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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Saadaoui Amina DEANS  
Saadaoui Radia DEANS  
Saadeh Farah DEANS  
Saadeh Farid DEANS  
Saavedra Jenese DEANS  
Saavedra Vanessa DEANS  
Saberi Movahed Shahrzad DEANS  
Sabin Christi DEANS  
Sabis Bridgette DEANS  
Sachania Slesha DEANS  
Sackett Kelly DEANS  
Sadalla Kurmanj DEANS  
sadekin khondokar DEANS  
Sadighian James DEANS  
Sadiq-Ali Nadine DEANS  
Sadler Catherine DEANS  
Sadler Christine DEANS  
Sadr Hajirah DEANS  
Saenz Angel DEANS  
Safdar Asim DEANS  
Saferstein David PRESDT  
Saffell Katelyn DEANS  
Safi Masih DEANS  
Sager Lisa DEANS  
Saghir Usman DEANS  
Sah Gyanendra DEANS  
Said Khalid DEANS  
Saini Mandeep DEANS  
Saint-Andrie Kevin PRESDT  
Sainz Flor DEANS  
Sairafianpour Farzaneh DEANS  
Salama Tarik DEANS  
Salame Sebastian PRESDT  
Salameh Nael DEANS  
Salas Tony PRESDT  
Salas Uriel DEANS  
Salas Yuki DEANS  
Salazar Claudia DEANS  
Salazar Favian PRESDT  
Saldias Carlos DEANS  
Saleem Arslan DEANS  
Salehimobarakeh Soraya DEANS  
Salemme Alex PRESDT  
Salerno Paul DEANS  
Sales Francis PRESDT  
Salgado Carroll DEANS  
Salgado Mauricio DEANS  
Salguero Christopher PRESDT  
Salguero Leslie DEANS  
Salim Ali DEANS  
Salinas Ariel DEANS  
Salinas Julio PRESDT  
Salinas Nery DEANS  
Salinas Veronica DEANS  
Salmi Sofiane DEANS  
Salvatierra Joseph DEANS  
Sami Kevin DEANS  
sami sarah DEANS  
Sampana Samuel PRESDT  
Sampong Nerissa DEANS  
Samra Michelle DEANS  
Samsami mazrey akhund Fedros DEANS  
San Gabriel Nathaniel DEANS  
San Martin Sergio DEANS  
Sanchez Amanda PRESDT  
Sanchez David PRESDT  
Sanchez Elvira DEANS  
Sanchez Jeanette DEANS  
Sanchez Maria PRESDT  
Sanchez Mauro PRESDT  
Sanchez Miguel DEANS  
Sanchez Malpartida Maria Fe DEANS  
Sanders Jaime DEANS  
Sanders Lisa DEANS  
Sanders Monique DEANS  
Sanders Sarah PRESDT  
Sanders Stuart DEANS  
Sandhu Erica DEANS  
Sandifer Erica PRESDT  
Sandor Della DEANS  
Sandoval Mabel DEANS  
Sands Ana DEANS  
Sands Cameron DEANS  
Sanfiel Lauren PRESDT  
Sanford Tiffany PRESDT  
Sanie Laila DEANS  
Sankarsingh Kim DEANS  
Sansbury Devone DEANS  
Santos Hugo DEANS  
Santos Richard DEANS  
Santos Vanessa PRESDT  
Sanz Desire DEANS  
Sapkota Samikshya DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee DEANS  
Saravia Amada PRESDT  
Sarik Courtney DEANS  
Sarik Kyle DEANS  
Sarsour Hanady DEANS  
Satija Shweta DEANS  
Satti Jamal DEANS  
Saud Haleema DEANS  
Sauder Jeremiah DEANS  
Saunders David PRESDT  
Savage Noelle DEANS  
Savchand Jinit DEANS  
Sawasky Mark DEANS  
Sawicki Kayla DEANS  
Sawyer Racheal PRESDT  
