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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Ma Thanh DEANS  
Ma Yulan DEANS  
Maarouf Manal DEANS  
Mabhena Trishia DEANS  
Mabika Obanda Alfred Keith Felix DEANS  
Mabrouk Eman DEANS  
Macalister Mary PRESDT  
Macapagal Joseph DEANS  
MacDonald Adam DEANS  
MacDonald Hope DEANS  
Mach Kristi DEANS  
Mack Christina DEANS  
Mackenzie Samantha DEANS  
Mackmore Brandon PRESDT  
Mackness John DEANS  
Macorol Dirk DEANS  
Madaj Jennifer PRESDT  
Madani Eyad DEANS  
Madani-Ghahfarokhi Farideh PRESDT  
Madden Preston DEANS  
Madden Sean DEANS  
Madhu Princy DEANS  
Madubuko Ijeamaka DEANS  
Mady Nabil DEANS  
Maeda Sophia DEANS  
Maghsoudi Shaghayegh DEANS  
Magsanoc Maria DEANS  
Mahabir Michele DEANS  
Mahan III Robert DEANS  
Mahaney Kylen PRESDT  
Maharjan Pujan DEANS  
Mahboubi Reza DEANS  
Mahdavi Azar DEANS  
Mahdi Fouad DEANS  
Mahdi Shabinaaz PRESDT  
Mahfouz Giovanna DEANS  
Mahinpour Kameron DEANS  
Mahjoub Saoussen DEANS  
Mahmood Mahvish DEANS  
Mahmood Mohammad DEANS  
Mahmood Naveed DEANS  
Mahmood Sughra DEANS  
Mahmoud Ahmed DEANS  
Mahmoud Sabat DEANS  
Mahoney Brendan DEANS  
Mahony Colin DEANS  
Mahteme Nimrodi DEANS  
Maia Jessica DEANS  
Main John PRESDT  
Maiorana John PRESDT  
Maiorana Martin DEANS  
Maitz Joshua DEANS  
Majid Fahad DEANS  
Majorack Mariella PRESDT  
Makharita Noah DEANS  
Makrides Jennifer DEANS  
Malcova Natalia PRESDT  
Maldonado Frances PRESDT  
maleki Tinoosh PRESDT  
Maley Selina PRESDT  
Malhotra Vikas DEANS  
Malik Faheem DEANS  
Malik Faiq DEANS  
Malik Gina DEANS  
Malik Hasan DEANS  
Malik Mansoor DEANS  
Malik Obaid DEANS  
Malla Dhiraj PRESDT  
Malla Stella DEANS  
Mallari Christopher PRESDT  
Mallea Patricia DEANS  
Mallow Kathleen DEANS  
Malone Megan DEANS  
Manalo Mhayren DEANS  
Mancillas Alberto DEANS  
Mander Semra DEANS  
Mandt Taydon PRESDT  
Mangold Hannah PRESDT  
Mank Michael DEANS  
Manley Kathryn DEANS  
Mann Chinseta DEANS  
Mann Gurnav DEANS  
Mann Joanne DEANS  
Mann Melissa DEANS  
Mannan Abdul DEANS  
Manning Craig DEANS  
Manriquez Catalina DEANS  
Mansilla Dennys DEANS  
Mansoor Walid DEANS  
Manzo Christina DEANS  
Mapeke Abire DEANS  
Maplesden Helen DEANS  
Maqsodi Romina DEANS  
Marakowits Pamela DEANS  
Maramis Giovanni DEANS  
Marces Mauricio DEANS  
March Lauren DEANS  
Marchegiani Sarah-Maria PRESDT  
Marchioro Sinamon DEANS  
Marcocci Norman PRESDT  
Marcon Davina DEANS  
Marcu Adina PRESDT  
Marcus Weston DEANS  
Marcussen Amanda DEANS  
Marealle Abdul DEANS  
Maree Amal PRESDT  
