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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Ha Ju Byung PRESDT  
Ha JuYeon PRESDT  
Ha Lynh DEANS  
Ha Phung PRESDT  
Ha Tae-min DEANS  
Ha Thu DEANS  
Ha Thu-Van DEANS  
Haas Brian DEANS  
Haas Joseph DEANS  
Habera Grzegorz DEANS  
Habib Masiheullah DEANS  
Habte Sisay PRESDT  
Hachwi Dina DEANS  
Hadad Suad DEANS  
Hadgu Tigist PRESDT  
Hadlock Katie DEANS  
Hadzhiivanova Aneliya DEANS  
Hager George DEANS  
Hagi mohamed Suad PRESDT  
Hagjoo Nazanin DEANS  
Hagood Kelley DEANS  
Hagood Ward PRESDT  
Haider Fawad DEANS  
Haile Selamawit PRESDT  
Haislmaier Paul PRESDT  
Hakimi Nazia DEANS  
Halabi Sarmed PRESDT  
Halbach Nicole PRESDT  
Hale Jeanna DEANS  
Hale Michael DEANS  
Hale Peyton PRESDT  
Hall Christopher DEANS  
Hall Edward PRESDT  
Hall Jeremy PRESDT  
Hall Justin DEANS  
Hall Kelly DEANS  
Hall Margaret PRESDT  
Hall Mark PRESDT  
Hall Russell DEANS  
Hall Thomas DEANS  
Hall William DEANS  
Haller Tiffany DEANS  
Hallett Kirk DEANS  
Halm Gifty DEANS  
Hamad Samir DEANS  
Hamadi Ghaleb PRESDT  
Hamaways Mustafa DEANS  
Hamed Ahmad DEANS  
Hameed Rabeea PRESDT  
Hamilton Hayley DEANS  
Hamilton Kathryn PRESDT  
Hamlin Benjamin DEANS  
Hammad Reem DEANS  
Hamme Michael DEANS  
Hammond Benjamin DEANS  
Hammond Lauren DEANS  
Hammond Nicole DEANS  
Hammond Thomas DEANS  
Hammons Lalja DEANS  
Hamn Felicia DEANS  
Hampson Eric PRESDT  
Hampton Leon DEANS  
Hamrick Eugene PRESDT  
Hamrouchi Ikram DEANS  
Hamwi Abdel DEANS  
Han Daniel DEANS  
Han Haeseob PRESDT  
Han Hyeonju DEANS  
Han Hyon DEANS  
Han Jung DEANS  
Han Se Jin DEANS  
Han Seung Hwan DEANS  
Han William DEANS  
Han Yeo PRESDT  
Handal Joshua DEANS  
Handy Monica DEANS  
Hanes Chelsea PRESDT  
Haney Eden DEANS  
Hanif Sarah DEANS  
Hanley Gwynhwyvar DEANS  
Hanna Marina DEANS  
Hannas Mallory DEANS  
Hanneman Jennette DEANS  
Hanrahan Danielle DEANS  
Hansen Brittany PRESDT  
Hansen Erica DEANS  
Hansen Robert DEANS  
Hanson Anne DEANS  
Hanson Stephanie DEANS  
Happe Bruce DEANS  
Haq Fareeha PRESDT  
Hardeen Sunil PRESDT  
Harder Jeshua DEANS  
Harding Pamela DEANS  
Hardt Drew PRESDT  
Hardy Jordyn PRESDT  
Hardy Matthew PRESDT  
Harfoush Nadia DEANS  
Hargrove Anna DEANS  
Haris Mohammad DEANS  
Harley Elyssa DEANS  
Harman Nucleide PRESDT  
Harmon Nicole DEANS  
Harney Talmira DEANS  
Harney Tamila DEANS  
Haro Daniel DEANS  
Haroon Abdullah DEANS  
Harper Aaron DEANS  
Harper Deborah PRESDT  
Harper Tiffany DEANS  
Harrigan Kelly PRESDT  
Harrigan Klenn DEANS  
Harrigan Rebecca PRESDT  
Harris Brendan DEANS  
Harris Douglas PRESDT  
Harris Ernest DEANS  
Harris Eugene DEANS  
Harris Kathryn DEANS  
Harris Lauren PRESDT  
Harris Mary DEANS  
Harris-Jones Susan DEANS  
Harrison Barbara PRESDT  
Harrison James DEANS  
Harrison Jaselle DEANS  
Harrison Samantha PRESDT  
Harry Natallia DEANS  
Harsanyi Erika DEANS  
Hart Katherine DEANS  
Hart Lydia DEANS  
Hart Yurie DEANS  
Hartbarger John PRESDT  
Harte Pamela PRESDT  
Hartman Mark DEANS  
hartman Robert DEANS  
Hartso Betty DEANS  
Harvey Jesse DEANS  
Harvey Linda DEANS  
Harvey Pamela DEANS  
