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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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La Huy DEANS  
Labalan Kimberly Charmagne DEANS  
Labbe Craig PRESDT  
Lacey Ganna DEANS  
LaClair Matthew PRESDT  
Lacy Zachary PRESDT  
Lader Gail DEANS  
Ladouceur John PRESDT  
lafrai kaise DEANS  
Lafrai Laila DEANS  
LaFrance Daniel DEANS  
Lagkueva Aleksandra PRESDT  
Lagnese Jennifer DEANS  
Lagos Patricia DEANS  
Lagos Zapata Anny DEANS  
lahlou amine DEANS  
Lahud Samira PRESDT  
Lainez Jacquelyn DEANS  
Lainez Rene PRESDT  
Lajmoraki Mariam DEANS  
Lalande Rebecca DEANS  
Lam Anh PRESDT  
Lam Kristin DEANS  
Lama Shareb DEANS  
Lama Sonam PRESDT  
Lama Yulia DEANS  
Lamb Caitlin DEANS  
Lambauer-Montgomery Isabella DEANS  
Lambert Promise PRESDT  
Lambourne Miranda DEANS  
LaMois Peter DEANS  
Lamons Layna DEANS  
Lamons Robert DEANS  
Lancaster Kimberly PRESDT  
Lanczycki Marion PRESDT  
Landas Michelle DEANS  
Landolt Joseph DEANS  
Landwing Sean DEANS  
Lane Diane DEANS  
Lane Francesca DEANS  
Lane Kristin PRESDT  
Lane Maddy DEANS  
Lane Marlene DEANS  
Lang Luhuang DEANS  
Langdon Tersha DEANS  
Langer Claire DEANS  
Langer Mette DEANS  
Langley Katherine DEANS  
Lantzy Taylor PRESDT  
Lanza Brenda DEANS  
Lapetoda Laura DEANS  
Lara Alejandro DEANS  
Lara Melissa PRESDT  
Lara Sandy PRESDT  
Laramie Jordan PRESDT  
Laranjeira Shaun DEANS  
Larbie Gifty DEANS  
Larkin Veronica DEANS  
LaRochelle Emily DEANS  
LaRosa Samantha DEANS  
Larsen Eric DEANS  
Larsen Kirstin PRESDT  
Lash Nathanael PRESDT  
Lasik Chelsea DEANS  
Latham Catherine DEANS  
Latt Thuzar PRESDT  
Lattanze Thomas PRESDT  
Lau Ka Chun PRESDT  
Laudiero Paul DEANS  
Laumand Tara DEANS  
Laureano Beatrice DEANS  
Lauron Maria DEANS  
Lawson Daniel DEANS  
Lawson Joshua PRESDT  
Lawson Lauren DEANS  
Lawson Natalie DEANS  
Lawson Quentin DEANS  
Lawson Walter DEANS  
Lay Jessica DEANS  
Layfield Lisa DEANS  
lazo cecilia DEANS  
Le Andrew DEANS  
Le Dung DEANS  
Le Elisabeth DEANS  
Le Hien PRESDT  
Le Jane DEANS  
Le Linh PRESDT  
Le Minh-tam DEANS  
Le Oanh DEANS  
Le Phuong DEANS  
Le Quyen DEANS  
Le Sylvie DEANS  
Le Thanh DEANS  
Le Thu Hong DEANS  
Le Tien PRESDT  
Le Tram PRESDT  
Le Vivian DEANS  
Leach Nathaniel DEANS  
Leahy Emma DEANS  
Leary Richard DEANS  
Leavitt John DEANS  
Lebeda Yaroslava DEANS  
LeBer Ipin DEANS  
Leblond James DEANS  
Lederer Lindsay DEANS  
Lederman Sylvia DEANS  
Ledyaykina Olena DEANS  
Lee Agnes DEANS  
Lee Alexander DEANS  
Lee Anna PRESDT  
Lee Arthur DEANS  
