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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Ha Jae Eun DEANS  
Ha Ju Byung DEANS  
Ha Tae-min PRESDT  
Ha Thu-Van DEANS  
Haas Brian DEANS  
Haas Joseph DEANS  
Habera Grzegorz DEANS  
Habibi Roya DEANS  
Habtemariam Emebet PRESDT  
Habtemicael Senait DEANS  
Habtemichael Yonas DEANS  
Hacherl Christine DEANS  
Hachwi Dina PRESDT  
Hackley Tabitha DEANS  
Hackman Alexander DEANS  
Haddad Caroline DEANS  
Haddad Jana DEANS  
Hadzhiivanova Aneliya PRESDT  
Hagan-Bowerman Ellen DEANS  
Hagberg Richard DEANS  
Hagen Eliot DEANS  
Haggerty Kevin DEANS  
Hagi mohamed Suad DEANS  
Hagos Muzit DEANS  
Hagos Senait DEANS  
Hagstrom Richard DEANS  
Haidari Hasib DEANS  
Haidari Mehrdad PRESDT  
Haidary Najebah DEANS  
Haileyesus Mahtsente DEANS  
Hailu Birikty DEANS  
Hairabedian Pascal DEANS  
Hajek Jennifer DEANS  
Hakenson Robert DEANS  
Hakimi Nazia DEANS  
Halabi Sarmed PRESDT  
Halbach Nicole DEANS  
Halder Shane PRESDT  
Hale Peyton DEANS  
Haley Mary PRESDT  
Halimi Halima DEANS  
Hall Alexander PRESDT  
Hall Jeffrey DEANS  
Hall Justin PRESDT  
Hall Katherine DEANS  
Hall Launa DEANS  
Hall Margaret DEANS  
Hall Nicole DEANS  
Halmi Stefanie DEANS  
Halpin Michael DEANS  
Halsey Caitlin DEANS  
Halverson Richard DEANS  
Ham Montrese DEANS  
Hamad Kassem DEANS  
Hamad Samir DEANS  
Hamad Tariq DEANS  
Hamblen Andrew DEANS  
Hamby William DEANS  
Hameed Rabeea PRESDT  
Hameed Rabia DEANS  
Hamen Urmy DEANS  
Hamer Daniel DEANS  
Hamidi Injila DEANS  
hamilton alex DEANS  
Hamilton Ariel DEANS  
Hamilton Beth DEANS  
Hamilton Emlen DEANS  
Hamilton Greg DEANS  
Hamilton Justin DEANS  
Hamilton Kevin DEANS  
Hamilton Ryan DEANS  
Hamilton Timothy DEANS  
Hammiche Susan DEANS  
Hammond Chad DEANS  
Hammond Jennifer DEANS  
Hamn Felicia PRESDT  
Hampel Dana PRESDT  
Hampton Stephen PRESDT  
Hamrouchi Ikram DEANS  
Han Eunice DEANS  
Han William PRESDT  
Han Yeo PRESDT  
Handshy Nicole DEANS  
Handy Monica DEANS  
Hanes Chelsea DEANS  
Hanfman Kristin DEANS  
Hanna Rowes PRESDT  
Hanover Pettit Rebekah DEANS  
Hanse Trine DEANS  
Hansen Evan DEANS  
Hansen James DEANS  
Hansen Patrick DEANS  
Hansen Robert DEANS  
Hansirisawat Lynn DEANS  
Hanson Anne PRESDT  
Hanson Asta DEANS  
Hanson Lindsay PRESDT  
Haq Fareeha PRESDT  
Haque Saba DEANS  
Hardin Tabitha DEANS  
Hardison Brian DEANS  
Hardt Drew PRESDT  
Hardy Kristin PRESDT  
Harley Elyssa DEANS  
Harmon Mark PRESDT  
Harney Talmira DEANS  
Harney Tamila DEANS  
Haroon Abdullah DEANS  