Saxton Amanda DEANS  
Sayles Ashley DEANS  
Sayre Jessica DEANS  
sazegari sarang DEANS  
Sbai Fatimazohra PRESDT  
Sbeitan Rema DEANS  
Sbitani Marwan DEANS  
Scalley Shirley DEANS  
Scarano Cara DEANS  
Scerba John DEANS  
Schadlich Eric DEANS  
Schaefer Samantha DEANS  
Schaeffer Todd DEANS  
Schafer Brittney PRESDT  
Schafer Monic DEANS  
Schall Alexandra DEANS  
Schauder Thomas DEANS  
Scheermann Andrew DEANS  
Schenck Victoria PRESDT  
Schiefer Jasmin DEANS  
Schiffner David DEANS  
Schildbach Elaine DEANS  
Schinnerer Brandi DEANS  
Schirmer Patrick DEANS  
Schleede Diana DEANS  
Schley John DEANS  
Schmid Rhonda DEANS  
Schmid Stephen DEANS  
Schmidt Daniel PRESDT  
Schmidt Natalie DEANS  
Schmidt Randall DEANS  
Schmitt Kevin PRESDT  
Schneider Luke PRESDT  
Schneller Zachary DEANS  
Schott Susan PRESDT  
Schreiber Jeffrey PRESDT  
Schreiber Kimberly PRESDT  
Schreiner Robert DEANS  
Schroeder Edison DEANS  
Schubert Marion PRESDT  
Schulte Samantha PRESDT  
Schultze Tyler DEANS  
Schumann Kevin DEANS  
Schuster Sarah DEANS  
Schuweiler Marybeth DEANS  
Schwapp Diatree DEANS  
Schwartz Emily DEANS  
Schwartz Lauren DEANS  
Schwegler Daniel DEANS  
Scoffield Julien DEANS  
Scoggins Suzannah DEANS  
Scott Daniel DEANS  
Scott Danielle DEANS  
Scott Douglas DEANS  
Scott Glennette DEANS  
Scott Jessica DEANS  
Scott Katherine DEANS  
Scott Nancy DEANS  
Scott Rebecca PRESDT  
Scott Timothy DEANS  
Scrivens Eric DEANS  
Scudder Emiko PRESDT  
Scuteri William DEANS  
Scyoc Shannon DEANS  
Seager Elizabeth DEANS  
Seal Michael DEANS  
Seals Melanie DEANS  
Sebastian George DEANS  
Sebbata Meriem DEANS  
Seche Ariel DEANS  
Secor David DEANS  
Sedlak Shannon DEANS  
Seeger Stephanie DEANS  
Sefain Ashraf DEANS  
Sehgal Neetin DEANS  
Sehnert Lynn DEANS  
Seid Mohammed PRESDT  
Seidlitz Elizabeth DEANS  
Seiff Anne PRESDT  
Seifu Yanet PRESDT  
Seikaly Marc DEANS  
Sejas Rony DEANS  
Selfe Susan DEANS  
Sellars David PRESDT  
Sellman Aaron PRESDT  
Seltzer Abbie DEANS  
Semakula Joseph PRESDT  
Semenov Lydia DEANS  
Sen Rumela DEANS  
Sengnou Seudieu Liliane mirabelle DEANS  
Sengpiehl Kelby DEANS  
Seo Eun-sil DEANS  
Seo Hyunseok DEANS  
Seo Minjung PRESDT  
Seo Sejin DEANS  
Seo Sinae DEANS  
Seppala Daniel DEANS  
Sepulveda Steven DEANS  
Sequeira Veronica DEANS  
Serino Scott PRESDT  
Serrano Vincent DEANS  
Serrao Kakoli DEANS  
sesay Isata DEANS  
Sethi Sachit DEANS  
Setliff Heather DEANS  
Sevier Justin DEANS  
Sexton Nicole DEANS  
Sey Constance DEANS  
Seydi Abib DEANS  
Seyed Mohammadi Meghdad DEANS  
Seymore Tiffany DEANS  
Seymour Katherine DEANS  
Seymour Thomas PRESDT  
Seyyed Fauzia PRESDT  
