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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Gaafar Mona PRESDT  
Gaarde Christopher PRESDT  
Gaarde Jessica DEANS  
Gabor Jason DEANS  
Gabre Margareit DEANS  
Gachina Rose DEANS  
Gagner Sharon DEANS  
Gaines Michelle DEANS  
Gainous Michael DEANS  
Gaitan Laressa DEANS  
Gaither Robert PRESDT  
Galindo Fadia DEANS  
Galitzin Tatiana DEANS  
Gallagher Martin DEANS  
Gallagher Patrick DEANS  
Gallego Luis DEANS  
Gallegos David DEANS  
Galloway Charles DEANS  
Galloway Janet DEANS  
Galloway Jason DEANS  
Gampala Sankara DEANS  
Gandhi Eric PRESDT  
Gandy Shalonda DEANS  
Ganger Rishabh PRESDT  
Ganjriz Niloofar DEANS  
Gantois Izis PRESDT  
Gao Yajuan DEANS  
Garand Matthew DEANS  
Garcia Alfredo DEANS  
Garcia Bryan DEANS  
Garcia Giovanna DEANS  
Garcia Jennifer DEANS  
Garcia Lizzeth DEANS  
Garcia Mary DEANS  
Garcia Natalia DEANS  
Garcia Nataly PRESDT  
Garcia Stephanie DEANS  
Garcia Junco Erica PRESDT  
Gardepe Hope PRESDT  
Gardner Kandyce DEANS  
Gargulinska Anna PRESDT  
Garlock Eileen DEANS  
Garraux Marissa PRESDT  
Garraway Joneilia DEANS  
Garrett Brett DEANS  
Garrison Bryce DEANS  
Garrison Carol PRESDT  
Garrity Amanda DEANS  
Garrity Lisa DEANS  
Gartrell Valerie DEANS  
Gartzke Caroline PRESDT  
Garvis Lauren DEANS  
Gaspi Maria Clarissa DEANS  
Gast Michelle DEANS  
Gathman Elissa DEANS  
Gaub Gretchen PRESDT  
Gautam Sanju DEANS  
Gauvreau Thomas DEANS  
Gavieres Anthony DEANS  
Gavino-Collins Katherine DEANS  
Gaviola Agustina PRESDT  
Gaviria Johanna DEANS  
Gay Wendy DEANS  
Gazarek Rudolph DEANS  
Geary Travis DEANS  
Gebre Resom DEANS  
Gebrehywot Abraham DEANS  
Gebremariam Abraham DEANS  
Gebremariam Martha DEANS  
Gebremikael Haileslassie DEANS  
Gebresellasie Bisrat DEANS  
Gebresilassie Mesay PRESDT  
Gebru Yoska PRESDT  
Gedamu Zenebe PRESDT  
Geddes Michael DEANS  
Geele Shukri DEANS  
Geeston Lachanuse DEANS  
Geiger Barbara DEANS  
Geisner Vanessa PRESDT  
Geldermann Katherine DEANS  
Gelfand Desiree PRESDT  
Generazio Victoria PRESDT  
gennarione gina DEANS  
Gentry Rechelle DEANS  
George Jessica DEANS  
George Lauren DEANS  
George Patrick DEANS  
Georgieva Ines DEANS  
Georgieva Svetlana DEANS  
Georgis Ashley DEANS  
Gerald Brittney DEANS  
Gernandt Royes DEANS  
Gerson Gary DEANS  
Gervais Matthew DEANS  
Geschke Brian PRESDT  
Geschwind Carl-henry DEANS  
Getachew Michael DEANS  
Getahun Alebachew DEANS  
Getahun Meheret DEANS  
Getahun Selamawit DEANS  
Gettier Sierra DEANS  
Getu Aida DEANS  
