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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Babaie Alexander DEANS  
Babee Edrise DEANS  
Babin Adam DEANS  
Bably Sharmin DEANS  
Bacchus Cindy DEANS  
Bacon Philip DEANS  
Bacus Adam PRESDT  
Baddoo Lauretta DEANS  
Baddoo Philip PRESDT  
Badertscher Ashley DEANS  
Bae Chun DEANS  
Baftechi Fatemeh DEANS  
Baghdadi Jounia DEANS  
Bah Fatoumata DEANS  
Bah Mamadou PRESDT  
Baharustani Haseebullah PRESDT  
Bahdi Farah DEANS  
Baidoo Khadeja DEANS  
Baig Mirza DEANS  
Bailey Daniel PRESDT  
Bailey Evala PRESDT  
Bailey Jasmine DEANS  
Bailey Jeremy PRESDT  
Bailey Joshua DEANS  
Bailey Tasha DEANS  
Baines Cynthia DEANS  
Baird Myhoa PRESDT  
Baird Sandra DEANS  
Bajwa Geetika DEANS  
Bak Ji-Eun PRESDT  
Baker Allison PRESDT  
Baker Bernadine DEANS  
Baker Joseph PRESDT  
Baker Torria DEANS  
Baker richardson Lori DEANS  
Bakhat Said PRESDT  
Bakhshi-Azar Vibeke DEANS  
Bakhtiari Niki PRESDT  
Bakir Ahmead PRESDT  
Balboa Grecia PRESDT  
Balcarcel Eneida DEANS  
Baldassari Amanda DEANS  
Baldonado Paul DEANS  
Baldovin Jaclyn PRESDT  
Baldwin Aaron DEANS  
Baldwin Emily DEANS  
Baldwin Jessica DEANS  
Baldwin Thomas DEANS  
Ballard James DEANS  
Ballester Tangeline DEANS  
Ballou Helen DEANS  
Balmakhtar Soufiane DEANS  
Baltimore Alana DEANS  
Baltzer Garrett DEANS  
Bamford Michaela DEANS  
Banal Brian DEANS  
Bandoh Adu DEANS  
Bang Hye Bin PRESDT  
Bang You Bin PRESDT  
Banjara Jhanak DEANS  
Banker Jeremy DEANS  
Banks Chynna DEANS  
Banner Grant DEANS  
Banner Tommy DEANS  
Banuelos Joseph DEANS  
Banya Patnelli DEANS  
Barahona Elias DEANS  
Barakat Laila DEANS  
Barakzai Faridoon PRESDT  
Baral Rachana DEANS  
Baral Seema PRESDT  
Baral Sindhu PRESDT  
Baratali Saleha DEANS  
Baraya Hasana PRESDT  
Barber Nathan PRESDT  
Bardwell Lauren PRESDT  
Bare Tiffany DEANS  
Barekzai Sadaf DEANS  
Barker Amy DEANS  
Barker Christopher DEANS  
Barker Joseph DEANS  
Barker Kevin PRESDT  
Barker Trevor DEANS  
Barksdale Stephanie PRESDT  
Barlow Christopher DEANS  
Barlow Linda DEANS  
barnard joe DEANS  
Barnard Vandie DEANS  
Barnes Latosha DEANS  
Barnett Monay DEANS  
Barnett Pamela DEANS  
Barnhill Judy DEANS  
Barone Rachel DEANS  
Barqadle Khalid PRESDT  
Barr Beatriz DEANS  
Barr Edward DEANS  
Barre Maiwa PRESDT  
Barreda Laura PRESDT  
Barrett Nathaniel DEANS  
Barrett Sandra DEANS  
Barringer Jack PRESDT  
Barry Christina PRESDT  
Barry Shelly DEANS  
Barsky Hal DEANS  
Bartell Sarah DEANS  
Bartlett Christine DEANS  
Bartlett Jennifer DEANS  
Barto Carol Lynne DEANS  
Bartosavage Brett DEANS  
Baruch Edwin PRESDT  
Basappa Tharakeswara DEANS  
Basco Edsel DEANS  
Basco Martyn Lorenzo DEANS  
Basheda Matthew DEANS  
Bashir Muhammad DEANS  
Basiga Jerson DEANS  
Bass Andrew DEANS  
Bass Jacqueline DEANS  
Bassett Brandon PRESDT  
Bassil Joana PRESDT  
Bassiri Sima PRESDT  
Bastian Kenneth DEANS  
Bataglioli Diego DEANS  
Batbayar Tsetsee PRESDT  
