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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2009

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Aamold Katherine DEANS  
Aaronstein Amber-Celeste DEANS  
Ababio Richard DEANS  
Ababotain Haya DEANS  
Abate Beza PRESDT  
Abawi Hamida DEANS  
Abawi Jamila PRESDT  
Abbas Mariam DEANS  
Abbott Jennifer DEANS  
Abdalla Amanda DEANS  
Abdelgadir Ahmed PRESDT  
Abdella Tweduda DEANS  
Abdelmalk Elhamy DEANS  
Abdi Hamdi DEANS  
abdirahman yusuf DEANS  
Abdollahi Parsa PRESDT  
Abdulahi Fozia DEANS  
Abebe Daniel DEANS  
Abebe Edom PRESDT  
Abebe Mickyas DEANS  
Abebe Tehetna DEANS  
Abebe Tsegereda DEANS  
Abedelrazak Hanan PRESDT  
Ablikem Nurebiya DEANS  
Aboagye Serwa PRESDT  
Abow Khalid DEANS  
Abraham Blen DEANS  
Abrahams Christopher PRESDT  
Abramson Osnat PRESDT  
Abrar Sadaf PRESDT  
Abrego Valentina DEANS  
Abrham Saba DEANS  
Abt Josh DEANS  
Abt Spencer DEANS  
Abu Prantic DEANS  
Abu-Dayeh Abdull Rahman PRESDT  
Abu-Ghannam Nura PRESDT  
Aburish Tina PRESDT  
Accinelli Andrea DEANS  
Aceto Kristi DEANS  
Acevedo Nestor PRESDT  
Acha Gonzalo DEANS  
Achmar Dana DEANS  
Ackley Tamara PRESDT  
Acquah Eunice DEANS  
Adam Gregory DEANS  
Adams Angela DEANS  
Adams Deborah DEANS  
Adams Maureen DEANS  
adams nancy DEANS  
Adams Robert DEANS  
Adams Rosemarie DEANS  
Adams Stephen DEANS  
Adamson Travis PRESDT  
Adan Cabdi DEANS  
Adao Ainsley Erden DEANS  
Adcock Aarika DEANS  
Addarrat Omasad DEANS  
Adelman Peter DEANS  
Adem Sebry PRESDT  
Adeyemi Adesoji DEANS  
Adhikari Ishwor DEANS  
Adhikari Lokesh PRESDT  
Adhikari Prakash DEANS  
Adhikari Sujan PRESDT  
Adibpour Majid PRESDT  
Adim Farah DEANS  
Adinig Myron DEANS  
Adjei George DEANS  
Adjei koduah Andrew DEANS  
Adkison Melissa DEANS  
adler andrea DEANS  
Admassu Michael DEANS  
Adom Charity DEANS  
Adom Dankwah Samuel DEANS  
Adragna Desiree DEANS  
Adriazola Ana DEANS  
Adu Boakye Christiana DEANS  
Aerts Ronald PRESDT  
Afzal Mohammed PRESDT  
Afzall Ashley DEANS  
Agarwal Samira DEANS  
Agbemble Henry DEANS  
Agnew Robert DEANS  
Agogino Sarah DEANS  
Aguilera Molina Claudia DEANS  
Aguiluz Natalia DEANS  
Agyemang Bismark DEANS  
Agyemang Florence DEANS  
Ahamad Sithy PRESDT  
Ahern Phyllis DEANS  
Ahima Bridgette DEANS  
Ahluwalia Vineet PRESDT  
Ahmad Leana DEANS  
Ahmad Mahtalat DEANS  
Ahmad Mohammad PRESDT  
Ahmad Mustafa PRESDT  
Ahmad Naseer DEANS  
Ahmadzai Nadjma PRESDT  
Ahmann Matthew DEANS  
Ahmed Faduma PRESDT  
Ahmed Fasel DEANS  
Ahmed Hera PRESDT  
Ahmed ImmaDuddin DEANS  
Ahmed Jihan PRESDT  
Ahmed Noman PRESDT  
Ahmed Sadath PRESDT  
Ahmed Sakiba DEANS  
Ahmed Sayem PRESDT  
Ahmed Shahbaz DEANS  
Ahn SooYong PRESDT  
Ahn Tae Yong DEANS  
Ahola Peter PRESDT  
Aimen Narwan PRESDT  
Ainey Steven DEANS  
Ainte Nawal DEANS  
Aird Katherine DEANS  
Ait Anna PRESDT  
Akhtar Muhammad DEANS  
Akhter Fahmida DEANS  
Akil Youssef DEANS  
Akins Adekunbi DEANS  
Akosah-yiadom Eric DEANS  
Akuak Akuany DEANS  
Al Hajebi Sumaia DEANS  
Al Hashimi Faissal DEANS  
Al Jaloud Riyadh PRESDT  
Alaeian Pouria DEANS  
Al-alawi Zubeida PRESDT  
Alam Umair DEANS  
Alarcon Karla DEANS  
