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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Kabat-Post Zachary DEANS  
Kabba Musu DEANS  
Kabernagel Kevin DEANS  
Kabinde Priscilla DEANS  
Kabiri Zahrah DEANS  
Kaczmarek Angela DEANS  
Kafri Suheir DEANS  
Kahromi Parisa PRESDT  
Kahsay Tsehaye PRESDT  
Kaiser Carleigh DEANS  
Kakalec Peter DEANS  
Kakkar Parmela PRESDT  
Kakkar Sonia DEANS  
Kalhor Nader DEANS  
Kalhorn Jesse DEANS  
Kalhoro Shahid PRESDT  
Kalugina Marina DEANS  
Kamara Etta DEANS  
Kamara Sallieu DEANS  
Kamara Zainabu DEANS  
Kaminski Susan DEANS  
Kampman Colleen DEANS  
Kanak Shaima DEANS  
Kandji Bassirou DEANS  
Kane Baba PRESDT  
Kane Joshua DEANS  
Kane Kathleen PRESDT  
Kane Stephanie DEANS  
Kang Jihee PRESDT  
Kang Joong Chul DEANS  
Kang Sanghoon PRESDT  
Kang Sun Hee PRESDT  
Kappen Sharon DEANS  
Karam Hassan PRESDT  
Karavatas Stephanie DEANS  
Karcz Nathan DEANS  
Kargbo Ramatu DEANS  
Karim Sabrina DEANS  
Karimi Mohammad DEANS  
Karimi Nazia PRESDT  
Karimullah Saad DEANS  
Karinshak Kristen DEANS  
Karkee Jeet DEANS  
Karki Nikhita PRESDT  
Kashur Chelsea DEANS  
Kassem Fatmeh DEANS  
Kastens Douglass DEANS  
Katkova Tetyana DEANS  
Kato Yuta PRESDT  
Kauffman Corey DEANS  
Kaur Mandip DEANS  
Kaur Manjot DEANS  
Kaur Navchetan DEANS  
kavianpour maryam DEANS  
Kay Kamile DEANS  
Kaygisiz Elif PRESDT  
Kaylor Breanna DEANS  
Kazemzadeh Kavon PRESDT  
Kazmi Faryal PRESDT  
KC Madhavi DEANS  
Kearns Sean DEANS  
Keay Diana DEANS  
Keddis Mina DEANS  
Keenan Kathryn PRESDT  
Keener Matthew DEANS  
Keirle David DEANS  
Keithly Thomas DEANS  
Kelkar Deepshika PRESDT  
Keller Emma DEANS  
Kelley Daria DEANS  
Kelley Evan PRESDT  
Kelley Rosa DEANS  
Kelliher Bailey PRESDT  
Kellow Kim PRESDT  
Kelly Bobbi DEANS  
Kelly David PRESDT  
Kelly Jeffery DEANS  
Kelly Meredith DEANS  
Kelly Michael DEANS  
Kelly Michelle PRESDT  
Kempsell Howard DEANS  
Kenderdine Mary PRESDT  
Kenedy Christopher PRESDT  
Kenesson Alexander DEANS  
Kenkeremath Anil DEANS  
Kennedy Devon DEANS  
Kennedy Juanita DEANS  
Kennedy Kyle DEANS  
Kennedy Marcella DEANS  
Kenner Lisa DEANS  
Kent Paul DEANS  
Kent Timothy DEANS  
Kerby Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kern Sara DEANS  
Kern-levine Kathryn DEANS  
Kerrick Sarah PRESDT  
Keshishian Vazrik DEANS  
Keskitalo Alma DEANS  
Kessinger Ruth DEANS  
Kestle Samantha PRESDT  
Ketsela Tigist DEANS  
Keys Lori DEANS  
Keyser Christina DEANS  
Khadka Chhetri Radhika DEANS  
Khadka Chhetri Saroj DEANS  
