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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Ba Adama DEANS  
Ba Sawdiatou DEANS  
Babaie Alexander DEANS  
Babitzke Melissa DEANS  
babsa john DEANS  
Bachmann Laurent DEANS  
Bacus Adam DEANS  
Baddoo Lauretta PRESDT  
Baddoo Philip DEANS  
Badley Alexander DEANS  
Baggott Amy DEANS  
Bagumira Emmanuel DEANS  
Bah Mamadou PRESDT  
Baha Najeeb DEANS  
Bahadar Asma DEANS  
Baharustani Haseebullah DEANS  
Bahk Candace DEANS  
Bahr Lauren DEANS  
Baig Azhar DEANS  
Baik Ju Yoong DEANS  
Bailey Evala PRESDT  
Bailey Jason DEANS  
Bailey Jeremy DEANS  
Bailey Stacey DEANS  
Bailey Tasha DEANS  
Baird Myhoa PRESDT  
Baird Raymond DEANS  
Baird Robert DEANS  
Baitinger Christopher DEANS  
Bajwa Novpreet DEANS  
Baker Abram DEANS  
Baker Amy DEANS  
Baker Bernadine DEANS  
Baker Courtney DEANS  
Baker Jamie DEANS  
Baker MacKenzie DEANS  
Bakhshi-Azar Vibeke PRESDT  
Bakir Ahmead PRESDT  
Balboa Grecia PRESDT  
Balderrama Sergio DEANS  
Baldesi Colleen DEANS  
Baldino Christopher DEANS  
Baldoz Sharie Rose DEANS  
Baldwin Katherine DEANS  
Balestieri Alessandra DEANS  
Balin Kamara Tenneh DEANS  
Balla Andrew DEANS  
Ballard Kathrina DEANS  
Balmakhtar Soufiane DEANS  
Balouch Furqan DEANS  
Balutis Juliette DEANS  
Bamford Michaela DEANS  
Banach Richard DEANS  
Banda Neidra DEANS  
Bandoh Travis DEANS  
Banegas Jenny DEANS  
Bang Hye Bin PRESDT  
Bangura Abibatu DEANS  
Banks Chynna DEANS  
Bannourah Firas PRESDT  
Bansah Rhodalyn DEANS  
Bao Huy PRESDT  
Barber Andrew DEANS  
Barber Danielle DEANS  
Barbour Laura DEANS  
Barden Kathryn DEANS  
Bardwell Lauren PRESDT  
Bare Joseph DEANS  
Bare Lan DEANS  
Bare Tiffany DEANS  
Barker Cassiopeia DEANS  
Barlis Gina DEANS  
Barlow Angela DEANS  
Barlow Christina DEANS  
Barnes Chase DEANS  
Barnes Colin DEANS  
Barnes Julie DEANS  
Barnes Raymond DEANS  
Barnes Sean DEANS  
Barnett Jessica DEANS  
Barnett Matthew DEANS  
Barnhill Judy DEANS  
Barninger Jeffrey DEANS  
Baron Carla DEANS  
Barqadle Khalid DEANS  
Barrett Dawn DEANS  
Barrett Stephanie DEANS  
Barringer Jack PRESDT  
Barron Andrea DEANS  
Barry Amy DEANS  
Barry Christina DEANS  
Barry Ousmane DEANS  
Barrymore Jennifer DEANS  
Bartelt Cory DEANS  
Bartholomew Catherine DEANS  
Bartlett Christine DEANS  
Barto Carol Lynne DEANS  
Barton Jamie DEANS  
Barton Kathryn DEANS  
Bartosh Risa DEANS  
Bartzsch Janina DEANS  
Baruda Zinash PRESDT  
Barwis Koren DEANS  
Basham Benjamin DEANS  
Basham Nicholas DEANS  
Basheda Alexandra DEANS  
Bashir Shamaila DEANS  
Bash-Taqi Aminata PRESDT  
Basiga Jerson DEANS  
Basilio Mary DEANS  
Basitova Iroda DEANS  
