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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Rabren Zachary DEANS  
Racioppa Alessandro DEANS  
Radcliffe Nancy DEANS  
Radgowski Alisa DEANS  
Raeisinia Darius DEANS  
Rafa Karen DEANS  
Rafferty Lynn DEANS  
Raffiqi Fatima PRESDT  
Rafiq Marwa DEANS  
Rafique Muhammad DEANS  
Ragan Mary PRESDT  
Raguindin Geralyn DEANS  
Rahimi Tari Hanieh DEANS  
Rahman Anm DEANS  
Rahman Sumaiya DEANS  
Rai Paru PRESDT  
Rainey Mary DEANS  
Raj Victoria DEANS  
Raja Priya DEANS  
Rakestraw Maurice DEANS  
Ralph Chantel PRESDT  
Rama Miroslawa DEANS  
Ramirez Alfredo DEANS  
Ramirez Wilmer DEANS  
Ramos Benjamin DEANS  
Ramos Christopher DEANS  
Ramos Edgar DEANS  
Ramos Rafael PRESDT  
Ramseur Brian DEANS  
Ramsey Amanda PRESDT  
Rana Kusum DEANS  
randall jonathan DEANS  
Randall Kylah DEANS  
Randazzo Peter DEANS  
Randhawa Raman DEANS  
Rangel Daniel DEANS  
Raoufi Rashtin PRESDT  
Rasaily Bikash DEANS  
Rascher Noel DEANS  
Rascoe Ashley PRESDT  
Rascoe Lauren DEANS  
Rasheed Ala PRESDT  
Rasheed Anaam DEANS  
Rasheed Areej DEANS  
Rashid Mohammed DEANS  
Rath Paul DEANS  
Raupp Carey PRESDT  
Raveia Daniel DEANS  
Ravetti Helen DEANS  
Rawlings Aaron PRESDT  
Rawls Kelly PRESDT  
Ray David DEANS  
Ray Lydia DEANS  
Rayburn Lori DEANS  
Raymond Imelda DEANS  
Raymond Secil DEANS  
Rayo Jordan DEANS  
Rayyan Mariam-Elizabeth DEANS  
Raza Ahsan DEANS  
Razak Belqees DEANS  
Razimoghaddam Maryam DEANS  
Real Terry DEANS  
Reasonover Steven DEANS  
Reau Samantha DEANS  
Rector John DEANS  
Reday Michelle DEANS  
Reed Aaron PRESDT  
Reed Deborah PRESDT  
Reed Elise PRESDT  
Reed Eva PRESDT  
Reed Michelle PRESDT  
Reese Fritz PRESDT  
Reeves David DEANS  
Reff Robert DEANS  
Register Calvin PRESDT  
Regmi Subodh PRESDT  
Reguerin Brian DEANS  
Reid LaDonna DEANS  
Reid Virginia DEANS  
Reifenberger Timothy DEANS  
Reihman James DEANS  
Reilly Jaymes DEANS  
Reiman Teresita DEANS  
Reiss Michael DEANS  
Reiter Ashley DEANS  
Reitz Paige DEANS  
Rekik Maryam DEANS  
Rel Zachariah DEANS  
Relton Matthew DEANS  
Remiany Hassan DEANS  
Remington Victoria DEANS  
Rena Aniceto PRESDT  
Renee Karla DEANS  
Renfro Joseph DEANS  
Renganathan Ramya PRESDT  
Renna Fabrizio DEANS  
Reppert Jessica PRESDT  
Resch Aaron PRESDT  
Reshef Ellie DEANS  
Retherford Jessica DEANS  
Revollo Neil PRESDT  
Reyes Martha DEANS  
Reyes Robert DEANS  
Reyes Winter DEANS  
Reyes Yuri DEANS  
Reyle Maria DEANS  
Reynolds Saki DEANS  
Rezadoost Justin DEANS  
Reznicek Robert DEANS  
Rhoades Hunter PRESDT  
Rhodes Anna DEANS  
Rhodes Matthew DEANS  
Rhyne David DEANS  
Rhyne Peter PRESDT  
Riaz Faisal DEANS  
Riaz Ricky PRESDT  
Ricci Beverly DEANS  
Rice Jason PRESDT  
Rice Shannon DEANS  
Rice Steven DEANS  
Rich John DEANS  
Rich Nicholas DEANS  
Richards Anisha DEANS  
Richardson Claire DEANS  
Richardson Daniel DEANS  
Richardson Deaven DEANS  
Richardson Uma PRESDT  
Richter Deborah DEANS  
Richter Shelly DEANS  
Rickman Josh DEANS  
Riddle Alexis DEANS  
Riegel Robert DEANS  
Rieman Grace PRESDT  
Riexinger Tania DEANS  
Rigby William DEANS  
Rigelhaupt Shana DEANS  
Rigg Michelle DEANS  
Riggan Lydia DEANS  
Rigley Danielle DEANS  
Rigo Teresa DEANS  
Rihane Faical PRESDT  
Rihl David DEANS  
Rijal Bimala DEANS  
Riley Brian DEANS  
Riley Elizabeth DEANS  
Riley Mark DEANS  
Rinaldi Paul DEANS  
Rinker Brittany PRESDT  
Rios Carla PRESDT  
Rios Iris PRESDT  
Rios Steven DEANS  
Rios Hernandez Jennifer DEANS  
