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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Ha Ju Byung DEANS  
Ha Jungmin DEANS  
Ha Lynh PRESDT  
Ha Phung DEANS  
Ha Sangsoo DEANS  
Ha Tae-min DEANS  
Haas Joseph DEANS  
Habera Grzegorz DEANS  
Haberlin Linda DEANS  
Habib Josef DEANS  
Habib Robert DEANS  
Hachim Ajmal DEANS  
Hachwi Nazem DEANS  
Hadad Suad DEANS  
Hadavand Elham PRESDT  
Hafez Mohamed DEANS  
Hagen Anne DEANS  
Haggerty Roberta DEANS  
Hahn Chris DEANS  
Haid Christopher DEANS  
Haines Curtis DEANS  
Haines John DEANS  
Haines Karen DEANS  
Haislmaier Paul PRESDT  
Hajbi Rachid PRESDT  
Hajdics Ann-Marie DEANS  
Hakimzadah Neelab PRESDT  
Halabi Sarmed PRESDT  
Halbach Nicole DEANS  
Hale Jeanna DEANS  
Hale Joel DEANS  
Hale Michael DEANS  
Hale Peyton DEANS  
Hall Christopher DEANS  
Hall James DEANS  
Hall Justin DEANS  
Hall Kelly DEANS  
Hall Mark DEANS  
Hall Melanie DEANS  
Haller Tiffany DEANS  
Halstead David DEANS  
Halverson Amanda DEANS  
Hamad Samir PRESDT  
Hamblen Andrew DEANS  
Hambley Dorothy DEANS  
Hamdy Shereif DEANS  
Hameed Rabeea PRESDT  
Hameed Zainab DEANS  
Hamilton Hayley DEANS  
Hamilton Kevin DEANS  
Hamilton Michael DEANS  
Hamilton Ogregory PRESDT  
Hammad Mervat DEANS  
Hamme Michael DEANS  
Hammond Benjamin DEANS  
Hammond Lauren DEANS  
Hammond Thomas DEANS  
Hampson Eric PRESDT  
Hamrick Eugene DEANS  
Hamrick Paige DEANS  
Han Daniel PRESDT  
Han Haeseob PRESDT  
Han Hyeonju DEANS  
Han Hyon DEANS  
Han Mi-yeon DEANS  
Han Se Jin PRESDT  
Han Seung Hwan PRESDT  
Han William DEANS  
Han Yeo DEANS  
Hancock Erin DEANS  
Handal Joshua PRESDT  
Handley Megan DEANS  
Handy Melissa DEANS  
Hanieh Subhieh DEANS  
Hanlon Devin DEANS  
Hannani Hicham DEANS  
Hannif-Ali Rebekah PRESDT  
Hanrahan Danielle PRESDT  
Hansen James DEANS  
Hanson Anne DEANS  
Hanson Linnie DEANS  
Haq Fareeha DEANS  
Haq Naeem DEANS  
Haraguchi Sharon DEANS  
Harbinson Henry DEANS  
Harder Jeshua DEANS  
Hardt Drew DEANS  
Hardy Delonte DEANS  
Hardy Matthew PRESDT  
Hargrove Anna PRESDT  
Haris Madina DEANS  
Harman Nucleide PRESDT  
Harney Talmira DEANS  
Harney Tamila DEANS  
Harper Aaron DEANS  
Harper Christopher DEANS  
Harper Deborah DEANS  
Harper Kendra DEANS  
Harper Rachel DEANS  
Harr David DEANS  
Harrigan Andrew DEANS  
Harrigan Kelly DEANS  
Harrigan Kenzel DEANS  
Harrigan Rebecca DEANS  
Harris Douglas DEANS  
Harris Ernest DEANS  
Harris Jody PRESDT  
Harris Kurt DEANS  
Harris Mary DEANS  
Harris Nathaniel DEANS  
Hart Anna DEANS  
Hart Bradley DEANS  
Hart Katherine DEANS  
Hart Lydia DEANS  
Hart Myresha DEANS  
