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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Ma Thanh DEANS  
Maarouf Manal DEANS  
Mabika Obanda Alfred Keith Felix DEANS  
Macchiavello Lauren DEANS  
MacDonald Neal DEANS  
MacDougall Judtih DEANS  
MacGregor Timothy DEANS  
Machicao Jose DEANS  
MacIver Brice DEANS  
Mack Alison DEANS  
Mackey Jessica DEANS  
Mackey William DEANS  
Mackissock Linda PRESDT  
Mackmore Brandon DEANS  
Macomber Jacob DEANS  
Madani Aous DEANS  
Maddox Brittanie DEANS  
Maddox Katie DEANS  
Madhu Princy PRESDT  
Maeda Sophia PRESDT  
maffett ashley PRESDT  
Magalis Timothy DEANS  
Magee Ashley DEANS  
Magee Patrick PRESDT  
Magill Julia DEANS  
Magnotti Michael DEANS  
Magoub Amar DEANS  
Magrini Christopher DEANS  
Maguire Linda DEANS  
Maharjan Deepa DEANS  
Mahboubi Ali DEANS  
Mahdavi Azar DEANS  
Mahdi Shabinaaz PRESDT  
Maher Thomas DEANS  
Mahmod Tazria PRESDT  
Mahmood Naveed DEANS  
Mahmood Sabahat DEANS  
Mahmood Sughra DEANS  
Mahmoodi Mujahida DEANS  
Mahoney Mikhail DEANS  
Mahony Colin PRESDT  
Mai Bang DEANS  
Maisel David DEANS  
Maizel Valerie DEANS  
Majano Kevin DEANS  
Majekodunmi Olayinka PRESDT  
Majid Alaha PRESDT  
Majid Shafaq DEANS  
Major Matthew DEANS  
Makarenko Maryna DEANS  
Makhoul Josiane DEANS  
Makki Roya DEANS  
Makris George DEANS  
Makris Jasmina DEANS  
Maksic-Rich Irma DEANS  
Malcov Serghei DEANS  
Malden Courtney DEANS  
Malek Auryana DEANS  
Maley Kelly DEANS  
Malhi Jugraj DEANS  
Malihi Shirin DEANS  
Malik Abu PRESDT  
Malik Amna PRESDT  
Malik Faheem PRESDT  
Malik Hamna DEANS  
Malik Humera DEANS  
Malik Maha DEANS  
Malik Rayhan DEANS  
Malinowski Hannah DEANS  
Malkan Divyesh DEANS  
Malkoun William DEANS  
Mallea Patricia DEANS  
Mallick Nicole PRESDT  
Mallini Monica DEANS  
Mallon Connor DEANS  
Malone Brittany DEANS  
Malone Greg PRESDT  
Malone Zachary DEANS  
Malstrom Trevor DEANS  
Malychev Liliya DEANS  
Mamuyac Joanne DEANS  
Mancini Daniel DEANS  
Mancusi Amanda DEANS  
Maneka Mohammad DEANS  
Maness Megan DEANS  
Manetti Meagan DEANS  
Mangano Danielle DEANS  
Manion Michael DEANS  
Mann Jennifer DEANS  
Mann John DEANS  
Mann Kyle DEANS  
Mann Sandres DEANS  
Mann Stephen DEANS  
Mann Tiffany DEANS  
Manning Maximilian DEANS  
Mansilla Dennys DEANS  
Mansoor Arham DEANS  
Mansoor Walid DEANS  
Mansouri Alex DEANS  
Mantell Melissa DEANS  
Mantravadi Mahesh DEANS  
Manzer Laura DEANS  
Maples Kelly DEANS  
Maplesden Helen PRESDT  
Marable Thomas DEANS  
Marazzi Luis DEANS  
Marcu Adina PRESDT  
Marcum Nicole DEANS  
marfo kofi DEANS  