Bassil Joana DEANS  
Bastos Felipe DEANS  
Bastos Leandro DEANS  
Baszynska Androna DEANS  
Bates Jessica DEANS  
Bathe Beth DEANS  
Batzorig Khongorzul PRESDT  
Batzorig Telmuun DEANS  
Baucom Rachel DEANS  
Bauer Samantha PRESDT  
Bauer Sarah DEANS  
Baugh Dennis DEANS  
Baugher Kyle DEANS  
Baugher Lansen DEANS  
Baukin John DEANS  
Baumgartner Marcia DEANS  
Bausch David DEANS  
Bavaria Laura DEANS  
Bayarski Laura PRESDT  
Bayley Christina DEANS  
Bean Theresa DEANS  
Beard Chino DEANS  
Beard Jessica DEANS  
Beattie Annia DEANS  
Beatty Andrew DEANS  
Beaudoin Denise DEANS  
Beaudoin Norman DEANS  
Beavan Sharon DEANS  
Beavers Veronica DEANS  
Becker Martina DEANS  
Beckett Kenneth DEANS  
Bedasso Berhanu DEANS  
Bedford James PRESDT  
Bedon Alexandra DEANS  
Bedraoui Othmane PRESDT  
Beeman Angela DEANS  
Beers Katherine DEANS  
Beg Madina DEANS  
Begazo Maria Alejandra DEANS  
Beheshtian Seyed DEANS  
Beheshtin Behrouz DEANS  
Behnam Sonita DEANS  
Beirne Timothy DEANS  
Bekkali Mohammed DEANS  
Belanger Korey DEANS  
Belay Tesfaye DEANS  
Belcheva Galina DEANS  
Belete Jemanesh DEANS  
Belguinha Dario DEANS  
Belguinha Michael PRESDT  
Belhaj Soulami Fadela PRESDT  
Bell Kyle PRESDT  
Bell Ryan DEANS  
Bell Stephanie DEANS  
Bellamy Michael DEANS  
Beltran Aaron PRESDT  
Ben Ayed Karima DEANS  
Benamar Mouadh PRESDT  
Benami Jonathan PRESDT  
Benavente Jennifer DEANS  
Benavides Mauricio DEANS  
BenBoubaker Mariem PRESDT  
Benes Thomas DEANS  
Benguedouar Alaa DEANS  
Benhaddou Jaouaher DEANS  
Benhammou Youssef DEANS  
Benissan Messan PRESDT  
Benitez Gloria DEANS  
Benitez Samier PRESDT  
Benjamin Christina DEANS  
Benkert Elizabeth DEANS  
Benner Christina DEANS  
Bennett Antoine DEANS  
Bennett Arthur PRESDT  
Bennett Bisona PRESDT  
Bennett Erin DEANS  
Bennett Kenneth DEANS  
Bennett Matthew DEANS  
Bennett Wendy DEANS  
Bennett Jr John DEANS  
Benson Aaron DEANS  
Benson Cynthia DEANS  
Bentley Lauren DEANS  
Bentz Greg PRESDT  
Berasko Ayman DEANS  
Berchtold Lesley DEANS  
Bereded Kidist DEANS  
Berg Candra PRESDT  
Berganza Flor DEANS  
Berganza Merlin DEANS  
Berge Stephan DEANS  
berger benjamin DEANS  
Berger Lorena DEANS  
Bergeron Marie PRESDT  
Bergstrom-wood Raemond DEANS  
Berhie Awot DEANS  
Bernard Jeffrey DEANS  
Bernard Terence PRESDT  
Bernardo Jose DEANS  
Bernardo Richie DEANS  
Bernedo Sandy DEANS  
Berrillos Sandra DEANS  
Berrios John DEANS  
Berrios Manuel DEANS  
Berrios Alfaro Juan DEANS  
Berro Nicole DEANS  
Berry Enny DEANS  
Berry Nicholas DEANS  
Berryman Cortney DEANS  
Berschauer Jacob DEANS  
Berthelsen Richard DEANS  
Bertrand Corinna PRESDT  
Berver Caroline DEANS  
