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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Saad Tulip DEANS  
Saad el din Mariam DEANS  
Saadeh Farid DEANS  
Sabin Christi DEANS  
Sabour Rouh Aghdam Ghazaleh PRESDT  
Sacco Shea DEANS  
Sachs Elisa DEANS  
Sachse Christian PRESDT  
Sackett Ian DEANS  
Sacripante Stefanie DEANS  
Sadighian Barbara DEANS  
Sadighian James DEANS  
Sadik John DEANS  
Sadiq-Ali Nadine DEANS  
Sadler Christine PRESDT  
Saferstein David DEANS  
Saffell Katelyn PRESDT  
Saghafi Samra DEANS  
Sagheer Ainy PRESDT  
Sagheer Urooj PRESDT  
Sahlu Bethlehem DEANS  
Sahno Kamelia DEANS  
Saito Maki DEANS  
Salame Xavier DEANS  
Salas Uriel PRESDT  
Salazar Farrah DEANS  
Salazar Favian DEANS  
Salcedo Victor DEANS  
Salemme Alex DEANS  
Salerno Andrea DEANS  
Sales Francis DEANS  
Salguero Christopher DEANS  
Salinas David DEANS  
Salinas Julio DEANS  
salmons mike DEANS  
Salomon Gonzalo PRESDT  
Salous Nahida DEANS  
Samantar Sagal DEANS  
Samba Miatta DEANS  
Sampiller Adam DEANS  
Samplaski John PRESDT  
Samson William DEANS  
San Gabriel Nathaniel PRESDT  
Sanabria Diva DEANS  
Sanchez Daniela DEANS  
Sanchez Diana DEANS  
Sanchez Gabriel DEANS  
Sanchez Jhonny DEANS  
Sanchez Maria DEANS  
Sanchez Miguel DEANS  
Sanchez Stephanie DEANS  
Sanchez Malpartida Maria Fe DEANS  
Sanchez Ortegon Ricardo DEANS  
Sanders Andrew PRESDT  
Sandhu Erica DEANS  
Sandifer Erica DEANS  
Sandouk Ramy DEANS  
Sandulescu Ala PRESDT  
Sanford Tiffany PRESDT  
Sanginmanesh Parisa DEANS  
Sanie Laila PRESDT  
Sanji Syeda DEANS  
Sankarsingh Kim DEANS  
Sansal Volkan DEANS  
Santa Stephanie DEANS  
Santamaria Anabertha DEANS  
santamaria Dominique DEANS  
Santana Jaqueline DEANS  
Santo Domingo Rachelle Ann DEANS  
Sanwar Suhani DEANS  
Sanzetenea Antonio DEANS  
Sapre Kimberly PRESDT  
Sara Wafaa DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee DEANS  
Sarin Niti DEANS  
Sarmiento Roman DEANS  
sarsour rania DEANS  
Sasorith Christina PRESDT  
Sathaye Aradhana DEANS  
Sauber Maria DEANS  
Sauble Brandy PRESDT  
Saunders David PRESDT  
Saunders Scott DEANS  
Savage Paul DEANS  
Savchand Jinit DEANS  
Savoy Christina PRESDT  
Sawhney Jasleen DEANS  
Sawyer Alfonso DEANS  
Sawyer Edward PRESDT  
Saylor Aiyah PRESDT  
Saylor Christopher DEANS  
sazegari sarang PRESDT  
Sbai Fatimazohra DEANS  
Scalley Shirley PRESDT  
Scarano Cara DEANS  
Schad Ayaka DEANS  
Schadlich Eric DEANS  
Schaeffer Christina PRESDT  
Schafer Brittney DEANS  
Schafer Jacqueline DEANS  
Schall Alexandra DEANS  
Schatz Katrina DEANS  
Scheid Steven PRESDT  
Schelhorn Jason DEANS  
Schell Andrea DEANS  
Scheuerman Bethny DEANS  
Scheuermann Cynthia DEANS  
Schleh Krystin DEANS  
Schlienz Kasey DEANS  
Schloer Kelli DEANS  
Schluderberg Jeannette DEANS  
Schlueter Marjorie DEANS  
Schmale Douglas DEANS  
Schmauder Patricia DEANS  