Harper Alexandra DEANS  
Harper Deborah DEANS  
Harper Tiffany DEANS  
Harpole Michael DEANS  
Harr David DEANS  
Harrington Jeffrey DEANS  
Harris Alan DEANS  
Harris Andrea DEANS  
Harris Douglas PRESDT  
Harris Erin DEANS  
Harris Ernest DEANS  
Harris Evan DEANS  
Harris Jeremy DEANS  
Harris Justin DEANS  
Harris Kai PRESDT  
Harris Kathryn DEANS  
Harris Lauren PRESDT  
Harris Mary DEANS  
Harris Samuel DEANS  
Harrison Blake DEANS  
Harrison Elizabeth PRESDT  
Harrison Jaselle DEANS  
Harrison Kathleen DEANS  
Harrison Lauren DEANS  
harrs andrew DEANS  
Harsan Mariana DEANS  
Harsanyi Zsolt DEANS  
Hart Cody DEANS  
Hart Katherine PRESDT  
Hart Lydia DEANS  
Hart William DEANS  
Hart Yurie PRESDT  
Hartbarger John PRESDT  
Hartle Keleigh DEANS  
Hartman Jessica DEANS  
Harty Joseph DEANS  
Harvey Pamela PRESDT  
Hasan Ahlam DEANS  
Hasan Syed DEANS  
Hashimee Nadia PRESDT  
Hashmi Saad DEANS  
Hasikova Radka PRESDT  
Haskell Ronald DEANS  
Haskovic Lejla PRESDT  
Hassan Andy DEANS  
Hassan Safiyah PRESDT  
Hassan Tarek PRESDT  
Hassen Leyla DEANS  
Hatcher Joseph DEANS  
Hatcher Rachel DEANS  
Hatipoglu Saruhan DEANS  
Hauffe Mary DEANS  
Haugan Alexandra DEANS  
Hauptman Kelly DEANS  
Hauser William DEANS  
Hawkins Alison DEANS  
Hawkins Amanda DEANS  
Hawkins Andrew DEANS  
Hawkins Katy DEANS  
Hawkins Lakisha DEANS  
Hawn Amanda PRESDT  
Hayati Samim DEANS  
Haycraft Jennifer DEANS  
Hayden Carissa PRESDT  
Hayden Sharon DEANS  
Hayden Taylor DEANS  
Hayes Diane DEANS  
Hayes Douglas PRESDT  
Hayes Lauren DEANS  
Hayes Perry PRESDT  
Hayes Reva DEANS  
Hayes Teresa DEANS  
Hayman Alexander DEANS  
Haynes Andrew DEANS  
Hayth Eric PRESDT  
Hazard Amanda DEANS  
He Yuxin DEANS  
Healy Anna DEANS  
Healy Mathew DEANS  
Hearn Jeff DEANS  
Hebert Lisa DEANS  
Hechinger Regina DEANS  
Hedden Kevin DEANS  
Hedges Kaleigh DEANS  
Heffelmire Katherine DEANS  
Hefner Caroline PRESDT  
Hefty Christopher PRESDT  
Hege Juliana DEANS  
Hegstad Ashley DEANS  
Heidar Mariam DEANS  
Heidar Yama DEANS  
Hein Megan PRESDT  
Heinicke Marika PRESDT  
Heinz Tami PRESDT  
Hejazifar Nima PRESDT  
Helden David DEANS  
Helgeson Lars DEANS  
Heller Andrew DEANS  
Heller Katherine DEANS  
Heller Kathryn DEANS  
Hellmann Gwendolyn PRESDT  
Helm Gregory DEANS  
Helm Philip PRESDT  
Helms Samantha PRESDT  
Hemley Curt DEANS  
Hemmatian Mohammed DEANS  
Hemphill John DEANS  
Hendershot Rebecca DEANS  
Henderson Daniel DEANS  
Henderson Desiree DEANS  
Henderson Melanie DEANS  
Henderson Perri DEANS  
