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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Pabotoy Douglas PRESDT  
Pace Sarah DEANS  
Packard Marshall DEANS  
Padilla Bryan PRESDT  
Padilla Javier DEANS  
Padilla Victor DEANS  
Pafford Emilyann DEANS  
Paganelli Claudia PRESDT  
Painter Bonnie DEANS  
pak helen DEANS  
Pak James DEANS  
Pak Yoon Joon DEANS  
palacios jorge DEANS  
Palas Cassie PRESDT  
Palau-Hernandez Ronald DEANS  
Palchik Dalia DEANS  
Palen Charles PRESDT  
Palmer Anne PRESDT  
Palmer Rachel DEANS  
Palomeque Christian DEANS  
Palomino Jessica DEANS  
Palucho Leslie DEANS  
Palumbo Sheila DEANS  
Palza Isabel PRESDT  
Pan Chunyun PRESDT  
Pan De Chao PRESDT  
Panagakos Ariana DEANS  
Panah Benjaporn PRESDT  
Pandey Keshab PRESDT  
Pangilinan John Mark Gil DEANS  
Panjshiri Farhanaz DEANS  
Panlaqui Jouffroy DEANS  
Panlaqui Robert PRESDT  
Pansiri Pawvana DEANS  
Panta-Sheldrake Melissa DEANS  
Pante Maria Felicidad DEANS  
Pantoja cordova Luis DEANS  
Papanicolas Gregory DEANS  
Papp Claire DEANS  
Pappa Morgan DEANS  
Pappas Erin DEANS  
Paquette Cristine DEANS  
Paracha Summiya DEANS  
Paraiso Hanane DEANS  
Parayno Alexis Leo DEANS  
Parcel Dawn PRESDT  
Paredes Carla DEANS  
Paredes Elsa DEANS  
Pareti Jonathan DEANS  
Parikh Apurv DEANS  
Paris Daniel DEANS  
Parish Gregory DEANS  
Park Allen DEANS  
Park Chang Sik DEANS  
Park Da DEANS  
Park Ellen DEANS  
Park Eungjin PRESDT  
Park Eunju PRESDT  
Park Hollie DEANS  
Park HyoJin PRESDT  
Park Hyowon PRESDT  
Park Jacqueline DEANS  
Park Jae Hyeon PRESDT  
Park Jane DEANS  
Park Jeeun DEANS  
Park Jihong PRESDT  
Park Ji-woong DEANS  
Park Jun Eui PRESDT  
Park JunSuk DEANS  
Park Seong Ha DEANS  
Park Sin Hyen DEANS  
Park William PRESDT  
Park YooSun DEANS  
Parker Chris DEANS  
Parker Michelle DEANS  
Parker Sammantha DEANS  
Parker Shannell DEANS  
Parkinson Susanna DEANS  
Parkzes Ruby DEANS  
Parra Zaida PRESDT  
Parris Sandy DEANS  
Parrott William DEANS  
Parsons Kristine DEANS  
Partigan Anthony DEANS  
Partin Rebecca DEANS  
Partovi Tabar Parnaz DEANS  
Parva Alexandra DEANS  
Parvaiz Khatija DEANS  
Parveen Asma DEANS  
Paschalis Thomas DEANS  
Pascual Criselda DEANS  
Pasion George DEANS  
Pasko Luba DEANS  
Patil Hemal PRESDT  
Patrick Anecia DEANS  
Patrick Daryl DEANS  
Patsuk Leanid DEANS  
Patterson Cynthia DEANS  
Patterson Roy DEANS  
Patti Sean DEANS  
Patullo Jaclyn DEANS  
Paudel Srijana DEANS  
Paudyal Sarmila DEANS  
Paukson Niina DEANS  
Paul Reenu DEANS  
Pava Blanco Lina DEANS  
Pavlovic Dragana PRESDT  
Pawlak Peter DEANS  
Payan Carlos DEANS  
Payne Kathi DEANS  
Pazmino Liliana DEANS  
Peacock Aaron DEANS  
Pearson Andrew DEANS  
Pearson Daniel DEANS  
Pearson Hannah DEANS  