Shafer Leanne DEANS  
Shaff Megan DEANS  
Shaffer Angela DEANS  
Shaffer David PRESDT  
Shaffer Jonathan DEANS  
Shah Bijaya DEANS  
Shah Krupa DEANS  
Shah Nupur PRESDT  
Shah Sayed DEANS  
Shah Syed DEANS  
Shahani Raju DEANS  
Shahi Banti DEANS  
Shahid Junaid DEANS  
Shaikh Malika DEANS  
Shaikh Zoya DEANS  
Shalal Ali DEANS  
Shalap Kathleen PRESDT  
Shams Milijana DEANS  
Shanahan Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Shank Esther PRESDT  
Shankle Megan PRESDT  
Shanley Colleen DEANS  
Shannon Daniel DEANS  
Shannon Danielle DEANS  
Shapiro Jesse DEANS  
Sharar Sanyan DEANS  
Sharifi Ramin DEANS  
Sharif-reyazi Homa DEANS  
Sharma Bibhu DEANS  
Sharma Latchmie DEANS  
Sharma Rishi DEANS  
Sharma Sandeep PRESDT  
Sharma Shivani DEANS  
Sharma Vaibhav DEANS  
Sharmen Rafia DEANS  
Sharmin Tanzila PRESDT  
Sharp Jeanene DEANS  
Sharpe Benjamin PRESDT  
Shatananda Noel DEANS  
Shaughnessy Monica DEANS  
Shavlik Shawn DEANS  
Shaw Katrina DEANS  
Shaw Philip DEANS  
Shawler Stephanie DEANS  
Shawuti Salayiding DEANS  
Shayestehpour Anousheh DEANS  
Shearer Brittany DEANS  
Shearn Carisma DEANS  
Sheedy Michael DEANS  
Sheehan Denis DEANS  
Sheikh Aisha PRESDT  
Sheikh Fatima DEANS  
Shekeba Samir DEANS  
Shelkin Courtney PRESDT  
Shellenberger Jonas PRESDT  
Shelley Amber PRESDT  
Shelmerdine Daniela DEANS  
Shelmerdine Richard DEANS  
Shelton Kimberly DEANS  
Shelton Tiffany DEANS  
Shenk Kristine DEANS  
Shepherd Jeannette DEANS  
Shepherd Sara PRESDT  
Shepko Laura DEANS  
Sheppard Alanna DEANS  
Sheppard Brendan PRESDT  
Sheraz Syed PRESDT  
Sherdil Homaira DEANS  
Sheriff Fatmata DEANS  
Sherlock Daniel PRESDT  
Sherman Nicholas DEANS  
Sherman Sondra PRESDT  
Shero Anthony PRESDT  
Sherpa Pema PRESDT  
Sherpa Sonam DEANS  
Sherrill ChristyAnne DEANS  
Sherwood Jody DEANS  
Shi Shou DEANS  
Shibli Payman DEANS  
Shiferaw Genet DEANS  
Shifflett Kelly DEANS  
Shifflett Kristen DEANS  
Shillingburg Aaron DEANS  
shilu shahedara DEANS  
Shim Sahng PRESDT  
Shim Seong Hee PRESDT  
Shim Soyun PRESDT  
Shim Whui Su PRESDT  
Shin Diana DEANS  
Shin Eun Soon PRESDT  
shin jamie DEANS  
Shin Jenny PRESDT  
Shin MinHyung PRESDT  
Shin Seung Hwa DEANS  
Shin Seung-ran DEANS  
Shinde Vidula DEANS  
Shiner Sara DEANS  
Shipe Megan PRESDT  
Shipman John DEANS  
Shirzadian Sepehr DEANS  
Shirzoi Wais DEANS  
Shiwakoti Prakash DEANS  
Shoeb Dina DEANS  
Sholokh Tereza DEANS  
Shoop Bryan DEANS  
Showalter Kyle DEANS  
Shreffler II Aaron DEANS  
Shrestha Dilasha DEANS  
Shrestha Enisha PRESDT  
Shrestha Jina DEANS  
Shrestha Manoj PRESDT  
Shrestha Raj DEANS  
Shreve Hannah DEANS  
Shu Johnny DEANS  
