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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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La Roc Marcia PRESDT  
Labat Joshua DEANS  
Lacey Sean PRESDT  
Lachance Steven DEANS  
LaCoe Kristen DEANS  
Ladner Jean DEANS  
Lafon de Ribeyrolles Agnes DEANS  
Lagana Daniel PRESDT  
LaGarde David PRESDT  
Lager Aaron DEANS  
Lagkueva Aleksandra DEANS  
Lagos Zapata Carlos DEANS  
Lai Doan DEANS  
Lainez Rene DEANS  
Lainez-Rosero Jorge PRESDT  
Lakew Martha DEANS  
Lako Habiba DEANS  
Lam Hien PRESDT  
Lam Thanh PRESDT  
Lam Wai DEANS  
Lamb Jennifer DEANS  
Lamback Emily PRESDT  
Lambert Stephen PRESDT  
Lamsal Sangita DEANS  
Landers Erin DEANS  
Landivar Alexander PRESDT  
Lane Anne Marie DEANS  
Lane Diane DEANS  
Lane Lonnie DEANS  
Lang Luhuang DEANS  
Lang Mary DEANS  
Lang Nicole DEANS  
Langan Daniel DEANS  
Langer Claire DEANS  
Langford Ryan DEANS  
Lanham Stephanie PRESDT  
Lanouette-Opheim Zachary DEANS  
Lansdown April DEANS  
Lanza Brenda PRESDT  
LaPlante Barbara PRESDT  
Laporta Meghan DEANS  
Larkin Veronica DEANS  
LaRock Elizabeth DEANS  
LaRock Paul PRESDT  
LaRosa Ashleigh PRESDT  
LaRosa Samantha DEANS  
Larsen Sean DEANS  
Larson Karl PRESDT  
Lartey Eugene DEANS  
Lash Jacob DEANS  
Lash Nathanael PRESDT  
Lason Patrycja PRESDT  
Lasser Rebecca DEANS  
Lassiter Jessica DEANS  
Lassiter Mackenzie PRESDT  
Lastowska Magdalena DEANS  
Latham Michael DEANS  
Latney Phyllis DEANS  
Latson Chandra PRESDT  
Lau requejo Yngrid PRESDT  
Laubach James PRESDT  
Lauber Cheryl DEANS  
Lauer Christiane PRESDT  
Laura Josephine DEANS  
Lauron Maria DEANS  
Lavery Laura PRESDT  
Lavorata Angela PRESDT  
Law William PRESDT  
Law William DEANS  
Lawal Mouri-Jay DEANS  
Lawgaw Tamiru DEANS  
Lawhorne Christine DEANS  
Lawless Barbara DEANS  
Lawrence Amelia DEANS  
Laws Deborah DEANS  
Lawson Brittany DEANS  
Lax Symon DEANS  
Layachi Souzane DEANS  
Layfield Lisa DEANS  
Lazarte Lilian DEANS  
Lazarte Mauricio DEANS  
Lazic Darko DEANS  
Le Anh Son PRESDT  
Le Hien DEANS  
Le Loc DEANS  
Le Minh DEANS  
Le Nguyen DEANS  
Le Nguyen PRESDT  
Le Thang DEANS  
Le Thien Thanh PRESDT  
Le Thu Hong DEANS  
Le Tien DEANS  
Le Uyen DEANS  
Leavitt Amy PRESDT  
Leavitt Brian DEANS  
Lebeda Yaroslava DEANS  
LeBer Ipin PRESDT  
Lechner Jack DEANS  
Ledyaykina Olena DEANS  
Lee Aaron PRESDT  
Lee Agnes DEANS  
Lee Anna DEANS  
Lee BoHyung DEANS  
Lee Carrie DEANS  
Lee Catharina PRESDT  
Lee Chayong PRESDT  
Lee Christina DEANS  
Lee Christopher DEANS  
Lee Chul Bum DEANS  
Lee Chun Kit PRESDT  
Lee DaHye PRESDT  
Lee Dennis DEANS  
Lee Eunsun DEANS  
Lee Grace PRESDT  
Lee Hak PRESDT  
Lee Heay DEANS  
Lee Hyun PRESDT  
Lee James DEANS  
Lee Jamie DEANS  
Lee Jennifer PRESDT  
Lee Jin DEANS  
Lee John DEANS  
Lee Joung Gin PRESDT  
Lee Jun-Hyok PRESDT  
Lee Keeram DEANS  
Lee Kelly PRESDT  
Lee Keun PRESDT  
Lee KwonHo PRESDT  
Lee Mariko PRESDT  
Lee Mi-Sook PRESDT  
Lee Myung Ah DEANS  
Lee Ronald PRESDT  
Lee Samantha DEANS  
Lee Seong PRESDT  
Lee Seung-hun DEANS  
Lee Steven DEANS  
Lee Sung Jin DEANS  
Lee Susan DEANS  
Lee Tae Kyu DEANS  
Lee Yang PRESDT  
Lee Yeong DEANS  
Lee Yong Sang DEANS  
Lee Yoon PRESDT  
Lee Youl PRESDT  
Lee Young Ju DEANS  
Lee Alvarado David DEANS  
Leeds James DEANS  
Leeper Jennifer DEANS  
LeFever Heather DEANS  
LeFevre Elvia DEANS  
Lefrancois Jessica DEANS  
Lege Kari DEANS  
Legeros Peter DEANS  
Le-Grange Le-Ane PRESDT  
Legree William DEANS  
Legros Adam DEANS  