Beshir Asmaa PRESDT  
Beshir Nadia DEANS  
Bess Cheyenne DEANS  
Best Vern DEANS  
Betancourt Ashley DEANS  
Betts Kristopher DEANS  
Betz Caitlin DEANS  
Beutel Peter DEANS  
Bevenour Kaitlyn DEANS  
Beverage Justin DEANS  
Beverstock Brooks PRESDT  
Beverstock David DEANS  
Bexfield Kathryn DEANS  
Beyer Natalie DEANS  
Beyers Leah DEANS  
Bhaghavatula Sashank PRESDT  
Bhagwat Tejas PRESDT  
Bhatia Nitin DEANS  
Bhattarai Sateesh PRESDT  
Bhatti Amar DEANS  
Bhatti Atta ur DEANS  
Bhatti Mohammad PRESDT  
Bhatti Taaha DEANS  
Bhowmic Suchismita DEANS  
Bhuiyan Tahmina DEANS  
Bhuller Jatinder DEANS  
Bibeau Jondavid DEANS  
Bibi Shelah DEANS  
Bieber Andrew PRESDT  
Bieleszczuk Agata DEANS  
Bienerth-Jaszay Dora DEANS  
Biesecker Brittany DEANS  
Bih Stephanie DEANS  
Bihon Makda DEANS  
Bilaal Ayaanah DEANS  
Bilbow Christa DEANS  
Bilowus Jeremy DEANS  
Binns Christen DEANS  
Birihanyuma Beatrice DEANS  
Birisik Mehmet PRESDT  
Bischoff Bruce DEANS  
Bishop Kelsey DEANS  
Bista Chandra DEANS  
Bisulca Timothy DEANS  
Bizon Peter DEANS  
Bjorkman Melissa PRESDT  
Black Ellen PRESDT  
Black Kathryn DEANS  
Black Meredith PRESDT  
Black Susannah DEANS  
Blackmon Christopher DEANS  
Blackwell Diane DEANS  
Blair Andrew PRESDT  
Blair Joseph DEANS  
Blair Keenan DEANS  
Blake Alexandra DEANS  
Blake Bret DEANS  
Blake Christina DEANS  
Blake David DEANS  
Blake Oswald DEANS  
Blakeslee Eleanor DEANS  
Blakqori Arijeta DEANS  
Blalock Bethany DEANS  
Blanco Elmer DEANS  
Bland Kevin DEANS  
Blanton SonjaJoyce DEANS  
Blasser Kyle PRESDT  
Bleach Joe DEANS  
Bleakly Janine PRESDT  
Bledsoe Crystal DEANS  
Bledsoe Peter DEANS  
Bledsoe Shannon DEANS  
Blee Meagan DEANS  
Bletso Dee PRESDT  
Blevins Charles DEANS  
Blinn Shannon DEANS  
Blohm Peter DEANS  
Blondin Jenise-marie DEANS  
Bloom Nicholas DEANS  
Bloomer Brianna DEANS  
Blount Elizabeth DEANS  
Boakyewaa Victoria DEANS  
Boateng Andrew DEANS  
Boateng Emma DEANS  
Boateng Samuel DEANS  
Boateng Shantel DEANS  
Boeding Jesse DEANS  
Boehmer Tanya PRESDT  
Boelk Allyssia PRESDT  
Boelk Christina DEANS  
Boerger Daniela DEANS  
Boesche Linda DEANS  
Bogart Tyler DEANS  
Boger Erik DEANS  
Boggs Justine DEANS  
Boggs Katelyn PRESDT  
Bogus Jason DEANS  
Bohle Michael DEANS  
Bohn Samantha PRESDT  
Boigegrain Keith DEANS  
Boigegrain Rhonda DEANS  
Boku Samuel DEANS  
Bolalin Maria DEANS  
Bolanos Holly DEANS  
Bolanos Lindana DEANS  
Bolin Kevin PRESDT  
Bolton Candice PRESDT  
Bolton Rebecca DEANS  
Bonakdar Shahed DEANS  
Bonanjah Valerie DEANS  
Bond Amanda PRESDT  
Bondarenko Oxana DEANS  
Bondo Kyle DEANS  
Bongiovanni Kirsten DEANS  
