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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Tabacchi Emily DEANS  
Tabakov Emil DEANS  
Tabatabaei Seema DEANS  
Tabatabai Milad DEANS  
Tablante Roselyn DEANS  
Tacy Caitlin PRESDT  
Tadesse Endale DEANS  
Tae Jung PRESDT  
Tafazoli Michelle DEANS  
Taferaw Asteway DEANS  
taj viqar DEANS  
Taksey Michelle DEANS  
Talavera Francesca DEANS  
Talbert Terry DEANS  
Talezadeh Shirazi Mohammad DEANS  
Tama Nakpan DEANS  
Tamashiro-Loma Fujiko PRESDT  
Tamayo Mark DEANS  
Tamiao Ghislaine PRESDT  
Tamiru Frehiwot PRESDT  
Tamula Bryan PRESDT  
Taneja Mohit DEANS  
Tanev Sean DEANS  
Tapia Eduardo PRESDT  
Tappan Nancy DEANS  
Tappan Tyler DEANS  
Tarashi Bijan DEANS  
Tarpey Debbie DEANS  
Tarr Valerie DEANS  
Tartaglino Samantha PRESDT  
Tarty Adolphus DEANS  
Tashjian Phillip PRESDT  
Tate Linda DEANS  
Tate Williams Adelia DEANS  
Tattrie Tracey DEANS  
Taubenberger Gudrun DEANS  
Tayam Madeleine DEANS  
Tayar Hiba PRESDT  
Taye Hiwot DEANS  
Taye Yetenayet PRESDT  
Taylor Christopher PRESDT  
Taylor Erin DEANS  
Taylor Helen DEANS  
Taylor Jesse PRESDT  
Taylor Kelli DEANS  
Taylor Michelle DEANS  
Taylor Shanna PRESDT  
Taylor Stella PRESDT  
Tayman Tamara DEANS  
Tchoumbou Alain DEANS  
Tchounga Jean PRESDT  
Tchuisseu Lucienne DEANS  
Teagno Jeffrey DEANS  
Teague Christa DEANS  
Tedla Hiruy DEANS  
Teets Ashley DEANS  
Teets Bradley PRESDT  
Teferi Elshaday PRESDT  
Teferi Mismak PRESDT  
Teferra Mekdes DEANS  
Teferra Saba DEANS  
Tehrani Mojtaba PRESDT  
Tehrani Shabnam DEANS  
Teixeira Cynthia PRESDT  
Tejada Efrain DEANS  
Tekeste Sara DEANS  
Teklu Genet DEANS  
Temme Frances PRESDT  
Temple Keith PRESDT  
Tenan Kyle DEANS  
Tenanty Amanda DEANS  
Tenggara Nadia PRESDT  
Tennent Ashley DEANS  
Terashima Rie DEANS  
Terbush Jennifer DEANS  
Ternes Jaimie DEANS  
Terpanov Denis PRESDT  
Terrazas Christine DEANS  
Terrell Casey DEANS  
Terrones Kerly DEANS  
Terry Lorraine DEANS  
Tesfay Mearg PRESDT  
Tesfaye Yordanos DEANS  
Teshome Bethlehem DEANS  
Tessitore Michael DEANS  
Tewolde Tigist DEANS  
Thai An PRESDT  
Thai Huy DEANS  
Tham Binh DEANS  
Tham Vihanh DEANS  
Tharaldson Alexis DEANS  
Thiel Jessica DEANS  
Thilakawardana Upeksha PRESDT  
Thomas Angel DEANS  
Thomas Caren DEANS  
Thomas Christopher PRESDT  
Thomas David DEANS  
Thomas Devin DEANS  
Thomas Elena DEANS  
Thomas Emily DEANS  
Thomas Freddie PRESDT  
Thomas Gwendolyn DEANS  
Thomas Jake DEANS  
Thomas John DEANS  
Thomas Kristen DEANS  
Thomas Lisa DEANS  
Thomas Sabrina DEANS  
Thomas Samantha DEANS  
Thomas Veronica DEANS  
Thomas-Crenshaw Kenya DEANS  
Thomason Scott DEANS  
Thomasson Robert DEANS  
Thompson Daniel DEANS  
Thompson Dashel DEANS  
Thompson Jennalee DEANS  
Thompson Jennifer PRESDT  
Thompson Jennifer DEANS  
Thompson Kasey DEANS  
Thompson Kenna PRESDT  
Thompson Khalisha DEANS  
Thompson Lashana DEANS  
Thompson Rachel PRESDT  
Thompson Ryan DEANS  
Thompson Shaquana DEANS  
Thompson Tara DEANS  
Thoms Garrett PRESDT  
Thornberry Sarah DEANS  
Thornburgh Catherine DEANS  
Thornton Abigail PRESDT  
