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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Gaarde Jessica PRESDT  
Gabelia Alexis PRESDT  
Gaffar Jasir DEANS  
Gagner Sharon DEANS  
Gaines Latasha DEANS  
Gaither Robert DEANS  
Galanty Margaretta DEANS  
Galassi Morgan PRESDT  
Galaviz Amber PRESDT  
Gales Rose DEANS  
Galette Shanisa DEANS  
Galgano Peter DEANS  
Galie Catherine DEANS  
Galindo Fadia DEANS  
Galindo James DEANS  
Gallagher Patrick DEANS  
Gallegos David DEANS  
Galvez Fiorella DEANS  
Gammon Elena DEANS  
Gandee Zoe DEANS  
Gang Haley DEANS  
Ganjargal Oyuntsetseg DEANS  
Ganow Brittany DEANS  
Gao Yajuan PRESDT  
Garber Benjamin DEANS  
Garcia Brittney PRESDT  
Garcia Bryan DEANS  
Garcia Esther PRESDT  
Garcia Genea DEANS  
Garcia Jennifer PRESDT  
Garcia Jonathan DEANS  
Garcia Jorge DEANS  
Garcia Mary DEANS  
Garcia Megan DEANS  
Garcia Melissa DEANS  
Garcia Nataly PRESDT  
Garcia Vera DEANS  
Garcia-Chinchilla Alejandro DEANS  
Gardepe Hope DEANS  
Gardizi Mustafa DEANS  
Gardner Joe DEANS  
Gardner Rebecca PRESDT  
Gargulinska Anna PRESDT  
Garlock Jenny PRESDT  
Garman Mary DEANS  
Garnett Tracie DEANS  
Garrett Stacey DEANS  
Garrison Holly DEANS  
Garten Ola DEANS  
Gartman Ursula DEANS  
Gartzke Caroline DEANS  
Gasbarri Gina DEANS  
Gascho Briana DEANS  
Gaskin Katherine DEANS  
Gaston Amanda DEANS  
Gates April DEANS  
Gathman Elissa PRESDT  
Gaul Laura DEANS  
Gault Megan DEANS  
Gautam Nisha DEANS  
Gautam Sanju DEANS  
Gauvreau Thomas DEANS  
Gavino-Collins Katherine DEANS  
Gaviola Agustina PRESDT  
Gaviria Johanna DEANS  
Gawad Neal PRESDT  
gayessa alemayehu DEANS  
Gaygay Mary DEANS  
Gazarek Rudolph DEANS  
Gbadawiyu Philomina DEANS  
Gebremichael Okbay DEANS  
Gebresilassie Lula PRESDT  
Gebru Asheber DEANS  
Gebru Yoska PRESDT  
Gee Ali DEANS  
Gehlsen David DEANS  
Geist Kristi DEANS  
Gemeda Balcha DEANS  
Gemery Laura DEANS  
Gendron Eric DEANS  
gennarione gina DEANS  
Gentry Rechelle PRESDT  
Gentzen Nathan DEANS  
George Jennifer PRESDT  
George Lauren DEANS  
Geppi Lauren DEANS  
Gernandt Adela PRESDT  
Gernandt Royes PRESDT  
Geschke Brian PRESDT  
Geschwind Carl-henry DEANS  
Gesswein Kurt DEANS  
Gettier Sierra DEANS  
Geyer Breton DEANS  
Ghale Digaj PRESDT  
Ghani Hosay DEANS  
Gharbieh Huda PRESDT  
Gharib Elaine DEANS  
Gholam Mitra DEANS  
Ghorbani Jamsheed PRESDT  
Ghumman Sukhjit DEANS  
Giang Van DEANS  
Giare Aparna DEANS  
Gibbard Erin DEANS  
Giberti Francesco DEANS  
Gibino Adriana DEANS  
Gibson Christen DEANS  
Gibson Jr Robert DEANS  
Giddings Chinito DEANS  
Gieck Linda DEANS  
Gil Lorena DEANS  
Gilbert Fred DEANS  
Gilbert Rachel DEANS  
Giles Courtney DEANS  
Gilini Nasif DEANS  
Gillard Samuel DEANS  
Gilligan Justine DEANS  
Gillikin Linda DEANS  
Gilliland Rachel PRESDT  
Gillis Scott DEANS  
Gilmore Renee DEANS  
Gilpin Kristin DEANS  
Ginman Raymond DEANS  
Giraldo Elena PRESDT  
Girardi Ingrid DEANS  
Girma Benyam PRESDT  
Girma Dagmawe DEANS  
Givens Caitlin DEANS  
Glascock Gina DEANS  
Glasgow Joshua DEANS  
Glick Vanessa PRESDT  
Glotfelty Tyler DEANS  
Go Avaline DEANS  
Goc Filip PRESDT  
Godart Lindsey DEANS  
Godbold Kathryn DEANS  
Godbolt Dawn PRESDT  
Goddard Ashley DEANS  
Godfrey Hannah DEANS  
Godfrey Mark DEANS  
Godinez Kevin DEANS  
Goff Eric PRESDT  
Gogan Robert DEANS  
Goheen Jennifer DEANS  
Goings Jeffrey PRESDT  
Gold Elizabeth DEANS  
Golden Kristen DEANS  
Golden Nicholas DEANS  
Goldsboro Melinda DEANS  
goldstein matt DEANS  