Harvey Rachel PRESDT  
Harwell Ann PRESDT  
Hasan Asfar PRESDT  
Hasan Shellywati DEANS  
Haselton Pamella DEANS  
Hashemi Haleh DEANS  
Hasikova Radka DEANS  
Haskovic Lejla DEANS  
Hassan Suria DEANS  
Hassan Tarek PRESDT  
Hassan Wali DEANS  
Hassan Yasseen DEANS  
Hassen Lesley DEANS  
Hassoun Mohamed DEANS  
Hatch David DEANS  
Hatipoglu Saruhan DEANS  
Hattom Esselle DEANS  
Havenner Brittany PRESDT  
Hawkey Kelsi DEANS  
Hawkins Robert DEANS  
Hawkins Susan DEANS  
Hawthorne Jonathan DEANS  
Hayati Samim DEANS  
Hayden Carissa DEANS  
Hayden Sharon DEANS  
Hayden Trey PRESDT  
Hayes Douglas PRESDT  
Hayes Kianna DEANS  
Hayes Lauren DEANS  
Hayes Shoshani DEANS  
Haynes Andrew PRESDT  
Haynes Christine DEANS  
Hays Emily DEANS  
Hayth Eric DEANS  
Hayworth Bryan DEANS  
Hayworth Bryce DEANS  
Hazlett Mariela DEANS  
He Mei DEANS  
Headley Nikita PRESDT  
Healy Mathew DEANS  
Healy Matthew DEANS  
Heard Derrick PRESDT  
Heath Sarah DEANS  
Hedrick Kathleen DEANS  
Heebner Lauren DEANS  
Hefner Ashley DEANS  
Hefty Christopher PRESDT  
Heiby Amy PRESDT  
Heider Alyssa PRESDT  
Heim Theresa PRESDT  
Hein Megan PRESDT  
Heinicke Marika DEANS  
Heitmann Debra PRESDT  
Hejazifar Nima PRESDT  
Helm Matthew DEANS  
Helm Philip DEANS  
Helmly Dawn DEANS  
Helms Amanda DEANS  
Helms Jillian DEANS  
Helms Samantha PRESDT  
Hemond Billie Leigh DEANS  
Hemsley Aaron DEANS  
Henderson Adam DEANS  
Henderson Ashley PRESDT  
Henderson James PRESDT  
Henderson Jessica DEANS  
Henderson Lauren DEANS  
Henderson Perri DEANS  
Hendon Jeremiah DEANS  
Hendricks Mark DEANS  
Hendrickson Angela PRESDT  
Hendrix Scottie DEANS  
Hendry Sean DEANS  
Henighan Richardean DEANS  
Hennessee Karen DEANS  
Hennessy Megan DEANS  
Henriksen Matthew DEANS  
Henriquez William DEANS  
Henry Kelly DEANS  
Henry Kristin PRESDT  
Hensley Karine PRESDT  
Hensley Melody DEANS  
Henson Tiffanie DEANS  
Heo Hyun Kyong PRESDT  
Heo Kul DEANS  
Hercules Madelyn DEANS  
Heredia Daynor DEANS  
Herfindahl Esther DEANS  
Herlocker Catherine DEANS  
Hernandez Carlos DEANS  
Hernandez Erye DEANS  
Hernandez Maria DEANS  
Hernandez Roxana DEANS  
Hernando Christine PRESDT  
Hernandorena Diego PRESDT  
Herndon Kristina PRESDT  
Herndon Michelle DEANS  
Herold Robert PRESDT  
Heroman Paul PRESDT  
Herr Derek DEANS  
Herr Joshua DEANS  
Herrera Daniel PRESDT  
Herrera Daniel DEANS  
Herrera Elvis DEANS  
Herrera Luis DEANS  
Herrick Amanda PRESDT  
Heselton April DEANS  
Hetle Janine DEANS  
Hetzel Michael DEANS  
Hicks Sara PRESDT  
Hicks Teagra DEANS  
Hickson Charles DEANS  
Hidalgo Juan DEANS  
Higgins Ashly DEANS  
Higgins Stacy PRESDT  
Hildreth Paul DEANS  
Hill Dean DEANS  
Hill Laureine DEANS  
Hill Robert DEANS  
Hill Valerie DEANS  
Hillas Kenneth PRESDT  
Hilldrup Christopher DEANS  
Hillegass John DEANS  
Hillman Lauren PRESDT  
Himan Jacob DEANS  
Himes Malica DEANS  
Hindman Rebecca DEANS  
Hinkle Joseph DEANS  
Hinman Christan DEANS  
Hinojosa Jessica PRESDT  
Hinrichs Samantha PRESDT  
Hirsch Alexander DEANS  
Hitaffer Tiffany DEANS  
Hite Timothy DEANS  
Hitzelberg Patrick DEANS  
Hixson Rebecca DEANS  
Ho Andrew PRESDT  