Lee Chan Ki DEANS  
Lee Christopher DEANS  
Lee Chul Bum PRESDT  
Lee Chun Kit PRESDT  
Lee DaHye PRESDT  
Lee Edward DEANS  
Lee Eun PRESDT  
Lee Eunsol DEANS  
Lee Eunsun DEANS  
Lee Gene DEANS  
lee gi jung DEANS  
Lee Grace PRESDT  
Lee HanNa DEANS  
Lee Hilary PRESDT  
Lee Hyeari DEANS  
Lee Hyun PRESDT  
Lee Isabelle PRESDT  
Lee Jae DEANS  
Lee Janice DEANS  
Lee Jin-Nam DEANS  
Lee John DEANS  
Lee Jong DEANS  
Lee Jong Min DEANS  
Lee Joung Gin PRESDT  
Lee Kathryn DEANS  
Lee Keun DEANS  
Lee Kevin DEANS  
Lee Ki Joo DEANS  
Lee Minjin PRESDT  
Lee Myung Ah PRESDT  
Lee Nathaniel DEANS  
Lee Rodney DEANS  
Lee Saem DEANS  
Lee Samantha DEANS  
Lee Seunghee PRESDT  
Lee Soo hyung PRESDT  
Lee Su DEANS  
Lee Sun DEANS  
Lee Teresa PRESDT  
Lee Woon DEANS  
Lee Yang DEANS  
Lee Yei Bin DEANS  
Lee You-Kyung PRESDT  
Lee Youl DEANS  
Leek John DEANS  
Leeman Nicholas DEANS  
Lee-Tanedo Mark DEANS  
Lee-Tanedo Nicholas DEANS  
LeFevre Elvia DEANS  
Lefrancois Jessica DEANS  
Leggett Brendan DEANS  
Legler James DEANS  
Le-Grange Le-Ane DEANS  
Legree Robertann DEANS  
Lehmuth John-Christophe DEANS  
Leibach Christopher DEANS  
Leifer Corie PRESDT  
Leighton Aaron DEANS  
Leinen Jeremy DEANS  
Leinkram Sara PRESDT  
Leitao Alexandra DEANS  
Lemma Rebka DEANS  
Lemnitzer Christopher PRESDT  
Leon Eric PRESDT  
Leon Jazmin DEANS  
Leon Juan PRESDT  
Leong Travis DEANS  
LeongSon Anne DEANS  
Leovich Mary DEANS  
Lerman Daniel PRESDT  
Lerman Gabriel DEANS  
Lerner Maria DEANS  
Leshchenko Viktoriya DEANS  
Leslie Adisa DEANS  
Letona Cynthia DEANS  
Letsch Christine DEANS  
Letta Assefa DEANS  
Leu Andreea DEANS  
Leung Wai Man DEANS  
Leuthy Matthew DEANS  
Levchenko Anna PRESDT  
Levesque Matthew PRESDT  
Levin Chase DEANS  
Levinsky David PRESDT  
Levock Sonya PRESDT  
Lewis Arron DEANS  
Lewis Daniel PRESDT  
Lewis Daniele DEANS  
Lewis Elaine DEANS  
Lewis Fitzgerald DEANS  
Lewis Justin DEANS  
Lewis Kristina DEANS  
Lewis Kyle DEANS  
Lexa Lee DEANS  
Li Daniel PRESDT  
Li Dong PRESDT  
Li Huijun DEANS  
Li Liang PRESDT  
Liaqat Sehar DEANS  
Libasu Sara DEANS  
Liberatore Elena DEANS  
Libunao Doriann DEANS  
Liburkina Alissa DEANS  
Lieberman Alexandra DEANS  
Light Heather DEANS  
Lightfoot Jennifer DEANS  
Lillegard Philip DEANS  
Lim Ghotbee DEANS  
Lima Lavinia DEANS  
Lima Raquel DEANS  
Limerick Max PRESDT  
Liming Eric PRESDT  
Lin Chao-Tsen PRESDT  
Lin Feng PRESDT  
Lin Xiuhui PRESDT  
Lindenbaum Jenny DEANS  
Lindimore Shane DEANS  
Lindsey Kristen PRESDT  
linehan meghan DEANS  
Linkow Amanda DEANS  
Lins Renata DEANS  
Linskens Matthew PRESDT  
