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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2010

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Aamir Daniyal PRESDT  
Aba Alicia PRESDT  
Ababotain Haya DEANS  
Abanin Vadim DEANS  
Abarca Xiomara DEANS  
Abass Lina PRESDT  
Abayasinghe Bhanu PRESDT  
Abbasi Muhammad DEANS  
Abby Ahmed DEANS  
Abdala Zuzanna DEANS  
Abdalla Rida DEANS  
Abdalla Runda DEANS  
Abdallah Abir DEANS  
Abdellatif Abdelrahman DEANS  
Abdi sahra DEANS  
Abdo Lula PRESDT  
Abdon Jennifer DEANS  
Abdul Alain DEANS  
Abdul -Ali Frishta DEANS  
Abdulaziz Princess Philawah DEANS  
Abdullahi Gizmaan PRESDT  
Abdulrahman Abdulmunem DEANS  
Abdur-Raheem Farooq DEANS  
Abebe Edom PRESDT  
Abebe Tsion DEANS  
Abebe Yetnayet DEANS  
Abebrese David DEANS  
Abedelrazak Hanan DEANS  
Abedy Nadia DEANS  
Abell Leslie DEANS  
Abera Emenet DEANS  
Abid Namra DEANS  
Abid Zeb DEANS  
Abi-Najm Jennifer DEANS  
Abla Abdo DEANS  
Aboulmouna Nancy PRESDT  
Aboye Eskinder DEANS  
Abrafi Priscilla DEANS  
Abraham Blen DEANS  
Abrar Sadaf PRESDT  
Abrego Valentina DEANS  
Abreu Jose DEANS  
Abreu Maria DEANS  
Abrham Saba DEANS  
Abriham Selamawit DEANS  
Abuagla Mariam DEANS  
Abugharbieh Lana DEANS  
abulhawa nisreen PRESDT  
Aburish Tina PRESDT  
Abyar Samaneh DEANS  
Aceto Christopher DEANS  
Acevedo Andres DEANS  
Acha Claudia DEANS  
Acharya Vineeth DEANS  
Acheampong Bridget DEANS  
Acheampong FayeMore DEANS  
Achour Hadi DEANS  
Achtzener Joseph DEANS  
Ackah-Mensah Anna DEANS  
Ackah-Mensah Gregory DEANS  
Ackerman Jennifer DEANS  
Acta Modesta DEANS  
Adair Robert DEANS  
Adams Amy DEANS  
Adams Iain DEANS  
Adams Kreszentia DEANS  
Adams Phyllis PRESDT  
Adams Robert DEANS  
Adams Rosemarie PRESDT  
Adamson Travis PRESDT  
Adamu Tekuamwork DEANS  
Adao Ainsley Erden PRESDT  
Adcock Aarika DEANS  
Adeko Sergut DEANS  
Adel Ahmad PRESDT  
Adel David DEANS  
Adeleke Funmi DEANS  
Adhikari Prakash DEANS  
Adil Tabrez DEANS  
Adinig Grace PRESDT  
Adjaho Patience DEANS  
Adjapong Priscilla DEANS  
Adjei Michael DEANS  
Aerts Ronald PRESDT  
Afanasyeva Yelena DEANS  
afful priscilla DEANS  
Africa Angela PRESDT  
Afshartous Sara PRESDT  
Aftab Samia DEANS  
Afwork Yonas DEANS  
Agabani Zeinab DEANS  
Agee daniel DEANS  
Agee Thomas DEANS  
Agra Maria Gracia DEANS  
Aguilar Meza Maria DEANS  
Aguilera Molina Claudia DEANS  
Agus Heider DEANS  
Agyei Kwabena DEANS  
Agyeman Vanessa DEANS  
agyemang sarfo nana DEANS  
Ahadzada Nazifa PRESDT  
Ahlbin Gabriel DEANS  
Ahmad Altaf DEANS  
Ahmad Amtul DEANS  
Ahmad Hena DEANS  
Ahmad Mariam DEANS  
Ahmad Sara PRESDT  
Ahmad Sardar DEANS  
Ahmad Shamin PRESDT  
Ahmadi Farhat DEANS  
Ahmed Alaa DEANS  
Ahmed Ali PRESDT  
Ahmed Asha PRESDT  
Ahmed Azza DEANS  