Bonham-Lovett Colin DEANS  
Bonick James DEANS  
Bonicky Kenneth DEANS  
Bonilla Cortes Sergio DEANS  
Bonjour Melissa DEANS  
Bono Chianna DEANS  
Bonyadian Behnam DEANS  
Booker Michelle DEANS  
Boosinger Robert DEANS  
Boothby Lauren DEANS  
Boothe Phil DEANS  
Boquet Margaret DEANS  
Borda German DEANS  
Borda Rosario DEANS  
Borden Cynthia DEANS  
Borders Joshua DEANS  
Borean Richard PRESDT  
Borecky Kenneth PRESDT  
Borges Sonia DEANS  
Borno Kore DEANS  
Boron Jonathan DEANS  
Borras Karmen DEANS  
Borrelli Christopher DEANS  
Boru Issack DEANS  
Bose Nibedita DEANS  
Boskemper-Whann Karen DEANS  
Boster Monica DEANS  
Bott Tristan DEANS  
Bouadjadj Fouzia DEANS  
Bouchard Anna DEANS  
Boudad Rachid PRESDT  
Boufalla Hafida PRESDT  
Bougazzoul Manal PRESDT  
Bouland Jennifer DEANS  
Bouldin Amy DEANS  
Boumlic Issam PRESDT  
Bourdelais Karin PRESDT  
Bourque Chadwick DEANS  
Bouydra Abdelilah DEANS  
Bovee Michelle DEANS  
Bowen Ciara PRESDT  
Bowen Jacqueline DEANS  
Bowes Brian DEANS  
Bowie Colton DEANS  
Bowland Leigh DEANS  
Bowles Joshua DEANS  
Bowling Jessica DEANS  
Bowman Anthony PRESDT  
Boyd Jamie DEANS  
Boyd Katie DEANS  
Boyle Amy DEANS  
Boyle Caitlin DEANS  
Boyne Mary DEANS  
Bozadjian George PRESDT  
Bozzay Paul PRESDT  
Bracken Michelle DEANS  
Bradbury Troy DEANS  
Bradley Beau PRESDT  
Bradley Joshua DEANS  
Bragg Molly DEANS  
Brandon John DEANS  
Brandt Giso PRESDT  
Brandt Linus DEANS  
Brannigan Megan DEANS  
Brannock Stephen DEANS  
Brantley Jonithan DEANS  
Brar Anmol DEANS  
Brassell Colleen DEANS  
Bravo Ruth DEANS  
Braxton Kevin DEANS  
braxton norrin DEANS  
Bray Elizabeth PRESDT  
Brazell Cynthia DEANS  
Brazelton Jamila PRESDT  
Brazie Nicole DEANS  
Breeden Margaret DEANS  
Breedlove David DEANS  
Bremer Daniel DEANS  
Bremmer Jennifer DEANS  
Brenner Ana DEANS  
Bresley Erin DEANS  
Brewer Kimberly DEANS  
Brewer Sean DEANS  
Brewster Janna DEANS  
Brewster Whitney DEANS  
Brice Hannah DEANS  
Briceno Nelson DEANS  
Bricker Amber DEANS  
Briggs Chase PRESDT  
Briggs Gloria DEANS  
Bright Darlene PRESDT  
Brigola Andrew Chalmer DEANS  
Brill Jason DEANS  
Brimmer Matthew PRESDT  
Brinkman Karolynn DEANS  
Brinkman Yuri Anne DEANS  
Brinley Joseph PRESDT  
Bristow Brian DEANS  
Brites Bruna PRESDT  
Britt Cortnie PRESDT  
Britt Dionyeus PRESDT  
Brizuela Karla DEANS  
Broda Maria DEANS  
Broderick James DEANS  
Brooks Bryan DEANS  
Brooks Carmen DEANS  
Brooks Eleanne PRESDT  
Brooks Ellyn DEANS  
Brooks James DEANS  
Brooks Jason DEANS  
Brooks Jeff PRESDT  
Brooks Kaitlin DEANS  
Brooks Matthew DEANS  
Brothers Spencer DEANS  
Brower Cara DEANS  
Brower Lindsey PRESDT  