Schmidt Rebecca PRESDT  
Schmidt Samantha PRESDT  
Schnebelen Mary PRESDT  
Schneider Luke PRESDT  
Schneller Zachary DEANS  
Schofield Roxanne PRESDT  
Scholz Randi PRESDT  
Schooley Hannah DEANS  
Schooley Nicholas PRESDT  
Schreiber Daniel DEANS  
Schreiber Kimberly DEANS  
Schroeder Annabel PRESDT  
Schroeder Mady DEANS  
Schryber Jessica PRESDT  
Schuback Justin DEANS  
Schubert Marion DEANS  
Schuch Erin DEANS  
Schulte Samantha PRESDT  
Schultheis Karina DEANS  
Schultz David DEANS  
Schulz James PRESDT  
Schulze Steele PRESDT  
Schuster Crystal DEANS  
Schwager Amy DEANS  
Schwapp Diatree DEANS  
Schwartz Travis DEANS  
Schwartzman Darlene DEANS  
Schwegler Daniel DEANS  
Schwing Tara DEANS  
Scott Douglas DEANS  
Scott Jared DEANS  
Scott Lauren DEANS  
Scott Rebecca DEANS  
Scott Shaunice DEANS  
Scott Stephanie DEANS  
Scott Teresa DEANS  
Scruggs LaToya DEANS  
Scruggs Sandra DEANS  
Scudder Emiko DEANS  
Searcy Cathryn PRESDT  
Secor Merideth DEANS  
Sedlak Shannon PRESDT  
Seemann Edward PRESDT  
Sefat Mojgan DEANS  
Seid Mohammed DEANS  
Seifert Jason DEANS  
Seip Gretchen PRESDT  
Seipp James PRESDT  
Sejas Suchkov PRESDT  
Self Christopher DEANS  
Seligman Amanda DEANS  
Sellars David DEANS  
Semakula Joseph DEANS  
Sensoy Dicle DEANS  
Senz Emily DEANS  
Seo Eun-sil DEANS  
Seo Minjung DEANS  
Seo Sejin PRESDT  
seong charles DEANS  
Sequeira Leo DEANS  
Serino Scott DEANS  
Sesay Abdul DEANS  
Sesay Aminata DEANS  
Sesse Genet DEANS  
Setia Karen PRESDT  
Settel Deepshikha DEANS  
Settje Jack DEANS  
Settle Leslie DEANS  
Sexton David DEANS  
Sexton Nicole DEANS  
Seydi Abib DEANS  
Seyed Mohammadi Meghdad DEANS  
Seymour Katherine DEANS  
Seyyed Fauzia DEANS  
Shabani Mitchell DEANS  
Shafer Christopher DEANS  
Shafer Leanne DEANS  
Shaffer Angela DEANS  
Shaffer David PRESDT  
Shaffer Kevin DEANS  
Shah Kashif DEANS  
Shah Khawaja PRESDT  
Shah Krupa PRESDT  
Shahaltough Adam DEANS  
Shahtou Mandela DEANS  
Shahzad Ali DEANS  
Shahzad Dania DEANS  
Shaikh Amna PRESDT  
Shaikh Zaara DEANS  
Shake Claire DEANS  
Shakya Shova PRESDT  
Shamoon Reem DEANS  
Shamshad Taha PRESDT  
Shanahan Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Shank Esther DEANS  
Shankle Megan DEANS  
Shannag Hatem DEANS  
Shannon Elisabeth PRESDT  
Shannon Emily DEANS  
Shapiro Philip PRESDT  
Shariati Sonaz DEANS  
Sharifi Bobak DEANS  
Sharma Bibhu DEANS  
Sharma Deb DEANS  
Sharma Latchmie DEANS  
Sharma Michael PRESDT  
Sharma Sandeep DEANS  
Sharma Sudha DEANS  
Sharma Vaibhav PRESDT  
Sharp Darren DEANS  
Sharpe Kylie DEANS  
Shatananda Noel DEANS  
Shaughnessy Colleen DEANS  
Shaver Katelynn DEANS  
Shaw Crystal PRESDT  
Shaw Philip PRESDT  
Shaw Scott DEANS  
Shearer Pamela DEANS  
Sheehy Julia DEANS  
Sheffield Jonathan DEANS  
Sheikh Aisha DEANS  
Sheikh Fatima DEANS  
Shellenberger Jonas PRESDT  
Shelton Kimberly DEANS  