Ahmed Hera PRESDT  
Ahmed Humam PRESDT  
Ahmed Marzuk DEANS  
Ahmed Mubasher DEANS  
Ahmed Mustafiz DEANS  
Ahmed Noman DEANS  
Ahmed Sami PRESDT  
Ahmed Tayiba PRESDT  
Ahmed Umar PRESDT  
Ahn Alexander DEANS  
Ahn Yeun Gi PRESDT  
Ainte Nawal PRESDT  
Aissaoui Abdelfettah DEANS  
Aitcheson Sarah PRESDT  
Aizaz Saman PRESDT  
Ajilore Nicole DEANS  
Akbar Ali DEANS  
Akbar Shazia DEANS  
Akbari Khpelwak DEANS  
Akbarzadeh Hosai DEANS  
Akemgu Quinta DEANS  
Akenten Felicity DEANS  
Akhremenko Stanislav DEANS  
Akhtar Samira PRESDT  
Akighir Nene DEANS  
Akinkugbe Nia DEANS  
Akins Adekunbi PRESDT  
Akram Mursal DEANS  
Al Abyad Abir DEANS  
AL Baimani Ahmed DEANS  
Al Eid Zainab DEANS  
Al- Hassan Khalid DEANS  
AL Hinai Mohamed DEANS  
Al Khayareen Rashid DEANS  
Al Kuwari Ali DEANS  
Al Mazrouei Mohamed DEANS  
al saadi Wail DEANS  
Alacbay Lorna Corazon DEANS  
Alafnan Rayed DEANS  
Alam Sarmad PRESDT  
Alami Ouahabi Karim PRESDT  
Alarcon Nidia DEANS  
Alarcon jarjuri Jaen DEANS  
Alarian Riad DEANS  
alazzam abdulrahman DEANS  
Al-Baiati Vian DEANS  
Albaladejo Adah DEANS  
Albanese Eunock PRESDT  
Albert Daniel DEANS  
Albertson Sandra DEANS  
Albrecht Bianca PRESDT  
Albrittain Amanda DEANS  
Alden Ashley PRESDT  
Alderson Anne DEANS  
Aldridge Megan DEANS  
Aleem Sahar DEANS  
Aleksova Iva PRESDT  
Alemayehu Edna PRESDT  
Alemayehu Mellat DEANS  
AL-Eryani Nuha DEANS  
Alexander Felisha DEANS  
Alexander Jennifer DEANS  
Alexander Justin DEANS  
Alexander Kristin DEANS  
Alexander Sean DEANS  
Al-Feraehy Alaa DEANS  
Alford Dana DEANS  
Alhashimi Lojain DEANS  
Ali Abbas PRESDT  
Ali Aminah DEANS  
Ali Farkhunda DEANS  
Ali Iqbal PRESDT  
Ali Maryam DEANS  
Ali Shaista DEANS  
Ali Syed DEANS  
Ali Yonis DEANS  
Aliaga Brandon DEANS  
Alibali Vina DEANS  
Aliff James DEANS  
Alily George DEANS  
Alim Youssuf DEANS  
Alimi Tina PRESDT  
Alkaabi Khaled DEANS  
al-kabby hauraa DEANS  
Alkas Zuhal DEANS  
Alkhalifah Ali DEANS  
Alkhateeb Nisreen PRESDT  
Alkorshemi Mohamed DEANS  
Allen Annabel DEANS  
Allen Christopher PRESDT  
Allen Daniel PRESDT  
Allen Eugene DEANS  
Allen Johanna DEANS  
Allen Jon-Michael DEANS  
Allen Joseph PRESDT  
Allen Kaylin DEANS  
Allen Kyle PRESDT  
Allen Nathan DEANS  
Allen Sulin DEANS  
Allen Tamecka DEANS  
Alleyne Gileszenna DEANS  
Allison Ralph DEANS  
Alloway Christian PRESDT  
Al-mobarak Faisal DEANS  
Almodovar Amanda PRESDT  
Almodovar Judith DEANS  
Al-Musawi Haidar PRESDT  
Alnashawati Ahmad DEANS  
Alomran Thaer DEANS  
Alotaibi Raid DEANS  
Al-Saadi Hessa DEANS  
Alsaidi Thekra DEANS  
Alsaif Nawaf DEANS  
Alsayyad Ahmad DEANS  
Alshaban Yaser DEANS  
Al-shami Ebtehal DEANS  
al-shingieti iman PRESDT  
alsodani maythem DEANS  
Altaf Sonia DEANS  
Althaus Elizabeth PRESDT  