Marian Larisa Mihaela PRESDT  
Marker Brian DEANS  
Markey Elizabeth PRESDT  
Markham John PRESDT  
Markin Kristy DEANS  
Markish Anthony DEANS  
Markle Kimberly PRESDT  
Markley Gabrielle DEANS  
Markowitz Randee DEANS  
Markowski Edie DEANS  
Marnien Teresa PRESDT  
Marotta Andrew DEANS  
Marques Aline DEANS  
Marquez-Silva Fravia DEANS  
Marquina Dayana DEANS  
Marr Christopher DEANS  
Marrah Yanku DEANS  
Marrero Hern?ndez Moraima DEANS  
Marshall Alexis DEANS  
Marshall Gregory DEANS  
Marshall Kelsey DEANS  
Marshall Mary PRESDT  
Marshall Scott DEANS  
Martelli Jean PRESDT  
Martin Allan DEANS  
Martin Andrew DEANS  
Martin Ann PRESDT  
Martin Ashley DEANS  
Martin James PRESDT  
Martin Jared DEANS  
Martin Jeffrey DEANS  
Martin Jennifer DEANS  
Martin Kia DEANS  
Martin Mary DEANS  
Martin Molly DEANS  
Martin Rebecca DEANS  
Martin Sandra DEANS  
Martinez Adriana DEANS  
Martinez Agustin DEANS  
Martinez Carey DEANS  
Martinez Cindy DEANS  
Martinez Eddy DEANS  
Martinez Elisa DEANS  
Martinez Erica DEANS  
Martinez Joshua PRESDT  
Martinez Logan DEANS  
Martinez Rosa PRESDT  
Martinez Andrade Miguel DEANS  
Martinez Cajero Paloma PRESDT  
Martins Patrick DEANS  
Martz Amanda DEANS  
Marzoni Christopher DEANS  
Mashaeva Natalia PRESDT  
Mashami Pascal DEANS  
Mashkour Ameer DEANS  
Maslovskyy Yaroslav PRESDT  
Mason Andrew DEANS  
Mason Dexter DEANS  
Mason Lauren DEANS  
Mason Robert DEANS  
Massaquoi Sallay PRESDT  
Masters Armand DEANS  
Mastromarino Christopher PRESDT  
Matalon Melissa DEANS  
Mateo Geanne DEANS  
Maternick Andrew DEANS  
Matheson Amie DEANS  
Mathews Amy DEANS  
Mathews Christina DEANS  
Mathews Selby DEANS  
mathis Alex DEANS  
Matiana Raman DEANS  
Matias Mark DEANS  
Matics Lindsey DEANS  
Matos Jasmine DEANS  
Matos Lena PRESDT  
Matteucci Gino PRESDT  
Matthews Chaka DEANS  
Matthews Christina PRESDT  
Matthews Thomas DEANS  
Mattia Melissa DEANS  
Mattox Claudia DEANS  
Mauch Pamela DEANS  
Mauldin Katrina DEANS  
Mauney Laura DEANS  
Maurad Erin DEANS  
Mausolf Joshua PRESDT  
Mausolf Lauren DEANS  
May Katharina DEANS  
May Sarah DEANS  
May Shannon DEANS  
Maya Savanah DEANS  
Maybach Sarah PRESDT  
Maybee Milton DEANS  
Mayel Mohammad DEANS  
Mayen Zaldivar Carlos DEANS  
Mayen-Krogstad Annette DEANS  
Mayer James PRESDT  
Mayernik Christopher PRESDT  
Maylett Daniel PRESDT  
Maynard Casey DEANS  
Maynard Hannah DEANS  
Mays Andrew DEANS  
mays robert DEANS  
mazariegos selwin DEANS  
Mazheika Alena DEANS  
Mazouz-Marrero Sarah PRESDT  
Mazzei Marissa DEANS  
Mc rae Saundra DEANS  
McAlister Abby DEANS  
