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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Dabaghi Jessica DEANS  
Dabney Chris DEANS  
Dabney Grace DEANS  
Dabo Halimah DEANS  
Dabreo Tricia PRESDT  
Dach Kimberly DEANS  
Dadi Desalegn DEANS  
Dadson Daniel DEANS  
Dagan Meirwise PRESDT  
Daganchew Mihret PRESDT  
Dagdag Deniese DEANS  
Dahal Anu DEANS  
Daisley Melissa PRESDT  
D'Aiutolo Cory DEANS  
Daka Habteab DEANS  
Dakhil Omar PRESDT  
Dakwala Foziya PRESDT  
Dale Matt DEANS  
Dalton Eric DEANS  
Damisch Dorie DEANS  
Damron Craig PRESDT  
Dana Robin DEANS  
Dang Lam PRESDT  
Dang Phuong PRESDT  
Dang Terence PRESDT  
Dang Trang DEANS  
Daniel Joseph PRESDT  
Danieli Shelly DEANS  
Daniels Andrea DEANS  
Daniels Riveros Catherine DEANS  
Danna Meghan DEANS  
Danquah George DEANS  
Dao Huong PRESDT  
Darab Ahmad DEANS  
Darby Lila DEANS  
Darner David DEANS  
Darner Shannon PRESDT  
Darvish Zadeh Zolpirani Elmira DEANS  
Darwesh Niveen DEANS  
Dasgupta Neelanjan DEANS  
Dashtbili Kawa DEANS  
Dattilo Mary DEANS  
Daube Hannah DEANS  
Daubert John DEANS  
Daud Aidris DEANS  
Dauod Aryan DEANS  
David Ashley DEANS  
Davids Monica PRESDT  
Davies Leslie DEANS  
Davis Bret DEANS  
Davis Craig DEANS  
Davis Halley PRESDT  
Davis Jacqueline PRESDT  
Davis Jonathan PRESDT  
Davis Joshua PRESDT  
Davis Loryn PRESDT  
Davis Mariluz PRESDT  
Davis Mark DEANS  
Davis Oksana DEANS  
Davis Stephanie DEANS  
Dawson Leslie DEANS  
De Beer Michelle DEANS  
de Bree Linda DEANS  
De casanova Jorge DEANS  
De Guzman Regine PRESDT  
De Guzman-Simmons Maria PRESDT  
De Haven Eric DEANS  
de Jesus Maria DEANS  
De La Calle Carla DEANS  
De la O Hernandez Jose DEANS  
De la torre Elicia DEANS  
De La Torre Campos Diego DEANS  
de Lara Derlie Joy DEANS  
De Leon Alison PRESDT  
De Lima Yuri DEANS  
de Nooy Anneke DEANS  
De Rivero Pamela PRESDT  
de Wit Jessica DEANS  
Dean Zackery DEANS  
Deane Laura DEANS  
Deane William DEANS  
Deans Daniel DEANS  
Debebe Zufan DEANS  
deBruijn Lauren DEANS  
deBruin Christine DEANS  
Decot Nicole PRESDT  
Deese Jewelle DEANS  
Deibes Christine DEANS  
Del Rio Christina DEANS  
Dela Cruz Nichelle PRESDT  
DeLaney Gregory DEANS  
Delao Theresa PRESDT  
Delcid Bianca DEANS  
Delcid Maria DEANS  
Delfin Fiorella DEANS  
Delfin Rodriguez Miluska DEANS  
Delgadillo Jorge DEANS  
Delgado Dayana DEANS  
Delgado Jessica DEANS  
Delgado Patricia DEANS  
Delgado Vivian PRESDT  
Delis Tina DEANS  
De-Lumban Anthony PRESDT  
Demissie Vironica DEANS  
DeMone Katherine DEANS  
Denale Alison DEANS  
Deng WenJun PRESDT  
Deng Zhu DEANS  
Denk Allison PRESDT  
Denk Michael DEANS  
Denker Nancy PRESDT  
Denneny Christina DEANS  
Dennis James DEANS  
Dennis Zanzeta DEANS  
Dent Evan DEANS  
Dent Valerie DEANS  
Deopujari Varsha PRESDT  
Depagnier Juliet DEANS  
DePretoro Amanda DEANS  
Dere Andrew DEANS  
Derias Engy PRESDT  
Desai Ankita DEANS  
Desalegn Hirut DEANS  
Desalegn Meseret DEANS  
Desjadon Jihye DEANS  
Deskovich Peter DEANS  
Desmarais Jacob DEANS  
Desta Negatu PRESDT  
DeVall Christopher DEANS  
Devall Jane DEANS  
Devaney Keisha DEANS  
Devine Keri DEANS  
Devoe Leigh DEANS  
Devolites Ashley DEANS  
DeWaard Lacey DEANS  
Dewey Melissa PRESDT  
Dewey Michael DEANS  
Dews Alexandria DEANS  
Dhungana Kishor DEANS  
Di Domenico Nathalie DEANS  
Di paolo Patrick DEANS  
Dianderas Cinthya DEANS  
DiAngelo Jessica PRESDT  
