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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Caballero Carla DEANS  
Cabanas-Brown Sacha DEANS  
Cabato Joseph PRESDT  
Cabrera Christina DEANS  
Cabrera Cristina DEANS  
Cabrera Julio PRESDT  
Caden Catherine DEANS  
Cadena Jesseca DEANS  
Cadima Gerardo DEANS  
Cadima Roberto DEANS  
Caire Ashley DEANS  
Calandrino James PRESDT  
Caldera Eduardo DEANS  
Calderon Cristal DEANS  
Calderon Janet DEANS  
Calderon Rosa DEANS  
Calhoun Thomas DEANS  
Calkins Shannon PRESDT  
Callaham David DEANS  
Callahan Dawn DEANS  
Callan Lisa PRESDT  
Callander Andrew DEANS  
Callaway Darren PRESDT  
Calo Rebekah PRESDT  
Camacho Gabriel PRESDT  
Camacho Karina DEANS  
Camden Joshua DEANS  
Caminade Cristina DEANS  
Camlin Brett DEANS  
Campbell Christina PRESDT  
Campbell Christopher DEANS  
Campbell David PRESDT  
Campbell Ken DEANS  
Campbell Lindsay DEANS  
Campbell Michael DEANS  
Campbell Monica DEANS  
Campbell Sarah DEANS  
Campen Marc DEANS  
Campo Denise DEANS  
Canada Aaron DEANS  
Canales Carlos DEANS  
Candelario Ana DEANS  
Canella Shelby DEANS  
Canestra Patricia DEANS  
Canfield Thomas DEANS  
Canizalez Karla DEANS  
Canlas Erine DEANS  
Cannan Jason DEANS  
Canniff Philip DEANS  
Cano Kerri PRESDT  
Canton Ma-Linda PRESDT  
Cantrell Rhonda PRESDT  
Cantu Jessica PRESDT  
Cantwell Karin DEANS  
Cantwell Kristene DEANS  
Canute Ryan DEANS  
Cao Khiem PRESDT  
Capps Laura DEANS  
Caputy Daniel PRESDT  
Caramat Felicia PRESDT  
Carbajal Vicente DEANS  
Carbaugh Tamara DEANS  
Carbone Denise DEANS  
Cardenas Karla DEANS  
Cardoso Emanuella DEANS  
Cardozo Neisa DEANS  
Cardwell Iver DEANS  
Carhuaz Claudia DEANS  
Caridi Philip DEANS  
Carl Joshua PRESDT  
Carleton Caitlin DEANS  
Carley Jeffrey DEANS  
Carlisle Brooke DEANS  
Carlos Marcelo DEANS  
Carlson Julia PRESDT  
Carlson Marcia PRESDT  
Carneal Sarah DEANS  
Carneiro David DEANS  
Carnes Joni PRESDT  
Carpel Joseph DEANS  
Carpenter Ashley DEANS  
Carpenter Lawrence DEANS  
Carper Nicole DEANS  
Carper William DEANS  
Carr Michael DEANS  
Carr Patrick DEANS  
Carr Rhiannon DEANS  
Carriger Nadya DEANS  
Carrillo Cristhian DEANS  
Carrillo Sergio DEANS  
Carroll James DEANS  
Carruthers Lisa DEANS  
Carson Rachel DEANS  
Carter Amanda DEANS  
Carter Amber DEANS  
Carter Ashley DEANS  
Carter Benjamin DEANS  
Carter Dawnielle DEANS  
Carter Lauren DEANS  
Carter Melinda DEANS  
Caruana Shannon DEANS  
Carvalho Kristin DEANS  
Carver Monica DEANS  
Caseman Catherine DEANS  
Casey Teresa DEANS  
Casey-Layne Gretel PRESDT  
Casillas Manuel DEANS  
Casper Philip DEANS  
Casquero Mayra DEANS  
Cassell Catherine PRESDT  
Cassidy Ellen DEANS  
Cast Phillip DEANS  
Castagnello Ricardo DEANS  
Castaneda Rigoberto DEANS  
Castano Carlos DEANS  
Castano Estefani PRESDT  
Castelain Patricia DEANS  
Castile Caterra PRESDT  
Castilla Melanie DEANS  