Getz Karen PRESDT  
Gezahegn Almaz DEANS  
Ghabaean Shahrzad DEANS  
Ghabrial Emelda PRESDT  
Ghaemi Nick DEANS  
Ghaemi Shiva DEANS  
Ghalan Sujan DEANS  
Ghale Digaj PRESDT  
Ghani Semeen DEANS  
Gharavi Ananne DEANS  
Ghazzawi Mariam DEANS  
Ghebremariam Yonas PRESDT  
Ghebremichael Akililu DEANS  
Ghoraishi Behzad DEANS  
Ghorbani Jamsheed DEANS  
Gibbs K. DEANS  
Giberti Francesco PRESDT  
Gibson Alecia DEANS  
Gibson Catherine DEANS  
Gibson David DEANS  
Gibson Philip PRESDT  
Giddings Chinito DEANS  
Gietzen Veronica DEANS  
Gilani Sarwat DEANS  
Gildee Craig PRESDT  
Giles Courtney DEANS  
Giles Leila DEANS  
Gilkerson Muneerah DEANS  
Gill Cecile PRESDT  
Gill Stacy DEANS  
Gilliard Kevin DEANS  
Gillis Judith PRESDT  
Gilmore Renee DEANS  
Gilpin Kristin DEANS  
Gilray Bryan DEANS  
Gimbel Madeleine PRESDT  
Gimenez Jose DEANS  
Gingras Mary Jane PRESDT  
Giovannini Katherine DEANS  
Girard Eric DEANS  
Girardi Ingrid DEANS  
Giri Anurodh PRESDT  
Girma Dagmawe DEANS  
Girma Liyuwork DEANS  
Giroux Glenda DEANS  
Girvin Paul DEANS  
Gishnock Cayla DEANS  
Givens TraVonda DEANS  
Gjormand Christopher DEANS  
Gladney Jonathan DEANS  
Glasco Tiffani DEANS  
Glasgow Christopher DEANS  
Glick Vanessa DEANS  
Glotova Polina DEANS  
Goc Filip DEANS  
Goclawska Joanna DEANS  
Godby Jesse DEANS  
Goddard Amanda DEANS  
Godfrey Matthew PRESDT  
Godin Steven DEANS  
Godshall Jessica PRESDT  
Goettlich Brianne DEANS  
Goff Eric DEANS  
Goings Jeffrey DEANS  
Goins Elizabeth DEANS  
Goldman Jaclyn PRESDT  
Goldstein Vivienne DEANS  
Goley Patrick PRESDT  
Golkar Bardia DEANS  
Golliher Lauren DEANS  
Gomez Claudia DEANS  
Gomez Leonor PRESDT  
Gomez Marlene DEANS  
Gomez Vanessa DEANS  
Gomez Xavier DEANS  
Goncalves borrega Fabian DEANS  
Gonzaga Emily DEANS  
Gonzales Samantha DEANS  
Gonzalez Cindy PRESDT  
Gonzalez Claudia PRESDT  
Gonzalez Diego DEANS  
Gonzalez Eduardo DEANS  
Gonzalez Ewa PRESDT  
Gonzalez Matthew PRESDT  
Gonzalez Steven DEANS  
Goodale Katrienne PRESDT  
Goode Emma DEANS  
Goodwin James DEANS  
Goolrick Logan DEANS  
Goonan Frank DEANS  
Gorbutt Quinn PRESDT  
Gorczyca Christian DEANS  
Gordon Edward DEANS  
Gordon Jacob DEANS  
Gordon Katherine PRESDT  
Gordon Michael DEANS  
Gordon Rachel DEANS  
Gorey Lauren PRESDT  
Gorgan Alina DEANS  
Gorham Charles DEANS  
Gorman Belinda PRESDT  
Gorman Rebecca PRESDT  
Gormley Marian DEANS  
Gorobet Iulia PRESDT  
Gorospe Raymond DEANS  
Gorrell Mara DEANS  
Gorska Wioletta DEANS  
Gorski Andrew PRESDT  
Goss Kate DEANS  
