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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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da Silva Ryan DEANS  
Dabbe Lyla PRESDT  
Dabney Grace PRESDT  
Dabreo Tricia DEANS  
Dade Sarah DEANS  
Dadmand Arrash PRESDT  
Daft Julie DEANS  
Dagan Meirwise PRESDT  
Daggett Page DEANS  
Dagnachew Bernabas DEANS  
D'Agostino Matthew DEANS  
Daigle Tricia DEANS  
Dailey Amy DEANS  
Dair Jessica DEANS  
Dakhil Omar DEANS  
Dalimata Celine DEANS  
Dalrymple Brianna PRESDT  
Dalrymple Michael DEANS  
Daly Cynthia DEANS  
Dalzell Timothy DEANS  
Damisch Dorie PRESDT  
Damoah Mike DEANS  
Dana Robin DEANS  
Dang Lam PRESDT  
Dang Phuong PRESDT  
Dang Terence PRESDT  
Dang Trang DEANS  
Dangol Aruna DEANS  
Daniel Joseph DEANS  
Danieli Shelly DEANS  
Daniels Grant DEANS  
Daniels Melva DEANS  
Danielson Christopher DEANS  
Danigole Hannah DEANS  
Danquah George DEANS  
Dantonio Mark DEANS  
D'Antonio Nick DEANS  
Dao Huong DEANS  
Dao Linh PRESDT  
Darfour Sophia DEANS  
Darhele Sukhpreet DEANS  
darko isaac DEANS  
Darling John PRESDT  
Darr Marina PRESDT  
Darrah Todd DEANS  
Darvish Mersedeh PRESDT  
Darvish Zadeh Zolpirani Elmira PRESDT  
Das Ponkos DEANS  
DAsbach Kenneth DEANS  
Dashdendev Nomin - Erdene DEANS  
Dashtbili Kawa DEANS  
DaSilva Jessica DEANS  
Daube Hannah PRESDT  
Daudelin Anne-Gabrielle DEANS  
Davidson Daniel DEANS  
Davidson Melissa DEANS  
Davis Alison DEANS  
Davis Alonzo DEANS  
Davis Alyssa DEANS  
Davis Amber DEANS  
Davis Bethany DEANS  
Davis Donna DEANS  
Davis Halley PRESDT  
Davis Jessica DEANS  
Davis Jonathan DEANS  
Davis Joshua PRESDT  
Davis Loryn PRESDT  
Davis Maiah DEANS  
Davis Mariluz PRESDT  
davis Merritt DEANS  
Davis Robert DEANS  
Davis Stephanie DEANS  
Davis Stephen DEANS  
Davis Zachary DEANS  
Davison Megan DEANS  
Dawson Celene DEANS  
Dawson Kristen DEANS  
Dawson Richard DEANS  
Day Justin DEANS  
Day Tatyana DEANS  
Daychman Tatiana DEANS  
D'cruz Andrea DEANS  
de Azagra Richard DEANS  
De Beer Michelle DEANS  
de Bree Linda DEANS  
De Guzman Regine DEANS  
de Jesus Maria DEANS  
De La Quintana Anahi PRESDT  
De Leon Luis PRESDT  
De Long Brittany DEANS  
de Menocal Emily DEANS  
de Nooy Anneke PRESDT  
De Wolfe Nina DEANS  
Dean Cecilia DEANS  
Dean Lindsey DEANS  
Dean Sophia PRESDT  
Deane William DEANS  
DeAngelis Lacey PRESDT  
Deaver Marissa DEANS  
deBruijn Lauren DEANS  
DeCarlo Margaret DEANS  
DeCianno Gina DEANS  
Deeb Kelly DEANS  
Defranco Alexis DEANS  
Degismen Samet DEANS  
Degoey Sean DEANS  
Dehyar Frough DEANS  
Deisher Emily DEANS  
Dejene Teras DEANS  
Del Aguila David DEANS  
