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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Radcliffe Kelli DEANS  
Radcliffe Nancy PRESDT  
Rader Whitney DEANS  
Radi Tareq DEANS  
Radoye Douglas DEANS  
Rafalco Maria PRESDT  
Raffiqi Fatima DEANS  
Raguindin Geralyn DEANS  
Raguso Anton DEANS  
Rahimian Stefan DEANS  
Rahynes Myron DEANS  
Raineri Renee PRESDT  
Rainville Chelsea DEANS  
Rajeswari Trivadi DEANS  
Rall Christopher DEANS  
Ralsten Jennifer DEANS  
Ralsten Sondra DEANS  
Ramadan Talal DEANS  
Ramesh Vijethillek DEANS  
Ramirez Alfredo PRESDT  
Ramirez Dianna DEANS  
Ramirez Franklin DEANS  
Ramirez Gianluigi DEANS  
Ramirez Martin DEANS  
Ramirez Patricia DEANS  
Ramirez Rosa DEANS  
Ramirez Stephanie DEANS  
Ramirez Wilmer DEANS  
Ramirez-Gamarra Alvaro DEANS  
Ramnarine Raywattie DEANS  
Ramos Daniel DEANS  
ramos ruben DEANS  
Ramos Silvestre DEANS  
Ramos Yanileht DEANS  
Ramos-Allen Davi DEANS  
Ramserran Jason DEANS  
Ramsey Amanda PRESDT  
Ramsey Tiffanny DEANS  
Rana Kusum DEANS  
Randall Raymond DEANS  
Randhawa Navneet DEANS  
Randrianasolo Sylvia DEANS  
Raney Greg DEANS  
Range Alyssa DEANS  
Range Lea PRESDT  
Rangel Blanca DEANS  
Raphael Xavier DEANS  
Rapolti Alexandru DEANS  
Rascher Noel DEANS  
Rascoe Ashley DEANS  
Rasdorf David DEANS  
Rasheed Asim DEANS  
Rasheed Attique DEANS  
Rashid Mohammed PRESDT  
Rashidi Nabeal DEANS  
Rasmussen Kyle DEANS  
Rasmussen Robert DEANS  
Rathgeber Melissa DEANS  
Rathore Kiran DEANS  
Rausch Stacy DEANS  
Ravenscroft Michael DEANS  
Ravetti Helen DEANS  
Rawal Nazina DEANS  
Rawlings Aaron PRESDT  
Rawls Kelly DEANS  
Ray Dustin DEANS  
Ray Hilary DEANS  
Raye Branden DEANS  
Rayner Danielle DEANS  
Rayo Jordan PRESDT  
Raza Ahsan PRESDT  
Raza Mahreen DEANS  
Razimoghaddam Maryam DEANS  
Razzaq Saira DEANS  
Read Josette PRESDT  
Rebers Bethany DEANS  
Redfearn Sharion DEANS  
Redl Stephanie DEANS  
Redman Daniel DEANS  
Redmiles Jessica DEANS  
Redzepi Medzit DEANS  
Reed Aaron PRESDT  
Reed David DEANS  
Reese Fritz PRESDT  
Reeves Joshua DEANS  
Reeves Michelle DEANS  
Regeness Rebekah DEANS  
Region Tiffany PRESDT  
Regis Natalie DEANS  
Regmi Subodh DEANS  
Reiblein Tara DEANS  
Reid James DEANS  
Reid Virginia PRESDT  
Reifinger Edwin DEANS  
Reilly Heather PRESDT  
Reiman Teresita DEANS  
Reimann Marie DEANS  
Rein Stephanie DEANS  
Reinhold David DEANS  
Reinosa Boris DEANS  
Rekhi Mona PRESDT  
Rekik Asma PRESDT  
Relph Matthew DEANS  
Relton Matthew DEANS  
Renchin Dorj DEANS  
Renfroe James DEANS  
Renko Minna DEANS  
Rensbarger Jonathan DEANS  
Renteria Pamela DEANS  
Reouhani Erfan PRESDT  
Resa Lydia DEANS  
Ressy Victoria DEANS  