Shelton Megan PRESDT  
Shenawi Rana DEANS  
Shenk Kristine PRESDT  
Sheppard Alanna DEANS  
Sheppard Brendan PRESDT  
Sheraz Syed PRESDT  
Sherba Caroline DEANS  
Sheridan Kim DEANS  
Sheriff Abu DEANS  
Sheriff Fatmata DEANS  
Sherlock Daniel DEANS  
Sherman Amber DEANS  
Sherman Nicholas DEANS  
Sherman Raymond DEANS  
Sherman Taylor PRESDT  
Sherpa Pema DEANS  
Sherpa Sonya PRESDT  
Sherzai Sahar DEANS  
Shewmaker Joseph PRESDT  
Shi Junzhou DEANS  
Shibli Payman DEANS  
Shields Caitlin DEANS  
Shields Erin DEANS  
Shim Jaebin PRESDT  
Shim Na Hee DEANS  
Shim Soyun PRESDT  
Shim Whui Su DEANS  
Shim Wooyoung PRESDT  
Shin Eun Soon PRESDT  
shin jamie DEANS  
Shin MinHyung PRESDT  
Shin Seung Hwa DEANS  
Shin Seung Yeon PRESDT  
Shindledecker Natalia DEANS  
Shipman Christine DEANS  
Shipp Ashley PRESDT  
Shipp Devin DEANS  
Shirazee Sara DEANS  
Shirey Jill PRESDT  
Shirey Rachel DEANS  
Shirley Alexandra DEANS  
Shivers Timica DEANS  
Shokry Omar PRESDT  
Showalter Michael DEANS  
Shreffler II Aaron PRESDT  
Shrestha Anusuya PRESDT  
Shrestha Enisha DEANS  
Shrestha Jeena DEANS  
Shrestha Sanjana DEANS  
Shrestha Subesh PRESDT  
Shreves Monika DEANS  
Shuaib Danieh PRESDT  
Shuey George DEANS  
Shull Bethany DEANS  
Shum Alexandria DEANS  
Shumaker Dana PRESDT  
Shuman Amber DEANS  
Shvilly Mellor DEANS  
Sicking Jennifer DEANS  
Siddiqui Nazia PRESDT  
Siddiqui Sharmin PRESDT  
Siebert Ehren PRESDT  
Siegfried Justin DEANS  
Sierra Linares Carola DEANS  
Sigala Lorena DEANS  
Sikandar Nusheen DEANS  
Silton Steven DEANS  
Silva Aline DEANS  
Silva Danielle PRESDT  
Silva Tania PRESDT  
Silva Valdivia Carmita DEANS  
Silveira Ricardo DEANS  
Silver Matthew DEANS  
Silverio Gerard DEANS  
Silverstein Ashley PRESDT  
Sim Susan DEANS  
Simi Alison DEANS  
Simingalam Rosa PRESDT  
Simmons Brendan DEANS  
Simmons Kimberly DEANS  
Simmons Melissa PRESDT  
Simmons Victoria DEANS  
Simms Laci DEANS  
Simpkins Mandy DEANS  
Simples Corey DEANS  
Simpson Barbara DEANS  
Simpson Daniel DEANS  
Simpson David PRESDT  
Sims Russell DEANS  
Sims Sierra DEANS  
Sin Chul PRESDT  
Sindi Haveen DEANS  
Sindi Maryam PRESDT  
Singer Jeffrey DEANS  
Singh Karan PRESDT  
Singh Pritika DEANS  
Singh Sandeep DEANS  
Singh Shashank DEANS  
Sinkavitch Summer DEANS  
Sinnott Emmet DEANS  
Sinwell Michael DEANS  
Sioco Maria Carmela DEANS  
Sipes Louise DEANS  
Sirstins Melissa DEANS  
Sirvas Erick DEANS  
Sison Nicolle DEANS  
Sisto Cody DEANS  
Sitaula Ganesh DEANS  
Sitter Karen PRESDT  
Sitterson Shelagh DEANS  
Sitton Nelson DEANS  
Siwakoti Ambika DEANS  
Sixon Antonio PRESDT  
Size Carrie DEANS  
Sizemore Chance PRESDT  
Skahn David DEANS  
Skalecky Michael DEANS  
Skinner Rachelle DEANS  
Skoda Miranda DEANS  
Skowronski Matthew PRESDT  
Slabinski Anne PRESDT  
Slahetka Nicolas DEANS  
Slayton Simeon DEANS  
Sledz David DEANS  
