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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2009

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Aabeddin Faiza DEANS  
Aba Alicia DEANS  
Abate Silvana DEANS  
Abayasinghe Bhanu PRESDT  
Abbey Derick DEANS  
Abbott Jennifer DEANS  
Abbott Kristin DEANS  
Abbott Victoria DEANS  
Abdalla Allenna-Marie DEANS  
Abdalla Israa PRESDT  
Abdalla Raga DEANS  
Abdalla Rida DEANS  
Abdelali Abdeslem PRESDT  
abdelgader hassan DEANS  
Abdellatif Abdelrahman DEANS  
Abdi Abdi Karim DEANS  
Abdirahman Idil DEANS  
Abdo Lula DEANS  
Abdon Jennifer PRESDT  
Abdoolrohumun Ziyaad DEANS  
Abdul Jamil Allahah DEANS  
Abdulahi Fozia DEANS  
Abdulkareem Khalid DEANS  
Abdullah Zainab DEANS  
Abdul-Rahman Zulaiha DEANS  
Abdul-Samii Hamdalatu DEANS  
Abe Joshua DEANS  
Abebe Edom PRESDT  
Abebe Selamawit DEANS  
Abebe Yetnayet DEANS  
Abed Rabbo Ala DEANS  
Abedje Dagmawi DEANS  
Abel Julia DEANS  
Abenes Samantha DEANS  
Abera Lensa DEANS  
Abikar Filsan DEANS  
Ablikem Nurebiya DEANS  
Aboagye Barbara DEANS  
Abolfotouh Arian DEANS  
Abolohoum Akram DEANS  
Aboubakri Shoukoufa DEANS  
Aboulmouna Nancy DEANS  
Abrahams Christopher DEANS  
Abrar Sadaf PRESDT  
abrari soheila DEANS  
Abrego Valentina DEANS  
Abreu Maria DEANS  
Abuagla Mariam DEANS  
Abu-El-Hawa Amir DEANS  
Abugharbieh Lana DEANS  
Abu-Ghazaleh Samira DEANS  
abulhawa nisreen DEANS  
Aburish Tina PRESDT  
Abza Tesfaye PRESDT  
Accinelli Andrea PRESDT  
Aceituno Wendy DEANS  
Achmar Dana PRESDT  
Achmar Larra DEANS  
Achour Hadi DEANS  
Ackerman Jennifer DEANS  
Acquah Eunice DEANS  
Adam Chad DEANS  
Adam Gregory PRESDT  
Adam Teyba DEANS  
Adamczyk Sandra DEANS  
Adams A-Darn DEANS  
Adams Emily DEANS  
Adams Jennifer DEANS  
Adams Robert DEANS  
Adams Rosemarie PRESDT  
Adams Stephen DEANS  
Adamson Travis PRESDT  
Adamu Gedyon PRESDT  
Adamu Tekuamwork DEANS  
Adao Ainsley Erden PRESDT  
Adcock Aarika DEANS  
Adem Liya DEANS  
Adhana Lidiya PRESDT  
adhikari amrit DEANS  
Adhikari Ishwor DEANS  
Adhikari Lokesh DEANS  
Adhikari Sujan DEANS  
Adibpour Majid DEANS  
Adibpour Mehrdad DEANS  
Adinig Grace DEANS  
Adinig Myron DEANS  
Adjei Michael DEANS  
Adkins III Paul DEANS  
Adom Charity DEANS  
Adu Francis DEANS  
Adubofour Franklin DEANS  
Adugna Kalkidan DEANS  
Aerts Ronald DEANS  
Africa Angela DEANS  
Afrose Afreen DEANS  
Aftab Samia DEANS  
Afzal Ismail DEANS  
Afzal Jaan PRESDT  
Afzall Ashley PRESDT  
Agbassi Amelie DEANS  
Aguilar Lucia DEANS  
Aguilar Meza Maria DEANS  
Aguiluz Natalia DEANS  
Agyei Kwabena PRESDT  
Agyeiwaa Mavis PRESDT  
Agyeman-Duah Baffour DEANS  
Agyemang Eunice DEANS  