Rishoi Kristin DEANS  
Risi Joseph DEANS  
Riss Michael PRESDT  
Ritchie Erica DEANS  
Ritson Jillian PRESDT  
Rivera Candice PRESDT  
Rivera Erin DEANS  
Rivera Irving DEANS  
Rivera Nicholas DEANS  
Rivera Rafael DEANS  
Rivera Pena Luis PRESDT  
Rivero Christian DEANS  
Rizvi Sahar PRESDT  
Rizwan Marium DEANS  
Rizzo Adam DEANS  
Rizzoni Amanda DEANS  
Robb Austin PRESDT  
Robbins Cassandra DEANS  
Roberds Catherine DEANS  
Roberts Crystal DEANS  
Roberts Elizabeth DEANS  
Roberts Jody PRESDT  
Roberts Ronja PRESDT  
Roberts Shea DEANS  
Robertson Courtney PRESDT  
Robertson Rhonda DEANS  
Robinette William DEANS  
Robinson Becky DEANS  
Robinson Brittany DEANS  
Robinson Cherrelle DEANS  
Robinson Cody Ann DEANS  
Robinson Daniel DEANS  
Robinson Gina DEANS  
Robinson Michael DEANS  
Robinson Shawna DEANS  
Robles Bethlehem DEANS  
Roca Leonardo PRESDT  
Rocap Emily DEANS  
Rocha Diogenes PRESDT  
Rocha Oscar DEANS  
Rochner Nadja DEANS  
Rodda Karen DEANS  
Rode Anshal DEANS  
Rodionova Olena PRESDT  
Rodrigues Lisandra DEANS  
Rodriguez Carmina PRESDT  
Rodriguez Daniel DEANS  
Rodriguez Francisco DEANS  
Rodriguez Jon DEANS  
Rodriguez LaKeyia PRESDT  
Rodriguez Miguel PRESDT  
Rodriguez Miguel DEANS  
Rodriguez Patrick DEANS  
Rodriguez Ubaldo DEANS  
Rodriguez-Sawao Angelica DEANS  
Rodsa Eric PRESDT  
Roe Young Kuk DEANS  
Roesch Douglas DEANS  
Rogalski Kathryn PRESDT  
Rogers Aaron PRESDT  
Rogers Anthony DEANS  
Rogers Jennifer PRESDT  
Rogers Mayra DEANS  
Rogers Tammy DEANS  
Roh EunOck PRESDT  
Rohani Farahmand DEANS  
Rohman Kelsey DEANS  
Rojanapraparn Piyanan PRESDT  
Rojas Natalie DEANS  
Rokon Abu PRESDT  
Rollano Victor DEANS  
Roltsch Anna PRESDT  
Romeo Monique PRESDT  
Romero Brayan DEANS  
Romero Efrain DEANS  
Romero Gabriel DEANS  
Romero Bardalez Lesley DEANS  
Romine Richard DEANS  
Rondon Belkys DEANS  
Rook Elizabeth DEANS  
Rooney George PRESDT  
Rooney Patrick PRESDT  
Rosales Daynee DEANS  
Rosales Renee PRESDT  
Rosamond Jennifer DEANS  
Rosas Natalie PRESDT  
Rose Christopher PRESDT  
Rose Erica PRESDT  
Rose Julianne DEANS  
Rose Lindsay DEANS  
Rose Mavis DEANS  
Rose Rachel PRESDT  
Rose Sarah DEANS  
Rosenblatt Krista PRESDT  
Ross Christopher DEANS  
Rossett Sara DEANS  
Rostami Sonny PRESDT  
Rosthauser Heather DEANS  
Roth Raymond DEANS  
Rothwell Michael DEANS  
Roudabush Mark PRESDT  
Rougier-chapman Andrew DEANS  
Rounds Amanda DEANS  
Roush Stephanie PRESDT  
Rowan Michelle DEANS  
Rowe Michelle PRESDT  
Rowland Amanda DEANS  
Roxas Christopher George DEANS  
Royal Albaney DEANS  
Rozario Joan PRESDT  
Rozenblicka Ewa DEANS  
Rubio Mauro PRESDT  
Rudd Rodney DEANS  
Rudnitsky Yulia DEANS  
Rudy Lauren DEANS  
Rudy Melissa DEANS  
Ruffin Ronald DEANS  
Ruh Kayla PRESDT  
Ruhlin Michelle DEANS  
Ruiz Carolina DEANS  
Ruiz Joseph PRESDT  
Ruiz Natalie DEANS  
Ruiz Olga DEANS  
Ruiz Serina DEANS  
Ruiz Zastrow Gustavo DEANS  
Rulapaugh Marlena PRESDT  
Rumingan Guillermo PRESDT  
Rumsey Cynthia DEANS  
Runge Michael DEANS  
Rush Kristen DEANS  
Rushing Rheonna DEANS  
Russell Brenda PRESDT  
Russell Carmen DEANS  
Russell Holly PRESDT  
Russell Rachel PRESDT  
Russell Scott PRESDT  
Russkikh Ivan PRESDT  
Rust Karen DEANS  
Rustgi Anuradha DEANS  
Rutkowska Marta DEANS  
Rutkowski Diane DEANS  
Ryals Brandon PRESDT  
Ryals Cathy PRESDT  
Ryan Annie DEANS  
Ryan Kimberlee DEANS  
Ryan Rebecca DEANS  
Ryberg Rachel DEANS  
Ryerson Knut DEANS  
Rynex Devin DEANS