McAllister Deanna PRESDT  
McAuliffe Amy DEANS  
Mcavoy Richard DEANS  
McBride Keane DEANS  
McCabe Christy DEANS  
McCabe Timothy DEANS  
McCall Robin DEANS  
McCann Jeremiah DEANS  
McCarthy Charlanne DEANS  
McCarthy Hannah DEANS  
McCarthy Jennifer DEANS  
McCarthy Olga DEANS  
McCarthy Shannon DEANS  
Mccarthy Tara DEANS  
McCarthy William DEANS  
McCarty Regina DEANS  
McCauley Robert PRESDT  
McClain Pamela DEANS  
McClelland Ashley DEANS  
McCloskey Caroline DEANS  
Mccloskey Linda DEANS  
McCloud Misti DEANS  
McClure Laura DEANS  
Mcconchie Keith DEANS  
mcconnell allison DEANS  
McCormack Stephanie DEANS  
McCormick Amber DEANS  
McCormick Andrew DEANS  
Mccormick Janine DEANS  
McCormick Tessa DEANS  
McCoy Katherine DEANS  
McCracken Brian DEANS  
McCrocklin Rachel DEANS  
Mccue James DEANS  
McCurdy Ross DEANS  
McCusker Robert DEANS  
McDevitt Patrick DEANS  
McDonald David PRESDT  
McDonald Erin DEANS  
McDonnell Tyler DEANS  
McDougle Alton DEANS  
McDowell Elizabeth DEANS  
Mcdowell Susanna DEANS  
Mcelhinney Rachel DEANS  
McElveen Ranae DEANS  
Mcfadden Elizabeth DEANS  
Mcfadden Thomas DEANS  
McFarland Devonta DEANS  
McFarland Maria DEANS  
McFarland Micah PRESDT  
McGahern Patricia DEANS  
Mcgann Denise DEANS  
Mcgee Laura DEANS  
McGee Rico DEANS  
McGeever Melissa DEANS  
McGhee Kristal PRESDT  
McGhee Laura DEANS  
McGhee Michael PRESDT  
mcgill nathan DEANS  
McGillicuddy Claire DEANS  
McGinnis Andrea DEANS  
McGinnis Catherine DEANS  
McGlynn Colin DEANS  
McGowan Milan PRESDT  
McGrath James DEANS  
McGregor David DEANS  
McGregor Katherine DEANS  
McGregor Malcolm PRESDT  
McGuin Christopher PRESDT  
McHale Gerard DEANS  
McIntyre Amanda DEANS  
McKee Wesley PRESDT  
McKeefer Melissa DEANS  
McKeegan Rozina DEANS  
Mckenna Catherine PRESDT  
McKenna Kaitlyn PRESDT  
McKenzie Aja PRESDT  
McKenzie Danielle DEANS  
McKenzie Jessica DEANS  
Mckenzie Kevin DEANS  
McKenzie Stephen PRESDT  
Mckimmey Isaac DEANS  
McKlveen Casey PRESDT  
McKnight Kiara DEANS  
Mcknight Tara DEANS  
Mclain James DEANS  
McLaughlin Jennifer DEANS  
McLaurin Kimberly DEANS  
McLean Danielle DEANS  
McLellan Charles DEANS  
McLenahan Michael DEANS  
McLendon Kaitlin DEANS  
McLoughlin Misty DEANS  
McMahon Joseph DEANS  
McManaman Heather DEANS  
McManus Bryan DEANS  
McMillan Jamie DEANS  
McMillion Melissa DEANS  
Mcnanley Cindy DEANS  
McNeil Emily DEANS  
McNeil Mandi PRESDT  
McNeill Michele DEANS  
McNelis Kevin DEANS  
McNinney Patrick DEANS  
McPhee Alicia DEANS  
McQueen Fahsia PRESDT  
McSorley Adjoua DEANS  