Shuaib Danieh PRESDT  
Shuey George DEANS  
Shuffett Michael PRESDT  
Shum Alexandria DEANS  
Shumaker Rachael DEANS  
Shumakova Alina DEANS  
Shvedova Iryna DEANS  
Shvilly Mellor DEANS  
Shyllon John DEANS  
Sianati Aynaz DEANS  
Siblini Tareq DEANS  
Sickmiller Matthew DEANS  
Siddiqi Elyias DEANS  
Siddique Adeel DEANS  
Siddique Sohana DEANS  
Siddiquee Tazin PRESDT  
Siddiqui Luqman DEANS  
Siddiqui Nudrat DEANS  
Siddiqui Sharmin DEANS  
Sidhu Carla DEANS  
Siegal Rebecca PRESDT  
Siegel David DEANS  
Siegel Mark DEANS  
Siegel Shaun DEANS  
Sielen Elizabeth DEANS  
Siemion Kelly DEANS  
Sierra Linares Carola PRESDT  
Sigala Daniel DEANS  
Sigler Walker PRESDT  
Siler Jasmine DEANS  
Siles Gilka DEANS  
Silva Claudia DEANS  
Silva Danielle PRESDT  
Silva Gina DEANS  
Silva Leidiane DEANS  
Silva Michael DEANS  
Silverstein Ashley PRESDT  
Silverstein Michael DEANS  
Silwal Binod DEANS  
Sim Gokhan DEANS  
Simbulan Veronica DEANS  
Simmons Kimberly DEANS  
Simmons Nicole DEANS  
Simmons Stephanie DEANS  
Simmons Victoria DEANS  
Simms Nathan DEANS  
Simon Belen DEANS  
Simon Rachel DEANS  
Simpson Daniel DEANS  
Sin Bum-Sik DEANS  
Sindi Sharmeen PRESDT  
Singer Jeffrey PRESDT  
Singh Amanbir DEANS  
Singh Gurbaz DEANS  
Singh Harpreet DEANS  
Singh Jitendra DEANS  
Singh Pritika PRESDT  
Singh Ravneet DEANS  
singh simarpreet DEANS  
Sintayehu Rahel DEANS  
Sioco Maria Carmela DEANS  
Sipes Deborah DEANS  
Sirikool Douangmala DEANS  
Sirilan Krizia DEANS  
Siriwardena Janaka DEANS  
Sison Nicolle PRESDT  
Sitter Karen DEANS  
Skaff Kathryn DEANS  
Skinner Rachelle DEANS  
Skinner Talia DEANS  
Skokan Kristina DEANS  
Skowronski Matthew PRESDT  
Slack Ryan DEANS  
Slay Francesca DEANS  
Slimp Laura PRESDT  
Slotterback Christopher DEANS  
Small Phillip DEANS  
Smallegan Marcus DEANS  
Smallwood Emily DEANS  
Smart Francise DEANS  
Smathers Tracy PRESDT  
Smejkal Belinda DEANS  
Smeltzer Katherine DEANS  
Smeltzer Sarah DEANS  
Smerdzinski Drew DEANS  
Smiell Mary DEANS  
Smit Johan DEANS  
Smit William DEANS  
Smith Alison DEANS  
Smith Allison DEANS  
Smith Amanda PRESDT  
Smith Ariel DEANS  
Smith Ashley PRESDT  
Smith Audrey DEANS  
Smith Brian DEANS  
Smith Christopher PRESDT  
Smith Corey DEANS  
Smith Courtney PRESDT  
Smith Dana DEANS  
Smith Danielle DEANS  
Smith David DEANS  
Smith Donna DEANS  
Smith Donovan PRESDT  
Smith Erin DEANS  
Smith Glennda DEANS  
Smith Jarrett PRESDT  
Smith John DEANS  
Smith Joshua DEANS  
Smith Judy DEANS  
Smith Katherine DEANS  
Smith Kati DEANS  
Smith Kimberlee DEANS  
Smith Kristina PRESDT  
Smith Maria PRESDT  
Smith Matthew PRESDT  