Alarcon Maria DEANS  
Alarcon jarjuri Jaen PRESDT  
Alas Stephanie DEANS  
Alavi Mansoureh PRESDT  
Alba Tarifa Juosseef DEANS  
Alberry Brittany DEANS  
Albrecht Bianca PRESDT  
Albrecht Elizabeth PRESDT  
Albrittain Lindsay DEANS  
Alcantara Sarah DEANS  
Alcocer Joshua DEANS  
Alcoreza Daniel DEANS  
Alden Ashley DEANS  
Alderman Wendy PRESDT  
Aldhaheri Afra DEANS  
Aleem Sahar DEANS  
Alemayehu Edna PRESDT  
Alex Charles DEANS  
Alexander Bernatria DEANS  
alexander jerarmen PRESDT  
Alexander Justin DEANS  
Alexander Sidney DEANS  
AlFadl Deema PRESDT  
Alfaro Henry PRESDT  
Alford Dana DEANS  
Alford Shyla PRESDT  
Alghazzouli Ola DEANS  
Alhajomar Alaa PRESDT  
Alhakeem Perwin DEANS  
Alharthi Aesha DEANS  
Al-hassan Nada PRESDT  
Ali Abdul DEANS  
Ali Emma-Aiyesha DEANS  
Ali Faduma DEANS  
Ali Faiza DEANS  
Ali Feysal DEANS  
Ali Imran DEANS  
Ali Lina DEANS  
Ali Saira DEANS  
Ali Salma DEANS  
Ali Samar PRESDT  
Ali Sherzai Mohammad PRESDT  
Alim Youssuf DEANS  
Alimi Zahid DEANS  
Aliyetti Hannah DEANS  
Alizai Ali Ilham DEANS  
Alizai Farhat DEANS  
Aljazairi Maha DEANS  
Al-jazairi Nofel PRESDT  
AlKhater Amneh PRESDT  
Al-Khayarin Abdulla DEANS  
Alleger John DEANS  
Allen Jeremiah DEANS  
Allen Jon-Michael DEANS  
Allen Joseph PRESDT  
Allen Kara DEANS  
Allen Kerry DEANS  
Allen Lindsay DEANS  
Allen Michael DEANS  
Allen Shawn PRESDT  
Allen Stephanie DEANS  
Alleyne Kiana DEANS  
Allison Melinda PRESDT  
Allison Ralph DEANS  
Allred Christina DEANS  
Almas Zaheen DEANS  
Almeida Simone PRESDT  
Al-Mohamad Hekmat DEANS  
Almond Judy PRESDT  
Almoualem Belal PRESDT  
Almujahed Sarah PRESDT  
Al-Musawi Haidar DEANS  
Alnoor Mohamad PRESDT  
Alrasheed Basmah DEANS  
AlRayes Massa DEANS  
Alsaidi Thekra PRESDT  
Alsawalha Lubna DEANS  
Alshaebi Wail DEANS  
Al-Shawaf Rabab DEANS  
Alshereif Badria DEANS  
Alsheyah Gewaher DEANS  
Altaf Uzma DEANS  
Althabet Samy PRESDT  
Althaus Silvia PRESDT  
Altice Adam DEANS  
Alvarado Ashley DEANS  
Alvarado Cynthia DEANS  
Alvarado Dinna DEANS  
Alvarado de Kaplan Jade DEANS  
Alvarenga Keyry DEANS  
Alvarez Fernando DEANS  
Alvear Baldeon Marcela DEANS  
Alzayat Mihad DEANS  
Alzayat Mlyard DEANS  
Amacio Steven DEANS  
Aman Muna PRESDT  
Amankwah Ellen DEANS  
Amatetti Alexis DEANS  
Amaya Moushimi PRESDT  
Amberber Tesfaye DEANS  
Amde Megdelawit DEANS  
Amedome Jannette PRESDT  
America Johnathon PRESDT  
Amertil Loriyann DEANS  
Amezquita Leonor PRESDT  
Amidon Tara DEANS  
Amin Sediqullah PRESDT  
Amin Yasamin DEANS  
Amini Musawar DEANS  
Aminov Nadia DEANS  
Amir Muhammad PRESDT  
Amjad Alia DEANS  
Amjad Arif PRESDT  
Ammon Bonnie PRESDT  
Ammons Justin DEANS  
Amons Ryan DEANS  
Amortegui Catalina PRESDT  
Amos Donna DEANS  
Amos Kathleen DEANS  
Amos Vanessa DEANS  
Ananyan Levon DEANS  
Anatalio Angela DEANS  
Andersen Paul DEANS  
Andersen-Farmer Tracy PRESDT  
Anderson Bertha DEANS  
anderson Elizabeth DEANS  
Anderson Fawn DEANS  
Anderson Frank PRESDT  
Anderson Gerald DEANS  
Anderson Hae-Rim DEANS  
Anderson Meredith DEANS  
Anderson Michael DEANS  
Anderson Twanna DEANS  
Anderson William DEANS  
Andes Christian DEANS  
Andino David PRESDT  
