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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Wadbrook Mary DEANS  
Wade C Sherece DEANS  
Wade Kelly PRESDT  
Wadowska Agata DEANS  
Wagner Anke PRESDT  
Wagner Jeffrey DEANS  
Wagner Martha PRESDT  
Wagner Richard DEANS  
Wagner Sarah PRESDT  
Waheed Hira PRESDT  
Waite Georgia DEANS  
Waite Sarah DEANS  
Waitt Kyla PRESDT  
Wakamatsu Kyoko PRESDT  
Waked Allen PRESDT  
Wakefield Robin PRESDT  
Wako Gebre DEANS  
Walczak Adrian DEANS  
Wald Laura DEANS  
Waldeck Wendy DEANS  
Walden Michael DEANS  
Waldron Deanna DEANS  
Walker Christina DEANS  
Walker Courtney DEANS  
Walker Janet PRESDT  
walker joseph DEANS  
Walker Lindsey DEANS  
Walker Lonnie PRESDT  
Wallace Ashley DEANS  
Wallace Emerald DEANS  
Wallace Henderson DEANS  
Wallace Jessica PRESDT  
Wallace Veva DEANS  
Wallbach Annika DEANS  
Walley Shirley DEANS  
Wallin Anna PRESDT  
Walls Maryna PRESDT  
Wallwork Claire DEANS  
Walter Deborah DEANS  
Walters Evan DEANS  
Walters Joseph DEANS  
Walton Jeffrey DEANS  
Wan Siu Yeung DEANS  
Wang Derrick DEANS  
Wang Fan PRESDT  
Wang Jingning DEANS  
Wang Paul DEANS  
Wang Ping DEANS  
Wang Ran DEANS  
Wang Tien PRESDT  
Wang Wenqing DEANS  
Wang Xiaoqiao DEANS  
Wang Yu PRESDT  
Wangpeeti Wisnadda DEANS  
Ward Adam DEANS  
Ward Amal DEANS  
Ward Edward PRESDT  
Ward Gwinn DEANS  
Ward Katherine PRESDT  
Wardak Khadeeja DEANS  
Wardere Hawa PRESDT  
Wardrip Cyrus DEANS  
Ware Benjamin DEANS  
Warner Andrew DEANS  
Warner Cara DEANS  
Warner Troy DEANS  
Warren Elizabeth DEANS  
Warren Penny PRESDT  
Warren Phillip DEANS  
Washburn Michael PRESDT  
Washechek Kay PRESDT  
Washington Garrett DEANS  
Washington Jeffery DEANS  
Wasim Azeem DEANS  
Wassel Mohammad DEANS  
Waters James DEANS  
Wates Mary DEANS  
Watkins Douglas DEANS  
Watkins Ramona DEANS  
Watson Brittany DEANS  
Watson Carl DEANS  
Watson Gail DEANS  
Watson Joanna DEANS  
Watson Joseph PRESDT  
Watson Julia DEANS  
Watson Julie DEANS  
Watson Meredith DEANS  
Watts Eliot PRESDT  
Watts Heather DEANS  
Watts Karina PRESDT  
Watts Tia PRESDT  
Weathers Timothy PRESDT  
Weatherspoon Aaron DEANS  
Webb O'lando DEANS  
Webber Andrea PRESDT  
Webber Samuel DEANS  
Webber Sarah DEANS  
Webbers Lydia DEANS  
Webster Lauren PRESDT  
Wedajo Ayele PRESDT  
Wedell Jessica DEANS  
Weekes Richard DEANS  
Wei Lusi DEANS  
Weiblen Elizabeth DEANS  
Weinbach Tempe DEANS  
Weiner April DEANS  
Weintraub Joel PRESDT  
Weintraub Rachael PRESDT  
Weirich Jennifer PRESDT  
Weisbeck Amanda PRESDT  
Weise Jennifer DEANS  
Weishaar Nicholas DEANS  
Weiss Matthew DEANS  
Welch Amy DEANS  
Weldon Lora PRESDT  
Welicka Dorianna DEANS  
Wellens Ashley PRESDT  
Weller Jake PRESDT  
Wells Angela DEANS  
Wells Whitney DEANS  
Welti Michelle DEANS  
Welty Emily PRESDT  
Wenger Stephanie DEANS  
Wenthold Hannah PRESDT  
Wentland Thomas DEANS  
Werneth William DEANS  
Wernli David DEANS  
Wesdock David PRESDT  
West Daniel DEANS  
West Stuart DEANS  
Westfall Anthony PRESDT  
Westfall Melissa PRESDT  
Wetzel Charles DEANS  
Whajah Judith DEANS  
Whaley Seth DEANS  
Whang Douglas DEANS  
Whang Sang DEANS  
Wheatley Gina DEANS  
Wheeler Courtney DEANS  
Wheeler Crystal DEANS  
Whinerey Britta PRESDT  