Henderson Tracy DEANS  
Henderson Zachary DEANS  
Hendon Jeremiah DEANS  
Hendricks Denicka DEANS  
Hendricks Laurence DEANS  
Hendricks Mark DEANS  
Hendry Bryan DEANS  
Henighan Richardean DEANS  
Hennessee Karen DEANS  
Hennigan James DEANS  
Henning Gregory DEANS  
Henrich Brandon DEANS  
Henrich Natalya DEANS  
Henriquez Sebastian DEANS  
Henry Kristin PRESDT  
Henry-gross Caroline DEANS  
Henson Eric DEANS  
Henson Tiffanie PRESDT  
Heo Hyun Kyong PRESDT  
Heo Kul PRESDT  
Herbert Kimberly DEANS  
Herbstreit Claudia PRESDT  
Hercules Madelyn DEANS  
Herdegen Teresa DEANS  
Herdman Mary DEANS  
Hermoza Melisa DEANS  
Hernandez Francisco DEANS  
Hernandez Ingrid DEANS  
Hernandez Larisa DEANS  
Hernandez Lilliana DEANS  
Hernandez Maria DEANS  
Hernandez Michael DEANS  
Hernandez Roxana DEANS  
Hernandez Aviles Luis DEANS  
Hernandez-Portillo Ana DEANS  
Hernando Sandra DEANS  
Herndon Christine DEANS  
Heroman Frida PRESDT  
Heroman Paul DEANS  
Herr Derek DEANS  
Herr Yeon PRESDT  
Herrera Daniel DEANS  
Herrera Elvis DEANS  
Herrick Amanda PRESDT  
Herwig John PRESDT  
Heselton April DEANS  
Hess Amanda DEANS  
Hess Johnpaul DEANS  
Hetle Janine DEANS  
Hetrick Grace PRESDT  
Hettema Daniel DEANS  
Heyrana Hans DEANS  
hickey sarah DEANS  
Hicks Dennis DEANS  
Hicks Sommer DEANS  
Hideri Mohammad DEANS  
Higgins Beth DEANS  
Higgins Dimitri DEANS  
Higgins Stacy DEANS  
High Ivery DEANS  
Hilburn Amanda DEANS  
Hildreth Paul DEANS  
Hileman Melinda DEANS  
Hilgenhurst Kristina DEANS  
Hill Brian DEANS  
Hill Christal DEANS  
Hill Daniel DEANS  
Hill Dean DEANS  
Hill Grant PRESDT  
Hill Kacee DEANS  
Hill Kelsey DEANS  
Hill Laureine DEANS  
Hill Lisel DEANS  
Hill Melissa DEANS  
Hill Peter DEANS  
Hill Robert PRESDT  
Hill Robert DEANS  
Hill Shawnna DEANS  
Hill Stephanie DEANS  
Hilland Chris DEANS  
Hiller Vanessa DEANS  
Hillgren Lorelei DEANS  
Hilton Tyeisha DEANS  
Hines Adam DEANS  
Hines Reisa PRESDT  
Hing Susan DEANS  
Hirmer Katelyn DEANS  
Hirscher Alisa DEANS  
Hite Mary DEANS  
Hitt Jacob DEANS  
Hitzelberg Patrick PRESDT  
Ho Andrew DEANS  
Hoang Dzung DEANS  
Hoban Lauren DEANS  
Hobar Kelsey DEANS  
Hobbie Kristopher DEANS  
Hodge Jeriesha DEANS  
Hodgens Tim DEANS  
Hoefke Diana PRESDT  
Hoehne Sabrina PRESDT  
Hoff Lisa DEANS  
Hoff Summer DEANS  
Hoffer Philecia DEANS  
Hoffman John DEANS  
Hoffman Mary DEANS  
Hoffman Rachel DEANS  
Hogan Katherine DEANS  
Hogarty Timothy DEANS  
Hogue Dustin DEANS  
Hoisington Timothy DEANS  
Holden Michelle DEANS  
Holinka Elizabeth PRESDT  
