo Ruth DEANS  
Bray Elizabeth DEANS  
Brazell Cynthia DEANS  
Breads Patrick DEANS  
Breaux Melissa DEANS  
Breeden Tama DEANS  
Breland Teresa DEANS  
Bremane Gabriela PRESDT  
Bremmer Jennifer DEANS  
Brennan Sheila PRESDT  
Brenner Nathaniel PRESDT  
Brewer Addi DEANS  
Brewer Angelica DEANS  
Brewer Sean DEANS  
Brewster Whitney DEANS  
Brice Hannah PRESDT  
Bricker Amber DEANS  
Brickley Justin DEANS  
Bridges Amanda PRESDT  
Briggs Jasmine DEANS  
Briggs Lela DEANS  
Briggs Lisa DEANS  
Briley Jennifer DEANS  
Brill Jason DEANS  
Brinkman Karolynn DEANS  
Brinkman Yuri Anne PRESDT  
Brinley Joseph DEANS  
Britt Cortnie PRESDT  
Britt Dionyeus PRESDT  
Brizuela Karla PRESDT  
Brizuela Roussy DEANS  
Brobbey Nana DEANS  
Broderick James PRESDT  
Bronson Patricia DEANS  
Brooks Brittany DEANS  
Brooks Demarco DEANS  
Brooks Eleanne PRESDT  
Brooks Eric DEANS  
Brooks Jeff PRESDT  
Brooks Kaitlin PRESDT  
Brooks Meredith DEANS  
Brooks Nicole DEANS  
Brosnihan Erika PRESDT  
Brothers Linda DEANS  
Brower Cara DEANS  
Brower Lindsey PRESDT  
Brown Andrew PRESDT  
Brown Barton DEANS  
Brown Bonnie PRESDT  
Brown Candace DEANS  
Brown Candice DEANS  
Brown Carsen DEANS  
Brown Charity DEANS  
Brown Christopher PRESDT  
Brown Danielle DEANS  
Brown Debora DEANS  
Brown Debra DEANS  
Brown Dreddrick DEANS  
Brown Eleftheria DEANS  
Brown Elizabeth DEANS  
Brown Erika DEANS  
Brown Felecia DEANS  
Brown Jarret DEANS  
Brown Jeffrey DEANS  
Brown Kevin DEANS  
Brown Layla DEANS  
Brown Leslie DEANS  
Brown Malcolm DEANS  
Brown Mary PRESDT  
Brown Megan DEANS  
Brown Michael DEANS  
Brown Nathan DEANS  
Brown Rachel DEANS  
Brown Revelation PRESDT  
Brown Rikki DEANS  
Brown Sarah PRESDT  
Brown Sharon PRESDT  
Brown Tatiana PRESDT  
Browne Kalin DEANS  
Browne-jacobs Carolyn PRESDT  
Browning Liam DEANS  
Browning Sandra PRESDT  
Bruch Rachel PRESDT  
Brumet Pamela DEANS  
Brunais Jerri DEANS  
Bruner John PRESDT  
Brunetti Ellison DEANS  
Bruns Anne DEANS  
Bruns Casey DEANS  
Bruns Travis DEANS  
Bryan Chelsia PRESDT  
Bryan Janet DEANS  
Bryan Vickers DEANS  
Bryant Belinda DEANS  
Bryant Daniel DEANS  
Bryant Justin DEANS  
Bryant LaZelle DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Bryant-Bailey Olivia DEANS  
Bryner Angela DEANS  
Bryson Kelly DEANS  
Bsra Salman DEANS  
Buari Adijatu DEANS  
buba eden DEANS  
Bublitz Ashley DEANS  
Bucciarelli Matthew DEANS  
Bucher Jacob DEANS  
Buckley Anne PRESDT  
Buckner Larry DEANS  
Buckner Shawn DEANS  
Buckner Stephon DEANS  
Buckner Steven DEANS  
Budak Zahide DEANS  
Budda Alexandra PRESDT  
Budkowski Dorian DEANS  
Buehler Elizabeth DEANS  
Buergler Elizabeth DEANS  
Buffum Christopher PRESDT  
Bughao Raymond DEANS  
Bui Stephanie DEANS  
Bui Tu Anh DEANS  
Bula Martyna DEANS  
Buller Heather DEANS  
Bullister Christopher DEANS  
Bulsa Carol DEANS  
Bumgardner Christian DEANS  
Bunch Amanda DEANS  
Bunch Michael PRESDT  
Buning Andrew DEANS  
Buning Bonnie PRESDT  
Bunney Michelle DEANS  
Buracker Charlotte DEANS  
Burbage Stefanie DEANS  
Burbul Karen DEANS  
Burch Adam PRESDT  
Burgess Caroline DEANS  
Burgess Jason PRESDT  
Burgess Michael PRESDT  
Burgess Yvonne DEANS  
Burke Christene DEANS  
burkel abigail DEANS  
Burkholder Louise DEANS  
Burks Ebony DEANS  
Burlew Clifton PRESDT  
Burlimann Peter DEANS  
Burns Timothy DEANS  
Burnside Bradley PRESDT  
Buro Jeanette PRESDT  
Burrell Martha DEANS  
Burrell Matthew PRESDT  
Burrill Michael DEANS  
Burris Timothy PRESDT  
Burt Ashley DEANS  
Burton Rebecca DEANS  
Burzy Monika DEANS  
Bush Alyce DEANS  
Bush Andrea PRESDT  
Bushra Elrashid DEANS  
Bushrod Lena DEANS  
Bustamante Ana PRESDT  
Bustillo Jette DEANS  
Buta Elena Loredana Minodora DEANS  
Butler Andrew DEANS  
Butler Austin PRESDT  
Butler Tambria DEANS  
Butt Esaam DEANS  
Butts Francesco DEANS  
Buyanbadrakh Enkh-Ochir DEANS  
Buyanbadrakh Munkh-Ochir DEANS  
Buzzard Heather DEANS  
Byerley Thomas PRESDT  
Bynum Jessica DEANS  
Byun Erin DEANS