Smith Michael DEANS  
Smith Naomi DEANS  
Smith Nicholas DEANS  
Smith Noah PRESDT  
Smith Pamela DEANS  
Smith Patrick DEANS  
Smith Rebekah PRESDT  
Smith Sarah PRESDT  
Smith Stephanie DEANS  
Smith Susan DEANS  
Smith Tyler DEANS  
Smithers Jared PRESDT  
Smoot Amanda DEANS  
Snellings Harold DEANS  
Snellings Jamie DEANS  
Snider Alicia DEANS  
Snider Jeffrey PRESDT  
Snodgrass Carlye DEANS  
Snoussi Mohammed PRESDT  
Sobhani Hoda DEANS  
Soe May DEANS  
Sohraby Sepehr PRESDT  
Sola Violetta DEANS  
Solano Jack DEANS  
Solano Maria DEANS  
Solano Mario DEANS  
Soles Brendan PRESDT  
Solheim Julia DEANS  
Solis Jennifer DEANS  
Solomon Rachel PRESDT  
Son Anthony DEANS  
Son Duy DEANS  
Son Ji Sun PRESDT  
Son Yi Ok PRESDT  
Song Audrina DEANS  
Song Chung-ah DEANS  
Song Dawid DEANS  
Song Eun Hye PRESDT  
Song Hongsub DEANS  
Song JaeYeop DEANS  
Song JeeHyun DEANS  
Song Jin Young PRESDT  
Sood Elisa PRESDT  
Sood Sheetal PRESDT  
Sordi Samantha DEANS  
Sorensen Patrick DEANS  
Sorenson Mandy DEANS  
Soria Shannon DEANS  
Sorto William DEANS  
Sosa Luis DEANS  
sosa silvia DEANS  
Soto Katheryn PRESDT  
Soto Noel DEANS  
Souaya Myriam DEANS  
Sousa Elida DEANS  
Souther Jennifer DEANS  
Sova Nataliia PRESDT  
Sow Mohamed DEANS  
Sowers Sean DEANS  
Spagnolo Emily DEANS  
Spain David DEANS  
Spalding John PRESDT  
Spall Hasan DEANS  
Sparks Nickole PRESDT  
Sparks Stephanie PRESDT  
Sparks Tammy DEANS  
Spears Katlin DEANS  
Speier Cheryl DEANS  
Spencer John DEANS  
Sperling Donat PRESDT  
Spicer Jenice PRESDT  
Spindel Daniel PRESDT  
Spotswood Cannon DEANS  
Spriggs Marvin DEANS  
St Clair Milenka DEANS  
St. Laurent Sally DEANS  
St.aubin Kim DEANS  
Stagman Kelsey PRESDT  
Stames Caitlin DEANS  
Stan Whitney DEANS  
Stang Elsa DEANS  
Stanikzai Mohammad PRESDT  
Stanislaus Tyson DEANS  
Stanley Alyssa PRESDT  
Stanley Aubrey DEANS  
Stanley Christy DEANS  
Stanton Morgan DEANS  
Starinieri Anthony DEANS  
Stark Tiffany DEANS  
Starrett Nicholas DEANS  
Stasny Jackson PRESDT  
Stathis David DEANS  
Staton Ian DEANS  
Staudt Lisa DEANS  
Stauffer Molly DEANS  
Stavenjord Mike DEANS  
Stecker Courtney PRESDT  
Steckler Patty DEANS  
Stecura Joel DEANS  
Steele Brian DEANS  
Steenstra Catherine DEANS  
Stefaniak Joshua DEANS  
Stefanova Plamena PRESDT  
Stefko Christopher DEANS  
steinberg andrew DEANS  
Steinburg Devin PRESDT  
Stephens Alejandra DEANS  
Stephens Daniel PRESDT  
Stephens Jacob DEANS  
Stephens Joanna DEANS  
Steptoe Ashley DEANS  
Sterling Michael DEANS  
Stevens Elizabeth DEANS  
Stevens Kristin PRESDT  
Stevens Rebecca DEANS  
Stevens Ryan DEANS  
Stevenson Daniel PRESDT  
