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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Pace Sarah DEANS  
Pacheco Claudia DEANS  
Padberg Paul DEANS  
Paddock Guy DEANS  
Padilla Javier DEANS  
Padilla Victor DEANS  
Paganelli Claudia DEANS  
Page Meredith DEANS  
Page Nina DEANS  
Pageau Ryan PRESDT  
Paige Katya PRESDT  
Painter Phuong PRESDT  
Painter Tammy DEANS  
Paist Evrett DEANS  
Pak Younhee DEANS  
palacios jorge DEANS  
Palas Cassie PRESDT  
Palen Charles PRESDT  
Palke Chris DEANS  
Palma Carolina DEANS  
Palmer Anne PRESDT  
Palmer Molly DEANS  
Palmer Rachel DEANS  
Palomino Jessica DEANS  
Palomino Mercy DEANS  
Palucho Joclyn DEANS  
Palucho Leslie PRESDT  
Palza Isabel PRESDT  
Pan Chunyun DEANS  
Panagakos Ariana DEANS  
Pangilinan Malia DEANS  
Panizo Lavinia DEANS  
Panlaqui Jouffroy DEANS  
Pant Tina DEANS  
Papanicolas Gregory DEANS  
Pappa Morgan PRESDT  
Paraiso Grace DEANS  
Paredes Timothy DEANS  
Paredes-Ubillus Luis DEANS  
Parisi Emmert Cheryl DEANS  
Park Chang DEANS  
Park Eungjin DEANS  
Park Grace PRESDT  
Park HyoJin DEANS  
Park Hyowon DEANS  
Park Hyo-Zin DEANS  
Park Jihong PRESDT  
Park Kie DEANS  
Park Meehyun DEANS  
Park Melanie PRESDT  
Park Sin Hyen DEANS  
Park Song DEANS  
Park Soo-youn DEANS  
Park Sung PRESDT  
Park Sung Jin DEANS  
Park Sungshil DEANS  
Park Sunhee PRESDT  
Park Susan DEANS  
Park Taehum DEANS  
Park Yoon-mi PRESDT  
Parker Jason DEANS  
Parker Jessi DEANS  
Parker Jillian DEANS  
Parker Joshua DEANS  
Parker Joyce PRESDT  
Parker Meagan DEANS  
Parks Christopher DEANS  
Parra Daniel PRESDT  
Parra Zaida DEANS  
Parris Dhawyne PRESDT  
Parrish Adam DEANS  
Parthum Alfred DEANS  
Partlow Karen DEANS  
Pascual Criselda PRESDT  
Pasimio Jaclyn DEANS  
Pasion George DEANS  
Patil Hemal PRESDT  
Patinos Tatiana DEANS  
Patio Bruna PRESDT  
Patrican JR Richard PRESDT  
Patsuk Leanid DEANS  
Patten William PRESDT  
Patterson Emily DEANS  
Patterson Justin PRESDT  
Patterson Lisa DEANS  
Patterson Marilyn DEANS  
Patti Joyce PRESDT  
Patti Sean PRESDT  
Patton David DEANS  
Patton Kristene DEANS  
Patton Mark PRESDT  
Patwary Shakhawat PRESDT  
Paudyal Sarmila DEANS  
Paul Christopher DEANS  
Paul Jennifer DEANS  
Paulino Angelo DEANS  
Paulsen Amy PRESDT  
Pava Blanco Lina DEANS  
Pavel Lisa DEANS  
Pavlocak Kelcey DEANS  
Pavlovic Dragana PRESDT  
Pavlovic-Smith Lola DEANS  
Payne Carl DEANS  
Payne Elizabeth DEANS  
Payne Emily DEANS  
Payne Erika PRESDT  
Payne Kaitlin DEANS  
Pe Yarzar DEANS  
Pearson Andrew DEANS  
Pearson Carrie DEANS  
Pearson Daniel DEANS  
Peckham Frances DEANS  
Pecorelli Debora PRESDT  
Pedrazas Yanine DEANS  
Pedroni Shannon PRESDT  
Peebles Elisabeth DEANS  
Peiffer Aaron PRESDT  
Peiffer Chris PRESDT  
Pelechova Monika PRESDT  
Pelych Lindsey DEANS  
Pemberton Brittany DEANS  
Pena Katherinne DEANS  
Pena Rene DEANS  
Penaranda Bello PRESDT  
Pendergrass Daniel PRESDT  
Pennington Ashley PRESDT  
Pennington Jason DEANS  
Peoples Kenneth DEANS  
Peralta Andrew DEANS  
Perdomo Cindy PRESDT  
Perdomo Giovanni DEANS  
Pereira Katherine DEANS  
Pereira Miguel DEANS  
peretz maayan DEANS  
Perez Diego PRESDT  
Perez Fidel DEANS  
Perez Hector DEANS  
Perez Jose DEANS  
Perez Katherine DEANS  
Perez Monica DEANS  
Perez-Calderon Martin PRESDT  
Perez-Jackson Dafne DEANS  
Perham Brandy DEANS  
Perkins Derek DEANS  
Perla Gabriela DEANS  
Perrin Katherine DEANS  
Perrin Laura DEANS  
Perro Kevin DEANS  
Perrochon Paola PRESDT  