Brower Mark PRESDT  
Brown Andrew PRESDT  
Brown Connie DEANS  
Brown Danielle DEANS  
Brown Elizabeth PRESDT  
Brown Franklin PRESDT  
Brown Gavin DEANS  
Brown Jonathan DEANS  
Brown Kadiatu DEANS  
Brown Kevin DEANS  
Brown Latoya DEANS  
Brown Laura DEANS  
Brown Malcolm DEANS  
Brown Mary PRESDT  
Brown Maurice DEANS  
Brown Mcfred DEANS  
Brown Michael DEANS  
Brown Revelation DEANS  
Brown Robert PRESDT  
Brown Sarah DEANS  
Brown Sean DEANS  
Brown Shannon PRESDT  
Brown Tatiana PRESDT  
Brown Taylor DEANS  
Brown Trevor DEANS  
Browne Kalin DEANS  
Browne-jacobs Carolyn DEANS  
Browning Sandra DEANS  
Bruce-Tagoe Jacqueline DEANS  
Bruch Rachel PRESDT  
Bruckenthal Noabeth DEANS  
Brugno Michael DEANS  
Brugueras Alexander DEANS  
Bruington Ronel DEANS  
Brumet Pamela DEANS  
Brundick Sopheil DEANS  
Bruner John PRESDT  
Bruns Anne DEANS  
Bruss Caroline PRESDT  
Bryan Chelsia PRESDT  
Bryan Vickers DEANS  
Bryant Erica DEANS  
Bryant Kimberly DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Bryant-Bailey Olivia DEANS  
Bryar Jeremiah DEANS  
Bryner Angela DEANS  
Bublitz Ashley DEANS  
Bucciarelli Matthew DEANS  
Buchanan Sara DEANS  
Buchanan Stephanie DEANS  
Buckley Anne PRESDT  
Buckwalter Jessica DEANS  
Budinsky Robert DEANS  
Buell Victoria DEANS  
Buettner Dennis DEANS  
Buffone Christopher DEANS  
Bui Catherine DEANS  
Bui Chinh DEANS  
Bui Diep DEANS  
Bukhari Syed DEANS  
Bukont Anna DEANS  
Bulatov Anton DEANS  
Bull Agnes DEANS  
Buller Heather DEANS  
Bullert Kinga DEANS  
Bullock Jacob DEANS  
Bunce Sirlanka DEANS  
Bunch Amanda DEANS  
Buning Andrew DEANS  
Buning Bonnie DEANS  
Bunkley Ebony DEANS  
Buracker Jacob DEANS  
Burasinsa-nga Vidhaya DEANS  
Burch Adam PRESDT  
Burch Kelly DEANS  
Burdick Kara DEANS  
Burge Duwayne DEANS  
Burgess Ariel DEANS  
Burgess Jason PRESDT  
Burgess Thomas PRESDT  
Burk Daniel DEANS  
Burke Christene DEANS  
Burkholder Louise DEANS  
Burks Ebony DEANS  
Burlew Clifton DEANS  
Burn Jennifer PRESDT  
Burnham Kristen DEANS  
Burns David DEANS  
burns Lynda DEANS  
Burns Michael DEANS  
Buro Jeanette DEANS  
Burr Stacy DEANS  
Burrell Jennifer DEANS  
Burris Timothy PRESDT  
Burrus Zachary DEANS  
Burton Rebecca PRESDT  
Burzy Monika PRESDT  
Busch April DEANS  
Bush Andrea PRESDT  
Butcher Mary DEANS  
Butler Austin PRESDT  
Butler Brittany DEANS  
Butler Kathline DEANS  
Butler Lisa DEANS  
Butterworth Wilson PRESDT  
Buyanbadrakh Munkh-Ochir DEANS  
Buyandelger Saikhantsets PRESDT  
Buzzard Heather DEANS  
Byerley Thomas DEANS  
Byrne Bridget PRESDT  
Byrne Hannah DEANS  
Byrne Rodney DEANS  
Byrnes Kelly DEANS  
Byun Erin PRESDT  
Byun Yuri PRESDT