Castillo Marina DEANS  
Castillo Mary DEANS  
Castillo Fernandez Oswaldo PRESDT  
Castle Tara DEANS  
Castro Andres DEANS  
Castro Bianca PRESDT  
Castro Coral DEANS  
Castro Felipe DEANS  
Castro Jorge DEANS  
Castro Lindsay PRESDT  
Castro Maritza DEANS  
Castro Pablo PRESDT  
Castrop Cienna DEANS  
Castueil Didier DEANS  
Caswell Pamela DEANS  
Catalfamo Thomas PRESDT  
Cataquiz Lourdes DEANS  
Catlin Kathryn DEANS  
Cattanach Colin PRESDT  
Cattell Karen DEANS  
Catton Janet PRESDT  
Caucci Joe PRESDT  
Caudle Darin DEANS  
Cauley Katharine DEANS  
Cavano Carolina PRESDT  
Cave Bryan DEANS  
Cawley Kathleen DEANS  
Cekci Tamar DEANS  
Cekova Desislava PRESDT  
Celestino Gayeanne PRESDT  
Cengic Melisa PRESDT  
Centeno Lisa PRESDT  
Cerda Jorge DEANS  
Cesar Ana DEANS  
Cha Gene DEANS  
Chalova Valentina PRESDT  
Chambers Kevin DEANS  
Chambers Kristine DEANS  
Chambliss Deara DEANS  
Champagne Ashley DEANS  
Champagne Diane DEANS  
Champion Blythe DEANS  
Chan Che Kei PRESDT  
Chan Ho Ching PRESDT  
Chan Tin Hang DEANS  
Chan Tsz DEANS  
Chan Tsz Woon DEANS  
Chance Adam DEANS  
Chance Ethan PRESDT  
Chandiramani Maria PRESDT  
Chandler Kristen DEANS  
Chandler Lauren DEANS  
Chandler Orlando DEANS  
Chang Jee Hei DEANS  
Chang Joo DEANS  
Changmani Suphitcha DEANS  
Channa Amna DEANS  
Chao Steve DEANS  
Chapman Gail PRESDT  
Chapman Heidi DEANS  
Charity Ke-Londra DEANS  
Charles Anatu DEANS  
Charles Jonathan DEANS  
Charles Kaylene PRESDT  
Charnyshova Hanna DEANS  
Chartuk Michael DEANS  
Chase John DEANS  
Chau Ky DEANS  
Chaudery Arsalan DEANS  
Chaudhry Sana DEANS  
Chaudhry Zafar DEANS  
Chaudhry Zaheer DEANS  
Chaudry Sofia PRESDT  
Chauhan Amita DEANS  
Chauhan Jitendra DEANS  
Chaurio Karelys PRESDT  
Chauvin Magali DEANS  
Chavarria Roberto DEANS  
Chaves Veronica PRESDT  
Chavez Samantha DEANS  
Chavez Lopez Abel DEANS  
Chbani Said DEANS  
Cheatham Myesha DEANS  
Cheddad Omayma DEANS  
Cheema Ali DEANS  
Cheikh Lahlou Caroline DEANS  
Chekol Melaku DEANS  
Chekulaeva Galina DEANS  
Chelariu Gabriela PRESDT  
Chen Ann DEANS  
Chen James DEANS  
Chen Kevin PRESDT  
Chen Sandy DEANS  
Chen Tiffany DEANS  
Chen Xiao-fang PRESDT  
Chen Yang DEANS  
Chen Yuan DEANS  
Chen Zhao-xian DEANS  
Chenari Nima PRESDT  
Cheng Chunlai PRESDT  
Cheng Vivian DEANS  
Cheng Yuhung DEANS  
Cheong Yon Ho DEANS  
Cheraghi-Noabadi Azadeh DEANS  
Cherif Bokar DEANS  
Cherkaoui Badreddine PRESDT  
Cherry Michael PRESDT  
Chery Martine DEANS  
Cheung Yu Tai DEANS  
Chevez Nancy DEANS  
Chhillar Madhu DEANS  
Childress Elizabeth DEANS  
Chinery Benjamin DEANS  
Chirinos Claudia DEANS  
Chirinos Jessie DEANS  
Chirkova Ekaterina PRESDT  
Chittenden Allison DEANS  
Chiware Vivian DEANS  
Chiyoge Iragi DEANS  
Chmura Nicholas DEANS  
Cho Hanna PRESDT  
Cho Hye DEANS  
Cho Hyun DEANS  
Cho Jeehwan DEANS  
Cho Sue DEANS  
Cho Young Woon DEANS  
