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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Kabat-Post Zachary PRESDT  
Kabaz-Gomez Jessica DEANS  
Kabinde Priscilla DEANS  
Kabore Albert DEANS  
kabteyimer minna DEANS  
Kadih Mona DEANS  
Kaegi Nathaniel DEANS  
Kahng John DEANS  
Kahsay Tsehaye PRESDT  
Kahyeri Simin DEANS  
Kaid Rayda DEANS  
Kaiser Matthew DEANS  
Kakar Hillah PRESDT  
Kakkar Parmela PRESDT  
Kaldmaa Erik DEANS  
Kalhoro Shahid DEANS  
Kalra Harpreet DEANS  
Kamara Dorothea DEANS  
Kamara Hassan DEANS  
Kamara Sallieu DEANS  
Kamara Zainabu DEANS  
Kamel Naim DEANS  
Kampf Hillary PRESDT  
Kandrut Philip DEANS  
Kane Baba PRESDT  
Kane Lucia DEANS  
Kane Tabatha DEANS  
Kang Jihee PRESDT  
Kang Joanna DEANS  
Kang Joong Chul DEANS  
Kang Junho DEANS  
Kang Ruoqian DEANS  
Kanhai Carl DEANS  
kankwenda mbaya DEANS  
Kanode Stephen DEANS  
Kansu Berkan DEANS  
Kansu Berna DEANS  
Kantz Shara DEANS  
Kapar Marc DEANS  
Kaplan Chanda DEANS  
Kaplan David DEANS  
Kaplan Nicole DEANS  
Kapoor Samantha PRESDT  
Karam Hassan DEANS  
Karamanis Lorraine DEANS  
Karchner Ross DEANS  
Karikari Pearl PRESDT  
Kasaye Yenenesh DEANS  
Kashani Asal DEANS  
Kashur Chelsea PRESDT  
Kassa Daniel DEANS  
kassab omar DEANS  
Kassaye Yonathan DEANS  
Katcher Jordan DEANS  
Katherine Theodora DEANS  
Katkova Tetyana PRESDT  
Kaur Amandeep DEANS  
Kaur Gurkamal DEANS  
Kaur Lavpreet DEANS  
Kaur Manjot PRESDT  
Kaur Navneet DEANS  
Kaur Pawanpreet DEANS  
Kaur Poonamjit DEANS  
Kaur Simran DEANS  
Kauser Naghmana DEANS  
Kaushal Akanksha DEANS  
Kazmi Faryal DEANS  
Keane Sheila DEANS  
Kearney Jack DEANS  
Keating Lindsey DEANS  
Kebede Seblewengel PRESDT  
Kedikilwe Poloko DEANS  
Keefe Thomas DEANS  
Keene Angela DEANS  
Keens Gavin DEANS  
Keens William DEANS  
Kefale Daniel PRESDT  
Kehm James DEANS  
Keithly Thomas DEANS  
Keletcha Getachew DEANS  
Kelleher Shannon DEANS  
Keller Adam DEANS  
Keller Emma DEANS  
Kellett Jennifer DEANS  
Kelley Debra DEANS  
Kelley Evan PRESDT  
Kelley Michael PRESDT  
Kelley Patrick DEANS  
Kelly Anja DEANS  
Kelly David DEANS  
Kelly Harry DEANS  
Kelly Michelle DEANS  
Kelly Molly DEANS  
Kemp Janet DEANS  
Kemp Rachel DEANS  
Kempin Joseph DEANS  
Kempsell Howard PRESDT  
Kendall Kyle DEANS  
Kenderdine Mary PRESDT  
Kendrick Brett DEANS  
Kennedy Juanita DEANS  
Kennedy Kyle DEANS  
Kennedy Nijean DEANS  
Kennedy Walter DEANS  
Kennett Dana DEANS  
Kennett Robert DEANS  
Kenney Mary PRESDT  
Kenniston Barbara PRESDT  
Kepler Raymond PRESDT  
Keplinger Bethany PRESDT  
Kerekes Donna DEANS  
Kerlin William DEANS  
Kerr Jonathan DEANS  
Kerrick Sarah DEANS  
Keshishian Vazrik PRESDT  
keshishian zorik DEANS  
Keshtkaran Maryam PRESDT  
Kessler Cynthia DEANS  
Ketsela Tigist DEANS  
Ketterman Dillyn DEANS  
Kettler Tanya DEANS  
Key Jennifer PRESDT  
Keyser Douglas DEANS  
Kezel Nadina DEANS  
Khachab Hassan DEANS  
Khadbaatar Enkhnasan DEANS  
