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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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K C Rajdeep DEANS  
Kabato Mekedes DEANS  
Kabat-Post Zachary DEANS  
Kabernagel Kevin PRESDT  
Kabiri Zahrah DEANS  
Kaczmarek Angela DEANS  
Kafri Suheir PRESDT  
Kahsay Tsehaye PRESDT  
Kaiser Carleigh DEANS  
Kaleem Majeed DEANS  
Kales Chris DEANS  
Kalhorn Jesse PRESDT  
Kalhoro Shahid PRESDT  
Kallon Kade DEANS  
Kalugina Marina DEANS  
Kamara Hassan DEANS  
Kamara Mustapha DEANS  
Kamardinova Zakhro PRESDT  
Kamdem Solange DEANS  
Kaminski Susan DEANS  
Kanaan Mohamad DEANS  
Kanady Shane DEANS  
Kanak Shaima DEANS  
Kane Baba DEANS  
Kane Kathleen DEANS  
KANG Haenggu DEANS  
Kang Jihee PRESDT  
Kang Sun Hee PRESDT  
Kang SunMi PRESDT  
Kapali Rachana DEANS  
Kaplan Sarah DEANS  
Kaptan Cansu DEANS  
Kargbo Abdul DEANS  
Karimi Nazia DEANS  
Karinshak Kristen PRESDT  
Karkee Jeet DEANS  
Karki Nikhita PRESDT  
Karki Sachita DEANS  
Karpinski Lindsay DEANS  
Kashur Chelsea DEANS  
Kassem Dalia PRESDT  
Katalkina Anna DEANS  
Kato Daiki DEANS  
Kato Yuta PRESDT  
Katz Anne DEANS  
Katz Emily DEANS  
Kaufman Rachel DEANS  
Kaur Amarjot DEANS  
Kaur Manjot DEANS  
Kaur Navdeep DEANS  
Kaur Parveen DEANS  
Kaur Poonamjit DEANS  
Kaur Prabhjot DEANS  
Kaur Rupinder PRESDT  
Kaygisiz Elif PRESDT  
Kazemzadeh Kavon DEANS  
Kc Anil DEANS  
KC Kripa DEANS  
KC Nischhal DEANS  
Keane Lauren DEANS  
Kebede Blen DEANS  
Keenan Kathryn PRESDT  
Keeven Karen DEANS  
Keith Zhanna PRESDT  
Kelkar Deepshika PRESDT  
Kellam Hia DEANS  
Keller iii Raymond DEANS  
Kellerman Lee DEANS  
Kelley Loy PRESDT  
Kelley Michael DEANS  
Kelliher Bailey DEANS  
Kellow Kim PRESDT  
Kelly Anja DEANS  
Kelly Lea DEANS  
Kelly Margaret DEANS  
Kelly Michelle DEANS  
Kelly Timothy PRESDT  
Kelly-King Wrentree DEANS  
Kempsell Howard DEANS  
Kenedy Christopher PRESDT  
Kenesson Alexander PRESDT  
Kennedy Michael DEANS  
Kenner Lisa DEANS  
Kenney Michael DEANS  
Kent Timothy DEANS  
Kerby Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kerlin William PRESDT  
Kerr Akemi DEANS  
Kerrick Sarah DEANS  
Kery Kayla DEANS  
Keshtkaran Maryam DEANS  
Keskitalo Alma DEANS  
Kestle Samantha DEANS  
Ketsela Tigist DEANS  
Kettler Tanya DEANS  
Khadka Chhetri Radhika DEANS  
Khajeh Sharafabadi Sana DEANS  
Khalil Mehwish PRESDT  
Khamvongsa Sivanh DEANS  
Khan Ahmad PRESDT  
Khan Faizan DEANS  
Khan Fatima DEANS  
Khan Haroon DEANS  
Khan Huma PRESDT  