Slimp Laura PRESDT  
Small Giorgina DEANS  
Smallwood Emily DEANS  
Smart Tamara DEANS  
Smathers Tracy PRESDT  
Smeragulioulo Geneiveve DEANS  
Smishko Sergei DEANS  
Smith Alison PRESDT  
Smith Amanda PRESDT  
Smith Brian DEANS  
Smith Caleb DEANS  
Smith Carly DEANS  
Smith Carol DEANS  
Smith Casey PRESDT  
Smith Casey DEANS  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Chris DEANS  
Smith Christopher PRESDT  
Smith Christopher DEANS  
Smith Courtney PRESDT  
Smith Courtney DEANS  
smith deirdre DEANS  
Smith Elizabeth PRESDT  
Smith Glenn DEANS  
Smith Janet DEANS  
Smith Jared PRESDT  
Smith Jason DEANS  
Smith Jessica DEANS  
Smith Julia DEANS  
Smith Julieanne DEANS  
Smith Kristina PRESDT  
Smith Margaret DEANS  
Smith Matthew PRESDT  
Smith Megan DEANS  
Smith Molly DEANS  
Smith Montgomery DEANS  
Smith Noah PRESDT  
Smith Rebekah PRESDT  
Smith Ryan PRESDT  
Smith Samuel DEANS  
Smith Sarah PRESDT  
Smith Stefanie PRESDT  
Smith William DEANS  
Smith Zachary DEANS  
Smith-Barrett Robinetta DEANS  
Smithers Jared DEANS  
Snell Allison DEANS  
Snellings Jamie PRESDT  
Snider Kyle DEANS  
Snider Melissa DEANS  
Snoussi Mohammed DEANS  
Snyder Angela DEANS  
Snyder Maria DEANS  
Sobrio Tonya PRESDT  
Sohraby Sepehr PRESDT  
Sokol Glenn DEANS  
Sokolowski Tina DEANS  
Solares Miguel DEANS  
Soles Brendan DEANS  
Solomon Mehari DEANS  
Solomon Rachel DEANS  
Son Ji Sun DEANS  
Son Ung PRESDT  
Son Yi Ok PRESDT  
Sonevytsky Marko PRESDT  
Song Eun Hye PRESDT  
Song JeeHyun DEANS  
Song Jin Young DEANS  
Song Kyle DEANS  
Song Yunmi PRESDT  
Sonnenbrot Gissel DEANS  
sOoD eLiSa DEANS  
Sordi Samantha DEANS  
Sorensen Patrick DEANS  
Sorensen Rougina DEANS  
Soriano Anthony DEANS  
Sorohan Benjamin PRESDT  
Soroori Bahman DEANS  
Sorto-Sanchez Vicky PRESDT  
Sorvillo Brandon DEANS  
Soto Jolma PRESDT  
Soto Katheryn PRESDT  
Soubbotin Leonid DEANS  
Soun Emily DEANS  
Sova Nataliia DEANS  
Sovinski Kacper DEANS  
Sow Mohamed DEANS  
Spalding John PRESDT  
Spall Hina PRESDT  
Spangler Catherine DEANS  
Sparks Mikayle DEANS  
Sparks Nickole PRESDT  
Sparks Stephanie PRESDT  
Spatz Suzanne PRESDT  
Spear Alicia PRESDT  
Spedden Maynard DEANS  
Spencer John DEANS  
Sperling Donat DEANS  
Spicer David DEANS  
Spindel Daniel PRESDT  
Spinks William DEANS  
Sponable Michael DEANS  
Spradlin Luke DEANS  
Spraker Jennifer PRESDT  
Spriggs Marvin DEANS  
Spring Dianna DEANS  
Spryszynska Agnieszka PRESDT  
Squires Johanna DEANS  
Srichuchart Karoon PRESDT  
Srihari Geeta DEANS  
St john Brooke PRESDT  
Staats Joshua PRESDT  
Stabler Travis PRESDT  
Stafford Michelle PRESDT  
Stagno Danielle PRESDT  
Stalinsky Drew DEANS  
Stan Whitney DEANS  
Stanazai Khalida DEANS  
Stanford Kristopher DEANS  
Stangler Christopher DEANS  
Stanley Alyssa DEANS  
Stanley Debra PRESDT  
Stanley Terri PRESDT  
Stanton Emily PRESDT  
Stark Bruce DEANS  