Khalil Mohamed DEANS  
Khalil Zarina PRESDT  
Khan Ahmad PRESDT  
Khan Aliza DEANS  
Khan Asfand DEANS  
Khan Elsie DEANS  
Khan Etaf DEANS  
Khan Haroon PRESDT  
Khan Hirrah DEANS  
Khan Huma DEANS  
Khan John DEANS  
Khan Maha PRESDT  
Khan Maria DEANS  
Khan Najma DEANS  
Khan Rabiah DEANS  
Khan Rida DEANS  
Khan Sadaf PRESDT  
Khan Shazia DEANS  
Khan Shuaib DEANS  
Khan Sikina PRESDT  
Khan Umair PRESDT  
Khan Zara DEANS  
khanal bishal DEANS  
Khanam Shahida DEANS  
Khanjani Shaghayegh PRESDT  
Khannejad Mina PRESDT  
Khass Tamer DEANS  
Khatib Dayana PRESDT  
Khatib Karima DEANS  
Khatri Bardan DEANS  
Khordehpaz Melissa PRESDT  
Khoury Jae DEANS  
Khullar Sahil PRESDT  
Kidd Michael DEANS  
Kiddie Natalie PRESDT  
Kidwell Zachary DEANS  
Kieswetter Holley PRESDT  
Kight Stephanie DEANS  
Kigin Rebecca DEANS  
Kilaoui Hicham DEANS  
Killgore Karen DEANS  
Killian Amy DEANS  
Kim Bo Ae DEANS  
Kim Bomi PRESDT  
Kim Byeong Gwan DEANS  
Kim ByungKwan DEANS  
Kim Catherine DEANS  
Kim Christina DEANS  
Kim Chung joon DEANS  
Kim Duck Gun PRESDT  
Kim Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kim Eui Sun DEANS  
Kim Eun-chong DEANS  
Kim Hae Jin DEANS  
Kim Han DEANS  
Kim HanTae PRESDT  
Kim Hye Jin PRESDT  
Kim Hye Ryun DEANS  
Kim Hyun Ju DEANS  
Kim Hyung DEANS  
Kim Hyung Bo DEANS  
Kim Hyunjong PRESDT  
Kim In Young DEANS  
Kim Jae PRESDT  
Kim JaeYen DEANS  
Kim Jay-ji DEANS  
Kim Jeong DEANS  
Kim Ji DEANS  
Kim Ji-Eun DEANS  
Kim Jihoon PRESDT  
Kim JiHyun DEANS  
Kim Jina DEANS  
Kim Jisun DEANS  
Kim Jiun PRESDT  
Kim Ju-hyun DEANS  
Kim Jun DEANS  
Kim Kun PRESDT  
Kim Laura DEANS  
Kim Mi Hyun DEANS  
Kim Min PRESDT  
Kim Min Kyung PRESDT  
Kim Rebecca DEANS  
Kim Regina PRESDT  
Kim Se Won DEANS  
Kim Seong Cheol PRESDT  
Kim Su Jin DEANS  
Kim Sujin DEANS  
Kim Suk DEANS  
Kim Sun gyum DEANS  
Kim Sung Gyu PRESDT  
Kim Sunghun PRESDT  
Kim Sunhee DEANS  
Kim Tae Eun PRESDT  
Kim Taehee DEANS  
Kim Tong PRESDT  
Kim Won DEANS  
Kim Yae Ri DEANS  
Kim Yohan DEANS  
Kim Yongshuk DEANS  
Kim (Jeon) JungHye PRESDT  
Kimball Karen PRESDT  
Kimbler Rebecca PRESDT  
Kindig Jacqueline DEANS  
King Amanda DEANS  
King Robert DEANS  
King Stacey PRESDT  
King-Smith Cindy DEANS  
Kinsale-Williams Deborah DEANS  
Kiptis Sandra DEANS  
Kirby Benjamin DEANS  
Kirby Peter PRESDT  
Kirby Susan PRESDT  
Kirch Jacqueline DEANS  
Kirkland Ronad DEANS  
Kisner Jeremy PRESDT  
Kiziltas Serap DEANS  
Kleiman Amy DEANS  
Klein Matthew DEANS  
Klein Stephen PRESDT  
Kline Jennifer DEANS  