Khan Muhammad DEANS  
Khan Naseem DEANS  
Khan Sadaf DEANS  
Khan Salman DEANS  
Khan Sehrish DEANS  
Khan Shuaib PRESDT  
Khan Sikina PRESDT  
khanal bishal DEANS  
Khanjani Shaghayegh DEANS  
Kharpran Jacqueline DEANS  
Khatib Amanie PRESDT  
Khatib Dayana PRESDT  
Khawaja Samad DEANS  
Khay Yong PRESDT  
Kheradmand Allieh PRESDT  
Kheyrani Hassan DEANS  
Khibit Souad DEANS  
Khilji Khaqan DEANS  
Khmurets Alexander DEANS  
Khodjaev Alokhon DEANS  
Khodzitsky Andrei DEANS  
Khraibani Yousra DEANS  
Khudari Maher DEANS  
Khuong Nam PRESDT  
Khurshid Saima DEANS  
Kidanu Gedeon DEANS  
Kidd Michael PRESDT  
Kiddie Natalie DEANS  
Kidwell Zachary DEANS  
Kieni Janina DEANS  
Kieswetter Holley PRESDT  
Kieu Ly DEANS  
Kight Kasey PRESDT  
Kihara Alfred DEANS  
Kiker Elizabeth PRESDT  
Kilday Erin DEANS  
Killgore Karen DEANS  
Killian Amy DEANS  
Kim Bomi DEANS  
Kim Bo-Mi DEANS  
Kim Boram DEANS  
Kim Byeong Gwan DEANS  
Kim Chul DEANS  
Kim Dae Hwan DEANS  
Kim Daniel PRESDT  
Kim Doyun DEANS  
Kim Duck Gun PRESDT  
Kim Eddie DEANS  
Kim Eric DEANS  
Kim Erica DEANS  
Kim Ethan PRESDT  
Kim Gyeong Eon PRESDT  
Kim Han DEANS  
Kim HanTae PRESDT  
Kim Heungkee DEANS  
Kim Hye Jin DEANS  
Kim Hye Ryun DEANS  
Kim Hyun PRESDT  
Kim Hyun Ju DEANS  
Kim Hyung PRESDT  
Kim Hyung DEANS  
Kim Jae PRESDT  
Kim Jane PRESDT  
Kim Jayoung DEANS  
Kim Ji DEANS  
Kim Ji Hee DEANS  
Kim Jinhong DEANS  
Kim John PRESDT  
Kim Jun DEANS  
Kim Karon DEANS  
Kim Ko DEANS  
Kim Kyung-Hoon DEANS  
Kim Mi Hyun DEANS  
Kim Min DEANS  
Kim Min Kyung DEANS  
Kim Min Young PRESDT  
Kim Regina DEANS  
Kim Seong Cheol DEANS  
kim shin DEANS  
Kim Si DEANS  
Kim Soo Jin PRESDT  
Kim Sophia DEANS  
Kim Sue PRESDT  
Kim Suk DEANS  
Kim Sung Gyu PRESDT  
Kim Sunghun PRESDT  
Kim Tae Eun PRESDT  
Kim Taehee DEANS  
Kim Tong DEANS  
Kim Vivianne DEANS  
Kim Wan Sun DEANS  
Kim Won DEANS  
Kim Young DEANS  
Kim Young Jin PRESDT  
Kim Young-taek PRESDT  
Kim (Jeon) JungHye PRESDT  
Kimball Lindsay DEANS  
Kimball Margaret PRESDT  
Kimbler Rebecca DEANS  
Kimmerle Howard DEANS  
Kinberg Richard DEANS  
Kindig Jacqueline DEANS  
Kindle Jonathan DEANS  
King Aaron DEANS  
King Amanda DEANS  
King Ashley DEANS  
king Bridgette DEANS  
King Jordan DEANS  
King Linda PRESDT  
Kingrey Michele DEANS  
Kinney Andree' DEANS  
Kinsella Michael PRESDT  
Kinzig Kelsey DEANS  
Kipoliongo Ngbandua XX DEANS  
Kirby Kontina DEANS  
Kirby Susan DEANS  
Kirk Dave PRESDT  
Kirk II Paul DEANS  
Kirkwood Michelle DEANS  