Del Favero Julie DEANS  
Dela Cruz Maria Christina DEANS  
Dela Cruz Nichelle PRESDT  
Delaney Sarah DEANS  
Delao Jose DEANS  
Delao Theresa DEANS  
Delfin Fiorella DEANS  
Delgadillo Jorge DEANS  
Delgado Alexis DEANS  
Delgado Dayana DEANS  
Delgado Diana PRESDT  
Delgado Nancy DEANS  
Delis Tina DEANS  
Dell'Aria Madeline DEANS  
Deloach Frances DEANS  
DeLoach Jaclyn DEANS  
Delsignore Lucicleide DEANS  
De-Lumban Anthony DEANS  
DeMarr Brendan DEANS  
Demas Timothy DEANS  
DeMay Helen DEANS  
Dement Anne DEANS  
Demorest Jemy DEANS  
Demshur Lesley DEANS  
Deng WenJun DEANS  
Denkel Yagcioglu Kadriye PRESDT  
Dennard Kloyce DEANS  
Dennison Jeffrey DEANS  
Denny Tina DEANS  
Denson Marcus DEANS  
Dent Tracey DEANS  
DePont Zachary DEANS  
DePrizio Jodi DEANS  
Derani Donna DEANS  
Dere Andrew PRESDT  
Derguti Lirije DEANS  
Derksen Nicole DEANS  
Dermanaki farahani Elmira DEANS  
DeRoma Joseph DEANS  
DeRoma Savannah DEANS  
Derossi William DEANS  
Desalegn Meseret DEANS  
Desgrosseilliers Matthew DEANS  
Desiatnikov Dina DEANS  
Desjadon Jihye PRESDT  
Dessuit Nichelle DEANS  
Desta Meseret DEANS  
DeStefano Priscilla DEANS  
Dettre Amy Angela DEANS  
DeVaughn Julie DEANS  
Devera Esteven DEANS  
Devereux Andrew PRESDT  
Devoise Shannette DEANS  
Diallo Mohamed DEANS  
DiAntonio Nicole DEANS  
Diarra Job DEANS  
Diaz Cherea DEANS  
Diaz Glenda DEANS  
Diaz Johana PRESDT  
Diaz Karen DEANS  
Diaz Thania DEANS  
Diaz-McKee Mailin PRESDT  
Dibaba Meskerem DEANS  
Dibble Gene DEANS  
DiBiasio Christine PRESDT  
Dickason Rebecca DEANS  
Dickenson Danielle DEANS  
Dickey Abraham PRESDT  
Diener Emily DEANS  
Diep Bryant DEANS  
Dieter Natalie DEANS  
Diffenbaugh Candice PRESDT  
DiFondi Patricia DEANS  
DiGiacomo Mia DEANS  
DiGirolamo Christine DEANS  
Digracia Bianca DEANS  
Dillon Cora DEANS  
Dillon Sterling DEANS  
Dimino Charles DEANS  
Dinh Nhung DEANS  
Dinh Oanh PRESDT  
Dinh Phung DEANS  
Dinh Steven PRESDT  
Dinh Trung PRESDT  
Dinh Tuong Vy PRESDT  
Dinterman Katherine DEANS  
DiPirro Daniel DEANS  
Disler Megan DEANS  
Dittl Verena PRESDT  
Ditulli Sarah PRESDT  
Divecha Dikita DEANS  
Dixon Jessica DEANS  
Dixon Stephanie DEANS  
Dizon Frances PRESDT  
Djadjo Soraya DEANS  
Djangkuak Noviantari DEANS  
Djavadkhani Flora DEANS  
Djondo Nicolas DEANS  
Do Giang DEANS  
Do Hieu DEANS  
Do Maria DEANS  
Do Myhanh DEANS  
Do Ngan DEANS  
Do Thi DEANS  
Doan Khoa DEANS  
Doan Sara DEANS  
Doan Thoa DEANS  
Dobert-Kehn Chelsea DEANS  
Dodd Amanda DEANS  
Dodd Elizabeth DEANS  
Dodd Nicole PRESDT  
Dodson Jane PRESDT  
Dodson Lauren PRESDT  
Dodson Valinda DEANS  
Doeren Dustin DEANS  