Batbayar Tsolmonbayar PRESDT  
bateman keith DEANS  
Bates Amanda DEANS  
Bates Jessica PRESDT  
Battifora Pierina PRESDT  
Batzorig Khongorzul DEANS  
Bauder Joshua DEANS  
Bautista Angy DEANS  
Bavera Marco DEANS  
Bawa Varun DEANS  
Bawazir Ahmed DEANS  
Baxley James DEANS  
Baybutt Andrew DEANS  
Bayne Gioia DEANS  
Bayu Tizita DEANS  
Bazarian Nicholas DEANS  
Beach Chris PRESDT  
Beach Leslie DEANS  
Beam Abigail DEANS  
Beaman Roger PRESDT  
Bean Cristina DEANS  
Bean Marianne DEANS  
Beard Christopher DEANS  
Beare Caitlin DEANS  
Beato Carly DEANS  
Beavers Derek DEANS  
Beavers Lance DEANS  
Beavers Veronica PRESDT  
Beck Andrea DEANS  
Becker Matthew PRESDT  
Bedenbaugh Andrew PRESDT  
Bednar Sarah DEANS  
Bedraoui Othmane PRESDT  
Beebe Kendall DEANS  
Beeler Ronda DEANS  
Beeman Angela DEANS  
Beets Alicia DEANS  
Behailu Dagmawit PRESDT  
Behmand Syrous PRESDT  
Behmand Touraj DEANS  
Beil Katherine DEANS  
Bekavac Emil DEANS  
Bekkadja Yamina DEANS  
Bekkali Mohammed DEANS  
Belay Kidist PRESDT  
Belguinha Michael DEANS  
Belhaj Soulami Fadela PRESDT  
Bell Bryan PRESDT  
Bell Kyle DEANS  
Belleville Alicia DEANS  
Bellomo Krystle PRESDT  
Belote Pamela DEANS  
Beltran Aaron DEANS  
Beltre Maria DEANS  
BeMiller Robin DEANS  
Ben Ayed Karima PRESDT  
Benamar Mouadh DEANS  
Benami Jonathan DEANS  
Benavente Jennifer PRESDT  
Benbaba Salah PRESDT  
BenBoubaker Mariem DEANS  
Benes Thomas DEANS  
Benica Regina DEANS  
Benitez Erick DEANS  
Benitez Samier DEANS  
Bennani Mohamed DEANS  
Bennett Brittany DEANS  
Bennett Camron DEANS  
Bennett Erin DEANS  
Bennett Terri DEANS  
Bennick Brian DEANS  
Benoit Barbara DEANS  
Benshoff Elizabeth DEANS  
Benson Juliet DEANS  
Bentz Greg DEANS  
Berens Christopher PRESDT  
Berg Candra PRESDT  
Berg Lucas DEANS  
Berganza Steve DEANS  
Berger Benjamin DEANS  
Berger Roman PRESDT  
Bergeron Adam DEANS  
Bergeron Jennifer PRESDT  
Bergeron Marie PRESDT  
Bergman Gregory PRESDT  
Bergsveinsson Bjarki DEANS  
Bergwin Joshua DEANS  
Berhie Tewodros DEANS  
Berlin Claire PRESDT  
Berling James PRESDT  
Bermudez Maria DEANS  
Bermudez Stephanie DEANS  
Bernal Walter DEANS  
Bernard Barbara DEANS  
Bernedo Sandy PRESDT  
Berrios Manuel DEANS  
Berrios Alfaro Juan DEANS  
Berry Kristin DEANS  
Berryman Cortney PRESDT  
Berta Karen DEANS  
Bertrand Corinna PRESDT  
Bess Cheyenne DEANS  
Best Allyce DEANS  
Best Sarah DEANS  
Betab Hasiba DEANS  
Betancourt Ashley DEANS  
Beverstock Brooks DEANS  
Beyers Leah DEANS  
Beykirch Sarah DEANS  
Bhadel Ashish PRESDT  
Bhaghavatula Sashank DEANS  
Bhagwat Tejas PRESDT  
Bhatia Abeer DEANS  
Bhatia Nitin DEANS  
Bhatt Poonam PRESDT  
Bhattarai Sateesh PRESDT  
Bhatti Mohammad PRESDT  
Bhatti Taaha PRESDT  
Bhowmic Suchismita DEANS  
Bianco Jennifer PRESDT  
Bibi Amina PRESDT  
Bibic Arijana DEANS  
Biederman Joseph DEANS  
Bieleszczuk Agata DEANS  
Bierd Melissa DEANS  
Bigg Dort DEANS  
Biggs John DEANS  
Biggs Morgan PRESDT  
Bihon Makda DEANS  