Kirpichenko Emily DEANS  
Kiser Aubrey DEANS  
Kisner Jeremy DEANS  
Kitil Ferede DEANS  
Kleckner Isaac DEANS  
Klegin Branden DEANS  
Kleiman Amy DEANS  
Klein Jordan DEANS  
Klein Kathryn DEANS  
Klein Stephen DEANS  
Klindworth William DEANS  
Kling Allison DEANS  
Klink Kelley DEANS  
Klote Svetlana DEANS  
Kluge Monique PRESDT  
Knickerbocker Robert DEANS  
Knight Amy PRESDT  
Knight Emily DEANS  
Knight Paul DEANS  
Knighton Zachary DEANS  
Knop Peter DEANS  
Knopp Kathleen DEANS  
Knowles Cassandra DEANS  
Knutsen Norman DEANS  
Ko BumSuk DEANS  
Ko Ji Hee DEANS  
Koch Valerie DEANS  
Kodali Pavani DEANS  
Koester Olivia DEANS  
Kohan Amy DEANS  
Kohistani Maria DEANS  
Kohy Hussein DEANS  
Kolankiewicz Beata PRESDT  
Kolesnikoff Kaitlin DEANS  
Kolodziej Kathryn PRESDT  
Koloko pouale Stephane DEANS  
Komp Crystal DEANS  
Konadu Esther DEANS  
Konda Martin DEANS  
Kong Byung PRESDT  
Kong Michelle DEANS  
Konya John DEANS  
Koogle Jennifer PRESDT  
Koons Matthew DEANS  
Koranteng Lydia DEANS  
Korbel Andrea DEANS  
Koren Elizabeth DEANS  
Korey Julie DEANS  
Kornegay Eric DEANS  
Korns Victoria DEANS  
Koroma Franklyn DEANS  
Koroma Nyanda PRESDT  
Kosar Sophia DEANS  
Kourey Brett DEANS  
Kovch Kristina DEANS  
Kowkabi Erika DEANS  
Kowlessar Neil DEANS  
Krafft Gail DEANS  
Kraft Stephanie DEANS  
Krajah Nora DEANS  
Krajcirovic Adriana DEANS  
Kramer Kathie DEANS  
Krappweis Michael DEANS  
Krauss Amanda DEANS  
Krauss Kathleen PRESDT  
Kravchenko Ilya DEANS  
Krejcar Brittany DEANS  
Kresh Matthew DEANS  
Kriebel Jonathan PRESDT  
Krishnan Durga DEANS  
Kritzberg Keith DEANS  
Kroboth Christopher PRESDT  
Kroeger Maija DEANS  
Kroehler Christopher DEANS  
Krogmann Ava DEANS  
Kruczynski Kate PRESDT  
Kruczynski Lauren PRESDT  
Krukiel David DEANS  
Krull Michelle PRESDT  
Krupinski Andy PRESDT  
Ku Christine DEANS  
Kuan Kathy PRESDT  
Kuff Riley DEANS  
Kugkuek Wat PRESDT  
Kuhar Joseph DEANS  
Kuhn Nicholas PRESDT  
Kuhns Nathan DEANS  
Kumar Manish DEANS  
Kumari Asha DEANS  
Kumdoung Kanin PRESDT  
Kunicki Marek DEANS  
Kunwar Ashim DEANS  
Kupersmith Lucy DEANS  
Kurtu Hitfan DEANS  
Kurz Justin DEANS  
Kuse Shawn DEANS  
Kushnir Yuliya DEANS  
Kusi Leticia DEANS  
Kuskey Joanna DEANS  
Kuta Michael DEANS  
Kutch Kristin DEANS  
Kutniewski Stephanie PRESDT  
Kuwadan Yaovi DEANS  
Kuykendall Charles DEANS  
Kwak Hanna DEANS  
Kwak Yoon DEANS  
Kwon Boram DEANS  
Kwon SeongMin DEANS  
Kwon Sung Hee DEANS  
Kyle Christopher DEANS  
Kyser Chris PRESDT