Leguia Aroni Carlos PRESDT  
Lehnertz Jennifer DEANS  
Leinkram Sara DEANS  
Leiter-Pope Jennifer DEANS  
Leiva Marlin DEANS  
Lem Zachary DEANS  
LeMarier Amanda DEANS  
Lemma Rebka DEANS  
Lemnitzer Christopher DEANS  
Lemoine Valjean DEANS  
Lemus Felipe PRESDT  
Lemus-dembinski Oscar DEANS  
Lending Sarah PRESDT  
Lengor Emmanuel DEANS  
Leon Juan DEANS  
Leonard John DEANS  
Leonard Nina PRESDT  
Leopold Terresa PRESDT  
Lerch Eric DEANS  
Lerman Daniel DEANS  
Leslie Vivian DEANS  
Lester Rebecca DEANS  
Leung Wai Man PRESDT  
Levesque Matthew DEANS  
Levi-Gardes Chloe DEANS  
Lew Thomas DEANS  
Lewis Amy DEANS  
Lewis Brenden DEANS  
Lewis Daniel PRESDT  
Lewis Elizabeth PRESDT  
Lewis Eyon DEANS  
Lewis Magaly DEANS  
Lewis Stephen DEANS  
Ley Theresa DEANS  
Lhaze Pema DEANS  
L'Hommedieu Robert DEANS  
Li Dong PRESDT  
Li Haiying PRESDT  
Li Kyle DEANS  
Li Liang PRESDT  
Li Ling PRESDT  
Li Quanfeng DEANS  
Li Rubing PRESDT  
Li Yang DEANS  
Libasu Aster DEANS  
liburkina alissa DEANS  
Liddell Thomas DEANS  
Liddy Jeanette DEANS  
Liebmann Katja DEANS  
Liedtke Ashlee PRESDT  
Liepelt Brandan DEANS  
Lifschitz Alexander DEANS  
ligaba Segni PRESDT  
Light Matthew DEANS  
Lightfoot Kelley PRESDT  
Like Alexander PRESDT  
Lim Eun PRESDT  
Lim Ghotbee DEANS  
Lim Vanna PRESDT  
Lima Benedita PRESDT  
Limbu Kamala DEANS  
Liming Eric DEANS  
Lin Feng DEANS  
Linares Karen DEANS  
Line Colleen DEANS  
Ling Katharine DEANS  
Linsangan John Robert DEANS  
Linskens Matthew DEANS  
Linton Katherine PRESDT  
Lison David DEANS  
Lister Christa DEANS  
Listman Erin DEANS  
Little Brendan DEANS  
Little Robert PRESDT  
Little Tamice DEANS  
Littlepage Natasha DEANS  
Litton Shealyn DEANS  
Litvinas Sandra PRESDT  
Liu Jin Chun PRESDT  
Liu Jing PRESDT  
Liu Paul DEANS  
Liwanag Maria PRESDT  
Lloyd James DEANS  
Lloyd Spencer PRESDT  
Loaiza Betsy DEANS  
Loayza de perea Gina DEANS  
Locke Maura DEANS  
Locke Peter DEANS  
Lockwood Elizabeth DEANS  
Lodi Ruksana DEANS  
Logan Sandra DEANS  
London John DEANS  
London Tisha DEANS  
Long Candance DEANS  
Long Christopher PRESDT  
Long Lynda PRESDT  
Long Michael DEANS  
Long Michelle DEANS  
Long Rachael DEANS  
Longie Alexandra DEANS  
Loo Andre DEANS  
Loparo Vincent DEANS  
Lopes Thales PRESDT  
Lopez Catherine PRESDT  
Lopez Cathrine PRESDT  
Lopez Christin DEANS  
Lopez Claudia DEANS  
Lopez Nikki Ann DEANS  
Lopez-castro Claudia PRESDT  
Loraine-Grews Kim PRESDT  
Lord Myonghee DEANS  
Lotowicz Sarah PRESDT  
Lough Barbara PRESDT  
Lough Preston PRESDT  
Love Brian DEANS  
Lovelace Aliese DEANS  
Lovelace Donalda DEANS  
Lovelace Jennifer DEANS  
Lowe Gregory PRESDT  
Lowe Jr Jack DEANS  
Lowell Theresa PRESDT  
Lowrance William DEANS  
Lozano Juan DEANS  
Lozano Sonia DEANS  
Lozano Valerie PRESDT  
Lu Qing PRESDT  
Lucas Gene DEANS  
Lucas Justin DEANS  
Lucas Justin PRESDT  
Lucas Kathleen DEANS  
Lucas Sarah DEANS  
Luddington Deloris DEANS  
Ludwig Kym DEANS  
Ludwinski David DEANS  
Lueck Markus DEANS  
Luellen Kelly PRESDT  
Lugo Melissa PRESDT  
Luna Martha DEANS  
Lundy Jesse DEANS  
Lunsford Louis DEANS  
Luong Andy PRESDT  
Luong Nghia DEANS  
Lupton Michael DEANS  
Lusena Hasanthi DEANS  
Lutz Cassandra DEANS  
Lutz Salvadora DEANS  
Luu Tammy DEANS  
Lwasa Pauline DEANS  
Lwasa Sylvia DEANS  
Lybbert Haley DEANS  
Lydon Meredith DEANS  
Lyles David DEANS  
Lynch Jonathan DEANS  
Lynn Nicole DEANS  
Lyon Cody DEANS  
Lyon Hannah DEANS  
Lyons Annette DEANS  
Lyons Marie DEANS  
Lyoshin Vitaliy DEANS