Thornton Susan DEANS  
Throop Rachel PRESDT  
Throop Sarah DEANS  
Tibbs Jessica DEANS  
Tibbs Yolanda DEANS  
Tidd Sabina DEANS  
Tiefenbrunn Emily PRESDT  
Tiernan John DEANS  
Tierney Neil PRESDT  
Tigges Joshua PRESDT  
Tilahun Hilina DEANS  
Tillman Germany PRESDT  
Tilly Robert DEANS  
Timberlake Christopher DEANS  
Timmermeyer Susan DEANS  
Tim-Young Stephen DEANS  
Tingen Brandt PRESDT  
Tiruneh Melat PRESDT  
Tiruneh Tequam PRESDT  
Tiwari Rajesh DEANS  
Tkachuk Maryna DEANS  
To Thang DEANS  
Tobey Jamieson DEANS  
Tobias Chris DEANS  
Tolbert Marc PRESDT  
Tolbert Sean DEANS  
Toler Robyn DEANS  
Tolomush kyzy Saltanat DEANS  
Toloza Ariella DEANS  
Tomaino Brittany PRESDT  
Tomasulo Michael DEANS  
Tomaszewska Katarzyna PRESDT  
Tomlin Sara DEANS  
Toms Christopher DEANS  
Tomson Reed DEANS  
Ton Quang DEANS  
Ton That Quy PRESDT  
Toole Steven DEANS  
Tora Khalilullah DEANS  
Tora Mohibullah DEANS  
Torpey Karen PRESDT  
Torrejon Diego DEANS  
Torrena Sherilyn DEANS  
Torrenzano Nicole DEANS  
Torres Crystal DEANS  
Torres Francisco DEANS  
Torres Juan DEANS  
Torres Katrina DEANS  
Torrey Maryelizabeth PRESDT  
Toscano Manuela PRESDT  
Toth Fruzsina DEANS  
Tourn Sokhara DEANS  
Tourtellott Melissa DEANS  
Townsend Kaitlin DEANS  
Towson Justin PRESDT  
Toy Patrick PRESDT  
Tram Chi DEANS  
Tran Andy DEANS  
Tran Anh DEANS  
Tran Anh-Minh PRESDT  
Tran Hai DEANS  
Tran Hieu DEANS  
Tran Hoang DEANS  
Tran Huan DEANS  
Tran Huong Lien PRESDT  
Tran Jennifer DEANS  
Tran LeAn DEANS  
Tran Minh DEANS  
Tran Nga DEANS  
Tran Ngoc Anh PRESDT  
Tran Quang DEANS  
Tran Sarah PRESDT  
Tran Sharon DEANS  
Tran Teresa DEANS  
Tran Thanh DEANS  
Tran Thuy - Tram DEANS  
Tran Tina DEANS  
Tran Tram PRESDT  
Tran Viet DEANS  
Tran Vy PRESDT  
Tran Ngan Phuong N DEANS  
Traylor Paula DEANS  
Trefzger Evangeline DEANS  
Treharne Elizabeth DEANS  
Trent Adam DEANS  
Trenta John DEANS  
Trevino Citlaly DEANS  
Trevizo-Ramirez Maria DEANS  
Trigg Marianne PRESDT  
Trigg Megan DEANS  
Triglia Ashley DEANS  
Trigo Leslie DEANS  
Trimble Brandon DEANS  
Trinidad Desiree DEANS  
Triplett Charles DEANS  
Triplett Ian DEANS  
Tross Jonathan PRESDT  
Troxell Kathleen DEANS  
Trueheart Anthony PRESDT  
Truett Ashley DEANS  
Truong Amanda DEANS  
Truong Cam-van DEANS  
Truong Kha DEANS  
Truong Leon-Minh DEANS  
Truong Ngoc DEANS  
Truong QuynhNhu PRESDT  
Truong Thanh DEANS  
Truong Thao-Nguyen PRESDT  
Truta Ionela PRESDT  
Tsang Alice DEANS  
Tsegaye Atronsemariam DEANS  
Tsegaye Petros DEANS  
Tsenddoo Aligermaa DEANS  
Tshibungu Jeanne DEANS  
Tshimanga Mazze DEANS  
Tsogbadrakh Batnomin DEANS  
Tsougas Anastasia DEANS  
Tu Ida DEANS  
Tu Phan PRESDT  
Tuberson Narin DEANS  
Tucker Robin PRESDT  
Tucker Travis DEANS  
tuerdi muyesaier DEANS  
Tulu Tesfaye DEANS  
Tunalli Hamza DEANS  
Tunison Kody DEANS  
Turley Rachel DEANS  
Turnbull Ian DEANS  
Turner Caitlin DEANS  
Turner Elizabeth DEANS  
Turner Katherine DEANS  
Turzinski Amanda DEANS  
Tusso Lauren DEANS  
Twumasi Rosemary PRESDT  
Twumasi Sandra DEANS  
Tyler Michelle DEANS  
Tynes Courtney DEANS