Choe Jennifer DEANS  
Choe John DEANS  
Choe Ryeora DEANS  
Choezom Sonam DEANS  
Choi Hannah DEANS  
Choi Hyung PRESDT  
Choi Hyunyong PRESDT  
Choi Ji PRESDT  
Choi Jongwon DEANS  
Choi Julieann DEANS  
Choi Koeun DEANS  
Choi Kwon PRESDT  
Choi Sharon PRESDT  
Choi SunAh PRESDT  
Choi WonJae PRESDT  
Choi Woo Chul DEANS  
Choithramani Kiran DEANS  
Chong Yujin PRESDT  
Chopin Santos DEANS  
Chopra Sameer PRESDT  
Chosi Bernice DEANS  
Choudhry Sadiah DEANS  
Chouhdary Shujait DEANS  
Choutedjem Talla Jean Pierre DEANS  
Chowdhury Ahsan DEANS  
Chowdhury Sonia DEANS  
Chowdhury Tamim DEANS  
Chowhan Ume DEANS  
Choyce Robert DEANS  
Chreky Isabel PRESDT  
Christensen Andrew PRESDT  
Christensen Danielle DEANS  
Christensen David DEANS  
Christensen Megan PRESDT  
Christenson Logan PRESDT  
Christy Charles DEANS  
Chua Sin Lee PRESDT  
Chuk Hiu Yin DEANS  
Chukalov Emil DEANS  
Chukhno Anna PRESDT  
Chun Jeeyoon DEANS  
Chung Sang-hyun PRESDT  
Chung Timothy PRESDT  
Chung Won DEANS  
Chylinski Kristina DEANS  
Ciesielski Stacy PRESDT  
Cilek William DEANS  
Cinibulk Bruce DEANS  
Cinto-Tepox Ana DEANS  
Cisler Dean DEANS  
Cisneros Adriana PRESDT  
Cisneros Katherine DEANS  
Cisneros Richard DEANS  
Cisse Aminata DEANS  
Cissel William DEANS  
Civali Kristin DEANS  
Cividanes Michael DEANS  
Clabaugh Anna DEANS  
Clark Cameron DEANS  
Clark Charles DEANS  
Clark Edward PRESDT  
Clark Emilie DEANS  
Clark Jessica PRESDT  
Clark Julie PRESDT  
Clark Kevin DEANS  
Clark Marilyn DEANS  
Clark Sean DEANS  
Clark Stephanie DEANS  
Clark Taylor DEANS  
Clarke Heather DEANS  
Clarke Sharon DEANS  
Claybrook Melvin DEANS  
Clem Christina DEANS  
Clement Randall PRESDT  
Clement William DEANS  
Clements Kolethia DEANS  
Clements Robert DEANS  
Clements Ryan DEANS  
Clermont Kristen PRESDT  
Cleveland Susan PRESDT  
Cliff Robert DEANS  
Cloney Erin DEANS  
Cloutier John DEANS  
Coakley Brian DEANS  
Cobb Brandon DEANS  
Cobb Christopher DEANS  
Coburn Alicia DEANS  
Cocci Asya DEANS  
Cochran Emily DEANS  
Coddington Timothy DEANS  
Cody Amanda DEANS  
Coffey Denise DEANS  
Cohen Kelly PRESDT  
Cohen Marc DEANS  
Cohn Leah PRESDT  
Coitinho Ludmila PRESDT  
Coker Benjamin DEANS  
Colchao James DEANS  
Cole Brian DEANS  
Cole Brittany DEANS  
Coleman Christopher PRESDT  
Coleman Colleen PRESDT  
Coleman Michelle DEANS  
Coleman Nicole DEANS  
Coleman Olga DEANS  
Coles Therman DEANS  
Colindres Victor DEANS  
Coll Pithan Jeneane DEANS  
Collett Elena DEANS  
Collich Ivan DEANS  
Colligan Jenora DEANS  
Collins Angela DEANS  
Collins Devin PRESDT  
Collins Karen DEANS  
Collins Lisa DEANS  
Collins Susan PRESDT  
Collins Worto DEANS  
Collver Rachel DEANS  
Collymore Camaal DEANS  
Colombo Maria DEANS  
Colon Lydia DEANS  
Colson Lisa DEANS  
Colvig Amelia PRESDT  
Comer Lilah PRESDT  
Comer Ryan DEANS  
Comer Stephen DEANS  
Comerford Kevin DEANS  