Hoban Lauren DEANS  
Hobley Travis DEANS  
Hochberg Lisa DEANS  
Hockenbury Matthew PRESDT  
Hodge Christina DEANS  
Hodgson Michael PRESDT  
Hodnett Tricia DEANS  
Hodson Karen DEANS  
Hoegh Emma DEANS  
Hoehne Sabrina DEANS  
Hoeler Christopher DEANS  
Hoff Dustin DEANS  
Hoffmann Louis DEANS  
Hogan Katherine PRESDT  
Hogue Sidney DEANS  
Holiday Keyawna DEANS  
Holland Theresa PRESDT  
Hollar Christopher DEANS  
Hollis Kyle DEANS  
Holloman Alan PRESDT  
Holly Laurie DEANS  
Holmblad Marielle DEANS  
Holmes Beverly PRESDT  
Holmes Christopher PRESDT  
Holmes Jennifer DEANS  
Holmes Richie PRESDT  
Holmes Sarah DEANS  
Holmes Shannon DEANS  
Holt Robert DEANS  
holt ryan DEANS  
Honay Tanita DEANS  
Hondo-Rust Karlee DEANS  
Hong Eun Jin PRESDT  
Hong Mi PRESDT  
Hong Mitchelle DEANS  
Hongo Hiroshi PRESDT  
Honnoll Brittney DEANS  
Hood Steven DEANS  
Hooker Joanna PRESDT  
Hooper Hamza DEANS  
Hope Kevin DEANS  
Hopkins Stephen DEANS  
Hoptman Virginia DEANS  
Horne Kathleen DEANS  
Hornsby Joshua DEANS  
Horowitz Christina DEANS  
Horton Rachel DEANS  
Hosh Leyla DEANS  
Hosick Caroyl DEANS  
Hosmer Lisa DEANS  
Hossain Noyan DEANS  
Hossain Saddam DEANS  
Hossen Mohammed DEANS  
Hotaki Ahmad PRESDT  
Hotaki Layluma PRESDT  
Hotaling Michael PRESDT  
Hottell Eric PRESDT  
Houck Caitlyn DEANS  
Houghton Kolby PRESDT  
Hovey Glen PRESDT  
Hovsepyan Nvard PRESDT  
Howard Ashley DEANS  
Howard Melody DEANS  
Howe Christopher DEANS  
Howe Stephen DEANS  
Howell John DEANS  
Howell Raymond DEANS  
Hoy Jessica DEANS  
Hoyos Claudia PRESDT  
Hrebinka Jesse DEANS  
Hryvnak Maryana DEANS  
Hsu Sophia DEANS  
Hu Guiping DEANS  
Huamani Vera Jacqueline DEANS  
Huang Jessica DEANS  
Huang Wei-Ming PRESDT  
Hubard Olga DEANS  
Hubbard Tyler DEANS  
Hubble Abigail PRESDT  
Hube Jason PRESDT  
Hudnall Katherine PRESDT  
Hudson Meaghan DEANS  
Hudson Regina PRESDT  
Hudson Ruth Ann PRESDT  
Huertas Denis DEANS  
Huff Philip PRESDT  
Huff Shawn DEANS  
Huff Vonda DEANS  
Huffman Joseph DEANS  
Huggins Pierre DEANS  
Hughart Camilla DEANS  
Hughes Jessica DEANS  
Hughes Kelly PRESDT  
Hughes Nina DEANS  
Hughes Sarah PRESDT  
Huh Jiwon DEANS  
Huibregtse Jonathan DEANS  
Huizinga Teresa PRESDT  
Humphries Madeline DEANS  
Hundal Ramandeep DEANS  
Hundessa Hanna DEANS  
Hunt Ellen PRESDT  
Hunt Lacie DEANS  
Hunt Tyra DEANS  
Hunter Aaron DEANS  
Hunter Jaron DEANS  
Hunter Lisa DEANS  
Hunter Monique PRESDT  
Huntington Aaron DEANS  
Hupman Margaret PRESDT  
Huq Amena DEANS  
Hur Hong DEANS  
Hurry Herrishia DEANS  
Hurt Jennifer DEANS  
Husain Fahd PRESDT  
Husain Minha DEANS  
Hush Erica PRESDT  
Huskey Michael DEANS  
Huskey Robyne DEANS  
Hussein Muna PRESDT  
hussein noran DEANS  
Hussen Abdulaziz DEANS  
Husted Morgan PRESDT  
Hutcheson Adam DEANS  
hutcheson charles DEANS  
Huth Angela DEANS  
Hutson Rebecca DEANS  
Hutton Andrew DEANS  
Huynh Anh DEANS  
Huynh Annie DEANS  
Huynh Hoa-phuong DEANS  
Huynh Kimmie PRESDT  
Huynh Mai DEANS  
Huynh Phuong DEANS  
Huynh Thuy PRESDT  
Huynh Uyen DEANS  
Hwang Hye Ri DEANS  
Hwang Jae-Hyoung DEANS  
Hwang Ju Yeon DEANS  
Hyeon Miriam PRESDT