Hartbarger John DEANS  
Harte Pamela DEANS  
Hartman Mark DEANS  
Hartzell James DEANS  
Harwell Ann DEANS  
Hasan Asfar PRESDT  
Hasan Shellywati PRESDT  
Haselton Pamella DEANS  
Hashi Idris DEANS  
Hashime Masoud DEANS  
Hashmi Noman PRESDT  
Hashmi Saad DEANS  
Hasmanova Zuzana DEANS  
Hassan Hadear DEANS  
Hassan Suidi DEANS  
Hassan Tarek DEANS  
Hassen Hanan DEANS  
Hassen Jihan DEANS  
Hassoun Mohamed DEANS  
Hasturk Emre PRESDT  
Hatch David DEANS  
Hauptmann Seiyefa DEANS  
Hauserman Joshua DEANS  
Havenner Brittany PRESDT  
Hawkey Kelsi PRESDT  
Hawkins Ashley DEANS  
Hawkins Lafonda DEANS  
Hawkins Robert DEANS  
Hayden Carissa DEANS  
Hayden Trey DEANS  
Hayes Diane DEANS  
Hayes Donnie DEANS  
Hayes Perry DEANS  
Haynes Andrew DEANS  
Haynes Christine DEANS  
Hayward Benjamin DEANS  
Haywood Marisha DEANS  
Hazrah Ramneek DEANS  
Headley Nikita PRESDT  
Heater Arle DEANS  
Heck Stephanie DEANS  
Hedrick John DEANS  
Heebner Lauren DEANS  
Hefty Christopher DEANS  
Heider Alyssa DEANS  
Heilemann Matthew DEANS  
Heim Theresa DEANS  
Heinemeyer Amy DEANS  
Heitke Kimberly DEANS  
Hejazifar Nima DEANS  
Helden David DEANS  
Helena Gabriel PRESDT  
Helm Gregory DEANS  
Helm Philip DEANS  
Helmly Beth DEANS  
Helmly James DEANS  
Helms Amanda DEANS  
Hemingway Sean DEANS  
Hemmati Farhad DEANS  
Hemond Billie Leigh DEANS  
Hemsley Aaron DEANS  
Henderson Alexander DEANS  
Henderson Ashley DEANS  
Henderson James DEANS  
Hendon Jeremiah DEANS  
Hendricks Erick DEANS  
Hendricks Timothy PRESDT  
Hennessy Megan DEANS  
Henry Kelly DEANS  
Henry Kristin DEANS  
Henry Tiffany DEANS  
Hensley Melody DEANS  
Henson Eric DEANS  
Henson Tiffanie DEANS  
Heo Hyun Kyong PRESDT  
Herbert Deborah DEANS  
Herbstreit Claudia PRESDT  
Hernandez Edwin DEANS  
Hernandez Erye DEANS  
Hernandez Ingrid DEANS  
Hernandez Javier DEANS  
Hernandez Joshua DEANS  
Hernandez Maria DEANS  
Hernandez Silvia DEANS  
Hernandez William PRESDT  
Hernando Christine DEANS  
Hernandorena Diego PRESDT  
Herndon Kristina DEANS  
Herold Robert PRESDT  
Heroman Paul DEANS  
Heron Kevin PRESDT  
Herrera Daniel DEANS  
Herrera Dayse DEANS  
Herrera Joseph DEANS  
Herrick Amanda DEANS  
Herring Stephanie DEANS  
Herrity Robert DEANS  
Herwig John DEANS  
Hess Jena DEANS  
Hester Kipp DEANS  
Hettinga Jennifer DEANS  
Hetzel Michael DEANS  
Heuer Christopher DEANS  
Hicks Sara DEANS  
Hidalgo Juan DEANS  
Higginbottom Jacob DEANS  
Higgins Elizabeth DEANS  
Higgins Garrett DEANS  
Higgins Stacy PRESDT  
Hildreth Paul DEANS  
Hill Corey PRESDT  
Hill David DEANS  
Hill Jean DEANS  
Hilland Chris DEANS  