Althaus Silvia DEANS  
Altice Adam DEANS  
Altiparmak Tammy DEANS  
Altum Kate DEANS  
Alvarado Bianca DEANS  
Alvarado Hugo DEANS  
Alvarado Immer PRESDT  
Alvarado Stephanie DEANS  
alvarado beingolea denise DEANS  
Alvarado de Kaplan Jade PRESDT  
Alvarado-Hernandez Kennya DEANS  
Alvarenga Jaime DEANS  
Alvarez Ilean PRESDT  
Alvarez Marielba DEANS  
Alvarez Wilber DEANS  
Alvear Baldeon Marcela PRESDT  
Alvey Keith PRESDT  
Alvi Faiza DEANS  
Alzayat Mihad PRESDT  
Al-Zeyoudi Yousef DEANS  
Amador-Salmeron Fatima DEANS  
Aman Alexander PRESDT  
Amato Hillary PRESDT  
Amato Ryan PRESDT  
Amaya Maria PRESDT  
Ambers Carol DEANS  
Ament Tyler DEANS  
Amer Maryam DEANS  
Ameri Maryam DEANS  
Amin Mojtaba DEANS  
Amini Jaleh DEANS  
Aminian Sahel DEANS  
Aminov Nadia DEANS  
Amir Muhammad PRESDT  
Ammar Hassan DEANS  
Ammon Bonnie PRESDT  
Ammons Ryan DEANS  
Amo Mercy DEANS  
Amoh Edward DEANS  
Amore Alexandra DEANS  
Ampadu - kyere Kwadwo DEANS  
Ampomah Diana DEANS  
Ampong Charity DEANS  
Ampuero Karla PRESDT  
An Jun-Hoon PRESDT  
Anable Jared PRESDT  
Anakor Eucharia DEANS  
Ananias Lopez Giancarlos PRESDT  
Ancrum Jason DEANS  
Andersen Laura PRESDT  
Andersen Sean PRESDT  
Anderson Andrew DEANS  
Anderson Christopher PRESDT  
Anderson Emily PRESDT  
Anderson Erika DEANS  
Anderson Kathryn DEANS  
Anderson Matthew DEANS  
Anderson Michael PRESDT  
Anderson Nichole PRESDT  
Anderson Preston PRESDT  
Anderson Twanna DEANS  
Andes Christian PRESDT  
Andia-Claure Lucero PRESDT  
Andrade Ingrid DEANS  
Andrade Reyes Carola DEANS  
Andre Rafaela DEANS  
Andrew Helen DEANS  
Andrews Amber PRESDT  
Andrews James DEANS  
Andrews John PRESDT  
Andrews Martorri DEANS  
Andrews Nancy DEANS  
Andrews Revelle PRESDT  
Andrews Stephen DEANS  
Anez Cristobal DEANS  
Angeles Gabe DEANS  
Angeles Lara DEANS  
angeny daniel DEANS  
Angulo Mark DEANS  
Anim Jacklyn DEANS  
Aniroodh Andrea DEANS  
Anjorin Gary PRESDT  
Anlas Luis DEANS  
Annis Tabatha DEANS  
Annor Nana DEANS  
Ansah Esther DEANS  
Ansari Asad DEANS  
Ansari Soban DEANS  
Anthony Jessica DEANS  
Anton Joshua PRESDT  
Antonio Ana Carolina DEANS  
Antonio Audrey DEANS  
Antonio Therese DEANS  
Antonova Olga PRESDT  
Anwar Mohammad DEANS  
Anwar Subine PRESDT  
Anwar Tamim DEANS  
Aparicio Katherine DEANS  
Apedoe Nana PRESDT  
Apgar Melinda DEANS  
Apodaca Jose DEANS  
Aponte Segundo PRESDT  
Apperson Jennifer DEANS  
Appiah Emmanuel PRESDT  
Appiah Michael DEANS  
Appleby Kathryne DEANS  
Aquilino Jennifer DEANS  
Aquino Felipe DEANS  
Aquino Miguel DEANS  
Aragaw Assifaw DEANS  
Aramayo Roberto DEANS  
Arana Norma DEANS  
Arandia Karen DEANS  
Aranibar Christian DEANS  
Araujo Joao PRESDT  
Araujo Jose DEANS  
Arbulu George DEANS  
Arce-Tejada Astrid DEANS  
Archer Rita DEANS  