Compton Christopher DEANS  
Compton Jason DEANS  
Comsti Elyn DEANS  
Conaway Catherine Grace DEANS  
Condit Patricia DEANS  
Condon Caroline DEANS  
Congleton William PRESDT  
Conklin Patrick PRESDT  
Conn Devon DEANS  
Conn Holly DEANS  
Conner Patrick PRESDT  
Connor Cody DEANS  
Contreras Luis PRESDT  
Conway Daniel PRESDT  
Cook Adam DEANS  
Cook Martine PRESDT  
Cook Nash DEANS  
Cook Nathan PRESDT  
Cooke Kiel PRESDT  
Coonen Sonia PRESDT  
Cooper Jean DEANS  
Cooper Jessica PRESDT  
Cooper Samantha DEANS  
Coppinger Molly DEANS  
Corazza Jennifer PRESDT  
Corbin Ian DEANS  
Corbin Lisa DEANS  
Corch Kenneth DEANS  
Cordero German PRESDT  
Cordoba Arialle PRESDT  
Cordoba Pamela PRESDT  
Cordova Laura DEANS  
Coreas Vicki DEANS  
Corey Sarah PRESDT  
Cornell Gregory DEANS  
Cornett Ashley DEANS  
Cornwell Dustin DEANS  
Corona Perla DEANS  
Corral Aguado Alejandro PRESDT  
Correa Andre DEANS  
Corrick Charles DEANS  
Cortez Ramiro PRESDT  
Cortez Verano Daniela PRESDT  
Cosby Kimberly PRESDT  
Cosby Olivia DEANS  
Cosgrove Sheryl DEANS  
Cossio Lillian DEANS  
Costa Brandon DEANS  
Cotter Michael DEANS  
Cotton Meghan PRESDT  
Cotts Lisa DEANS  
Coughlin Valerie DEANS  
Coulter Lara DEANS  
Couture Meghan DEANS  
Covas Sandra DEANS  
Covert Tanya DEANS  
Covert Timothy PRESDT  
Cox David PRESDT  
Cox Frankie DEANS  
Cox Joseph DEANS  
Cox Lucy DEANS  
Cox Matthew DEANS  
Cox Melissa PRESDT  
Cox Nathan DEANS  
Cox Sherry DEANS  
Coyle James DEANS  
Coz Maria DEANS  
Cradic Brandon DEANS  
Craig Denise DEANS  
Craig Leilani DEANS  
Crandall Robert PRESDT  
Crandell Ronald PRESDT  
Crane Jessica PRESDT  
Crane Sherri DEANS  
Crawford Natasha DEANS  
Creech Bray DEANS  
Creps Ryan DEANS  
Crespin Claudia DEANS  
Cressey Charles DEANS  
Cresswell Justin PRESDT  
Crews Diane DEANS  
Crews Jonathan DEANS  
Criss Charity PRESDT  
Crites Keleigh PRESDT  
Cronauer Robert PRESDT  
Crosby David DEANS  
Crosby Katrina DEANS  
Crosby Laura DEANS  
Cross Jennifer DEANS  
Crosse Tyler PRESDT  
Crow Linda DEANS  
Crowder Kasey DEANS  
Crum Tara DEANS  
Crump LaToya DEANS  
Crump Timothy DEANS  
Cruz Carlos DEANS  
Cruz Rosa DEANS  
Cruz-Morales Bethzaida DEANS  
Crvic Milos DEANS  
Cubas Jessica DEANS  
Cuddihy Anastashia PRESDT  
Cuellar Jessica DEANS  
Cuervo Rachel DEANS  
Cuesta Margaret PRESDT  
Cuevas Leticia PRESDT  
Culbertson Helen DEANS  
Culbreth Blair PRESDT  
Cullom Lori DEANS  
Culp Joshua DEANS  
Culpepper Jonathan DEANS  
Cuminale Richard PRESDT  
Cummings Kimberly DEANS  
Cummings Mark DEANS  
Cummings Sara DEANS  
Cummins Ewan PRESDT  
Cunningham Jennifer DEANS  
Cuppett Ashley PRESDT  
Curlett Brittnee DEANS  
Currer Paul DEANS  
Curry Karen DEANS  
Curry Steven DEANS  
Curry William PRESDT  
Curtin Christina DEANS  
Curtis Steven DEANS  
Cushing Molly DEANS  
Cusicanqui Emily DEANS  
Cutler Lindsay DEANS  
Czerwinski Daniela DEANS