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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Wacker Autumn DEANS  
Wadbrook Mary DEANS  
Wade Kelly DEANS  
Wadsworth Irene PRESDT  
Wagner Martha PRESDT  
Waheed Hira DEANS  
Wahid Terri PRESDT  
Wahle Karen PRESDT  
Waite Sarah DEANS  
Waithaka James PRESDT  
Waitt Kyla DEANS  
Wakamatsu Kyoko PRESDT  
Waked Allen PRESDT  
Wakefield Robin DEANS  
Waldron Stephen DEANS  
Waldrop Karen DEANS  
Walke Alyssa DEANS  
Walker Courtney DEANS  
Walker Janet PRESDT  
Walker Joy DEANS  
Walker Lonnie DEANS  
Wall Constance DEANS  
Wallace Calvin DEANS  
Wallace Emerald DEANS  
Wallace Patricia DEANS  
Wallbach Annika DEANS  
Wallen Ben DEANS  
Wallen Denise DEANS  
Walley Shirley DEANS  
Walls Joseph DEANS  
Walls Maryna PRESDT  
Walsh Betsy DEANS  
Walter Amanda PRESDT  
Walters Christopher DEANS  
Waltman Alison DEANS  
Walton Peter DEANS  
Walton Quealeena DEANS  
walton Stephan PRESDT  
Wambua James DEANS  
Wang Derrick PRESDT  
Wang Fan DEANS  
Wang Jingning DEANS  
Wang Juhee DEANS  
Wang Ping DEANS  
Wang Ran DEANS  
Wang Tien PRESDT  
Wang Weiwei PRESDT  
Wang Yawei DEANS  
Wang Yu PRESDT  
Wanigasekara Arachchige Christy DEANS  
Wann Nene DEANS  
Wansi Jacques-Claude DEANS  
Warack Kristina PRESDT  
Ward Adam DEANS  
Ward Connie DEANS  
Ward Gwinn DEANS  
Ward Jordan DEANS  
Ward Katherine PRESDT  
Warner Cara DEANS  
Warren Marissa DEANS  
Warren Phillip DEANS  
Warren Sharonda DEANS  
Warrington Anastacia DEANS  
Wartchow Joshua DEANS  
Washington Angela DEANS  
Washington Brittany DEANS  
Washington-Thomas Jill DEANS  
Wassel Mohammad DEANS  
Wasser Felica DEANS  
Watkins Douglas PRESDT  
Watkins Rachelle DEANS  
Watkins Stephanie DEANS  
Watson Julia DEANS  
Watson Robert PRESDT  
Watson Stephanie DEANS  
Watters Jonathan DEANS  
Watts Paula DEANS  
Watts Sharon DEANS  
Weatherley Katherine DEANS  
Weathers Timothy DEANS  
Weatherspoon Aaron DEANS  
Webb Angelina DEANS  
Webb Autymn DEANS  
Webb Timothy DEANS  
Webber Andrea PRESDT  
Webber Rachel PRESDT  
Webber Sarah DEANS  
Weber Mark DEANS  
Webster Lauren PRESDT  
Weekes George DEANS  
Weeks Chris PRESDT  
Wei Hsiao-Wei PRESDT  
Weidemann Christopher PRESDT  
Weiner April DEANS  
Weintraub Joel DEANS  
Weintraub Rachael PRESDT  
Weirich Jennifer DEANS  
Weisbeck Amanda DEANS  
Weiss Sara DEANS  
Welch Leah DEANS  
Welch Mayo DEANS  
Weldon Lora DEANS  
Weldon Patricia DEANS  
Wellens Ashley DEANS  
Wells Valerie PRESDT  
Wenger Stephanie DEANS  
Wenthold Hannah PRESDT  
Werner Sarah DEANS  
Wesdock David DEANS  
Wessell Rachael PRESDT  
Westbrook Angela DEANS  
Westfall Anthony DEANS  
Westfall Melissa DEANS  
Wetenkamp Matthew DEANS  
Whang Douglas PRESDT  
Whang Sang DEANS  
Wharton Heather PRESDT  
Wheeler Courtney DEANS  
Wheeler Kelly DEANS  
Wheeler Whitney DEANS  
Whelan George DEANS  
Whinerey Britta PRESDT  
Whitaker Jana DEANS  
Whitaker Samantha DEANS  
White Abigail PRESDT  
White Erik DEANS  
White Heather DEANS  
White Karen DEANS  
White Nias DEANS  
White Patricia DEANS  
Whitehouse Jeffrey DEANS  
White-Lurie Christopher DEANS  