Stark Tiffany DEANS  
Starkey Michelle DEANS  
Starling Kayla DEANS  
Staton Ian PRESDT  
Stecker Courtney DEANS  
Steel Paula PRESDT  
steele kirby DEANS  
Steele Patrick PRESDT  
Stefanova Plamena PRESDT  
Steffan Tammy DEANS  
Steffler April DEANS  
Steimer Mary DEANS  
Steinburg Devin DEANS  
Stephan Carolyn DEANS  
Stephens Alejandra DEANS  
Stephens Daniel PRESDT  
Stephenson Katherine DEANS  
Stephenson Kelly DEANS  
Sterling James DEANS  
Steuernagel Natale DEANS  
Stevens Kristin DEANS  
Stevenson Daniel DEANS  
Stevenson Melissa DEANS  
Stewart Amber PRESDT  
Stewart Ian DEANS  
Stewart John PRESDT  
Stewart Katherine DEANS  
StGeorge Elizabeth DEANS  
Stiffler Samuel DEANS  
Stinson Ian DEANS  
Stitt LeRoy DEANS  
Stitts Tiffany DEANS  
Stocking Erin PRESDT  
Stockslager Supinda PRESDT  
Stockwell Allison DEANS  
Stohler Margaret DEANS  
Stokes Catherine DEANS  
Stokowski Adam PRESDT  
Stoll Kenneth DEANS  
Stoll Ray DEANS  
Stone Alison DEANS  
Stone Laura DEANS  
Stone Michael DEANS  
Stone Sandra DEANS  
Stoner Russel PRESDT  
Stough Ashley DEANS  
Stowe Ashley PRESDT  
Stowe Brooks PRESDT  
Stramel Amber PRESDT  
Strasser Samantha DEANS  
Strasser Steven DEANS  
Stratton Katherine DEANS  
Street Sandra DEANS  
Strickland Pamela DEANS  
Stringer Jarrod DEANS  
Strong Lisa DEANS  
Strong Samantha DEANS  
Struniak Jessica DEANS  
Strzelecki Richard DEANS  
Stuart Alejandra PRESDT  
Stuart David PRESDT  
Stubler Jason PRESDT  
Studholme Michael DEANS  
Stuecheli Timothy DEANS  
Stuller Derek DEANS  
Stup Emilie PRESDT  
Sturgill Phillip PRESDT  
Suarez Saul DEANS  
Subedi Pious PRESDT  
Subedi Vivek DEANS  
Succolosky Kara DEANS  
Sue Michael DEANS  
Suh Hyoung DEANS  
Suh Sung PRESDT  
Suh William PRESDT  
Suh Young DEANS  
Suhana Shakila DEANS  
Sullivan Julie DEANS  
Sullivan Meghan DEANS  
Sullivan Patrick DEANS  
Sullivan Thomas PRESDT  
Sultana Yesmeen DEANS  
Sultani Khamza DEANS  
Sultani Nadia PRESDT  
Sultani Zorah DEANS  
Sumlin Dennis DEANS  
Summers Alethea PRESDT  
Sundararaman Jayashree DEANS  
Suppan Julia DEANS  
Supulski Leah DEANS  
Surma Edmund DEANS  
Suthers Michael DEANS  
Sutton Rachel DEANS  
Suwaneh Ebrima DEANS  
Suzuki Roni DEANS  
Svetaka Uljana PRESDT  
Swallows Jason DEANS  
Swann Katja DEANS  
Swanson Erin PRESDT  
Swapan Morium PRESDT  
Swartwood Joshua DEANS  
Swasdiburi Peeyaswasdi DEANS  
Swazya Karin DEANS  
Swearingen Stephanie DEANS  
Sweeney Deborah DEANS  
Sweet Danielle PRESDT  
Sweet Diego PRESDT  
Sweezey Brett DEANS  
Sweezy Dallas DEANS  
Sweiderk Joseph PRESDT  
Swinsky Denise PRESDT  
Swisher Michael DEANS  
Sydnor Yvonne DEANS  
Syed Fazel DEANS  
Syed Nadeemul DEANS  
Syed Sara PRESDT  
Sykes Laura DEANS  
Sylvester Jamie DEANS  
Symoun Sudsenesav DEANS  
Szabo Patrick DEANS  
Szakacs Agnes PRESDT  
Szewczulak Monika DEANS  
Szoke Holly DEANS  
Szramka Craig DEANS