Marian Larisa Mihaela PRESDT  
Marik Stefanie DEANS  
Marinelli-Potter Racheal DEANS  
Marino Stephanie PRESDT  
Mariyappan Selvakumar DEANS  
Markell Caitlin DEANS  
Marker Brian DEANS  
Markle Kimberly PRESDT  
Markowski Edie DEANS  
Marks Ryan PRESDT  
Marney Austin DEANS  
Marotta Andrew PRESDT  
Marquez Erick DEANS  
Marquez Jorge DEANS  
Marrah Yanku DEANS  
Marsh Alicia DEANS  
Marshall Gregory DEANS  
Marshall Wesley PRESDT  
Marshman Kathryn DEANS  
Martel Tracy DEANS  
Martin Andrena DEANS  
Martin Ann DEANS  
Martin Bryan PRESDT  
Martin Charles DEANS  
Martin Chase PRESDT  
Martin Christopher DEANS  
Martin Douglas PRESDT  
Martin Drew PRESDT  
Martin Heather DEANS  
Martin Jill PRESDT  
Martin Kathryn DEANS  
Martin LaShenda DEANS  
Martin Melissa DEANS  
Martin Michelle Dindi PRESDT  
Martin Neil DEANS  
Martin Rebecca PRESDT  
Martin Rebecca DEANS  
Martin Toni PRESDT  
Martin Tyler DEANS  
Martin Vincent DEANS  
Martina Sarah DEANS  
Martinelli Valerio DEANS  
Martinez Agustin DEANS  
Martinez Andrea DEANS  
Martinez Erica PRESDT  
Martinez Fernando DEANS  
Martinez Cajero Paloma DEANS  
Martins Priscila PRESDT  
Marvin Jenna DEANS  
Mashaeva Natalia DEANS  
Mashami Pascal DEANS  
Mashkour Ameer DEANS  
Masiello Emily DEANS  
Masih Simon DEANS  
Mason Andrew DEANS  
Mason Christopher PRESDT  
Mason Debra DEANS  
Masoud Azza DEANS  
Mastromarino Christopher PRESDT  
Masumi Royah DEANS  
Mata Courtney PRESDT  
Matel Aleksei DEANS  
Matheney Kevin DEANS  
Mathews Marvin DEANS  
Mathews Selby DEANS  
Mathey Sue DEANS  
Mathov Jessica DEANS  
Matney Jared DEANS  
Matsuoka Miyuki DEANS  
Matsushima Steven PRESDT  
Matteucci Gino PRESDT  
Matvich Debra DEANS  
Matzner John DEANS  
Maududi Narges DEANS  
Maupin Meghan DEANS  
Mausolf Lauren DEANS  
Maxwell Thomas DEANS  
May Katharina PRESDT  
Maybee Milton DEANS  
Mayer Rebecca DEANS  
Mayers Jill DEANS  
Mayes Karen DEANS  
Maymandi Sasan DEANS  
Maynard Savannah DEANS  
Mayo Stephen DEANS  
Mayol Laura PRESDT  
Maysonet Indira DEANS  
Mazaheri Sepideh DEANS  
Mazhar Shahrukh DEANS  
Mazheika Alena DEANS  
Mazouz-Marrero Sarah PRESDT  
Mbarek Mounsif PRESDT  
Mc cullen Judy DEANS  
Mc elroy John DEANS  
McAleer Paul DEANS  
McAlpin Holly DEANS  
McAlpine Alys DEANS  
McBride Heather DEANS  
McCain William DEANS  
McCandless Kara DEANS  
McCarthy Danielle DEANS  
McCarthy Erin PRESDT  
McCarthy Timothy DEANS  
McCauley Robert DEANS  
McCeney Kristy DEANS  
McClellan Jennifer DEANS  
McCloskey Christine PRESDT  
McCloud Misti DEANS  
McClure Laura DEANS  