Bilbow Christa PRESDT  
Bille Amanda DEANS  
Bilodeau Susan DEANS  
Binda Mark DEANS  
Bingley Karen DEANS  
Binkley Michael PRESDT  
Bird Kristal DEANS  
Birisik Mehmet PRESDT  
Birto Joel DEANS  
Bischur Katja PRESDT  
Bishop Jean DEANS  
Bishop Ryan DEANS  
Bishop Tamara PRESDT  
bismarck Paul DEANS  
Bissonnette Guy DEANS  
Bisulca Timothy PRESDT  
Bitzer Ellen PRESDT  
Bixler Courtney DEANS  
Bjork Brittany PRESDT  
Bjorkman Melissa DEANS  
Black Alisha DEANS  
Black Anne DEANS  
Black Brian DEANS  
Black Caitlyn DEANS  
Black Ellen PRESDT  
Black Masumi PRESDT  
Black Nicholette PRESDT  
Black Susannah PRESDT  
Blain Natashia DEANS  
Blake David PRESDT  
Blakeley Cyle DEANS  
Blakeney Sherry DEANS  
Blanchard Jason DEANS  
Blasser Kyle PRESDT  
Blata Biniam DEANS  
Blau David DEANS  
Blazier Kimberly DEANS  
Bleck Amanda DEANS  
Bledsoe Crystal DEANS  
Block Jasen DEANS  
Block Shelita DEANS  
Blomgren Kyle DEANS  
Bloom Larry DEANS  
Blythe Lauren DEANS  
Boateng Isaac DEANS  
Boateng Ruth DEANS  
Bocast Victoria PRESDT  
Bodnarik Casey DEANS  
Bodyfelt Martha DEANS  
Boensel Scott DEANS  
Bogart Kristi DEANS  
Boggs Justine DEANS  
Boggs Katelyn DEANS  
Boggs Kristen DEANS  
Bohle Michael DEANS  
Boku Bethlehem PRESDT  
Bolanos Lindana DEANS  
Boldbaatar Nomin-Erdene DEANS  
Bolin Kevin PRESDT  
Bolling Thomas DEANS  
Bolo Yao DEANS  
Bolton Rob DEANS  
Bomar Charles DEANS  
Bonakdar Shahed DEANS  
Bonanjah Valerie DEANS  
Bond Amanda PRESDT  
Bond Paula DEANS  
Bonhomme Marissa DEANS  
Bonsu Kenneth DEANS  
Booker Tracy DEANS  
Boone Jalen DEANS  
Boothe Phil DEANS  
Boquet Margaret PRESDT  
Borders Joshua DEANS  
Borean Richard DEANS  
Borecky Kenneth PRESDT  
Borges Lisa DEANS  
Borgquist Kari DEANS  
Borja Jouhn DEANS  
Boron Stephanie DEANS  
Borschel Alexander DEANS  
Bosch Joel PRESDT  
Bose Hailson PRESDT  
Bose Nibedita DEANS  
Bosserman Mary DEANS  
Bott Yoshiko DEANS  
Bouchard Elliott DEANS  
Bougazzoul Manal PRESDT  
Bourdelais Karin DEANS  
Bournes Jeffery DEANS  
Bourque Jennifer DEANS  
Boutarbouche Khadija DEANS  
Bowar Chairssa PRESDT  
Bowden Andrew PRESDT  
Bowen Ciara DEANS  
Bowen Galo DEANS  
Bower Maggie PRESDT  
Bowes Brian DEANS  
Bowie Kristbjorg PRESDT  
Bowling Jessica DEANS  
Bowling Katherine DEANS  
Bowman Catherine PRESDT  
Boyce Katherine DEANS  
Boyd Brian DEANS  
Boyd Christopher PRESDT  
Boyd Katie DEANS  
Boyd Zoila PRESDT  
Boyle Caitlin PRESDT  
Boyle Lauren PRESDT  
Boyle Ryan PRESDT  
Boyle Sara PRESDT  
Boza Juan DEANS  
Bozzay Paul PRESDT  
Bracamonte Hector DEANS  
Brackett Adriana DEANS  
Brackett Jocelyn DEANS  
Brackett Latane DEANS  
Bradley Christopher DEANS  
Bradley Katherine DEANS  
Bradley Patrick PRESDT  
Bradshaaw Iris DEANS  
Brady Catherine DEANS  
Brady Charles DEANS  
Brady Sarah DEANS  
Brahmbhatt Ankur DEANS  
Brandt Giso PRESDT  
Brandt Linus DEANS  
Branham Michelle PRESDT  
Brar Jaspreet DEANS  
Braun Amy DEANS  
Bray Elizabeth PRESDT  
Brazell Cynthia PRESDT  