Arciniega Andrea DEANS  
Areef Jamila DEANS  
Aregay Maeregu DEANS  
Arellano Gabriela DEANS  
Arendt Andrew DEANS  
Areno James DEANS  
Arezzo Jennifer DEANS  
Argenbright Heather DEANS  
Argote Erick DEANS  
Argote Jennifer PRESDT  
Argueta Ruth DEANS  
Argus Robert DEANS  
Arias Ana DEANS  
Arias Leslie DEANS  
Arias Mauricio PRESDT  
Arif Fatima PRESDT  
Ariston Adel Ismail DEANS  
armanieh azita DEANS  
Armbruster Lacey DEANS  
Armenia Whitney DEANS  
Armradit Kimberly DEANS  
Armstrong Susan DEANS  
Armstrong Yesika PRESDT  
Arney Amanda DEANS  
Arnez Daniel DEANS  
Arnez Raul DEANS  
Arnold Chester DEANS  
Arnold Cheyenne DEANS  
Arnold Joshua DEANS  
Arnold Lauren PRESDT  
Arnoto Thomas DEANS  
Arora Varun DEANS  
Arredondo Johanna PRESDT  
Arriaza Julio PRESDT  
Arriaza Luis PRESDT  
Arriola Delsy DEANS  
Arroyo Jose DEANS  
Arruda Rebecca DEANS  
Arshad Sidra DEANS  
Arshad Wajiha DEANS  
Arteaga Oscar DEANS  
Artenian Kristi PRESDT  
Arthur Dolly DEANS  
Arthur Mary DEANS  
Artinian Garine PRESDT  
Asabere Franklina PRESDT  
Asad Hina DEANS  
asamoah-darko felix DEANS  
Asay Nadja DEANS  
Asega Astatekie DEANS  
Ashby Matthew PRESDT  
Ashenafi Yibeltal emnet PRESDT  
Ashenafi Yibeltal Kalkidan PRESDT  
Ashiq Mariam DEANS  
Ashkiani Sepehr PRESDT  
Ashley Amy DEANS  
Ashman Benjamin DEANS  
Ashmore Timothy DEANS  
Ashton Renaldo PRESDT  
Asif Abdul PRESDT  
Asif Eqan PRESDT  
Asihel Mekonen DEANS  
Askey Patricia DEANS  
Askirka Iryna DEANS  
Asmeron Abraham DEANS  
Asomuah Linda DEANS  
asonganyi kayla PRESDT  
Assamnew Tefera DEANS  
Assefa Ferealem DEANS  
Assefa Kalkidan DEANS  
Assefa Leul DEANS  
Assibey Jennifer DEANS  
Assink Alison PRESDT  
Assouman Priscilla DEANS  
Astrow David DEANS  
Asuah Evans DEANS  
Atahuaman Juan DEANS  
Ataide Nancy DEANS  
Atalla Andrew DEANS  
atem Rose DEANS  
Ater Meryl DEANS  
Atiki Chafik DEANS  
Atkins Charles PRESDT  
Atkisson Melissa DEANS  
Attinger Thalia DEANS  
Attridge Susan PRESDT  
Audia Eric PRESDT  
Augustine Brandon DEANS  
Augustine Matthew PRESDT  
Ausley Eartha DEANS  
Austin Jamie PRESDT  
auza carlos DEANS  
Avalos Nataly DEANS  
Avazova Lola DEANS  
Avelar Philip DEANS  
Avery Ryan DEANS  
Avila Claudia DEANS  
Aviles Albert PRESDT  
awan muhammad DEANS  
Awanu Elvis DEANS  
Awofeso Sadie DEANS  
Awotwe Mavis PRESDT  
Ayala Carlos PRESDT  
Ayala Claudia PRESDT  
Ayala Karen DEANS  
Ayala Karina DEANS  
Aybar Bertha DEANS  
ayele mahlet PRESDT  
Ayele Sara DEANS  
Ayeni Jacquelyn DEANS  
Ayers William PRESDT  
Ayneabeba Mahder PRESDT  
Ayoub Mariam DEANS  
Ayub Zainab PRESDT  
Ayubi Maihan PRESDT  
Ayuby Aliya PRESDT  
Azadi ardekani Ladan DEANS  
Azar Nihad DEANS  
Azimi Sayed DEANS  
Aziz Mohaimen DEANS  
Azrour Driss DEANS  
Azzi Bruna PRESDT  
Azzouz Samira DEANS