Pecarro Jr Ralph DEANS  
Peckham Frances DEANS  
Pedemonte Luis PRESDT  
Pedrazas Terrazas Yanine DEANS  
Pegeron Ruth DEANS  
Peiffer Chris DEANS  
Peji Nina Andrea PRESDT  
Pek Sothy DEANS  
Pekin Jonathan DEANS  
Pekin Nicole DEANS  
Pelechova Monika PRESDT  
Pena Julia PRESDT  
Pena Shirley DEANS  
Penado Jose DEANS  
Penn Carla PRESDT  
Pennell William DEANS  
Penniman Anna DEANS  
Penzien Keagan DEANS  
Peralta Andrew DEANS  
Pereira Eduardo DEANS  
Pereira Jennifer DEANS  
Pereira Katherine PRESDT  
Pereira Miguel DEANS  
Pereira de Barros Elisete DEANS  
peretz maayan PRESDT  
Perez Bonnie DEANS  
Perez Denisse DEANS  
Perez Diego PRESDT  
Perez Juan-Pablo DEANS  
Perez Mayra DEANS  
Perez Noelia DEANS  
Perez Lorenzo Kenny DEANS  
Perez-Calderon Martin DEANS  
Perkin Katharine DEANS  
Perkins Nicole PRESDT  
Perkumaite Kristina DEANS  
Perla Karla DEANS  
Peroutky Devon DEANS  
Perro Kevin PRESDT  
Perrochon Paola PRESDT  
Perrottino Katherine DEANS  
Perrow Anita DEANS  
Perry Byron DEANS  
Perry Jennifer DEANS  
Perry Joseph DEANS  
Perry Susan DEANS  
Perryman Lee DEANS  
Persinger Ryan DEANS  
Persohn Cory DEANS  
Persson Therese DEANS  
Perz Aneta DEANS  
Peschau Jason DEANS  
peterman wanda DEANS  
Peters Braeden DEANS  
Peters Sharon DEANS  
Peters Shelby DEANS  
Peters Teowanna DEANS  
Peters Whitney DEANS  
Peterson Mark DEANS  
Peterson Patrick PRESDT  
Peterson Rebecca DEANS  
Pethtal Macie DEANS  
Petraeus Anne DEANS  
Petrella Kara PRESDT  
Petrescu Yvette DEANS  
Petrus Christina DEANS  
Pettiford Derrick DEANS  
Pettry Paige DEANS  
Petty Rachel DEANS  
Peugh William PRESDT  
Peverall Jesse PRESDT  
Peverill Laurie DEANS  
Pfaff Amy PRESDT  
Pfeiffer Eric DEANS  
Pfister Rebecca PRESDT  
Pfisterer Kurt PRESDT  
Pforr Elizabeth DEANS  
Pfotenhauer Jonathan PRESDT  
Pham Anson DEANS  
Pham Bao PRESDT  
Pham Duy PRESDT  
Pham Kim-Chi DEANS  
Pham Linh DEANS  
Pham Thu DEANS  
Pham Truc DEANS  
Pham Tuyen DEANS  
Phamdang Hoang-My DEANS  
Phan Dana DEANS  
Phan Khoi DEANS  
Phan Kieu Linh PRESDT  
Phan Mai-han DEANS  
Phan Phat DEANS  
Phan Phillip DEANS  
Phan Truc PRESDT  
Phanitdee Paknapa PRESDT  
Phau Peter DEANS  
Phelps Jessica DEANS  
Phelps Quinton DEANS  
Phelps Scott PRESDT  
Phelps Jr Ronald DEANS  
Philbin Casey DEANS  
Phillip Kimberly PRESDT  
Phillips Amy PRESDT  
Phillips Andrew PRESDT  
Phillips Erin PRESDT  
Phillips Megan DEANS  
Phillips Michael DEANS  
Philyaw Claudia DEANS  
Phipps Cody DEANS  
Phipps Lurah DEANS  
Pho Antoine PRESDT  
Phoenix Rachel DEANS  
Photangtham Watcharin PRESDT  
Phudong Kiran PRESDT  
Phung Tung DEANS  
Piccardo Rodriguez Gina DEANS  
Pick Christopher PRESDT  
Pick Michael DEANS  
Pierce Jason DEANS  
pierce joshua DEANS  
Pierre Brian DEANS  