Agyemang Florence PRESDT  
Ahearn Jay DEANS  
Ahmad Afaf DEANS  
Ahmad Naseer PRESDT  
Ahmad Saima DEANS  
Ahmad Sara PRESDT  
Ahmad Shamin DEANS  
Ahmad Wahida PRESDT  
Ahmadi Manila DEANS  
Ahmann Matthew DEANS  
Ahmed Ali DEANS  
Ahmed Ayaz DEANS  
Ahmed Hera PRESDT  
Ahmed Ikhra DEANS  
Ahmed Marzuk DEANS  
Ahmed Mohamed PRESDT  
Ahmed Sadath DEANS  
Ahmed Sami PRESDT  
Ahmed Shahbaz PRESDT  
Ahn Tae Yong DEANS  
Ahn Yeun Gi DEANS  
Ahsan Nabeel DEANS  
Aiken John PRESDT  
Ainooson Ebenezer DEANS  
Ait said Youssef DEANS  
Ajaj Nigah DEANS  
Akanza Anicet DEANS  
Akemgu Quinta DEANS  
Akenten Felicity DEANS  
Akhtar Muhammad DEANS  
Akhwand Mustafa DEANS  
Akter Naziba DEANS  
Al Fallah Mohamed DEANS  
Al Harthi Norah DEANS  
Al-alawi Zubeida DEANS  
Alami Ouahabi Karim DEANS  
Alaoui ismaili Naima DEANS  
Alarcon jarjuri Jaen PRESDT  
Al-Ayoubi Nadia PRESDT  
Al-azm Mohamad DEANS  
Alba Illyana DEANS  
Albano cooke Briana DEANS  
Albert Daniel DEANS  
Albrecht Bianca PRESDT  
Alcantara Sarah PRESDT  
Alden Ashley PRESDT  
Alderman Sandra DEANS  
Aldhaheri Afra DEANS  
Aldosari Ahmed PRESDT  
Aldosari Mohanned PRESDT  
Aldridge Megan DEANS  
Aldridge William DEANS  
Aleksova Iva DEANS  
Alemu Meskerem DEANS  
Alemu Nardos DEANS  
Alexander Brian DEANS  
Alexander Jennifer DEANS  
Alexander Justin PRESDT  
Alexander Lane DEANS  
Alexander Lorenna DEANS  
Alexander Renee DEANS  
Alexander Steven DEANS  
Alexy Johanna DEANS  
Alfaro Henry DEANS  
Alfonse Khushdil DEANS  
Alford Dana PRESDT  
Alghailani Shahd PRESDT  
Alhakeem Perwin DEANS  
Alhariri Sara DEANS  
Alhassan Mohammed DEANS  
Alhomsi Zaina DEANS  
Ali Abbas DEANS  
Ali Annam DEANS  
Ali Faiza PRESDT  
Ali Iqbal PRESDT  
Ali Lina PRESDT  
Ali Mohamed DEANS  
Ali Sumon DEANS  
Ali Syed DEANS  
Ali Zeinab PRESDT  
Alicea Alex DEANS  
Alizai Farhat PRESDT  
Aljazairi Mustafa DEANS  
Al-jazairi Nofel DEANS  
Al-Kadhi Meshari DEANS  
Alkarnous Dalia PRESDT  
Alkas Fatma PRESDT  
Alkas Zuhal DEANS  
Alkhalaf Ibrahim DEANS  
Alkhaldi Maha DEANS  
Alkhateeb Nisreen DEANS  
Alkhayareen Rashid PRESDT  
Al-Khayarin Abdulla PRESDT  
AL-khulaidy Tarek PRESDT  
Alkorshemi Mohamed DEANS  
Allcroft Jeffrey DEANS  
Allen Annabel PRESDT  
Allen Christopher DEANS  
Allen Daniel DEANS  
Allen Emily DEANS  
Allen Johanna DEANS  
Allen Jon-Michael DEANS  
Allen Joseph DEANS  
Allen Kara DEANS  
Allen Kaylin DEANS  
Allen Kerry PRESDT  
Allen Kyle DEANS  
Allen Tamecka DEANS  
Allen Warren DEANS  
Alley Piper DEANS  
Allison Ralph DEANS  
Allouche Abdellah DEANS  
Allred Christina DEANS  
Almanza Laura DEANS  
Almanzar Alexandra DEANS  
Almodovar Amanda DEANS  
ALnaimi Awida DEANS  