Mcvicker Jenita DEANS  
Mead Nicole DEANS  
Meadows Alexandrea DEANS  
Meadows John DEANS  
Mebrahtu Yonatan DEANS  
Medeiros Jacqueline DEANS  
Medina Elise DEANS  
Medina Fiorella DEANS  
Medina Telma DEANS  
Medina Yolanda DEANS  
Medina Martinez David DEANS  
Medrano Pauline DEANS  
Medve Audra DEANS  
Mehboob Gulpanrha PRESDT  
Mehdi Syed DEANS  
Meissner Joshua DEANS  
Meister Jasmine DEANS  
Mejia Jose DEANS  
Mejia Rosibeh DEANS  
Mekhmankulova Nasiba DEANS  
Mekonnen Dereje DEANS  
Mekonnen Melisaw DEANS  
Meky Mona PRESDT  
Melendez Karla DEANS  
Melendez Nancy DEANS  
Melendres Jennifer DEANS  
Melendy Teresa DEANS  
Meles Senait DEANS  
Melo Enny DEANS  
Melton John DEANS  
Menai Talha DEANS  
Mendel Joshua DEANS  
Mendez Marilid DEANS  
Mendonca Ana Paula DEANS  
Mendoza Yerko DEANS  
Mendoza Salgado Guissela DEANS  
Menegat Heather PRESDT  
Menelas Geneva DEANS  
Meneses-Espinosa Carolina DEANS  
Menghis Semere PRESDT  
Mengistu Dagmawi DEANS  
Menke Andrew DEANS  
Menna Caroline DEANS  
Menor Joshua PRESDT  
Mensah Osei DEANS  
Meranta Ashley DEANS  
Mercado Ines DEANS  
Mercado Paul PRESDT  
Mercaldo Anthony DEANS  
Mercer Chris DEANS  
Mercer Bey Patricia DEANS  
Merchant Tasneem DEANS  
Meri Bersabel DEANS  
Merino Herson PRESDT  
Mero Meloney PRESDT  
Merritt Andrew DEANS  
Merritt John DEANS  
Meruvia Guy DEANS  
Merza Angie DEANS  
Mesbahi Alborze DEANS  
Mesfin Bereket DEANS  
Mesfin Betelehem DEANS  
Mesfin Yirgalem DEANS  
messan kodjo DEANS  
Metcalfe Cassandra DEANS  
Meyerhofer Katharine DEANS  
Meyers Whitney DEANS  
Mezhepoglu Sercin PRESDT  
Michaels Carla DEANS  
Michaely Lindsay DEANS  
Michel Betty PRESDT  
Middleton Shannon PRESDT  
Middough Jennifer DEANS  
Mierley Amy PRESDT  
Might Anthony PRESDT  
Mijango Jennifer DEANS  
Mikhail Michael PRESDT  
Mikhalchanka Viktoryia DEANS  
Milenkovic Kristina DEANS  
Miles Erika PRESDT  
Milford Noel PRESDT  
Miller Angela DEANS  
Miller Ann DEANS  
Miller Ashley DEANS  
Miller Cassandra DEANS  
Miller Charles DEANS  
Miller David DEANS  
Miller Henry DEANS  
Miller Jeremy DEANS  
Miller Jessica DEANS  
Miller Kevin DEANS  
Miller Kimberley PRESDT  
Miller Laurie PRESDT  
Miller Lindsay DEANS  
Miller Michael PRESDT  
Miller Patrick DEANS  
Miller Raymond DEANS  
Miller Shannon PRESDT  
Miller Stefanie DEANS  
Miller Tabatha DEANS  
Miller Tanya DEANS  
Miller Thomas DEANS  
Miller Tyler PRESDT  
Miller Zachary PRESDT  
Milloy John DEANS  
Mills Anthony PRESDT  
mills christopher DEANS  
Mills Laurel DEANS  
Milotte Jennifer DEANS  
Mimms Michael DEANS  