Retherford Graham PRESDT  
Reves Zachary DEANS  
Revilla Alejandra DEANS  
Revollo Nataly DEANS  
Revollo Neil PRESDT  
Revollo Wendy DEANS  
Reyes Edwin DEANS  
Reyes Shelby PRESDT  
Reyes Wendy DEANS  
Reyes Yuri PRESDT  
Reyes Meza Maria DEANS  
Reynolds Eric DEANS  
Reynolds Michelle DEANS  
Reynolds Yassoukeye DEANS  
Reynoso Jaime DEANS  
Rezaei Donya DEANS  
Reznicek Robert DEANS  
Reznik Anastassia DEANS  
Rezvankhoo Venus PRESDT  
Rhee Gina DEANS  
Rhoades Ruth DEANS  
Rhoads Eric DEANS  
Rhodes Christopher DEANS  
Rhyne David PRESDT  
Riaz Ricky PRESDT  
Ribble Nora DEANS  
Ribeiro Laurinda PRESDT  
Ricard Ana DEANS  
Rice Cody DEANS  
Rich Steven DEANS  
Richardella Leah DEANS  
Richards Loretta DEANS  
Richardson Jay PRESDT  
Richardson Uma PRESDT  
Ricks Gloria DEANS  
Ridenour Cynthia DEANS  
Rieder Chris PRESDT  
Riegel Robert DEANS  
Rigg Julie DEANS  
Rigley Danielle PRESDT  
Rigsbey Tina DEANS  
Rihl David DEANS  
Riley Michael DEANS  
Rinehart Christopher DEANS  
Rinker Brittany DEANS  
Rinker Terry DEANS  
Rinkerman Bret DEANS  
Rios Adriana DEANS  
Rippey Vanessa DEANS  
Rist Emily DEANS  
Rivas Alfredo DEANS  
Rivas Alison PRESDT  
Rivas Carlos DEANS  
Rivas Melvin DEANS  
Rivera Alexander PRESDT  
Rivera Bayron DEANS  
Rivera Jennifer DEANS  
Rivera Joanne DEANS  
Rivera Luis DEANS  
Rivera Marcia DEANS  
Rivera Quesias DEANS  
Rivera Arnez Roberto DEANS  
Rivero Christian DEANS  
Riveros Luis PRESDT  
Rivinus Francis DEANS  
Rizk Andrew DEANS  
Rizkallah Karin PRESDT  
Rizo Benjamin DEANS  
Rizvi Hasan DEANS  
Rizvi Sahar PRESDT  
Rizwan Muddassir DEANS  
Rizzo Adam PRESDT  
Rizzoni Amanda PRESDT  
Robbins Candace DEANS  
Robbins Sonia DEANS  
Robbins Zachary DEANS  
Roberson Sherry DEANS  
Roberts Edward DEANS  
Roberts Elizabeth DEANS  
Roberts Grayson DEANS  
Roberts Jon DEANS  
Roberts Shea DEANS  
Roberts Tatiana DEANS  
Robertson Dale PRESDT  
Robertson Gloria DEANS  
Robertson Rhonda DEANS  
Robertson Richard PRESDT  
robertson roberta DEANS  
Robertson Trisha DEANS  
Robey Brittany DEANS  
Robic Jessica DEANS  
Robins Elizabeth DEANS  
Robinson Daniel DEANS  
Robinson Gina PRESDT  
Robinson James DEANS  
Robinson Michael DEANS  
Robinson Rongxia DEANS  
Robinson Russell DEANS  
Robinson Tanisha PRESDT  
Robinson Toni DEANS  
Robinson Vashti DEANS  
Robison Brandalyn DEANS  
Roby Melissa DEANS  
Roca Alexandra DEANS  
Roca Allison DEANS  
Roca Jennifer DEANS  
Roca Sarria Miguel DEANS  
Rocha Stewart DEANS  
Rochelle Lance DEANS  
Rochelle Leigh DEANS  
Rock Matthew DEANS  
Rockwell Kaitlin DEANS  
Rodgers Katherine DEANS  
Rodionova Olena PRESDT  
Rodriguez Ana DEANS  
Rodriguez Daniel DEANS  
Rodriguez Diana DEANS  
