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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Pacheco Susan PRESDT  
Pacheco Wendy DEANS  
Paddock Kristi DEANS  
Padilla Javier DEANS  
Padilla Jayson DEANS  
Padilla Victor DEANS  
Page Meseret DEANS  
Page Travis DEANS  
Pageau Ryan PRESDT  
Paige Tanisha DEANS  
Paik Jonathan DEANS  
Painter Tammy PRESDT  
Paist Evrett DEANS  
Pak Seri DEANS  
Pakkayanon Nithinee DEANS  
Palacios Jamie DEANS  
Palas Cassie DEANS  
Palchik Dalia DEANS  
Palen Charles PRESDT  
Palermo Jamie DEANS  
Palizzi Stephen DEANS  
Pallanez Jenny DEANS  
Palma Carolina DEANS  
Palma Gracielle DEANS  
Palmer Anne PRESDT  
Palmer Mark PRESDT  
Palmieri Stephanie PRESDT  
Palomeque Christian DEANS  
Palomino Jessica DEANS  
Palomino Mercy DEANS  
Palone Georgetta DEANS  
Palucho Joclyn DEANS  
Palza Isabel DEANS  
Pan Michael DEANS  
Panah Benjaporn DEANS  
Panameno Veronica DEANS  
Pancal Jaslena DEANS  
Pangilinan Malia DEANS  
Pansiri Pawvana DEANS  
Panteleeva Anastasia DEANS  
Panwar Mahesh DEANS  
Papaleo John DEANS  
Papoulakos Peter DEANS  
Pappa Morgan DEANS  
Paquette Andrew DEANS  
Paraiso Hanane DEANS  
Parchami Milad PRESDT  
Paredes Lorena DEANS  
Paredes-Ubillus Luis DEANS  
Pareeratanasomporn Nattaphan DEANS  
Pareeratanasomporn Nattaporn DEANS  
Park Chang DEANS  
Park Eungjin DEANS  
Park Hyo-young DEANS  
Park Hyo-Zin PRESDT  
Park In-sun DEANS  
Park Jeeson DEANS  
Park Jihong DEANS  
Park Ji-woong DEANS  
Park Jong Woo DEANS  
Park Meehyun PRESDT  
Park Sean DEANS  
Park Song DEANS  
Park Suk Jun DEANS  
Park Sungshil PRESDT  
Park Sunhee PRESDT  
Park Taehum PRESDT  
Parker Carissa DEANS  
Parker Danfi DEANS  
Parker Jacquelyn PRESDT  
Parker Meagan DEANS  
Parker Shannell DEANS  
Parks Christopher DEANS  
Parnham Taylor DEANS  
Parr Karley DEANS  
Parra Daniel DEANS  
Parra Jhonatan DEANS  
Parris Dhawyne DEANS  
Parry21 Jeffrey DEANS  
Parsons Kristine DEANS  
Pastora Edwin DEANS  
Pastore Deanna DEANS  
Patel Deepa DEANS  
Patel Divyeshkumar DEANS  
Patelski Susan DEANS  
Pathak Mrudula DEANS  
Patil Hemal PRESDT  
Patinos Tatiana PRESDT  
Patio Bruna PRESDT  
Patterson Brian DEANS  
Patterson Camilla DEANS  
Patterson Emily PRESDT  
Patterson Jonathan DEANS  
Patterson Marilyn DEANS  
Patti Joyce DEANS  
Patti Sean DEANS  
Patton Mark PRESDT  
Patwary Shakhawat DEANS  
Paudel Srijana DEANS  
Paudyal Sarmila PRESDT  
Paugh Mary DEANS  
Paukovits John DEANS  
Paul Christopher DEANS  
Paul Zachary DEANS  
Paulsen Amy PRESDT  
Pava Blanco Lina DEANS  
Pavlovic Dragana DEANS  
Payne Elizabeth DEANS  
Paz Jennifer DEANS  
Pe Yarzar DEANS  
Pearce Lara DEANS  
Pearson Renee DEANS  
Pearson Shelese PRESDT  
Pechukas Robert DEANS  
Peck Daniel DEANS  
Pedraza Elizabeth PRESDT  
Pedreira Teresa PRESDT  
Pedroni Shannon PRESDT  
Peeler Grace DEANS  
Peiffer Aaron PRESDT  
Peiffer Chris DEANS  
Pelak William DEANS  
Pelechova Monika DEANS  
Pelletier Michael DEANS  
Pena Danitza DEANS  
Pena Julia PRESDT  
Pena Katherinne DEANS  
Pena Michelle DEANS  
Pena Rene PRESDT  
Penaranda Bello PRESDT  
Pennell June PRESDT  
Pennington Ashley DEANS  
Pennington Jason PRESDT  
Pennington Jessica DEANS  
Pennington Sally DEANS  
Perdue Carl DEANS  
Peredo Rodrigo DEANS  
Perez Carlos DEANS  
Perez Daysi DEANS  
Perez Haley PRESDT  
Perez Hector DEANS  
Perez Joan DEANS  
Perez Jose PRESDT  