Gosselin Noriko DEANS  
Goulding Travis DEANS  
Gourlay Chad DEANS  
Gourley Michael DEANS  
Goushe Saffie DEANS  
Graciano Jacqueline DEANS  
Gradia Rachael DEANS  
Graffo Karen PRESDT  
Grafton Sarah DEANS  
Gragasin Tammy PRESDT  
Graham Angeline DEANS  
Graham Ashley PRESDT  
Graham Christine DEANS  
Grainger Kaitlin PRESDT  
Grainger Patrick DEANS  
Granja Santiago DEANS  
Grant Nathan DEANS  
Grant Samantha DEANS  
Grant Shellie DEANS  
Granzow Dale DEANS  
Gratz Joshua DEANS  
Graves Megan DEANS  
Gray Christopher DEANS  
Gray Jackson PRESDT  
Gray Kathy DEANS  
Gray Terry PRESDT  
Gray-Jones Tia DEANS  
Graynovskiy Michael DEANS  
Grayson Valerie DEANS  
Green Caitlin PRESDT  
Green Darren DEANS  
Green J DEANS  
Green Michelle DEANS  
Green Olivia DEANS  
Green Rochelle PRESDT  
Green Sarah DEANS  
Greene Anthea DEANS  
Greene Michelle DEANS  
Greene Sabrina DEANS  
Greene Walter DEANS  
Greenman Jill PRESDT  
Greenwell George PRESDT  
Gregory Alex PRESDT  
Grether Susan PRESDT  
Gretillat James DEANS  
Grevey Kevin DEANS  
Grieco Christina DEANS  
Grier Yeromitou DEANS  
Griffin Angela DEANS  
Griffin James DEANS  
Griffin Laura PRESDT  
Griffin Meghan PRESDT  
Griffin Rachel PRESDT  
Griffin Sydney DEANS  
Grimes Delisa DEANS  
Grimes Loren PRESDT  
Grimm Devin DEANS  
Grimmer Samantha DEANS  
Grinstead Deborah DEANS  
Groesbeck Allison DEANS  
Grof-Tisza Lajos DEANS  
Grogan Shawn DEANS  
Grossmann Rachel DEANS  
Grothe Rachel DEANS  
Ground Sarah DEANS  
Growe Paul PRESDT  
Guardado Ingrid DEANS  
Guchu Lois DEANS  
Guchu Lydia DEANS  
Gudeta Abebech DEANS  
Guenther Alexa DEANS  
Guerrero Carlos DEANS  
Guevarra Nina DEANS  
Guico Marione PRESDT  
Guillen Christian DEANS  
Guillen Luis DEANS  
Guillen Estrada Luigi DEANS  
Guillen-pinto Gabriela DEANS  
Guinivan Emily PRESDT  
guinn sawyer DEANS  
Guizada Sergio DEANS  
Gul Naila DEANS  
Gulati Gaurav DEANS  
Gulraiz Fatima DEANS  
Guluma Aklilu DEANS  
Gumus Alper PRESDT  
Gundy James DEANS  
Gunther Colby DEANS  
Gunther Dinah DEANS  
Gupta Aparna DEANS  
gupta gaurav DEANS  
Gupta Maria DEANS  
Gurgel Fernanda DEANS  
Guruswamy Fathima PRESDT  
Gustaveson Danielle DEANS  
gustin tandy DEANS  
Guthridge Caitlin DEANS  
Gutierrez Gustavo DEANS  
Gutierrez Miguel DEANS  
Gutierrez Talesha PRESDT  
Guynn Glenda DEANS  
Guzman Ariel PRESDT  
Guzman Edna PRESDT  
Guzman Eli PRESDT  
Guzman Emily PRESDT  
Guzman Joshua DEANS  
Gwiazda Magdalena DEANS  
Gyamfi Effa PRESDT  
Gyamfi Regina DEANS  
Gyamfi-Awuah Kwesi DEANS  
Gyulamiryan Suren DEANS