Rodriguez Doris DEANS  
Rodriguez Dwayne DEANS  
Rodriguez Grecia DEANS  
Rodriguez Juan DEANS  
Rodriguez Maria DEANS  
Rodriguez Nicol DEANS  
Rodriguez Stephanie DEANS  
Rodriguez Victor DEANS  
Rodriguez-Sawao Angelica PRESDT  
Rody Andrew DEANS  
Roe Rhonda DEANS  
Roe Young Kuk PRESDT  
Roeder Yale DEANS  
Roesch Diana DEANS  
Roesch Genevieve DEANS  
Rogers Aaron PRESDT  
Rogers Brittany DEANS  
Rogers Desiree PRESDT  
Rogers Jennifer PRESDT  
Rogers Katie DEANS  
Rogers Kevin DEANS  
Roh EunOck PRESDT  
Rohani Farah DEANS  
Rojas Christina PRESDT  
Roldan Megan DEANS  
Roldugina Darya DEANS  
Rolfe Loralee PRESDT  
Rollamas Vanessa DEANS  
Rollano Victor PRESDT  
Rollins Karen DEANS  
Rollison Brian DEANS  
Roltsch Anna PRESDT  
Romalho John DEANS  
Roman Matthew DEANS  
Romeo Monique PRESDT  
Romero Gabriella DEANS  
Romero Genesis DEANS  
Romero Leny DEANS  
Romero Zaida DEANS  
Ronan Katy DEANS  
Roncace Corwin PRESDT  
Roncales Roberto DEANS  
Roof Kaitlyn DEANS  
Rook Melissa DEANS  
Rooker Ronald DEANS  
Rooney Andrew DEANS  
Rooney John DEANS  
Root Laura DEANS  
Roper Ricardo DEANS  
Roquemore Lashanta DEANS  
Rosamond Jennifer PRESDT  
Rosas Natalie PRESDT  
Rose David DEANS  
Rose Ella DEANS  
Rose Erica DEANS  
Rose Julianne DEANS  
Rosenberg Elizabeth DEANS  
Rosenblatt Krista PRESDT  
Rosenfeld Lindsay DEANS  
Rosenthal Julia PRESDT  
Roshdi Salma DEANS  
Roshelli Kelly DEANS  
Roskie Tim DEANS  
Rosner April DEANS  
Ross Brooke DEANS  
Ross Joseph DEANS  
Rosthauser Heather PRESDT  
Roth Amanda DEANS  
Rothermel Candace DEANS  
Rouhani Eman DEANS  
Rouse Fareedah DEANS  
Rovinsky Isabelle DEANS  
Rowe Laila DEANS  
Rowe Michelle DEANS  
Roxas Christopher George PRESDT  
Roy Kenya DEANS  
Royal Trisa PRESDT  
Rubens Juliane DEANS  
Rubenstein Marissa DEANS  
Rubio Mauro PRESDT  
Rudder Rashad DEANS  
Rueda Estela DEANS  
Ruefer Katie DEANS  
Ruel Lauren DEANS  
Rufo Alexandra DEANS  
Ruhlin Allison DEANS  
Ruiz Jeffrey PRESDT  
Ruiz Joseph PRESDT  
Ruiz Olga DEANS  
Ruiz RAnz Matias DEANS  
Rulapaugh Marlena DEANS  
Rumford Katherine DEANS  
Runaldue Kristen DEANS  
Runft Diane DEANS  
Runyon Melissa DEANS  
Rupp Christopher DEANS  
Ruscsak Monika DEANS  
Rush Alyssa DEANS  
Russell Amy DEANS  
Russell Autumn DEANS  
Russell Caroline DEANS  
Russell Holly DEANS  
Russell Matheson DEANS  
Russell Scott PRESDT  
Russell Sean DEANS  
Russell Stephanie DEANS  
Russell Torey DEANS  
Rusta Walid DEANS  
Rutherford Jess DEANS  
Rutkowski Diane DEANS  
Ryals Nicole DEANS  
Ryan Esther DEANS  
Ryan Kathryn DEANS  
Ryan Kyle DEANS  
Ryan Sean DEANS  
Ryder Christine PRESDT  
Ryder Edward PRESDT  
ryu hee jung DEANS