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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Caballero Erin DEANS  
Caballero Jennifer DEANS  
Caballero-Acuna Vincenzo DEANS  
Cabato Joseph PRESDT  
Cabezas Marlene DEANS  
Cabrera Cisco DEANS  
Cabrera Jhonathan DEANS  
Cabrera Julio PRESDT  
Cabrera Samantha DEANS  
Cabrera Sotelo Margot DEANS  
Cadima Gerardo DEANS  
Cadima Mariela DEANS  
Cadwell Nathaniel DEANS  
Caggiano Emily DEANS  
Cahill Conor DEANS  
Cain Charlotte PRESDT  
Caison Carroll DEANS  
Calandrino James PRESDT  
Calderon Gino DEANS  
Calderon Jessica DEANS  
Calderwood Pixie DEANS  
Calhoun Robert DEANS  
Calisti Anthony DEANS  
Calkins Erin DEANS  
Callaghan John DEANS  
Callaham David DEANS  
Callahan Ryan DEANS  
callalli pamela DEANS  
callender kyle DEANS  
Callison Jonathan DEANS  
Calvin Todd DEANS  
Calzada Reina PRESDT  
Camacho Dennis DEANS  
Camacho Fabio DEANS  
Camat Aldrich PRESDT  
Camden Joshua PRESDT  
Caminade Cristina PRESDT  
Camp Christine DEANS  
Camp Kevin DEANS  
Campbell Christiana DEANS  
Campbell Melissa PRESDT  
Campbell Todd DEANS  
Campos Ernest DEANS  
Campos Jimmy DEANS  
Campos Jorge DEANS  
Campos Katherine DEANS  
Canada Aaron DEANS  
Canales Erick PRESDT  
Candia Fabiola DEANS  
candrella joseph DEANS  
Canestra Patricia DEANS  
Canfield Thomas PRESDT  
Canizalez Karla DEANS  
Cano Stephanie DEANS  
Cano Morales Maria PRESDT  
Cantrell James PRESDT  
Cantu Jessica PRESDT  
Capitano Kathleen DEANS  
Caple Kaisha DEANS  
Caraballo Giannina DEANS  
Caravelli Christopher DEANS  
Carbone Denise DEANS  
Cardenas Paul DEANS  
Cardona Mireya DEANS  
Cardoso Emanuella PRESDT  
Cardozo Nila DEANS  
Cardwell Iver DEANS  
Carey Barbara DEANS  
Caridi Philip PRESDT  
Carlson Aaron DEANS  
Carlson Abigail PRESDT  
Carmack Edwin DEANS  
Carnahan Michael DEANS  
Carney Caroline DEANS  
Carney Kevin DEANS  
Carolla Samuel DEANS  
Carpel Joseph DEANS  
Carpenter Cynthia DEANS  
Carpenter Kelly PRESDT  
Carpenter Kirsted DEANS  
Carpenter Lita DEANS  
Carpenter Majia DEANS  
Carpenter Rebecca DEANS  
Carper Nicole DEANS  
Carr Jennifer DEANS  
Carr Patrick DEANS  
Carr Virginia DEANS  
Carroll James DEANS  
Carroll Jonathan DEANS  
Carroll Larissa DEANS  
Carroll Theresa DEANS  
Carson Rachel PRESDT  
Carter Anita DEANS  
Carter Benjamin PRESDT  
Carter Brenda DEANS  
Carter Cynthia DEANS  
Carter Jin PRESDT  
Carter Melinda DEANS  
Carter Sarah DEANS  
Carter Tess DEANS  
Carter Thomas DEANS  
Carter Tiffany DEANS  
Carty Jeffrey DEANS  
Carver Christopher DEANS  
Carver Phillip DEANS  
Casador Kristal DEANS  
Casaro Diana DEANS  
Casey Conner DEANS  
Cashwell Joe DEANS  
Casibang Kimberly DEANS  
Casino Christine DEANS  
Casquero Mayra DEANS  
Cassady Krista DEANS  
Cassel Dean DEANS  
Castagna Judy DEANS  
Castaneda Angela PRESDT  
Castelain Patricia DEANS  
Castilla Melanie DEANS  
Castillo Fernando DEANS  
Castillo Joanne-Ritzelle DEANS  
Castillo Jose DEANS  
Castillo Suzette DEANS  
Castro Diamond DEANS  
Castro Lindsay DEANS  
Castro Maria DEANS  
Castro Marvin PRESDT  
Castro Nanci PRESDT  
Castro Natividad DEANS  
Castro Santiago DEANS  