White Angela DEANS  
White Dennis DEANS  
White Heather DEANS  
White Karen DEANS  
White Patricia DEANS  
White VirShynda DEANS  
Whitehair Regan DEANS  
Whitehouse Jeffrey DEANS  
Whiting David DEANS  
Whitley Tiffany DEANS  
Whitney Amanda PRESDT  
Whitney Erin DEANS  
Whittenburg Zahveeth PRESDT  
Whyte Monica DEANS  
Wickham Steven DEANS  
Wickliff Kyle DEANS  
Wickramaratne Kumari DEANS  
Wiggins Jessica DEANS  
Wiggins Quinton DEANS  
Wiggins Tiffany DEANS  
Wikes Wendy DEANS  
Wilcox Harold PRESDT  
Wilder Jeremy DEANS  
Wiles Richard DEANS  
Wiley Evan DEANS  
Wilkins Sarah DEANS  
Wilkinson Philip DEANS  
Wilks Kijuana DEANS  
Willenbring Dominic DEANS  
Willer Whitney DEANS  
Willess Adam DEANS  
williams alexander DEANS  
Williams Amanda DEANS  
Williams Benjamin DEANS  
williams brendatte DEANS  
Williams Elizabeth PRESDT  
Williams Flor DEANS  
Williams Garrett DEANS  
Williams Jazmin DEANS  
Williams Jeffrey PRESDT  
Williams Junella DEANS  
Williams Karen DEANS  
Williams Karolin DEANS  
Williams Kate DEANS  
Williams Lindsey DEANS  
Williams Lynn DEANS  
Williams Samuel DEANS  
Williams Stephanie DEANS  
Williams Tricia DEANS  
Williamson Pamela PRESDT  
Willingham Elizabeth PRESDT  
Willingham-wines Marcia DEANS  
Willis Shannon DEANS  
Willis Sheila DEANS  
Willis Vincent DEANS  
Wilson Andre DEANS  
Wilson David DEANS  
Wilson Jeanene DEANS  
Wilson Jennifer PRESDT  
Wilson Kerry DEANS  
Wilson Marques DEANS  
Wilson Micah DEANS  
Wilson Rima DEANS  
Wilson Robert DEANS  
Wilson Sterling PRESDT  
Wilson Travis DEANS  
Wilson Victoria DEANS  
Wiltrout Jason DEANS  
Wiltshire Robert DEANS  
Wimmer Adria DEANS  
Wimmer Christopher DEANS  
Wince Chelsey DEANS  
Winchester Bonnie DEANS  
Windsor Amanda PRESDT  
Wine Jessica DEANS  
Wingett Zoila DEANS  
Winkler Benjamin DEANS  
Winkler Christopher DEANS  
Winter Thomas DEANS  
Wippl Andrew DEANS  
Wise Ian DEANS  
Wister Lee DEANS  
Witecki Amanda DEANS  
Withers Hannah DEANS  
Wlasniewska Patrycja DEANS  
Wojciechowicz Amy DEANS  
Woldemariam Bereket DEANS  
Woldgebreal Hulunem DEANS  
Wolfe Ryan DEANS  
Wolff Hannah DEANS  
Wolfman Samantha PRESDT  
Wolfman Wendy DEANS  
Wolford Jennifer DEANS  
Wolford Rebecca PRESDT  
Wolman Alicia DEANS  
Wolpe Jacob DEANS  
Wolters Roger DEANS  
Womack John DEANS  
Won Jihyeon DEANS  
Wong Christopher DEANS  
Wong Linda DEANS  
Wong Martin DEANS  
Wong Michael DEANS  
Wong Peter DEANS  
Wong Xavier DEANS  
Wong Yueh Yee DEANS  
Woo Hedy PRESDT  
Wood Alex DEANS  
Wood Jacqueline DEANS  
Wood Jamilah DEANS  
Wood Lauren DEANS  
Wood Tracy DEANS  
Wood Wendy DEANS  
Woodard Amanda DEANS  
Wooddell Susan Ann DEANS  
Wooden Linda DEANS  
Woodman Yvette PRESDT  
Woods Antonitta DEANS  
Woods Caitlin DEANS  
Woods Danielle PRESDT  
Woods Karen DEANS  
Woods Rachel DEANS  
Woodward Elizabeth DEANS  
Woolner Amanda DEANS  
Wooten Adrienne DEANS  
Wordham Caitlin DEANS  
Workie Mitku PRESDT  
Wormald Elizabeth PRESDT  
Wright Alison DEANS  
Wright Chanel DEANS  
Wright Matthew DEANS  
Wright Rachel PRESDT  
Wright Roderick DEANS  
Wright Stephen DEANS  
Wronsky Michael DEANS  
Wu Jin DEANS  
Wu Po-lung DEANS  
Wyckoff Christopher DEANS  
Wynia Lauren DEANS  
Wynkoop Amber DEANS  
Wynn Diane DEANS  
Wynne Robert DEANS