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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Radan Janet DEANS  
Rader Whitney DEANS  
Rafferty Lynn PRESDT  
Raffiqi Fatima DEANS  
Rafiq Farhan DEANS  
Ragan Mary PRESDT  
Ragen Eileen DEANS  
Rahim Masood DEANS  
Rahimi Tari Hanieh DEANS  
Rahimian Stefan PRESDT  
Rahman Sumaiya PRESDT  
Rai Paru DEANS  
Rai Tresa DEANS  
Rainey-Jones Samantha DEANS  
Raiteri Matthew DEANS  
Raj Victoria PRESDT  
Raja Sobia DEANS  
Rajkeo-Vongsouthi Phavanna PRESDT  
Rama Miroslawa PRESDT  
Ramanankavana Florian Delmet DEANS  
Ramarijaona Eric DEANS  
Ramia Nahim DEANS  
Ramirez Alfredo DEANS  
Ramirez Emily DEANS  
Ramirez Jorge DEANS  
Ramirez Veronica DEANS  
Ramirez-Gamarra Alvaro DEANS  
Ramos Christopher DEANS  
Ramos Dayana DEANS  
ramos ruben DEANS  
Ramsey Amanda DEANS  
Ramsey Ashley DEANS  
Ramsey Cinthia DEANS  
Randazzo Peter PRESDT  
Randolph Randy DEANS  
Randriamamonjy Rindra DEANS  
Ranero Hector DEANS  
Ranjbarkohan Fatemeh DEANS  
Ransom Tom DEANS  
Raoufi Rashtin PRESDT  
Rasaily Bikash DEANS  
Rasaily Uttam PRESDT  
Rasheed Anaam DEANS  
Rasheed Areej DEANS  
Rashid Hadi PRESDT  
Rashid Mohammed DEANS  
Rashid Sarah PRESDT  
Rasooli Nadiya PRESDT  
Rastegari Amir DEANS  
Rasulov Rauf DEANS  
Ravi Kiran Sushma DEANS  
Rawlings Aaron DEANS  
Ray Hilary DEANS  
Raye Branden DEANS  
Raymond Imelda PRESDT  
Raymond Secil DEANS  
Raymundo Jill-Anne DEANS  
Rayo Jordan DEANS  
Razi Azam DEANS  
Real Terry DEANS  
Reardon Julie DEANS  
Rebar Wendy DEANS  
Rebers Bethany DEANS  
Recker Katherine DEANS  
Redlin Benjamin DEANS  
Reed Aaron DEANS  
Reed Deborah PRESDT  
Reed Elise DEANS  
Reed Emily DEANS  
Reed Eva DEANS  
Reed Gervais DEANS  
Reed Matthew DEANS  
Reed Michelle DEANS  
Reed Pamela DEANS  
Reed Sara PRESDT  
Reed Tracey DEANS  
Reedy Kimberly DEANS  
Reese Addison DEANS  
Reese Fritz DEANS  
Refahi Poyesh DEANS  
Regan Francis Brian DEANS  
Regan Sean DEANS  
Register Calvin DEANS  
Regmi Subodh PRESDT  
Reich Galen DEANS  
Reich Justin PRESDT  
Reid Jesse DEANS  
Reifenberger Timothy DEANS  
Reihman James DEANS  
Reimann Marie DEANS  
Reisetter Ryan PRESDT  
Reitz Paige DEANS  
Rekik Asma DEANS  
Rekik Maryam PRESDT  
Relton Matthew DEANS  
Remiany Hassan DEANS  
Renchin Dorj DEANS  
Renganathan Ramya PRESDT  
Renko Mary DEANS  
Renna Fabrizio PRESDT  
Renzi Rochelle DEANS  
Resch Aaron PRESDT  
Reschly Michelle DEANS  
Retherford Jessica DEANS  
Retta Jonathan DEANS  
Reveron Crystal DEANS  
Revollo Neil PRESDT  
Reyes Li'l Paul DEANS  
Reyes Shelby DEANS  
Reyes Winter DEANS  
Reyes Yuri DEANS  
Reynaud Cyrielle DEANS  
Reynolds Anne-marie DEANS  
Rezadoost Justin DEANS  
Rhee Ji PRESDT  
Rhett James PRESDT  
Rhodes Matthew PRESDT  
Rhudy Donna DEANS  
Rhyne David PRESDT  
Riaz Ricky DEANS  
Ricci Beverly PRESDT  
Rice Ashley DEANS  
rice constance DEANS  
Rice Jason DEANS  
Rice Steven DEANS  
Rich Emily PRESDT  
Rich Kathryn DEANS  
Richards Anisha DEANS  
Richards David PRESDT  
Richards Melodie DEANS  
Richardson Brendan DEANS  
Richardson Claire DEANS  
Richardson Daniel DEANS  
Richardson Uma PRESDT  
Richmond Sally DEANS  
Richter John DEANS  
Richter Shelly DEANS  
Rickman Josh PRESDT  
Riegel Robert PRESDT  
Rieman Grace DEANS  