Alnashawati Ahmad DEANS  
Alqaq Rami DEANS  
Al-Quraish Zahra PRESDT  
Alsayyad Ahmad DEANS  
Al-Shawaf Rabab PRESDT  
Alshereif Badria DEANS  
al-shingieti iman DEANS  
Alston Jody DEANS  
Al-Tashi Hadeel DEANS  
Althabet Samy DEANS  
Althaus Elizabeth DEANS  
Althaus Silvia PRESDT  
Altomare Meghann DEANS  
Altum Kate DEANS  
Alvarado Cynthia DEANS  
Alvarado Hugo DEANS  
Alvarado Immer PRESDT  
Alvarado Jessica DEANS  
Alvarado Keren PRESDT  
Alvarenga Keyry DEANS  
Alvarez Jaymie DEANS  
Alvarez Shirley DEANS  
Alvarez Vilma DEANS  
Alvarez Wilber DEANS  
Alvarez Garcia Allison DEANS  
Alvey Keith DEANS  
Alwash Mahmood DEANS  
Alzayat Mihad DEANS  
Alzayat Mlyard DEANS  
Amaral Anthony DEANS  
Amare Alemneh DEANS  
Amas Martha DEANS  
Amatetti Alexis PRESDT  
Amato Hillary DEANS  
Amer Omar PRESDT  
Ameri Maryam DEANS  
America Johnathon PRESDT  
Amezquita Leonor DEANS  
amezquita miguel DEANS  
Amin Abdullah DEANS  
Amini Jaleh PRESDT  
Aminov Nadia DEANS  
Amireh Mariam PRESDT  
Amireh Yunos PRESDT  
Amiruddin Amir Shahrir DEANS  
Amjad Arif DEANS  
Ammon Bonnie PRESDT  
Amoako Venissa PRESDT  
Amodeo Rosemary DEANS  
Amortegui Catalina DEANS  
Amos Kathleen DEANS  
Ampadu - kyere Kwadwo DEANS  
Ampomah Diana DEANS  
Ampong Charity DEANS  
Ampuero Karla DEANS  
Amri Hanan DEANS  
Amurrio-Moya Flavio DEANS  
Anable Jared DEANS  
Anaya Dilliana DEANS  
Andersen Sean PRESDT  
Anderson Andrew DEANS  
Anderson Bertha DEANS  
Anderson Christopher DEANS  
Anderson Justin DEANS  
Anderson Matthew DEANS  
Anderson Michael DEANS  
Anderson Preston DEANS  
Anderson Twanna DEANS  
Andes Christian PRESDT  
Andia-Claure Lucero DEANS  
Andre' Jonathan PRESDT  
Andren John PRESDT  
Andresen Paul DEANS  
Andrews Amber PRESDT  
Andrews John PRESDT  
Andrews Justin DEANS  
Andrews My-ly DEANS  
Andrews Rachel DEANS  
Andrino David DEANS  
Andrino Emily DEANS  
angeny daniel DEANS  
Anim Jacklyn DEANS  
Aniroodh Andrea DEANS  
Ankney Robert DEANS  
Anlas Luis DEANS  
Anonas Cristina DEANS  
Ansah Esther PRESDT  
Ansari Asad DEANS  
Antal Marie DEANS  
Anthony Jessica PRESDT  
Antolik Steven DEANS  
Anton Joshua DEANS  
Antonio Ana Carolina DEANS  
Antonio Therese DEANS  
Antonova Olga DEANS  
Antsiferova Valeriya DEANS  
Anwar Sajad DEANS  
Anwar Tamim PRESDT  
Aparicio Katherine DEANS  
Apedoe Nana PRESDT  
Apgar Melinda DEANS  
Apodaca Jose PRESDT  
Appiah Amma DEANS  
Appiah Philip DEANS  
Appiah-Knudsen Alexander DEANS  
Aquino Felipe DEANS  
Aquino Miguel PRESDT  
Aram Nancy DEANS  
Aramayo Agatha PRESDT  
Arana Norma DEANS  
Arandia Carlos PRESDT  
Arandia Karen DEANS  
Arango Al DEANS  
Araujo Joao DEANS  
Ardila Elkin DEANS  
Areef Jamila DEANS  