Breeden Erica DEANS  
Breeden Kyle DEANS  
Breeden Tama DEANS  
Breedlove David PRESDT  
Brendley Kurt DEANS  
Brenner Nathaniel DEANS  
Breon Arthur DEANS  
Brew Nora DEANS  
Brewer Addi DEANS  
Brewer Jillian PRESDT  
Briceno Nelson DEANS  
Bridgeman Eugene DEANS  
Bridges Alissa DEANS  
Brigham Natalia DEANS  
Bright Darlene DEANS  
Briley Jennifer PRESDT  
Brimmer Matthew DEANS  
Briscoe Ronnie DEANS  
Brites Bruna PRESDT  
Brittin Hillary DEANS  
Brock Sandra DEANS  
Brodd Nicholas DEANS  
Brogden Michael DEANS  
Bronder Deanna DEANS  
Brooks Eleanne DEANS  
Brooks Federick DEANS  
Brooks Scott DEANS  
Brooks Theresa DEANS  
Brophy Anne DEANS  
Broseke Daniel DEANS  
Brosnihan Erika DEANS  
Brougham Jennifer DEANS  
Broughton Calvin DEANS  
Brower Brian DEANS  
Brower Lindsey PRESDT  
Brown Andrew PRESDT  
Brown Brian DEANS  
Brown Christopher DEANS  
Brown Clarice DEANS  
Brown Debra DEANS  
Brown Elizabeth PRESDT  
Brown Erika DEANS  
Brown Erin DEANS  
Brown Irene DEANS  
Brown Jennifer DEANS  
Brown Jung-sook PRESDT  
Brown Karla DEANS  
Brown Kelley DEANS  
Brown Mary DEANS  
Brown Monique DEANS  
Brown Nathan DEANS  
Brown Rachel DEANS  
Brown Robert DEANS  
Brown Sean DEANS  
Brown Shalette DEANS  
Brown Sharon DEANS  
Brown Terry DEANS  
Brown Tracy DEANS  
Brown Wendy DEANS  
Brown Boltz Constance DEANS  
Browning Catherine DEANS  
Bruch Rachel PRESDT  
Brundage David DEANS  
Bruner John PRESDT  
Bruns Anne DEANS  
Brunton Krystal PRESDT  
Bruss Caroline DEANS  
Bruton John DEANS  
Bryan Hillary DEANS  
Bryant Phillip DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Bryce Ryan DEANS  
Buchanan Sara PRESDT  
Bucher Matthew DEANS  
Bucholtz Michael PRESDT  
Buck Lindsay DEANS  
Buckholtz Jennifer DEANS  
Buckingham Jacquilyn PRESDT  
Buckley Anne PRESDT  
Buendia Vilma DEANS  
Buerk James DEANS  
Buffone Christopher DEANS  
Bughao Raymond DEANS  
Bui Alex PRESDT  
Bui Dominika DEANS  
Bui Duy PRESDT  
Bui Nguyet DEANS  
Bui Tram PRESDT  
Buiz Kimberlee DEANS  
Bukhari Umme DEANS  
Bukont Anna DEANS  
Bulas Andrew DEANS  
Bulas Michael DEANS  
Buller Heather DEANS  
Bulmer Ian DEANS  
Bunch Amanda DEANS  
Bunch Michael PRESDT  
Buning Bonnie PRESDT  
Burch Adam DEANS  
Burgbacher Christopher DEANS  
Burge Duwayne DEANS  
Burgess Jason DEANS  
Burkart Robert DEANS  
Burkhardt Anne PRESDT  
Burn Jennifer PRESDT  
Burnett Colin DEANS  
Burnett Patrick DEANS  
Burney Natalie DEANS  
Burnham Kristen DEANS  
Burns Anthony DEANS  
Burns Megan PRESDT  
Burns Merrilee DEANS  
Burns Michael DEANS  
Burt Emmanuelle DEANS  
Burt Trevor PRESDT  
Burt-Lynn Taylor DEANS  
Burton Rebecca DEANS  
Burzy Monika DEANS  
Bush Alyce DEANS  
Bush Andrea PRESDT  
Bush Stacy DEANS  
Bustamante Ana DEANS  
Buswell Caroline DEANS  
Butcher Ben DEANS  
Butkovich Mary PRESDT  
Butler Christina DEANS  
Butler Christopher PRESDT  
Butler Jillian DEANS  
butt muhammad DEANS  
Butts Francesco PRESDT  
Byrams Scott DEANS  
Byun Yuri PRESDT