Stevenson Kyle DEANS  
Stevenson Melissa DEANS  
Stewart Amber PRESDT  
Stewart Don DEANS  
Stewart Jacob DEANS  
Stewart Julia DEANS  
Stewart Matthew DEANS  
Stewart Monica DEANS  
Stewart Robin DEANS  
Stewart Stephen PRESDT  
Stiles Jacqueline DEANS  
Stillerman Breanna DEANS  
Stillman Jeremy DEANS  
Stine Matthew DEANS  
Stine Robert PRESDT  
Stitt Richard DEANS  
Stockman Megan DEANS  
Stockslager Supinda PRESDT  
Stokes Catherine PRESDT  
Stokowski Adam DEANS  
Stoll Alicia DEANS  
Stoll Ray DEANS  
Stone Brian DEANS  
stone michael DEANS  
Stone Scott PRESDT  
Stoner Russel PRESDT  
Stoney Sierra DEANS  
Storey Colleen DEANS  
Storms Angela DEANS  
Stotler Steven PRESDT  
Stover John DEANS  
Stowe Ashley PRESDT  
Stracke Paul DEANS  
Strasel Emily PRESDT  
Straub Alexandra PRESDT  
Street Sandra DEANS  
Strickland Olivette DEANS  
Stringer Jarrod PRESDT  
Stroud Rebecca DEANS  
Strunk Jeremiah DEANS  
Stuart David PRESDT  
Studd-Sojka Alexandra PRESDT  
Sturgill Phillip PRESDT  
Sturm Christopher DEANS  
Styles Samantha DEANS  
Suarez Alejandro DEANS  
Suarez Bernardo DEANS  
Suarez Marcos DEANS  
Suarez Saul PRESDT  
Subaitani Jonathan DEANS  
Subba Sibrab DEANS  
Subedi Pious DEANS  
Subedi Vivek PRESDT  
Succolosky Kara DEANS  
Sucher Anthony PRESDT  
Sudberry Richard DEANS  
Suddarth Amy DEANS  
Suer Ceren DEANS  
Suggs Temple DEANS  
Sugimoto Cintia DEANS  
Suh Hyeong Seok DEANS  
Suh Hyoung DEANS  
Suh Jennifer PRESDT  
suh sora DEANS  
Suhana Shakila PRESDT  
Sukol Sean PRESDT  
Sul Linda PRESDT  
Sullivan Daniel DEANS  
Sullivan Dolan DEANS  
Sullivan Shana DEANS  
Sultani Khamza DEANS  
Sumlin Dennis DEANS  
Summers Brittany DEANS  
Summers Patrice DEANS  
Summers Rachael DEANS  
Sun Kimberly DEANS  
Sunde James DEANS  
Sung Jin DEANS  
Sung MiRi DEANS  
Sunga Justin DEANS  
Sungur Seniha DEANS  
Suon Sovaddine DEANS  
Supsomboon Arisara DEANS  
Suresh Rishi PRESDT  
Sureshwaran Vignesh DEANS  
Sutton Andrew DEANS  
Sutton Rachel DEANS  
Sutton Tiffany DEANS  
Suxo Dayshva DEANS  
Svetaka Uljana PRESDT  
Swain Linda DEANS  
Swan Christina DEANS  
Swan Devan PRESDT  
Swann Katja DEANS  
Swapan Morium DEANS  
Swarthout Erika DEANS  
Swartz Tara DEANS  
Swasdiburi Peeyaswasdi DEANS  
Swazya Karin PRESDT  
Swecker Kyle DEANS  
Sweet Diego PRESDT  
Sweezey Brett PRESDT  
Sweezy Dallas PRESDT  
Sweiderk James PRESDT  
Sweigart Bonnie PRESDT  
Swing Marshall DEANS  
Swinsky Denise DEANS  
Sydlik Katrin DEANS  
Syed Fateeha PRESDT  
Syed Ridwan DEANS  
Syed Sambreen DEANS  
Syed Sara PRESDT  
Sykes Laura PRESDT  
Szczechura Aneta PRESDT  
szekelyhidi csilla DEANS  
Szoke Holly PRESDT  
Szostak Kari DEANS