Doerr Christy DEANS  
Dogbo Gogo DEANS  
Doggett Ricky DEANS  
Doheney Sean DEANS  
Doke Crystal DEANS  
Dolinh Mai DEANS  
Dolly Melissa PRESDT  
Dolly Rebecca DEANS  
Domenech Enrique DEANS  
Dominguez Jennifer DEANS  
Dominguez Mariam DEANS  
Dominicis Gail PRESDT  
Donaghue Jaime PRESDT  
Donahoe Francis DEANS  
Donahue Daniel DEANS  
Dong Heungbai DEANS  
Dong Vinh PRESDT  
Dongu Robert PRESDT  
Donlon Sean PRESDT  
Donnelly Stephen DEANS  
Donohue Elmira PRESDT  
Donohue Kenneth DEANS  
Donovan Daniel PRESDT  
Donovan Ethan PRESDT  
Doraiswamy Vijay DEANS  
Doran Robin DEANS  
Dorosh David DEANS  
Dorrough Nickia DEANS  
Dorsey Alexander PRESDT  
Dorss Mary PRESDT  
Dosseva Svetla DEANS  
Dost Haider DEANS  
Dotsey Ambrose DEANS  
Dotson Patrick DEANS  
Douangphoumy Soutsakhone DEANS  
Douglas Jefferine DEANS  
Douglas Terence DEANS  
Douglass Jessica DEANS  
Dow Robyn DEANS  
Dowd James PRESDT  
Downard Georgia PRESDT  
Downey Patrick DEANS  
Downs Chelsea DEANS  
Downs Marissa DEANS  
Downs Mason DEANS  
Doyle Brett PRESDT  
Doyle Ryan DEANS  
Drachsler Laura PRESDT  
Drake Brendan DEANS  
Draper Kaitlin DEANS  
Drass James DEANS  
Draz Muhammad DEANS  
Dres Wilhelmina DEANS  
Dressel Nathaniel DEANS  
Drew Ashley DEANS  
Drexler Kelly DEANS  
Driscoll Lucie DEANS  
Driskill Patrick PRESDT  
Driver Nicholas DEANS  
Drobusheva Anna DEANS  
Drogo Dennis DEANS  
Drozhzhina Julia DEANS  
Drumea Vadim DEANS  
Drummond Taesha PRESDT  
Dryden Brian DEANS  
Du Thanh-lan DEANS  
Duarte Ana DEANS  
Duarte Zachary DEANS  
DuBose Bradley DEANS  
Dudley Jason DEANS  
Duerson Allen DEANS  
Dugbazah Zah PRESDT  
duhoki rocsana DEANS  
Dukes Subira DEANS  
Dumas Nathaniel DEANS  
Dumas Stacy DEANS  
Dumbuya Sadiatu DEANS  
Duncan Christopher DEANS  
Duncan Elizabeth PRESDT  
Duncan Jesse DEANS  
Dunham Todd DEANS  
Dunlap Mark DEANS  
Dunlap Natalya DEANS  
Dunlop Mai-Lan DEANS  
Dunmire Daniel DEANS  
Dunn Jared DEANS  
Dunn Samuel DEANS  
Dunne Malinda DEANS  
Dunning Michael DEANS  
Duong Johnny DEANS  
Duong Khanh DEANS  
Duong Quyen PRESDT  
Duong Thaiduong DEANS  
Duong Virginia DEANS  
Duplan Joseph DEANS  
Dupras Ilfigenija DEANS  
Duraiswamy John DEANS  
Duran Alicia PRESDT  
Duran Frank DEANS  
Duran Jorge DEANS  
Durani Maliha DEANS  
Durbin Dorothy DEANS  
Durham Joe DEANS  
Durham Melissa DEANS  
Durrani Ali DEANS  
Durrani Yusuf DEANS  
Duta Jesse DEANS  
Dutta Suzanne DEANS  
Dutton Bradford DEANS  
Duvall Dawn PRESDT  
Dvorsky Joshua DEANS  
Dwyer Carol DEANS  
Dwyer William PRESDT  
Dyer Shelby DEANS  
Dyndur Sandra DEANS  
Dysart Marisa DEANS  
Dyson Amanda DEANS  
Dzansi Rhonda DEANS  
Dzubow Cara DEANS