Min Byungyeon DEANS  
Min Ji Hyun PRESDT  
Miners Morgan DEANS  
Mingo Eric DEANS  
Minnikova Liudmila DEANS  
Miracle Seth DEANS  
Miranda Carlos DEANS  
Miranda Carol DEANS  
Miranda Claudia DEANS  
Miranda Rommel DEANS  
Mirza Shehryar PRESDT  
Mitchell Aimee DEANS  
Mitchell Keeley DEANS  
Mitchell Kelly PRESDT  
Mitchell Marion DEANS  
Mitchell Sean DEANS  
Mitchell Shaniece DEANS  
Mitiku Michael DEANS  
Mittelholtz Elsa DEANS  
Mlambo Kudzaishe PRESDT  
Mlynarski Daniel PRESDT  
Mnatsakanov David PRESDT  
Mobley Ross DEANS  
Mobley Sherry DEANS  
Moeen Hamta DEANS  
Moghaddam Parastou PRESDT  
Mohamadi Diana DEANS  
Mohamed Adan DEANS  
Mohamed Alaa PRESDT  
Mohamed Hassanain DEANS  
Mohamed Mohamed DEANS  
Mohamed Muna DEANS  
Mohamed Nadia DEANS  
Mohamed Shyma DEANS  
Mohamed Tahir PRESDT  
Mohamed Zareena DEANS  
Mohammad Masood DEANS  
Mohammadpour Mardin DEANS  
Mohammed Abdulhamid DEANS  
mohammed guadalupe DEANS  
mohammed jawad marwa DEANS  
Mohamud Shukri DEANS  
Mohmmed Jowid Nada PRESDT  
Mohn Karl DEANS  
Mohs Patti PRESDT  
Moin Christopher DEANS  
Moini Shirazi Samira PRESDT  
Mokaddem Maha DEANS  
Molenstra Meredith DEANS  
Molina Juan DEANS  
Molina Michelle DEANS  
Molloy Belinda PRESDT  
Moltzer Kimberly DEANS  
Momen Mana DEANS  
Monam Noor DEANS  
Monga Stutay DEANS  
Monges George PRESDT  
Mongue Jamie DEANS  
Monico Ricardo DEANS  
Monjer Abu DEANS  
Monnet Jeremy DEANS  
Monroe Jo-Ann DEANS  
Monsalve Cesar PRESDT  
Monson Christopher DEANS  
Monson Daniel DEANS  
Monson Douglas DEANS  
Montagna Nicholas DEANS  
Montague Lisette DEANS  
Montalvan Cindy DEANS  
Montclair Megan DEANS  
Monteagudo Alejandra DEANS  
Monte-Ball Justine DEANS  
Montemayor Marcia DEANS  
Montemorano Patrick DEANS  
Montequin Natalie DEANS  
Montes Marta DEANS  
Montes Pamela DEANS  
Montgomery Barbara DEANS  
Montgomery Katherine DEANS  
Montgomery Lauren PRESDT  
Montgomery Somer PRESDT  
Montiel Vanessa DEANS  
Montoro Graziele DEANS  
Moody Sofia DEANS  
Moody Aguayo Eleanor DEANS  
Moon De'Shaun DEANS  
Moon Ho Bin PRESDT  
Moon Jungho PRESDT  
Moon Ky-Huan PRESDT  
Moondra Deepali DEANS  
Mooney Thomas PRESDT  
Moore Anel DEANS  
Moore Ashley DEANS  
Moore Demetrius DEANS  
Moore Eric DEANS  
Moore James DEANS  
Moore Kevin DEANS  
Moore Lorraine DEANS  
Moore Mary DEANS  
Moore Michael DEANS  
Moore Mindy DEANS  
Moore Nathan DEANS  
Moore Patricia PRESDT  
Moore Qiana PRESDT  
Moore Ricke DEANS  
Morales Jessie DEANS  
Morales Jonatan DEANS  
Morales Maria DEANS  
Morales Nahun PRESDT  
Moran Alis PRESDT  
Moran Ashlee PRESDT  