Castrop Cienna PRESDT  
Castueil Didier PRESDT  
Caswell Pamela DEANS  
Catalfamo Thomas PRESDT  
Catana Sorina DEANS  
Cataquiz Lourdes DEANS  
Cate Emily DEANS  
Cate Walter PRESDT  
Cattanach Colin PRESDT  
Catton Janet PRESDT  
Caucci Joe PRESDT  
Cave Bryan PRESDT  
Cekci Tamar DEANS  
Celenski Mark PRESDT  
Celestin Stacy DEANS  
Celestino Gayeanne PRESDT  
Cengic Melisa PRESDT  
Centeno Lisa PRESDT  
Chach Veronica DEANS  
Chacon Michael DEANS  
Chahine Jameil DEANS  
Chakraborty Bikram DEANS  
Chalf Essam DEANS  
Chalova Valentina DEANS  
Chambers Christine PRESDT  
Chambers Kristine PRESDT  
Chambers Zane DEANS  
Chambliss Rachel DEANS  
Champagne Diane PRESDT  
Champion Blythe DEANS  
Chan Allen DEANS  
Chan Amanda PRESDT  
Chan Che Kei PRESDT  
Chan Ho Ching PRESDT  
Chan Tin Hang PRESDT  
Chance Ethan PRESDT  
Chance Michael DEANS  
Chance Nancy DEANS  
Chandler Kristen PRESDT  
Chandler Lauren DEANS  
Chandra Andrew DEANS  
Chandrasekaran Arthi DEANS  
Chanfreau Agustin DEANS  
Chanfreau Denise DEANS  
Chang Chun-pi PRESDT  
Chang Dennis DEANS  
Chang Joo PRESDT  
Chang Joon PRESDT  
Chang Zai Kang DEANS  
Channa Amna DEANS  
Chanthavong Franky DEANS  
Chao Christina DEANS  
Chapman Alesia DEANS  
Chapman Gail DEANS  
Chapman Jordan DEANS  
Chapman Kelly DEANS  
Chapman Thomas DEANS  
Chappel Elizabeth DEANS  
Chappelear Margarita DEANS  
Chappell Joshua DEANS  
Charles Mercedes PRESDT  
Charnrissuragul Anusorn DEANS  
Chase Fallon DEANS  
Chase John PRESDT  
Chase Siobhan DEANS  
Chatman Coady DEANS  
Chau Michael DEANS  
Chauca Ivan PRESDT  
Chaudery Arsalan DEANS  
Chaudhry Faad DEANS  
Chaudhry Saba DEANS  
Chaudhry Zaheer PRESDT  
Chaudry Sofia PRESDT  
Chaurasia Pratima DEANS  
Chavez Amanda PRESDT  
Chavez Cindy DEANS  
Chavez Randy DEANS  
Che Hye Jin DEANS  
Cheatham Tenesha DEANS  
Chee My-Luan DEANS  
Cheema Hadia DEANS  
Chehaitelli Sarah DEANS  
Chehreh Ramin DEANS  
Chekol Adey DEANS  
Chekol Melaku PRESDT  
Chekulaeva Galina DEANS  
Chelariu Gabriela PRESDT  
Chemrinow Antwon DEANS  
Chen Ann DEANS  
Chen Kevin PRESDT  
Chen Xieyao DEANS  
Chen Yuan PRESDT  
Chen Yu-Fu DEANS  
Chenari Nima PRESDT  
Chenette Laura DEANS  
Cheng Yuhung PRESDT  
Cheon Kathleen DEANS  
Cheong Yon Ho DEANS  
Chergui Zoheir DEANS  
Chernoskutova Tamara DEANS  
Chery Martine DEANS  
Chesky Jason PRESDT  
Chetta Sarah DEANS  
Cheung Paul DEANS  
Cheung Yu Tai DEANS  
Chevarria Fabiola DEANS  
Chew Allen DEANS  
Cheytanov Alexandre DEANS  
Chhetri Manju DEANS  
Chicaiza Victor DEANS  
Chichester Kyndall DEANS  
Chick Theresa DEANS  
Childress Camille PRESDT  
Childs Sequoia DEANS  
Chilson Ayako DEANS  
Chin Judith DEANS  
Chinault Diana DEANS  
Chirinos Claudia DEANS  
Chirkova Ekaterina DEANS  
Chmura Catherine DEANS  
Cho David DEANS  
Cho Hodong PRESDT  
Cho Hyun DEANS  
Cho Sang-mook DEANS  
Cho Young Joon DEANS  
Cho Young Woon PRESDT  
Chodoronek Matthew DEANS  
Choe Jeme DEANS  
Choe Ryeora PRESDT  
Chohan Roshia PRESDT  
Choi Bada DEANS  
Choi Baigalmaa PRESDT  
Choi Jae Won DEANS  
Choi Ji DEANS  
Choi Joyce DEANS  
Choi Jung-ah DEANS  
Choi Mi Ryeong DEANS  
Choi Sera DEANS  