Khambay Mickey DEANS  
Khamvongsa Sivanh DEANS  
Khan Abdul DEANS  
Khan Aliza DEANS  
Khan Anik DEANS  
Khan Asfand DEANS  
Khan Etaf PRESDT  
Khan Fatema DEANS  
Khan Gul-e-lala DEANS  
Khan Harun DEANS  
Khan Huma DEANS  
Khan Kashif DEANS  
Khan Maria PRESDT  
Khan Masoud DEANS  
Khan Muhammad DEANS  
Khan Najma PRESDT  
Khan Rabia DEANS  
Khan Shahbaz DEANS  
Khan Sikina PRESDT  
Khan Taha DEANS  
Khan Taimur DEANS  
Khan Zahina DEANS  
Khan Zara PRESDT  
Khan Zoya DEANS  
Khanal Bishwo DEANS  
Khanam Shahida PRESDT  
Khanjani Shaghayegh DEANS  
kharel juna DEANS  
Khasawinah Omar DEANS  
Khawar Azmaira DEANS  
Khawar Saliq DEANS  
Khokhar Mansoor DEANS  
Kholdi-Rezaie Ghazal DEANS  
Khong Vinh PRESDT  
Khorrami Melody DEANS  
Khosravi Parmis DEANS  
Khoury Patricia DEANS  
Kibler Christine DEANS  
Kibler Lindsey DEANS  
Kidd Christina DEANS  
Kieu Ly DEANS  
Kight Allyson PRESDT  
Kilby Benjamin DEANS  
Kiley Morgan DEANS  
Killey Alfred PRESDT  
Killian Amy DEANS  
Kilpatrick Jeffery DEANS  
Kim Angela DEANS  
Kim Ashlee DEANS  
Kim Bomi PRESDT  
Kim Christopher PRESDT  
Kim Daniel DEANS  
Kim Dong-yi DEANS  
Kim Duck Gun DEANS  
Kim Eui Sun PRESDT  
Kim Eun DEANS  
Kim Eunjoo DEANS  
Kim Gee PRESDT  
Kim Hack Chull DEANS  
Kim Hae Jin DEANS  
Kim Han DEANS  
Kim Hana DEANS  
Kim HanTae PRESDT  
Kim Hee DEANS  
Kim Hee Rak DEANS  
Kim Heungkee DEANS  
Kim Hye Ryun DEANS  
Kim Hyerin DEANS  
Kim Hyun A DEANS  
Kim Hyun Jin DEANS  
Kim Hyung PRESDT  
Kim In Young DEANS  
Kim Jae DEANS  
Kim Jaemin DEANS  
Kim Jane PRESDT  
Kim Janette DEANS  
Kim Jay-ji DEANS  
Kim Jeffrey DEANS  
Kim Jennifer PRESDT  
Kim Jennifer DEANS  
Kim Ji DEANS  
Kim Ji-Eun PRESDT  
Kim Johanna DEANS  
Kim Jungeun DEANS  
Kim Karon DEANS  
Kim Kathleen DEANS  
Kim Katlen DEANS  
Kim Keunhak DEANS  
Kim Ki Won PRESDT  
Kim Min PRESDT  
Kim Myung Ji DEANS  
Kim Nan Kyeong DEANS  
Kim Regina PRESDT  
Kim Saehee DEANS  
Kim Sang woo DEANS  
Kim Scott DEANS  
Kim Se Won PRESDT  
Kim Seok Ju DEANS  
Kim Seong Cheol PRESDT  
Kim Seong-jin DEANS  
kim shin DEANS  
Kim Shin DEANS  
Kim Soo DEANS  
Kim Sun DEANS  
Kim Sun gyum DEANS  
kim sung ok DEANS  
Kim Sunghun PRESDT  
Kim Tae PRESDT  
Kim Tae Eun PRESDT  
Kim Tong PRESDT  
Kim Won PRESDT  
kim yesul DEANS  
Kim Yi Seul DEANS  
Kim Yongshuk PRESDT  
Kim Yoo DEANS  
Kim Young PRESDT  
Kim Youngjo PRESDT  
Kim (Jeon) JungHye PRESDT  
Kim lee Chounja PRESDT  
Kimani Griffin Benson DEANS  
Kimball Karen PRESDT  
Kimball Lindsay PRESDT  
Kimberly Milan DEANS  
Kim-Hong Eun DEANS  
Kimmerle Howard PRESDT  
Kincaid Anthony DEANS  
Kinder Sarah DEANS  
Kindig Jacqueline DEANS  
King Amanda DEANS  
King Christopher PRESDT  
King Dwayne DEANS  
King Jill PRESDT  
King Stacey PRESDT  
Kingrey Briana DEANS  
Kinlan Johanna DEANS  
Kinney Sarah DEANS  
Kinnick Lidiane DEANS  
Kinsale-Williams Deborah DEANS  
Kinsley Raffaela DEANS  
Kiptis Sandra DEANS  
Kirby Benjamin PRESDT  