McCole Charles DEANS  
McCollum Emily DEANS  
McConnell Harold DEANS  
McCormack Elizabeth PRESDT  
McCormick Amber DEANS  
McCormick Hays DEANS  
Mccormick Janine DEANS  
McCormick Tessa DEANS  
McCoubrey Kelly DEANS  
McCoy Elisabeth DEANS  
McCoy Priscilla DEANS  
McCoy Thomas DEANS  
McCreary Chad DEANS  
McCullohs Julia DEANS  
McDermott Marie DEANS  
Mcdevitt David DEANS  
McDonald David PRESDT  
McDonald Kyle DEANS  
McDowell Leah DEANS  
McElfresh Allison DEANS  
McEvoy Liam DEANS  
Mcfadden Elizabeth PRESDT  
McFarland Micah PRESDT  
McGahern Patricia DEANS  
McGeever Melissa DEANS  
McGhee Laura DEANS  
McGhee Michael PRESDT  
McGinn Matthew DEANS  
McGonnell Deborah DEANS  
McGuin Joshua PRESDT  
Mcguire Valeri DEANS  
McIntyre Elizabeth DEANS  
McJunkin Jared DEANS  
McKenna Kaitlyn PRESDT  
McKenzie Caitlin PRESDT  
McKenzie Molly DEANS  
McKenzie Stephen DEANS  
McKinley Jean DEANS  
McKinney Leslie DEANS  
Mckinney Robert DEANS  
McKinnon Sharifa DEANS  
McLain Chelsea DEANS  
McMahon Julie DEANS  
McMillan Jamie DEANS  
McNeil Lisa DEANS  
Mcpeak April PRESDT  
McPherson Teresa DEANS  
McQueen Jessica DEANS  
Meador Sandra DEANS  
Meamarian Milad DEANS  
Medina Lisbelt PRESDT  
Medina Michael DEANS  
Medlin Lyndsey PRESDT  
Medwedeff Rachel DEANS  
Megersa Daric DEANS  
Mehalko Rachel DEANS  
Mehan Katherine DEANS  
Mehari Wubeshet DEANS  
Mehboob Gulpanrha DEANS  
Mehdi Syed DEANS  
Mehrabkhani Vida DEANS  
Mehrtens Amy DEANS  
Mejia Andres PRESDT  
Mejia Brenda DEANS  
Mejia Evelyn DEANS  
Melchek Tami DEANS  
Mele Lisa DEANS  
Melendez Lizbeth DEANS  
Melendez Nancy DEANS  
Melendres Eric PRESDT  
Melgarejo Ariel DEANS  
Melgarejo Dextre Pablo PRESDT  
Mello James DEANS  
Melnicove Anna DEANS  
Melnikova Irina DEANS  
Meltzer Alexander DEANS  
Memita Ramone DEANS  
Mendelsohn Riana DEANS  
Mendenhall Cameron DEANS  
Mendez Michaela DEANS  
Mendoza Daniela DEANS  
Mendoza Jenny DEANS  
Mendoza Sergio DEANS  
Mends George DEANS  
Mengesha Bethel DEANS  
Menke Valerie PRESDT  
Mennitt Andrew DEANS  
Menor Joshua DEANS  
Mensah Alexander DEANS  
Mensah Gifty DEANS  
Menzies Jeffrey DEANS  
Merida Andrea DEANS  
Merkezas Olha DEANS  
Mero Meloney DEANS  
Merritt Laurabeth DEANS  
Merritt William PRESDT  
Mesbahi Alborze DEANS  
Mesfin Yirgalem PRESDT  
Meshot Janelle DEANS  
Meuret John DEANS  
Meushaw Arthur DEANS  
Meyer Dolores DEANS  
Meyer Leslie PRESDT  
meyer shaun DEANS  
Meyers Jeremy DEANS  
Miakhel Muzdalifa DEANS  
Miceli Matthew DEANS  
Michael Damien DEANS  
Michel Bethany PRESDT  
Michels Ryan DEANS  