Goley Patrick PRESDT  
Golliher Lauren DEANS  
Goloborodko Nataliya DEANS  
Gomez Juan DEANS  
Gomez Marlene PRESDT  
Gomez Xavier DEANS  
Gomez-Klepczarek Alina PRESDT  
Goncalves Alini DEANS  
Goncalves borrega Fabian DEANS  
Gondella Stephanie DEANS  
Gonzaga Emily DEANS  
Gonzales Samantha DEANS  
Gonzales Walter PRESDT  
Gonzalez Antonio PRESDT  
Gonzalez Christy DEANS  
Gonzalez Katrina DEANS  
Gonzalez Kevin DEANS  
Gonzalez Martin DEANS  
Gonzalez Michael PRESDT  
Gonzalez Monica DEANS  
gonzalez nathalie DEANS  
Gonzalez Olivia DEANS  
Gonzalez Stephanie PRESDT  
Good Jeffrey DEANS  
good zachary DEANS  
Goode Christopher DEANS  
Goode Emma DEANS  
Gooding Samuel DEANS  
Goodman Eartha DEANS  
Goodnight Curtis DEANS  
Gordon Jacob PRESDT  
Gordon Katherine PRESDT  
Gordon Michael DEANS  
Gordy Christopher DEANS  
Gordy Maria DEANS  
Gorgan Dumitry DEANS  
Gorkos Daniel DEANS  
Gorkowski Jennifer PRESDT  
Gorman Belinda PRESDT  
Gorpe Emine DEANS  
Goss Kate DEANS  
Gossman Cynthia DEANS  
Gosweiler Kyle DEANS  
Goudeau Christine DEANS  
Gough McKenzie DEANS  
Goulart Nicholas DEANS  
Gould Kristin PRESDT  
Gourley Michael PRESDT  
Gozdawa Ziemowit DEANS  
Grace Bea DEANS  
Grace Nicole DEANS  
Grady Kristin PRESDT  
Gragasin Tammy DEANS  
Grageda Andrea DEANS  
Graham Angeline PRESDT  
Graham James DEANS  
Graham Matthew DEANS  
Grandmaire Jean DEANS  
Granja Santiago DEANS  
Grant John DEANS  
Grant Katelyn DEANS  
Grantham Danielle DEANS  
Granum James DEANS  
Grasser Hope DEANS  
Graveen Wesley DEANS  
Gravina Reginald DEANS  
Gray Andrew DEANS  
gray cameron DEANS  
Gray Jackson DEANS  
Gray Kathryn DEANS  
Gray Kimberly DEANS  
Gray Lindsey DEANS  
Gray Terry PRESDT  
Gray Tia DEANS  
Grayson John PRESDT  
Grebneva Elizaveta DEANS  
Grebneva Ksenia DEANS  
Green Alexander PRESDT  
Green Allison DEANS  
Green Caitlin DEANS  
Green Daniel DEANS  
Green Darren DEANS  
Green Dustin DEANS  
Green Michelle DEANS  
Green Olivia PRESDT  
Greene Erika DEANS  
Greenham Stephanie DEANS  
Greenlee Clint DEANS  
Greer Rhonda DEANS  
Gresens Faith DEANS  
Gresham Danielle DEANS  
Griel Christina DEANS  
Griffin Jenifer DEANS  
Griffin Louise DEANS  
Griffin Meghan DEANS  
Griffin Na'Queya DEANS  
Griffith Iryna DEANS  
Griffiths Angelena DEANS  
Grigore Ilea Maximilian DEANS  
Grimes Matthew DEANS  
Grisi Michael DEANS  
Gritis Peter DEANS  
Groover Hannah DEANS  
Gross James PRESDT  
Ground Sarah PRESDT  
Guajardo Miriam DEANS  
Gualberto Evin DEANS  
Guardia Ernesto DEANS  
Gudeta Abebech PRESDT  
Guenther Alexa DEANS  
Gueorguieva Stanislava DEANS  
Guerra Wilma DEANS  
Guerrero Carlos DEANS  
Guerrero Amezcua Ana DEANS  
Guevara Carly DEANS  
Guico Marione PRESDT  
Guidry Edward DEANS  
Guilbault Brandy DEANS  
Guillaudeu David DEANS  
Guillen Marjorie DEANS  
Guinand Carmen DEANS  
Gul Naila PRESDT  
Gulati Sukriti DEANS  
Guliuk Vadym PRESDT  
Guluma Aklilu DEANS  
Gundayao Maricel DEANS  
Gunes Onur DEANS  
Gupta Jyoti DEANS  
Gupta Richa DEANS  
Gurgel Fernanda DEANS  
Gurung Dipshan DEANS  
Gurung Hira DEANS  
Guruswamy Fathima PRESDT  
Gutierrez Daniel DEANS  
Gutierrez Gustavo PRESDT  
Gutierrez Jamie DEANS  
Gutierrez Guardia Maricruz DEANS  
Gutjahr Alexander DEANS  
Guy Charlotte DEANS  
Guy Kirstyn DEANS  
Guzman Edna PRESDT  
Guzman Emily PRESDT  
Guzman Joshua DEANS  
Guzman Patricia DEANS  
Guzman Vynka DEANS  
Guzman Wilfredo DEANS  
Guzman-Padron Cecilia DEANS  
Gyasi Isaac DEANS  
Gyasi Rosemary DEANS  
Gyman Jennifer DEANS