Aregay Maeregu PRESDT  
Arellano Edgar DEANS  
Arevalo Cynthia DEANS  
Arezzo Jennifer DEANS  
Argayoso Michael Angelo PRESDT  
Argenbright Heather DEANS  
Argomedo Leydu DEANS  
Argote Jomary PRESDT  
Argueta Ruth DEANS  
Arias Mauricio DEANS  
Arias-Reyes Aida DEANS  
Arif Imran DEANS  
Armas Claudia DEANS  
Armenia Whitney PRESDT  
Armstrong Anna DEANS  
Armstrong Kyle DEANS  
Armstrong Maria DEANS  
Armstrong Robert DEANS  
Arney Amanda DEANS  
Arnez Raul DEANS  
Arnold Kaitlan DEANS  
Arnold Lauren PRESDT  
Arnoto Thomas DEANS  
Arredondo Johanna DEANS  
Arriaga Jessica DEANS  
Arriaza Julio PRESDT  
Arriaza Luis DEANS  
Arriola Karla DEANS  
Arsalayee Najia DEANS  
Arsenault Jamie DEANS  
Arthur Dolly DEANS  
Arthur Tara DEANS  
Artinian Garine DEANS  
Asad Hina DEANS  
Asare Kwarteng DEANS  
Asbury James DEANS  
Asega Astatekie DEANS  
Asghar Semab PRESDT  
Asghedom Elsa PRESDT  
Ashadujjaman Md DEANS  
Ashby Matthew PRESDT  
Ashenafi Yibeltal emnet DEANS  
Ashenafi Yibeltal Kalkidan DEANS  
Ashiq Mariam DEANS  
Ashkar Sady DEANS  
Ashkenes Christopher PRESDT  
Ashkiani Sepehr DEANS  
Ashley Amy DEANS  
Ashly Raven DEANS  
Ashman Benjamin DEANS  
Ashraf Jaudat DEANS  
Asif Abdul PRESDT  
Asif Mohammad DEANS  
Asif Muhammad DEANS  
Aslam Humaira DEANS  
Aslami Fatana DEANS  
Asma Umma DEANS  
Asman Thomas DEANS  
Asmawi Rizka PRESDT  
Asmeron Abraham PRESDT  
asonganyi kayla DEANS  
Asrat Abebech DEANS  
Assamnew Tefera DEANS  
Assefa Kalkidan DEANS  
Assefa Leul DEANS  
Assefa Solomon DEANS  
Assink Alison DEANS  
Atiki Chafik DEANS  
Atkins Charles PRESDT  
Atkinson Jacob DEANS  
Attayan Navid DEANS  
Atterberry Heather DEANS  
Attiliis Liane DEANS  
Attinger Thalia DEANS  
Attridge Susan PRESDT  
Audet Brian DEANS  
Audi Peter DEANS  
Audia Eric PRESDT  
Augustine Matthew DEANS  
Aulakh Lakhwant DEANS  
Austin Rhett DEANS  
auza carlos DEANS  
Avalos Nataly PRESDT  
Avalos Benitez Damaris DEANS  
Averkina Viktoriya DEANS  
Avila Maria DEANS  
Avila Mayra PRESDT  
Avila Stefani DEANS  
Awaan Khurram DEANS  
Awad May DEANS  
Awanu Elvis PRESDT  
Awofeso Sadie DEANS  
Ayala Ana DEANS  
Ayala Carlos PRESDT  
Ayala Claudia PRESDT  
Ayala Stephanie DEANS  
Aybar Johnny PRESDT  
Aycock Angela DEANS  
ayele mahlet DEANS  
Ayele Sara DEANS  
Ayeni Jacquelyn DEANS  
Ayestas Marta DEANS  
Ayliff David DEANS  
Aymara Gutierrez Edwin PRESDT  
Ayneabeba Mahder DEANS  
Ayyad Nadia DEANS  
Azadi Farideh DEANS  
Azadi ardekani Ladan PRESDT  
Azam Sabreena DEANS  
Azam Siddique DEANS  
Azar Jennifer PRESDT  
Azar Nihad DEANS  
Azimi Sayed DEANS  
Aziz Sahrish DEANS  
Azizi Satar DEANS  
Azzi Bruna DEANS  
Azzouz Samira PRESDT