Pietranton Amsley DEANS  
Pijaca Nicholas DEANS  
Pike Kevin DEANS  
Pineda Zairy DEANS  
Pingeton Mercedes DEANS  
Pinto Matthew DEANS  
Pipan Michael DEANS  
piper christopher DEANS  
Piper Joel DEANS  
Pirault Jason DEANS  
Pirault Ryan DEANS  
Pironkova-Ahmadi Stela DEANS  
Pirzada Muneeba DEANS  
Pitas John-henry DEANS  
Pitkin Sarah DEANS  
Pittas Stergios DEANS  
Pittman Roger PRESDT  
Pitts Wanda DEANS  
Pivoriuniene Jurate DEANS  
Pixley Jessica DEANS  
Pizer Samuel DEANS  
Placke Jeraldine PRESDT  
Plant Grace DEANS  
Plante Melinda DEANS  
Plaster Jennifer DEANS  
Plier Robert PRESDT  
Plotkin Rachel DEANS  
Pluemmol Suchada PRESDT  
Plumb Michael PRESDT  
Plunkett William DEANS  
Po Maryna DEANS  
Pobikrowska Iwona DEANS  
Pokharel Bibhaw PRESDT  
Poland Sarah DEANS  
Polatian Tevin DEANS  
Pollack Chelsea PRESDT  
Pollak Shlomit DEANS  
Pollard Marlene DEANS  
Pollington Mary DEANS  
Pomeroy Vanesa DEANS  
Pometto Matthew PRESDT  
Ponce Quintanilla Dennis DEANS  
Ponti Katherine DEANS  
Poole Kaila DEANS  
Poole Micah DEANS  
Poon Nga-Kwan DEANS  
Popa Matthew DEANS  
Popal Lailma DEANS  
Popal Ramzia DEANS  
Pope Bob PRESDT  
Pope Jeffrey PRESDT  
Popham Timothy DEANS  
Porras Rebecca PRESDT  
Porter Jennifer DEANS  
Porter Kristy DEANS  
Porter Ryan PRESDT  
Porter Sarah DEANS  
Portillo Jose DEANS  
Portillo Yesenia PRESDT  
Post Ashley DEANS  
Potell Natalie DEANS  
Potosky Melissa DEANS  
Pottebaum Caroline DEANS  
Potter Shanta DEANS  
Potter Stephanie PRESDT  
Potthast John DEANS  
Potts Erica DEANS  
Poudel Santosh DEANS  
Poudel Sujeeta DEANS  
Pough Katrekka DEANS  
Pouliot Amy DEANS  
Poutakidou Dimitra DEANS  
Poutre Linda DEANS  
Powell Amanda DEANS  
Powell Cole DEANS  
Powell Gary DEANS  
Powell Jennifer DEANS  
Powell Marie PRESDT  
Powers Joseph DEANS  
Prabhu Prajakti DEANS  
Prada Nicolas DEANS  
Pradhan Rosy DEANS  
Prado Manuel DEANS  
Prah Edward PRESDT  
Prasai Monika DEANS  
Pratt Amber PRESDT  
Pratt Dana DEANS  
Pratt James PRESDT  
Preet Simrin DEANS  
Prestegord Adam DEANS  
Prevatte Rachel DEANS  
Price Ayshah DEANS  
Price Brenon PRESDT  
Price Emily DEANS  
Price Roconia DEANS  
Price Shalarri PRESDT  
Price-Gray Janet DEANS  
Prigmore Amber DEANS  
Proffitt Rebecca DEANS  
Pronoza Tatiana DEANS  
Prosper Louisa DEANS  
Protopappas Stephanie DEANS  
Prouty Daniel DEANS  
Providakes Eric DEANS  
Provow Eric PRESDT  
Pruefer Karla DEANS  
Pruett Tammy DEANS  
Pryor Matthew DEANS  
Puckett Sarah DEANS  
Pugh Daniel DEANS  
Pugh Nicole DEANS  
Pujol Melissa PRESDT  
Pulatova Kamola DEANS  
Puletic Nevena DEANS  
Pulling Alexis PRESDT  
Pulluaim Rebecca DEANS  
Puna Ninoska DEANS  
Purschwitz Sydney DEANS  
Purugganan Ashley PRESDT  
Pyakurel Anjali PRESDT  
Pyrch Tetiana DEANS