Michitsch John DEANS  
Miclos Diana PRESDT  
Middleton Lisa DEANS  
Middleton Michael DEANS  
Middleton Rebekah DEANS  
Middleton Shannon DEANS  
Might Anthony DEANS  
Migneault Alain PRESDT  
Mikhail Daniel DEANS  
Mikhail Michael DEANS  
mikkola sanna DEANS  
Milanizadeh Samira DEANS  
Milkowska Magdelena PRESDT  
Milks Camille DEANS  
Miller Andrea PRESDT  
Miller Andrew DEANS  
Miller Asher DEANS  
Miller Ashley DEANS  
Miller Brigit DEANS  
Miller Carlton DEANS  
Miller Christopher DEANS  
Miller Emmilu DEANS  
Miller Gregg DEANS  
Miller Jaclyn DEANS  
Miller Jacquelyn DEANS  
Miller Jennifer DEANS  
Miller Kevin DEANS  
Miller Larissa DEANS  
Miller Melita PRESDT  
Miller Rachel DEANS  
Miller Robert DEANS  
Miller Sean DEANS  
Miller Stacey DEANS  
MIller Suzanne PRESDT  
Miller Tracy DEANS  
Millones Erika PRESDT  
Mills Derek DEANS  
Mills Tracy DEANS  
Milne Pamela DEANS  
Min Ji Hyun DEANS  
Min Su Jung PRESDT  
Minh Beatrice DEANS  
Minlo Georges DEANS  
Minnikova Liudmila DEANS  
Minor Terrance DEANS  
Mirabella Kathy PRESDT  
Miranda Carlos DEANS  
Miranda Carol PRESDT  
Mirza Saira DEANS  
Mishra Vicky DEANS  
Mital Brent PRESDT  
Mitchell Aimee DEANS  
Mitchell Gregory PRESDT  
Mitchell Keeley DEANS  
Mitchell Richard DEANS  
Mitchual Richmond DEANS  
Mittman Bomar Christine DEANS  
Mkaimel Samira DEANS  
Mlambo Kudzaishe DEANS  
Mode Colleen DEANS  
Moeller Manuela PRESDT  
Mogin Madeleine PRESDT  
Mogollon Kateryn DEANS  
Mogrovejo Guerrero Violeta DEANS  
Mohaddes Solmaz DEANS  
Mohamed Aisha DEANS  
Mohamed Alaa DEANS  
Mohamed Mohamed DEANS  
Mohamed Taghreed DEANS  
mohammadi mohammad reza DEANS  
Mohammed Aziza DEANS  
Mohammed Hadra DEANS  
Mohammed Khaled DEANS  
Mohmmed Jowid Nada PRESDT  
Mohn Karl DEANS  
Mohs Patti PRESDT  
Mokha Harsimran DEANS  
Molina Daniel DEANS  
Molloy Belinda DEANS  
Molnar Vanessa DEANS  
Moltzer Kimberly DEANS  
Molyneaux Kandi DEANS  
Monaco Ciro DEANS  
Monahan Maggie DEANS  
Monat Jeremy DEANS  
Mondoloka Vivian PRESDT  
Monem Omnia DEANS  
Monish Clark PRESDT  
Monje Christian DEANS  
Monroe Jo-Ann DEANS  
Monroe Keith PRESDT  
Montagna Nicholas DEANS  
Montanez Omar DEANS  
Montcalm Jennifer DEANS  
Monte-Ball Justine DEANS  
Monteiro Ana DEANS  
Monteith Ian DEANS  
Montemayor Marcia DEANS  
Montero Carmen DEANS  
Montes Idalmis DEANS  
Monteverde Svitlana DEANS  
Montfort James DEANS  
Montgomery Hollie PRESDT  
Montgomery Kyle PRESDT  
Montgomery Melissa DEANS  
Montgomery Richard DEANS  
Montoro Graziele PRESDT  
Montoya Rivas Carolina PRESDT  
Moody Edward DEANS  