Choi Sharon DEANS  
Choi Tae Won DEANS  
Choi Yong Jin DEANS  
Chon You DEANS  
Chong Gi-Hoon DEANS  
Chong Inhar PRESDT  
Chong Matthew DEANS  
Chong Yujin DEANS  
Chosi Bernice PRESDT  
Choto Dalia DEANS  
Chou Rachel PRESDT  
Choudhary Abu DEANS  
Choudhary Nida DEANS  
Choudhury Fahima DEANS  
Chowdhury Ahsan PRESDT  
Chowdhury Dewan PRESDT  
Chowdhury Muneer DEANS  
Chowhan Ume DEANS  
Choyce Robert DEANS  
Christel Jared DEANS  
Christensen Danielle PRESDT  
Christensen Jessica DEANS  
Christensen Megan PRESDT  
Christian Joann DEANS  
Christian Melinda DEANS  
Christine Samantha DEANS  
Christopher Jeremiah DEANS  
Christou Julianne DEANS  
Chukalov Emil PRESDT  
Chum Stephen DEANS  
Chumpitaz Richard DEANS  
Chun Jason DEANS  
Chun Jeeyoon PRESDT  
Chung Hyeyoon DEANS  
Chung Nguyen DEANS  
Chung Timothy PRESDT  
Chwairy Samar DEANS  
Ciavarella Natalie PRESDT  
Cicio Kenneth DEANS  
Cifuentes Alex DEANS  
Cisse Aminata DEANS  
Cissel Martin DEANS  
Cividanes Michael DEANS  
Clare Ann PRESDT  
Claridge Nelson DEANS  
Clark Aline DEANS  
Clark Anthony DEANS  
Clark Brooke Lyn DEANS  
Clark Caitlin DEANS  
Clark Corrie DEANS  
Clark Esther PRESDT  
Clark Jennifer DEANS  
Clark Kevin DEANS  
Clark Maria PRESDT  
Clark Marilyn DEANS  
Clark Taylor PRESDT  
Clarke Heather DEANS  
Clasen Matthew DEANS  
Clay Valerie DEANS  
Clem Christina DEANS  
Clements Robert DEANS  
Clemmons Heather DEANS  
Clermont Kristen DEANS  
Cleveland Susan PRESDT  
Cline Jenny DEANS  
Clingaman Kelly DEANS  
Clohan Margaret DEANS  
Clouse Abigail DEANS  
Clovie Kelly DEANS  
Coakley Paul DEANS  
Coalson Victoria DEANS  
Cobb Christopher DEANS  
Cocho Kaila DEANS  
Cocito Pablo DEANS  
Coffinberger Benjamin DEANS  
Coggan Laura DEANS  
Cohen Kelly DEANS  
Cohen Surekha DEANS  
Cohn Benjamin DEANS  
Cohn Leah DEANS  
Coker Hawa DEANS  
Colato Aparicio Ingrid DEANS  
Cole Comfort DEANS  
Cole Gary DEANS  
Cole George DEANS  
Cole Grant DEANS  
Cole Kevin DEANS  
Cole Rasheeda DEANS  
Coleman Kathryn DEANS  
Coleman Melissa DEANS  
Coleman Olga PRESDT  
Coles Amanda DEANS  
Colfelt James DEANS  
Colie Stephen DEANS  
Collett Elena DEANS  
Collier Lauren DEANS  
Collins Anthony DEANS  
Collins Gina DEANS  
Collins James DEANS  
Collins Karen PRESDT  
Collins Lisa DEANS  
Collinsworth Vickie DEANS  
Colombo Teruel Omar DEANS  
Colon Lydia DEANS  
Colon Marcela DEANS  
Colton Kelly DEANS  
Combemale Colette PRESDT  
Combs Brownell DEANS  
Combs Ronald DEANS  
Comer Ashley DEANS  
Comerford Kevin DEANS  
Comish Kenneth DEANS  
Commander Cirona DEANS  
Compton Kelly DEANS  
Compton Nathan DEANS  
Conaway Catherine Grace DEANS  
Concepcion Kristine DEANS  
Condezo Alex DEANS  
Congleton William DEANS  
Conklin Daniel DEANS  
Conklin Patrick DEANS  
Conner Jessica DEANS  
Conner Kristi DEANS  
Connolly Kelly DEANS  
Connor Adrian DEANS  
Contreras Gloria DEANS  
Contreras Luis DEANS  
Conway Padmatti DEANS  
Cook Abigail DEANS  
Cook Aubrey DEANS  
Cook Caroline DEANS  
Cook Carroll DEANS  
Cook Gregory DEANS  
Cook Jordan-Brittany DEANS  
Cook Nash PRESDT  
Cooke Emily DEANS  
Cooke Kiel PRESDT  
Cooke Megan DEANS  