Diarra Job DEANS  
Diaz Douglas PRESDT  
Diaz Joseph DEANS  
Diaz Michael PRESDT  
Diaz Miguel DEANS  
Dibaba Meskerem DEANS  
DiBiasio Christine DEANS  
Dickert Gwen DEANS  
Dickey Laura DEANS  
Dickson Katharine DEANS  
Dickson Kelly PRESDT  
Diffenbaugh Candice DEANS  
DiFondi Patricia DEANS  
Diggs III Arnu PRESDT  
DiGirolamo Joseph DEANS  
Digracia Bianca DEANS  
Diliberti Elizabeth DEANS  
Dilixiati Ailapati DEANS  
Dill Richard DEANS  
Dillie David DEANS  
Dillinger Karen DEANS  
Dillon Cortney DEANS  
Dillon Rachael PRESDT  
Dimov George DEANS  
Dinger Cristina PRESDT  
Dingfelder Rosa DEANS  
Dinh Hanh PRESDT  
Dinh Oanh PRESDT  
Dinh Thuy-Giang PRESDT  
Dittl Verena DEANS  
Ditulli Sarah PRESDT  
Dixon Jennifer PRESDT  
Dixon Norman PRESDT  
Dizon Christopher DEANS  
Do Cathy DEANS  
Do Khanh An DEANS  
Do Truc PRESDT  
Doaee Sharareh DEANS  
Doan Khoa DEANS  
Dobbins Marion DEANS  
Dodd Joshua DEANS  
Dodd Nicole PRESDT  
Dodge Kyle PRESDT  
Dodson Jane PRESDT  
Dodson Jessica DEANS  
Dodson Lauren DEANS  
Doe Kimberly DEANS  
Doeren Dustin DEANS  
Dogbo Gogo DEANS  
Dohnani Light DEANS  
Doke Andrea DEANS  
Doke Crystal DEANS  
Dokken Christopher DEANS  
Dolinh Mai DEANS  
Dolly Rebecca DEANS  
Dolton Tamara DEANS  
Domenech Enrique DEANS  
Domiciano Maira DEANS  
Dominguez Mariam DEANS  
Dominguez Yesli DEANS  
Dominicis Gail PRESDT  
Domitrovits Drew PRESDT  
Domnarski Seth DEANS  
Donabella Alicia DEANS  
Donaghue Jaime DEANS  
Donahue Christian DEANS  
Dondero-Pettit Elliot PRESDT  
Dong Vinh DEANS  
Donlen Eleanor DEANS  
Donlon Sean DEANS  
Donnelly Catherine PRESDT  
Donovan Daniel PRESDT  
Donovan Ethan PRESDT  
Doran Robin DEANS  
Dorsey Archella DEANS  
Doss Curtis DEANS  
Dosseva Svetla DEANS  
Dotson Nicole PRESDT  
Dotson Patrick DEANS  
Dougherty Elisabeth DEANS  
Dougherty Sean DEANS  
Douglas Erika DEANS  
Douglas Jefferine DEANS  
Douglas Kathryn DEANS  
Dowdy Ashleigh DEANS  
Dowdy Justin DEANS  
Dowgiello Nancy DEANS  
Downey Marcus DEANS  
Downing Linda DEANS  
Downing Morgan PRESDT  
Doyle Erin DEANS  
Doyle Kaitlyn PRESDT  
Doyle Melita PRESDT  
Drachsler Laura PRESDT  
Draine Sabrathia DEANS  
Draper Kaitlin PRESDT  
Driscoll Lucie PRESDT  
Driskill Patrick DEANS  
Drumheller William DEANS  
Duan Shiyu DEANS  
Dubishar Natalie DEANS  
Ducker Camden DEANS  
Ducrest Edouard PRESDT  
Due Andrew DEANS  
Duerson Allen DEANS  
Duffy Thomas DEANS  
Duggins Tanya DEANS  
Duke Jonathan DEANS  
Dumlao Margarita Angela DEANS  
Dunaway Kristin DEANS  
Duncalf Tamara DEANS  
Duncan Adam DEANS  
Duncan Elizabeth DEANS  
Duncan Rebecca PRESDT  
Duncan Stacy PRESDT  
Dunko Phaedra DEANS  
Dunlap Desmen DEANS  
Dunlap Mark DEANS  
Dunlop Heather PRESDT  
Dunlop Mai-Lan DEANS  
Dunn April DEANS  
Dunn Deborah PRESDT  
Dunn Joshua DEANS  
Dunn Kelly DEANS  
Dunston Daryel DEANS  
Duong Hien DEANS  
Duong Oanh DEANS  
Duong Quynh DEANS  
Duong Thi DEANS  
Duplan Joseph DEANS  
Dupras Ilfigenija DEANS  
Duran David DEANS  
Duran Frank DEANS  
Durand Adrienne DEANS  
Durham Glenna DEANS  
DuRousseau Matthew DEANS  
Durrani Mariam PRESDT  
Dutch John DEANS  
Dutia Ketu PRESDT  
Duty Aron DEANS  
Dvorak Alanna DEANS  
Dvorsky Joshua DEANS  
Dwamena Prince DEANS  
Dyck Laurel Phoebe DEANS  
Dyer Kevin DEANS  
Dykes Alexander DEANS  
Dykhoff Anna DEANS  
Dyson Amanda PRESDT  
Dzansi Rhonda DEANS  
Dziewiecien Katarzyna DEANS