Linsley Bradford DEANS  
Linton Samuel DEANS  
Lirag Melissa DEANS  
Listman Chloe DEANS  
Listman Erin DEANS  
Little Christopher PRESDT  
Little Colleen DEANS  
Little Nicole DEANS  
Little Robert DEANS  
Littlejohn Elizabeth DEANS  
Litton Shealyn PRESDT  
Liu Melissa DEANS  
Liu Yin DEANS  
Livingston Rebecca DEANS  
Lizardo Jose DEANS  
Llerena Monica DEANS  
LO Jaouida DEANS  
Lobdell Ambrosia DEANS  
Lobo Andrea DEANS  
Lobo Wendy PRESDT  
Locke Peter PRESDT  
Lockett Nyeshia DEANS  
Lockhart Heather DEANS  
Lockhart Kaitlin PRESDT  
Lockhart Patrick DEANS  
Lodge Kelsey DEANS  
Lodovichetti Eileen PRESDT  
Logan Kevin PRESDT  
Lohr Raymond DEANS  
Lolagne Christopher DEANS  
Lolos Leigh DEANS  
Lombard Brian DEANS  
London Laura DEANS  
London Tisha DEANS  
Long Candance DEANS  
Long Christopher PRESDT  
Long Edward PRESDT  
Long Eric DEANS  
Long Michelle PRESDT  
Long Monique DEANS  
Long Socheat PRESDT  
Longanacre Jessica DEANS  
Longman Rebecca PRESDT  
Lopes Luciana DEANS  
Lopez Cathrine DEANS  
Lopez Claudia PRESDT  
Lopez Damian DEANS  
Lopez Juan PRESDT  
Lopez Malena DEANS  
Lopez Scott DEANS  
Lopez Sierra Marcela DEANS  
Lord Rose DEANS  
Lorence Joseph DEANS  
Lorentson Andrew PRESDT  
Lorenz Eva DEANS  
Lorenzo Cynthia DEANS  
Loris Alfredo DEANS  
Losi Michael PRESDT  
Lothers Frederick DEANS  
Lotowicz Sarah DEANS  
Loudin Sarah DEANS  
Loun Elizabeth DEANS  
Lourenco Goncalo PRESDT  
Loustaunau Jacqueline PRESDT  
Louvros Vasiliki DEANS  
love jennifer DEANS  
Lovelace Aliese PRESDT  
Lovell Lucy DEANS  
Lovett Sonya DEANS  
Lowe John DEANS  
Lowers Megan PRESDT  
Lozano Nicolas DEANS  
Lozos Michael PRESDT  
Lu Kevin DEANS  
Lu Qing DEANS  
Lu Xiujin DEANS  
Lucas Sarah DEANS  
Luci Pamela DEANS  
Luciana Jeffrey DEANS  
Luckey Kenneth DEANS  
Luddington Deloris DEANS  
Ludkey Heidi DEANS  
Luebke Jennifer DEANS  
Lueck Markus PRESDT  
Luensmann Patricia PRESDT  
Luetkemeyer Jennifer DEANS  
Luizaga Diaz Hugo DEANS  
Luke Ellen DEANS  
Luku Klelia PRESDT  
Lumanlan Mikhail DEANS  
Luna Adan DEANS  
Lunasin Rick DEANS  
Lundin Nils DEANS  
Lundquist Benjamin DEANS  
Luong Andy PRESDT  
Luong Bau DEANS  
Luong Lam-Phuong DEANS  
Luong Linh DEANS  
Luong Nghia DEANS  
Luparello Elizabeth PRESDT  
Lushina Julia DEANS  
Lutes Jeremy PRESDT  
Lutz Cassandra DEANS  
Lutz Salvadora DEANS  
Luu Tien DEANS  
Lyashko Evgeniya DEANS  
Lybbert Haley DEANS  
Lydon Tianna DEANS  
Lyles Gerald DEANS  
Lynch Matthew PRESDT  
Lynde Suzanne DEANS  
Lynn Brianna DEANS  
Lynn Nicole DEANS  
Lyon Cristy DEANS  
Lyoshin Vitaliy DEANS