Cooke Meghan DEANS  
Cooley Elizabeth DEANS  
Cooley Foree DEANS  
Cooley Patricia DEANS  
Coomer Jennifer DEANS  
Cooper Anna DEANS  
Cooper Axel DEANS  
Cooper Curtis DEANS  
Cooper Jackson PRESDT  
Cooper Younikka PRESDT  
Coopwood Kennedy DEANS  
Copeland Moira DEANS  
Coradin Jose DEANS  
Corado Cristian DEANS  
Coram Joseph DEANS  
Coram Sarah DEANS  
Corbett Michael DEANS  
Cordaro Michelle DEANS  
Cordeiro Daine DEANS  
Cordero-Teran Deidy DEANS  
Cordes Sara DEANS  
Corea David DEANS  
Corey Sarah DEANS  
Corey Willie DEANS  
Corkery Eileen DEANS  
Cornejo-De La Mora Bibiana DEANS  
cornell frederick DEANS  
Cornett Ashley PRESDT  
Corney Lindell DEANS  
Cornish Elijah DEANS  
Cornwell Dustin DEANS  
Cornwell Jonathan DEANS  
Cororaton Agnes DEANS  
Corpuz Gary DEANS  
Corson Abraham DEANS  
Cortes Luisa DEANS  
Cortez Ramiro DEANS  
Cortez Verano Daniela PRESDT  
Corzo Stefano DEANS  
Cosman Jennifer DEANS  
Cossio Ivan DEANS  
Cossio Lillian PRESDT  
Cota-Wertz Fernando DEANS  
Cottle Ellen DEANS  
Cotto baez Miguel DEANS  
Cotton Meghan PRESDT  
Cotts Lisa DEANS  
Coulter Kristi DEANS  
Coupe Justin DEANS  
Courtenay Mercedes DEANS  
Courtney Brittany DEANS  
Cousins Haley DEANS  
Couteau Kevin DEANS  
Coutry Brian DEANS  
Coutu Justin DEANS  
Couture Vanessa DEANS  
Covert Catharine DEANS  
Covert Tanya DEANS  
Coward Liselle DEANS  
Cox David PRESDT  
Cox Jessica PRESDT  
Cox Joseph DEANS  
Cox Michael DEANS  
Cox Patrick DEANS  
Cox Ralph DEANS  
cox Sara DEANS  
Cradic Brandon DEANS  
Craib Margaret DEANS  
Craig Leilani DEANS  
Craig Nicolas PRESDT  
Crandell Ronald DEANS  
Crane Sherri DEANS  
Crawford Natasha DEANS  
Creech William DEANS  
Creed Michael DEANS  
Cremeans Joshua PRESDT  
Crenshaw Christopher DEANS  
Creps Ryan PRESDT  
Crespin Claudia DEANS  
Crews Diane DEANS  
Crews Jonathan DEANS  
Crider Kenneth PRESDT  
Crimmins Colin DEANS  
Crisostomo Khristine Anne DEANS  
Crispin Kathryn DEANS  
Criss Conard DEANS  
Critcher Robert PRESDT  
Crites Keleigh PRESDT  
Croke Jessie DEANS  
Cronin Sean PRESDT  
Cross Alicia DEANS  
Cross James DEANS  
Cross Jennifer DEANS  
Cross Joshua DEANS  
Crow Linda DEANS  
crowder rebecca DEANS  
Crowell-Mackie John DEANS  
Crown III John PRESDT  
Cruise Stefan DEANS  
Crum Jennifer PRESDT  
Crum Jessica DEANS  
Crump Timothy DEANS  
Cruz David PRESDT  
Cruz Jessica DEANS  
Cruz Lauren DEANS  
Cruz Rosa DEANS  
Cruz Stephanie DEANS  
Cruz nina Veronica DEANS  
Cuellar Jessica DEANS  
Cuellar Patricia DEANS  
Cuesta Jonathan DEANS  
Cuesta Margaret PRESDT  
Cuevas Andrea PRESDT  
Cuevas Marco DEANS  
Culbertson Hannah PRESDT  
Cullom Lisa DEANS  
Culpepper Jonathan DEANS  
Cummings Tahlia DEANS  
Cummins Nicholas DEANS  
Cunningham Eric PRESDT  
Cunningham Erin DEANS  
Cuppett Sara DEANS  
Curcio Alexander DEANS  
Curington Rahsaan DEANS  
Currey Isaac DEANS  
Currey Joanna DEANS  
Curry Austin DEANS  
Curry Jeffrey DEANS  
Curry Jessica DEANS  
Curry William DEANS  
Curtis Andrew PRESDT  
Curtis Bryan DEANS  
Curtis Jonathan DEANS  
Custer Bonnie DEANS  
Cuya Gabriela DEANS  
Cywinski Joshua PRESDT  
Czapski Natalia DEANS  
Czech Justin DEANS