Hollenbeck Christine DEANS  
Holler Peter DEANS  
Hollinger Maya DEANS  
Holloway Elizabeth DEANS  
Holloway Valeria PRESDT  
Hollowell Shelley DEANS  
Holmlund Kenneth DEANS  
Holt Jack PRESDT  
Holt Susan DEANS  
Holt William DEANS  
Holtz Sara PRESDT  
Holzman Brandy DEANS  
Hon Sin DEANS  
Honaker Robert DEANS  
Hong Eun Jin DEANS  
Hong Songik DEANS  
Hong Sung Ha DEANS  
Honsinger Brittanny DEANS  
Hontau Angela DEANS  
Hooban Susan DEANS  
Hood Steven DEANS  
Hooker Jevon DEANS  
Hooper Hamza PRESDT  
Hoover Krystle DEANS  
Hope Kevin DEANS  
Hopkins Amy PRESDT  
Hopkins Robert DEANS  
Hopkins Stephen PRESDT  
Horn Alex DEANS  
Horn Timothy DEANS  
Horton Sally DEANS  
Hosein Areen DEANS  
Hossain Noyan PRESDT  
Hossain Tasmim DEANS  
Hottell Eric DEANS  
Hough Jordan PRESDT  
Hov Loren DEANS  
Hoverson Molly DEANS  
Howard Edward DEANS  
Howard Theresa DEANS  
Howe Elysia DEANS  
Howe Ian DEANS  
Howell Justin DEANS  
Howell Samuel PRESDT  
Howell Sarah DEANS  
Hoy Jessica DEANS  
Hryvnak Maryana DEANS  
Hsueh Hao DEANS  
Hu Kexiang DEANS  
Hua Vi DEANS  
Huang Jessica DEANS  
Huang Xinyu DEANS  
Hubaishi Mustafa DEANS  
Hubble Abigail DEANS  
Hube Jason PRESDT  
Huber Michael DEANS  
Hudie Daniela DEANS  
Hudson Christopher DEANS  
Hudson Derek DEANS  
Hudson Quanisha DEANS  
Hudson Regina DEANS  
Huff Ryan DEANS  
Hufsmith Susan DEANS  
Hughes Aaron DEANS  
Hughes David DEANS  
Hughes Harry DEANS  
Hughes Nina DEANS  
Hughes Ron DEANS  
Hughes Thomas DEANS  
Hughs Esther DEANS  
Huh Jiwon DEANS  
Hulen Joshua DEANS  
Humeid Hilmi DEANS  
Hummer Katie DEANS  
Hunegnaw Daniel DEANS  
Hungarter Katja PRESDT  
Hunt Lacie PRESDT  
Hunt Micheal DEANS  
Hunt Morgan DEANS  
Hunter Kartasha DEANS  
Hunter Monique PRESDT  
Huntington Samuel DEANS  
Huntington Sandra DEANS  
Huntsman Heather DEANS  
Huntt Matthew DEANS  
Hupman Margaret DEANS  
Hupp Albert PRESDT  
Hur Hong DEANS  
Hur Jiin DEANS  
Hurkamp Miles DEANS  
Hurler Angela DEANS  
Hurley David PRESDT  
Hurley Kayla DEANS  
Hursh Amanda PRESDT  
Hurskaya Nataliya DEANS  
Hurt Jennifer PRESDT  
Husain Fahd DEANS  
Hussain Abrar DEANS  
Hussain Saqib DEANS  
Hussein Noran DEANS  
Hussien Abubeker DEANS  
Huth Jeremiah DEANS  
Huttman Kenneth DEANS  
Huynh Anh PRESDT  
Huynh Cam Thuy DEANS  
Huynh Mai DEANS  
Huynh Nghiep DEANS  
Huynh Ngoc Minh PRESDT  
Huynh Ngon DEANS  
Huynh Thuy PRESDT  
Hwang Grace DEANS  
Hwang Hye Ri PRESDT  
Hwang Hyun DEANS  
Hyde Kevin DEANS  
Hyeon Miriam PRESDT  
Hyland Liisa PRESDT  
Hynes Shannon DEANS