Kirby Kontina DEANS  
Kirby Susan PRESDT  
Kirk Kayleen DEANS  
Kirk Ryan DEANS  
Kirkpatrick Heather DEANS  
Kisner Jeremy DEANS  
Kist Thomas DEANS  
Kito Azi-Marie DEANS  
Kizer Yvonne DEANS  
Klare Kevin DEANS  
Klaren Jonathan DEANS  
Klebaur Grace DEANS  
Klein Jason DEANS  
Klein Kathryn PRESDT  
Klein Mary Frances DEANS  
Klein Matthew PRESDT  
Klein Stephen PRESDT  
Klemens Keista DEANS  
Kline Jennifer PRESDT  
Klink Kelley DEANS  
Klopfer Jaime DEANS  
Klupenger Stephanie DEANS  
Knauer Christopher DEANS  
Knicely Candice DEANS  
Knickerbocker Robert PRESDT  
Knight Brittney DEANS  
Knighton Brenda DEANS  
Knollman Kierianne DEANS  
Knoth Amanda DEANS  
Knott William DEANS  
Knox Jonathan DEANS  
Knudsen Audriana DEANS  
Knudsen Kyle DEANS  
Ko Esther DEANS  
Ko Hyoun-Jung DEANS  
Kocabay Caroline DEANS  
Kocahan Ege PRESDT  
Kochany Rebwar DEANS  
Kodali Pavani DEANS  
Kodali Venkataramani DEANS  
Kofler Dawn DEANS  
Kohl Eric DEANS  
Kohn Wendy PRESDT  
Kolb Paul DEANS  
Kolesnyk Kostyantyn PRESDT  
Kolodziej Cynthia PRESDT  
Komleva Lilia DEANS  
Komnenovic Andreja PRESDT  
Komnenovic Borko DEANS  
Konadu Lydia DEANS  
Konczal Anna DEANS  
Kondner David DEANS  
Kontkanen Josephine DEANS  
Koo Ellie PRESDT  
Koo Min DEANS  
Koo Nicholas DEANS  
Koo Sarah DEANS  
Koo Sujin PRESDT  
Koolphanich Parichat DEANS  
Koransky Sarah DEANS  
Korbel Andrea DEANS  
Korey Julie DEANS  
Korkor Emelia PRESDT  
Koroma Kiptiatu PRESDT  
Kortuem Olivia DEANS  
koschmider edward DEANS  
Kouagnia Tchamyou Arielle Anita DEANS  
Koucheravy Angela DEANS  
Koudama Gilberte DEANS  
Kovalchuk Khrystyna PRESDT  
Kowalczyk Roman DEANS  
Kowalski Jessica DEANS  
KPognon-Afantchao Eyavi DEANS  
Krafft Gail DEANS  
Kraft Canning DEANS  
Krahe Colleen DEANS  
Krahl Emily DEANS  
Kraja Gledis DEANS  
Kranstover Andrew PRESDT  
Kraselsky Shohreh DEANS  
Krashefski Patricia DEANS  
Krause Emily DEANS  
Krebs Amy DEANS  
Krebs Maggie DEANS  
Kreidler Lidia DEANS  
Kreiser Joanne DEANS  
Kressler Kristina DEANS  
Kretsch Matthew PRESDT  
Kretzler Steven DEANS  
Kriesten Lynn DEANS  
Krisinger Jacob DEANS  
Kristof Boris DEANS  
Krivell Michael PRESDT  
Kronz Jordan DEANS  
Kropp Shane DEANS  
Kruczek Kevin DEANS  
Krueger Elise DEANS  
Krueger Marie-Christine PRESDT  
Krull Michelle DEANS  
Kruse Richard DEANS  
Ksanznak Christine DEANS  
Kube Brittany DEANS  
Kucera Craig DEANS  
Kuehn Andrew DEANS  
Kuhn Adam PRESDT  
Kuhn Jonathan DEANS  
Kuhn Kevin PRESDT  
Kuhns Nathan PRESDT  
Kulick Laura DEANS  
Kulkarni Ashwinee DEANS  
Kullman Nichole PRESDT  
Kumar Praveen DEANS  
Kunicki Marek DEANS  
Kuraishi Atifa PRESDT  
Kurtu Nebila DEANS  
KuyKendall Micheal DEANS  
Kuz John DEANS  
Kveselis Elizabeth DEANS  
Kwak Hanna PRESDT  
Kwakye Kwaku DEANS  
Kwamlah Theodore DEANS  
Kwarteng Gideon DEANS  
Kwon Hyeokjin DEANS  
Kwon Ok Soon PRESDT  
Kwon SeongMin PRESDT  
Ky Wathana DEANS  
Kyler Kee'sha DEANS  
Kywe Virginia DEANS