Moody Faith PRESDT  
Moon Ji DEANS  
Moon Scott DEANS  
Mooney Doug DEANS  
Mooney Katie DEANS  
Moore Alan DEANS  
Moore Daniel DEANS  
Moore John DEANS  
Moore Justin PRESDT  
Moore Mindy DEANS  
Moore Rachel PRESDT  
Moore Stephanie DEANS  
Moore Thomas DEANS  
Moorefield Page DEANS  
Moquin Kevin DEANS  
Morales Alvin DEANS  
Morales Natalia DEANS  
Morales De Andrade Jussara PRESDT  
Moran Alis DEANS  
Moran Ashlee DEANS  
Moran Steven DEANS  
Moreno Idalia DEANS  
Moreno Tania PRESDT  
Morgan Aaron DEANS  
Morgan Amanda PRESDT  
Morgan Jaime DEANS  
Morgan Jasmine PRESDT  
Morgan Jesse DEANS  
Morgan Samantha DEANS  
Morgan Wayne DEANS  
Morgenstern Julia PRESDT  
Mori Mogrovejo Karoline PRESDT  
Morillo Rosario DEANS  
Morimoto Yasuko PRESDT  
Morin Gregory DEANS  
Morris D'oyen DEANS  
Morris Mary DEANS  
Morris Nancy PRESDT  
Morris Neal DEANS  
Morshed Syed PRESDT  
Mortazie Michelle DEANS  
Morton Valerie DEANS  
Moseley Robyn DEANS  
Moser Alec DEANS  
Moses David DEANS  
Moshasha Shaun DEANS  
Mosley Tabea DEANS  
Moss Amelia DEANS  
Motaweh Ahmed DEANS  
Mothershed Heike DEANS  
Mottern Jonathan DEANS  
Moukdarath Somchay PRESDT  
Moulton James PRESDT  
Moultrie Denice DEANS  
Mourao Michael PRESDT  
Mourilhe Dirce DEANS  
Mourtaza Saliha PRESDT  
Moussavi Natalie DEANS  
movassagh mercedeh DEANS  
Moya Carlos DEANS  
Mozafari Robab DEANS  
Mraizika Youssef DEANS  
Mubiayi Manatshitu DEANS  
Mueller Anne PRESDT  
Mueller Karl DEANS  
Mueller Tanja DEANS  
Mueting Tara PRESDT  
Mufti Waleed DEANS  
Muhammad Hajjah DEANS  
Mukai Ariel DEANS  
Mulcahy Megan DEANS  
Mulgrew Victoria PRESDT  
Mullarkey Kieran PRESDT  
Mullen Matthew DEANS  
Mullervy Maritza PRESDT  
Mullins Tammy DEANS  
Mulloy Christopher PRESDT  
Mulugeta Tehetena DEANS  
Mumford Jessica DEANS  
Munir Huma DEANS  
Munoz Monica PRESDT  
Munse Melissa PRESDT  
Murad Ana Carolina DEANS  
Muras Lisa DEANS  
Murata Michelle DEANS  
Murdock Jesse DEANS  
Murphy Amanda PRESDT  
Murphy Benjamin DEANS  
Murphy Chelsea DEANS  
Murphy Christopher DEANS  
Murphy John DEANS  
Murphy Kevin DEANS  
Murphy Megan PRESDT  
Murphy Skyler DEANS  
Murray Catherine DEANS  
Murray Melissa DEANS  
Murray Natalie PRESDT  
Murray Patricia DEANS  
Murray Peter DEANS  
Musa Kyle DEANS  
Musau Muoki DEANS  
Muscarella Madeleine DEANS  
Mushero Sara DEANS  
Muslu Saadet DEANS  
mussa ubah DEANS  
Mustafa Mohammad DEANS  
Muth Jacob DEANS  
Muzi Raissa DEANS  
Myers Amanda DEANS  
Myers Christopher DEANS  
Myers Timothy DEANS  
Myin Htin DEANS  
Myrick Jeanette DEANS