Rigby William PRESDT  
Rigelhaupt Shana DEANS  
Rigley Danielle DEANS  
Riley Elizabeth DEANS  
Riley Mark DEANS  
Riley Nachole DEANS  
Rimando Jessee Bryan DEANS  
Rinaldi Paul DEANS  
Ringer Kassey DEANS  
Rinker Brittany DEANS  
Rios-Panana Carlos DEANS  
Rios-tapia Juan DEANS  
Rioux Mary Catherine DEANS  
Rippe Rochelle DEANS  
Risco Alba Paolo DEANS  
Risi Joseph DEANS  
Riss Michael PRESDT  
Ritchie Erica DEANS  
Ritson Jourdan DEANS  
Ritter Tory DEANS  
Rittue Michael DEANS  
Rivera Candice DEANS  
Rivera Carlos DEANS  
Rivera Kevin DEANS  
Rivera Krystine DEANS  
Rivera Arnez Roberto DEANS  
Rivera Pena Luis PRESDT  
Rivero Christian DEANS  
Rizk Andrew DEANS  
Rizo Benjamin DEANS  
Roaquin Charlene DEANS  
Robb Austin PRESDT  
Robbins Cassandra DEANS  
Roberds Catherine DEANS  
Roberts Brett DEANS  
Roberts Bryan DEANS  
Roberts Elizabeth DEANS  
Roberts Kevin DEANS  
Roberts Rehana PRESDT  
Roberts Richard DEANS  
Robertson Garrett DEANS  
Robertson Lauren DEANS  
Robinson Christa DEANS  
Robinson Jason DEANS  
Robison Rebecca PRESDT  
Roble-Guerrero Glenda DEANS  
Roca Leonardo DEANS  
Rocap Emily DEANS  
Rocha Diogenes DEANS  
Rodionova Olena DEANS  
Rodriguez Carmina DEANS  
Rodriguez Dorabess DEANS  
Rodriguez Grecia DEANS  
Rodriguez Janeth DEANS  
Rodriguez Jon DEANS  
Rodriguez Michele DEANS  
Rodriguez Miguel PRESDT  
Rodriguez Miguel DEANS  
Rodriguez Nicole DEANS  
Rodriguez Patrick DEANS  
Rodriguez Sarah DEANS  
Rodriguez Stephanie DEANS  
Rodriguez Wendy PRESDT  
Rodriguez Campos Gilberto PRESDT  
Roeder Aaron DEANS  
Roehr Michael DEANS  
Roesch Genevieve DEANS  
Rogalski Kathryn DEANS  
Rogers Daniel DEANS  
Rogers Dustin DEANS  
Rogers Jennifer DEANS  
Roh EunOck PRESDT  
Rojas Gina DEANS  
Rokon Abu DEANS  
Roland Jasmirah DEANS  
Roldan Megan DEANS  
Rollamas Vanessa DEANS  
Rollins Amy DEANS  
Rollison Jennifer DEANS  
Rolong Maria DEANS  
Roltsch Anna DEANS  
Romanoff Natalie DEANS  
Romeo Monique PRESDT  
Romero Efrain DEANS  
Romero Gabriel DEANS  
Romero Ivy DEANS  
Romero Kyung DEANS  
Romero Robert DEANS  
Romero Bardalez Lesley DEANS  
Roncace Corwin DEANS  
Rondon Belkys DEANS  
Rooney George DEANS  
Rooney Patrick PRESDT  
Root Laura DEANS  
Rosales Daynee PRESDT  
Rosales Margarita DEANS  
Rosas Natalie DEANS  
Rose Christopher PRESDT  
Rosenblatt Krista PRESDT  
Rosenthal Julia PRESDT  
Ross Alison DEANS  
Rossett Craig DEANS  
Rostami Mohammad PRESDT  
Roth Scott DEANS  
Roush Stephanie DEANS  
Rowe Michelle PRESDT  
Rowe Stephanie DEANS  
Rowles Jennifer DEANS  
Royal Albaney PRESDT  
Rozario Joan PRESDT  
Ruano Leslie DEANS  
Rubin David DEANS  
Rubini Talia DEANS  
Rubio Mauro DEANS  
Ruddy Irina DEANS  
Rudnitsky Yulia PRESDT  
Ruel Lauren DEANS  
Ruggiero Andrew DEANS  
Rugwell John DEANS  
Ruhlin Michelle DEANS  
Ruiz Joseph DEANS  
Ruiz Olga DEANS  
Rulapaugh Marlena DEANS  
Rumingan Guillermo PRESDT  
Rumsey Cynthia DEANS  
Runge Michael DEANS  
Rush Robert DEANS  
Rusher George DEANS  
Rusiniak Kinga DEANS  
Ruskowski Lisa DEANS  
Russell Joseph PRESDT  
Russell Rachel DEANS  
Russell Scott PRESDT  
Russell Tyrone DEANS  
Rust John DEANS  
Rust Karen DEANS  
Ryan Annie DEANS  
Ryan Kimberlee DEANS  
Ryan Luke DEANS  
Ryan Rebecca DEANS  
Ryner Symmone DEANS