Ando Yuko PRESDT  
Andrade Rosita DEANS  
Andresen Paul DEANS  
Andrews Amber DEANS  
Andrews James DEANS  
Andrews John DEANS  
Andujar Anibel DEANS  
Aneiva Margarita DEANS  
Angassa Fitsum PRESDT  
Angel Elizabeth PRESDT  
Angel Michael DEANS  
Angeles Romina DEANS  
Angelova Petja DEANS  
Anghelone Jessica PRESDT  
Angus Heather PRESDT  
Anilane Kristen DEANS  
Anim Jacklyn DEANS  
Aniroodh Andrea DEANS  
Ankney Robert DEANS  
Ansah Esther DEANS  
Ansari Salima DEANS  
Anthony Caitlin DEANS  
Anthony Jessica DEANS  
Antonio Therese DEANS  
Apaestegui Sindy DEANS  
Apel Alison PRESDT  
Apodaca Jose DEANS  
Apodaca Sandy DEANS  
Apolinares Grazia DEANS  
Apolinario Janieli DEANS  
aponte natalie DEANS  
Aponte Segundo DEANS  
Aponte-Burke Kirsten DEANS  
Appiah Amma DEANS  
Appiah Belinda DEANS  
Appiah Philip DEANS  
Appiah-Kumi Frances PRESDT  
Appl Craig DEANS  
Apraku John DEANS  
Arandia Carlos PRESDT  
Araujo Jose DEANS  
Arbulu George DEANS  
Arbulu Robert DEANS  
Aregay Maeregu DEANS  
Argentieri Daniel DEANS  
Argueta Jeananne DEANS  
Ariail John PRESDT  
Arias Mauricio DEANS  
Arif Fatima DEANS  
Arku-Letsa Christian DEANS  
Armistead Reginald DEANS  
Armon Edith DEANS  
Armradit Kimberly DEANS  
Armstead Carolyn DEANS  
Armstrong Edward DEANS  
Armstrong Kyle PRESDT  
Arndt Erin DEANS  
Arnold Frank DEANS  
Arnold Lauren DEANS  
Arnoldi Mark DEANS  
Arriaza Julio DEANS  
Arriaza Marlen DEANS  
Arritt William DEANS  
Arroyo Sabrina DEANS  
Arruda David DEANS  
Arthur Nathanael PRESDT  
Arvik Stine PRESDT  
Asamoah Maxine DEANS  
Asay Nadja DEANS  
Asefa Lidiya DEANS  
Asfaw Henok DEANS  
Asghar Semab DEANS  
Ashby Andrew DEANS  
Ashebir Betelhem DEANS  
Ashenafi Yibeltal emnet DEANS  
Ashenafi Yibeltal Kalkidan DEANS  
Asher Charles DEANS  
Ashfaq Uzma DEANS  
Ashley Theresa PRESDT  
Ashman Benjamin DEANS  
Asif Abdul PRESDT  
Asiimwe Andrew DEANS  
Asjodi Sasha DEANS  
Askin David PRESDT  
Asma Umma PRESDT  
Asmawi Rizka DEANS  
Assamnew Tefera DEANS  
Assefa Ferealem PRESDT  
Assefa Kalkidan PRESDT  
Assefa Leul PRESDT  
Assefa Solomon DEANS  
Asselanis Dino PRESDT  
Atak Nabila PRESDT  
Atif Atika PRESDT  
Atkins Anna PRESDT  
Atske Mulu DEANS  
Attia Tarek DEANS  
Attridge Susan DEANS  
Auceda Leslie DEANS  
Audia Eric DEANS  
Auguste Gerald DEANS  
Austin Elizabeth PRESDT  
Avalos Nataly PRESDT  
Avalos Benitez Rony DEANS  
Avalos Fernandez Enmanuel DEANS  
Avery Lisa DEANS  
Awalom Lia DEANS  
Awnour Mahmoud PRESDT  
Awofeso Sadie DEANS  
Ayala Carlos PRESDT  
Ayala Roy DEANS  
Ayalew Tinsae PRESDT  
Ayalew Wendmnew PRESDT  
Ayash Suzanna DEANS  
Aybar Johnny DEANS  
Aycock Angela DEANS  
Ayele Gelila PRESDT  
Ayele Sara DEANS  
Ayele Senaiet DEANS  
Ayers Suzanne PRESDT  
Ayers William DEANS  
Ayettey Rebecca DEANS  
Ayliff Bruce DEANS  
Ayoub Selvana DEANS  
Ayubi Maihan PRESDT  
Ayyad Sawsan PRESDT  
Azad Shahyasta DEANS  
Azadi ardekani Ladan DEANS  
azam umar DEANS  
Azango Angeline DEANS  
Azar Adrian DEANS  
Azar Jennifer PRESDT  
Azarani Sima DEANS  
Azeem Muhammad DEANS  
Azhati Amanulla DEANS  
Azizi Satar DEANS  
Azzi Bruna DEANS  
Azzouz Samira DEANS  
Azzouzy Maryam DEANS