Klink Jesse DEANS  
Klonowicz Arkadiusz DEANS  
Kluge Monique PRESDT  
Klyueva Olga PRESDT  
Knapp Rachael DEANS  
Knauf Michelle DEANS  
Knepley Joshua DEANS  
Knickerbocker Robert PRESDT  
Knight Abigail DEANS  
Knight Amy PRESDT  
knight ashley DEANS  
Knight Claire DEANS  
Knight Emily DEANS  
Knight Paul DEANS  
Knighton Zachary DEANS  
Knop Peter DEANS  
Knopp Kathleen DEANS  
Knowles Jeffrey DEANS  
Ko BumSuk DEANS  
Ko Hieji PRESDT  
Ko Ji Hee PRESDT  
Kobra Mosammat DEANS  
Kocahan Ege PRESDT  
Koch Valerie DEANS  
Kochany Hemin PRESDT  
Koeller Sharon DEANS  
Koester Yvonne DEANS  
Kohi Arian DEANS  
Kolankiewicz Beata PRESDT  
Kolarovska Zuzana DEANS  
Kolbadi Foad DEANS  
Kolesnikoff Kaitlin DEANS  
Komnenovic Andreja DEANS  
Komnenovic Borko DEANS  
Komp Crystal DEANS  
Konadu Esther DEANS  
Konadu Lydia DEANS  
Kondner David DEANS  
Kong Byung DEANS  
Konteh Hannah DEANS  
Koo Han Ju PRESDT  
Koolphanich Parichat DEANS  
Koons Lindsay DEANS  
Kopka Sean DEANS  
Kopp Gregory DEANS  
Koren Elizabeth DEANS  
Korey Julie DEANS  
Kornegay Eric DEANS  
Koroma Franklyn PRESDT  
Koroma Nyanda DEANS  
Kortuem Olivia DEANS  
Koster Hilary DEANS  
Kota Ravindra DEANS  
Kovach Kimberly DEANS  
Kovalchuk Khrystyna PRESDT  
Kover Noemi DEANS  
Kowlessar Neil DEANS  
Krahe Colleen DEANS  
Krahl Emily DEANS  
Kranstover Andrew PRESDT  
Kranz Alex DEANS  
Krappweis Michael DEANS  
Krawchuk Amanda DEANS  
Krejcar Brittany DEANS  
Krenz Tanja DEANS  
Kresslein Joseph DEANS  
Kretsch Matthew PRESDT  
Kriebel Jonathan PRESDT  
Krieghoff Myong DEANS  
Kriesten Lynn DEANS  
Krivell Michael PRESDT  
Krivosheenko Irina DEANS  
Kroehler Christopher DEANS  
Kroepelin Ulrike PRESDT  
Krogmann Ava PRESDT  
Krothe Travis DEANS  
Kruczynski Kate PRESDT  
Krueger Marie-Christine DEANS  
Krukiel David PRESDT  
Krull Jeffery DEANS  
Krull Michelle PRESDT  
Krznaric Kelly DEANS  
Ksanznak Christine DEANS  
Ku Christine DEANS  
kuac Nor DEANS  
Kuan Kathy PRESDT  
Kube Brittany DEANS  
Kuff Riley DEANS  
Kuhn James DEANS  
Kuhn Kevin DEANS  
Kuhns Nathan DEANS  
Kumdoung Kanin DEANS  
Kunder Jamie DEANS  
Kuse Shawn DEANS  
Kushnir Yuliya PRESDT  
Kuskey Joanna DEANS  
Kutniewski Stephanie PRESDT  
Kwak Hanna DEANS  
Kwak Yoon DEANS  
Kwamlah Theodore DEANS  
Kwofi Agnes DEANS  
Kwon Eunsook DEANS  
Kwon Hee Ill PRESDT  
Kwon Marcela DEANS  
Kwon Ok Soon DEANS  
Kwon SeongMin DEANS  
Kwon Sung Hee DEANS  
Ky Benson DEANS  
Kyei-Mensah Gloria DEANS  
Kyei-Mensah Lawrence DEANS  
Kyser Chris DEANS