Moran Patrick DEANS  
moran sean DEANS  
Moran Steven PRESDT  
Morar Paula PRESDT  
Morato Ingrit DEANS  
Morehouse Scott DEANS  
Morel Elizabeth DEANS  
Moreno Eliana DEANS  
Morgan Adrian DEANS  
Morgan Edward DEANS  
Morgan Roy DEANS  
Morgan Shaquita DEANS  
Morgenstern Julia DEANS  
Morice Olga DEANS  
Morrad Mostafa DEANS  
Morrand Kate DEANS  
Morreale Carla DEANS  
Morreale Lisamarie DEANS  
Morris Christopher PRESDT  
Morris Joel DEANS  
Morris Nancy PRESDT  
Morris Neal PRESDT  
Morris Patrick PRESDT  
Morris William DEANS  
Morrison Katherine PRESDT  
Morrison Rodney PRESDT  
Morrison Tra'mel PRESDT  
Morrissette Ario DEANS  
Morrissey Marta DEANS  
Morrow Jeffery DEANS  
Mortenson Pamela DEANS  
Mosemak Gabriel DEANS  
Moser Charles DEANS  
Moses Elizabeth DEANS  
Moshasha Shaun DEANS  
Mosher Cassandra PRESDT  
Mosquera Luis PRESDT  
Moss Charles DEANS  
Mostofi Khosheh Mehr Sahar DEANS  
Motamedi Morad DEANS  
Motedaeiny Arash DEANS  
Mothershed Heike DEANS  
Mottesheard Corey DEANS  
Motwani Mamta DEANS  
Moultrie Denice DEANS  
Mounji Khadija DEANS  
Mountain Bretton DEANS  
Mourtaza Saliha PRESDT  
Mousavi Mehrdad PRESDT  
Mousavi Salmun DEANS  
Mowinski Eric PRESDT  
Moynahan Virginia DEANS  
Mraczek DIane PRESDT  
Mraizika Youssef DEANS  
Mubiayi Bitshilualua DEANS  
Mudre Lauren DEANS  
Mueller Anne PRESDT  
Mueller Audrey DEANS  
Mueller Tanja DEANS  
Muhammad Amreen DEANS  
Muhlgeier Brandon DEANS  
Mukai Ariel DEANS  
Mukai Regan DEANS  
Mullen Amanda DEANS  
Mullen James DEANS  
Muller Christine DEANS  
Muller Morgan DEANS  
Mullins Jeremiyah DEANS  
Mullins Tyler DEANS  
Mulugeta Tehetena PRESDT  
Mumini Ceylan DEANS  
Mun Alex DEANS  
Munch-Sage Kelly DEANS  
Munday Madalyn DEANS  
Muneer Mohammed PRESDT  
Munir Atif DEANS  
Munir Maryam PRESDT  
munir zainab PRESDT  
Munoz Christine DEANS  
Munoz Hector DEANS  
Munoz Macarena DEANS  
Munoz Robin DEANS  
Munroe Jessica PRESDT  
Murphy Anna-Marie DEANS  
Murphy George DEANS  
Murphy Matthew DEANS  
Murphy Teri DEANS  
Murray Andrew DEANS  
Murray Brooke DEANS  
Murray Catherine DEANS  
Murray Dave DEANS  
Murray Elizabeth DEANS  
Murray Michael DEANS  
Murray Patricia DEANS  
Musau Muoki DEANS  
Muse Angela DEANS  
mussa ubah DEANS  
Musselman David DEANS  
Mussog Jamie PRESDT  
Mustafa Montaqem PRESDT  
Mustapha Fatima DEANS  
Mutrija Shaline PRESDT  
Muzafarova Liana DEANS  
Muzi Raissa DEANS  
Myers Benjamin DEANS  
Myers Cherilyn DEANS  
Myers Megan DEANS  
Myers Rachel PRESDT  
Myers Sara DEANS  
Myles Adrianna DEANS  
Myrah Jean DEANS  
Mzamo Mbonisi DEANS