Whitley Tiffany DEANS  
Whitney Amanda DEANS  
Whitt Stephany DEANS  
Whittenberg Jennifer DEANS  
Whittenburg Simchah DEANS  
Whittenburg Zahveeth DEANS  
Wickramaratne Kumari DEANS  
Wieder David PRESDT  
Wiggins Jessica PRESDT  
Wiggins Quinton PRESDT  
Wikes Wendy PRESDT  
Wikfors Lynda PRESDT  
Wilberg Kari DEANS  
Wilcox Harold PRESDT  
Wiles Richard DEANS  
Wilkinson Ryan DEANS  
Wilks Brad DEANS  
Wilks Gladys DEANS  
Wilks Kijuana DEANS  
Willard Kathryn DEANS  
Willemssen Vanessa PRESDT  
Willenbring Dominic PRESDT  
Williams Aaron DEANS  
Williams Alpha DEANS  
Williams Christopher DEANS  
Williams Deidra DEANS  
Williams Elizabeth DEANS  
Williams Garrett DEANS  
Williams Henricia DEANS  
Williams Hyangman DEANS  
Williams Isabelle DEANS  
Williams Jina DEANS  
Williams Jocelyn DEANS  
Williams John DEANS  
Williams Karolin DEANS  
Williams Kate PRESDT  
Williams Kelsea DEANS  
Williams Kimberly DEANS  
Williams Linda DEANS  
Williams Lindsey DEANS  
Williams Nikita PRESDT  
Williams Samuel DEANS  
Williams Sandra DEANS  
Williams Susan DEANS  
Williams Terrance DEANS  
Williams Torrie DEANS  
Williams Tricia DEANS  
Williams Veronica DEANS  
Williamson Ashley DEANS  
Williamson Pamela PRESDT  
Willingham Elizabeth PRESDT  
Willingham Roxanne PRESDT  
Willingham-wines Marcia PRESDT  
Willis James DEANS  
Willis Vincent DEANS  
Wills Brittany DEANS  
Willyard Meranda DEANS  
Wilson Andre DEANS  
Wilson Angel DEANS  
Wilson Catherine DEANS  
Wilson Christopher DEANS  
Wilson Elizabeth DEANS  
Wilson Ivan DEANS  
Wilson Jessica DEANS  
Wilson Mayi DEANS  
Wilson Sara PRESDT  
Wilson Sterling PRESDT  
Wilson Victoria DEANS  
Wiltrout Jason DEANS  
Wimmer Adria DEANS  
Windland Margaret PRESDT  
Windsor Amanda DEANS  
Winter Laurie DEANS  
Wippl Andrew DEANS  
Wise Helen PRESDT  
Wise Ian DEANS  
Wisecarver Jobeth DEANS  
Wissa Ramez DEANS  
Witecki Amanda DEANS  
Withers Hannah DEANS  
Withrow Jennifer DEANS  
Witt Glenn PRESDT  
Witteborg Erik PRESDT  
Wlasniewska Patrycja DEANS  
Woelfel David DEANS  
Wojdak Melissa DEANS  
Woldekirkos Abebech DEANS  
Woldesemayat Mathias DEANS  
Wolfe Brian DEANS  
Wolfe Daniel DEANS  
Wolff Hannah DEANS  
Wolfman Samantha DEANS  
Wolfrey Kenny DEANS  
Wolpe Jacob DEANS  
Womac Amy DEANS  
Wong Hung Ming PRESDT  
Wong Kenneth DEANS  
Wong Kevin DEANS  
Wong Martin DEANS  
Wong Siu DEANS  
Woo Hedy DEANS  
Wood Lauren DEANS  
Wood Tracy DEANS  
Woodman Yvette DEANS  
Woods Antonitta DEANS  
Woods Danielle DEANS  
Woods Larry DEANS  
Woods Michael DEANS  
Woodward Elicia DEANS  
Wordham Caitlin DEANS  
Worku Semret DEANS  
Worley Robert DEANS  
Wormald Elizabeth DEANS  
Worosz Theresa PRESDT  
Worth Kevin DEANS  
Worthy Jevette DEANS  
Wright David DEANS  
Wright Debra DEANS  
Wright Diane DEANS  
Wright Jasmine DEANS  
Wright Jason DEANS  
Wright Jessica DEANS  
Wright Matthew DEANS  
Wright Rachel DEANS  
Wright Roderick DEANS  
Wrona Michael PRESDT  
Wronsky Michael DEANS  
Wu Tony DEANS  
Wuestenhagen Gregory DEANS  
Wynia Lauren DEANS  
Wynia William DEANS  
Wynn Diane PRESDT  
Wynn Traci DEANS