Perrochon Thomas PRESDT  
Persinger Ryan DEANS  
Persson Therese DEANS  
Peters James DEANS  
Peters Teowanna DEANS  
Peterson Ariel DEANS  
Peterson Elva DEANS  
Peterson Loyd DEANS  
Peterson Wendy DEANS  
Petit Dana DEANS  
Petrella Kara DEANS  
Pettit Benjamin PRESDT  
Peverall Jesse DEANS  
Pfaff Amy PRESDT  
Pfeifle Megan PRESDT  
Pfisterer Kurt PRESDT  
Pfotenhauer Jonathan DEANS  
Pham Chau PRESDT  
Pham Diana DEANS  
Pham Hao DEANS  
Pham Khoa DEANS  
Pham Lan DEANS  
Pham Linh DEANS  
Pham Long DEANS  
Pham Mai-Ly DEANS  
Pham My-Phuong PRESDT  
Pham Tram PRESDT  
Phan Khoi DEANS  
Phan Ngoc PRESDT  
Phan Nhu PRESDT  
Phan Phuong DEANS  
Phan Truc DEANS  
Phan Truc PRESDT  
Phan Truong PRESDT  
Phelps David DEANS  
Phelps Scott PRESDT  
Phelps Xina DEANS  
Phillip Kimberly DEANS  
Phillips Amy PRESDT  
Phillips Andrew PRESDT  
Phillips Brandie DEANS  
Phillips Mark DEANS  
Phipps Cody PRESDT  
Pho Antoine DEANS  
Phudong Kiran DEANS  
Piantedosi Todd DEANS  
Piccardo Rodriguez Gina DEANS  
Pich Allan PRESDT  
Pick Michael DEANS  
Pickrell Katelyn DEANS  
Picolla Joseph DEANS  
Pierre Brian DEANS  
Pilahome Andrew DEANS  
Pinales Miguel DEANS  
Pinto Joshua DEANS  
Pinto Peredo Andrew DEANS  
Pipan Michael DEANS  
Piraino Michael DEANS  
Pirzada Muneeba PRESDT  
Pirzada Sehrish DEANS  
Pitroipa Hubert PRESDT  
Pittas Kathleen DEANS  
Pittman Jennifer PRESDT  
Pittman Roger DEANS  
Pitts Breanne PRESDT  
Pizarro Juan PRESDT  
Pizer Samuel DEANS  
Plaine Dalila DEANS  
Planes Julia DEANS  
Plant Grace DEANS  
Plante Melinda PRESDT  
Plati Jr Francis DEANS  
Plescow Kristen DEANS  
Plier Robert DEANS  
Plotkin Rachel DEANS  
Plum David DEANS  
Plum Josh DEANS  
Plywaczynski Russ DEANS  
Po Maryna DEANS  
Podo Natalie DEANS  
Poerio Rochelle PRESDT  
Pokharel Bibhaw PRESDT  
Polio George PRESDT  
Pollack Chelsea PRESDT  
Pomeroy Vanesa PRESDT  
Pometto Matthew DEANS  
Ponce Joann DEANS  
Pongudom Pradthana PRESDT  
Pons Kevin DEANS  
Ponti Katherine DEANS  
Poole Kaila PRESDT  
Popa Matthew DEANS  
Pope Bob DEANS  
Popescu Lavinia PRESDT  
Popham Timothy DEANS  
Porges Timothy DEANS  
Porter Catharine DEANS  
Porter Jennifer DEANS  
Porter Kristy DEANS  
Porter Valerie DEANS  
Portillo Geraldine PRESDT  
Posada Johana DEANS  
Posey Meagan DEANS  
Posso Mauricio DEANS  
Potter Alan DEANS  
Potter Margaret DEANS  
Potts Erica PRESDT  
Potts Meridith DEANS  
Potts Nicholas DEANS  
Poudel Sujeeta DEANS  
Pourkiani Nayereh DEANS  
Pournasiri Katayoun DEANS  
Poutakidou Dimitra DEANS  
Powell Cole DEANS  
Powell Gary DEANS  
Powell Miranda DEANS  
Powell Sherene DEANS  
Powlen Stephanie DEANS  
Prater Tammy DEANS  
Pratt James DEANS  
Preece Shay PRESDT  
Prelesnik Frank DEANS  
Pressley Tiffany DEANS  
Preston Michelle PRESDT  
Preston Sean DEANS  
Price Amanda DEANS  
Price Lisa PRESDT  
Price Timothy PRESDT  
Primmer David PRESDT  
Prinz Rupert DEANS  
Proctor Bruce DEANS  
Prompovitch Justin DEANS  
Protic Victoria DEANS  
Prouty Daniel PRESDT  
Provus Marita PRESDT  
Prudencio Diego PRESDT  
Pryor Matthew DEANS  
Pugh Nicole DEANS  
Pugh Shandril PRESDT  
Pulatova Kamola PRESDT  
Puletic Nevena DEANS  
Pulley Phillip DEANS  
Pultz Kris DEANS  
Puma-Rowell Paulette DEANS  
Pundlik Namita DEANS  
Purcell Richard PRESDT  
Purchase Victor DEANS  
Purks Desiri DEANS  
Purosky Matthew DEANS  
Purugganan Ashley DEANS  
Puryear Alicia DEANS  
Pusey Sacarra DEANS  
Pyakurel Anjali DEANS  
Pyrch Tetiana PRESDT