Perez Marc DEANS  
Perez-Jackson Dafne DEANS  
Perfetti Robin PRESDT  
Perkins Derek DEANS  
Perkins Diana DEANS  
Perkins Ian DEANS  
Perlberg Andrew PRESDT  
Perry Diana DEANS  
Perry Kimberly DEANS  
Perugachi Estefania DEANS  
Perwez Maheen DEANS  
Peters Ancilma DEANS  
Peters Iyin DEANS  
Peters Patrick DEANS  
Peters Wendy DEANS  
Peterson Elva DEANS  
Peterson Katherine PRESDT  
Peterson Theresa DEANS  
Petit Dana PRESDT  
Petrus Chris PRESDT  
Petruzzi Alysse PRESDT  
Peverall Jesse DEANS  
Pfaff Amy DEANS  
Pfeifle Megan PRESDT  
Pfisterer Kurt DEANS  
Pham Jonathan DEANS  
Pham Kim DEANS  
Pham Kim-Chi DEANS  
Pham Lan DEANS  
Pham Mai-Ly DEANS  
Pham Thuy PRESDT  
Pham Tram PRESDT  
Phan Andy DEANS  
Phan Huy DEANS  
Phan Mai-han DEANS  
Phan Ngoc DEANS  
Phan Nguyen PRESDT  
Phan Phuong DEANS  
Phan Truc DEANS  
Phan Truong PRESDT  
Phanitdee Paknapa DEANS  
Phelps Eric DEANS  
Phelps Quinton DEANS  
Phelps Xina DEANS  
Phelps Jr Ronald DEANS  
Phillip Kimberly DEANS  
Phillips Angie DEANS  
Phillips Erin DEANS  
Phillips Lauren DEANS  
Phillips Scott DEANS  
Phillips Sharon DEANS  
Phillips Tobias DEANS  
Phillips William DEANS  
Philpott Denise DEANS  
Phipps Cody DEANS  
Phoumavong Phoulichanh DEANS  
Phudong Kiran DEANS  
Phung Nguyen DEANS  
Phuong Phat PRESDT  
Phuong Ratana DEANS  
Piantedosi Todd DEANS  
Piccardo Rodriguez Gina DEANS  
Piccolo Carlo DEANS  
Pichardo Betzayda DEANS  
Pick Michael DEANS  
Pickett Colleen DEANS  
Picolla Joseph DEANS  
Pilahome Andrew PRESDT  
Pilkenton Sachimi DEANS  
Pinales Miguel DEANS  
Pinillos Maria DEANS  
Pinto Peredo Andrew DEANS  
Pipan Michael DEANS  
Piper Caleb DEANS  
Pita Maritess DEANS  
Pittas Denise DEANS  
Pittman Jennifer PRESDT  
Pittman Roger DEANS  
Pitts Wanda DEANS  
Plaine Dalila DEANS  
Plamondon Rachel PRESDT  
Plant Grace DEANS  
Plant Susan DEANS  
Plumb Mark DEANS  
Plummer Hugh PRESDT  
Po Marya DEANS  
Pociask Daniel DEANS  
Poff James DEANS  
Poingue Erickson DEANS  
Poirier Veronica DEANS  
Pokharel Bibhaw DEANS  
Polera Nicholas DEANS  
Polfer James DEANS  
Pollack Chelsea DEANS  
Pollard Karen DEANS  
Pologruto Lisa DEANS  
Pongudom Pradthana PRESDT  
Pons Kevin DEANS  
Ponti Katherine PRESDT  
Poole Kaila DEANS  
Poole Magdalena DEANS  
Poore Benjamin PRESDT  
Poore Tina DEANS  
Popal Pertamina DEANS  
Porfiris David DEANS  
Porlles Katherine DEANS  
Porter Catharine DEANS  
Porter Valerie DEANS  
Post Linda PRESDT  
Posten Rebecca DEANS  
Potes Luis DEANS  
Potosky Melissa DEANS  
Potts Erica DEANS  
Poudel Sujeeta DEANS  
Poudyal Lelisha PRESDT  
Powell Diron DEANS  
Powell Sharon DEANS  
Powers Troy DEANS  
Prabhakar Nalini DEANS  
Prados Sarah DEANS  
Prah Edward DEANS  
Pratt James DEANS  
Preisser Juliane DEANS  
Prescott Sarah DEANS  
preston andrew DEANS  
Preston Glenda DEANS  
Preston Michelle DEANS  
Price Amanda PRESDT  
Price Ayshah DEANS  
Price Brenon DEANS  
Price John DEANS  
Price Timothy PRESDT  
Prince Brianna DEANS  
Prince Kevin PRESDT  
Progen Christopher PRESDT  
Proulx Tahmina PRESDT  
Pryor Michelene DEANS  
Puch Karima DEANS  
Puckett Brian DEANS  
Pugh Nicole DEANS  
Pugh Shandril DEANS  
Pulatova Kamola DEANS  
Pultz Kris DEANS  
Puma-Rowell Paulette PRESDT  
Purcell Richard PRESDT  
Puri Tanuj DEANS  
Purks Desiri DEANS  
Purugganan Ashley DEANS  
Pustorino Marcella DEANS  
Pyntikov Ilya DEANS