Hill-Clemons Kristen PRESDT  
Hilldrup Christopher DEANS  
Hillery Brandon DEANS  
Hilliard Ryan DEANS  
Hillman Lauren DEANS  
Himan Jacob PRESDT  
Hindman Rebecca DEANS  
Hines Reisa DEANS  
Hinman Christan DEANS  
Hinojosa Jessica PRESDT  
Hinrichs Samantha PRESDT  
Hinton Delainya DEANS  
Hipps Jason DEANS  
Hiratsuka Luz DEANS  
Hitaffer Tiffany PRESDT  
Hitrik James DEANS  
Hixson Rebecca DEANS  
Ho Andrew DEANS  
Hoang Dzung DEANS  
Hobbs Sarah DEANS  
Hockenbury Matthew PRESDT  
Hocter Annette DEANS  
Hoda Omar DEANS  
Hodgson David DEANS  
Hoeberlein Kristin DEANS  
Hoeck Jennifer DEANS  
Hoegh Emma DEANS  
Hoeung Puthearine DEANS  
Hoey Alexandra DEANS  
Hoffmann Frederick DEANS  
Hogan Danielle DEANS  
Hogan Katherine DEANS  
Hoghoughi Esfahani Narges DEANS  
Hok Panhavorn DEANS  
Hokana Brian DEANS  
Holland Heidi DEANS  
Holland Jennifer DEANS  
Holland Jeremiah DEANS  
Holloman Alan PRESDT  
Holloway Valeria DEANS  
Holmes Beverly PRESDT  
Holmes Christopher PRESDT  
Holmes Jennifer DEANS  
Holmes Richie DEANS  
Holzknecht Brittany PRESDT  
Homer Florence DEANS  
Hong Eun Jin DEANS  
Hong Ji Sun PRESDT  
Hong Mitchelle DEANS  
Hongo Hiroshi PRESDT  
Hood Leslie DEANS  
Hood Steven DEANS  
Hooker Joanna DEANS  
Hooper Hamza DEANS  
Hooper Idris DEANS  
Hosh Leyla DEANS  
Hoss Tammy PRESDT  
Hossain Saddam DEANS  
Hossen Mohammed DEANS  
Hotaling Michael PRESDT  
Hottell Eric DEANS  
Houtenville Valerie DEANS  
Hovey Glen PRESDT  
Hovsepyan Nvard PRESDT  
Howard Ashley DEANS  
Howard Kenneth DEANS  
Howard Theresa DEANS  
Howe Christopher DEANS  
Howe Stephen PRESDT  
Howell Justin DEANS  
Howell Nathaniel DEANS  
Howell Raymond DEANS  
Howell Ricardo DEANS  
Hoyos Claudia DEANS  
Hranek Stefanie PRESDT  
Hrbacek Tiffany DEANS  
Hrebinka Jesse DEANS  
Hsueh Hao DEANS  
Hu Guiping DEANS  
Huang Jessica DEANS  
Huang Wei-Ming PRESDT  
Hubaishi Mustafa DEANS  
Hubard Olga DEANS  
Hubbard Tyler DEANS  
Hube Jason DEANS  
Huber Edward DEANS  
Hudnall Katherine DEANS  
Hudson Heather DEANS  
Hudson Regina DEANS  
Hudson Richard DEANS  
Huertas Denis DEANS  
Huff Philip PRESDT  
Huggins Kaitlin DEANS  
Hughes Brett DEANS  
Hughes Danyael PRESDT  
Hughes Kelly PRESDT  
Hughes Megan PRESDT  
Hughes Nina DEANS  
Hughes Sarah DEANS  
Hughes-Segroves Kyle DEANS  
Huizinga Teresa DEANS  
Hulen Joshua DEANS  
Hulsey Sarah DEANS  
Humphries Madeline DEANS  
Hundal Manpreet PRESDT  
Hungerford Robert DEANS  
Hunt Nicole DEANS  
Hunter Jaron DEANS  
Hunter Patricia DEANS  
Hupman Margaret DEANS  
Huq Amena DEANS  
Husain Minha DEANS  
Hush Erica DEANS  
Hussa Valerie PRESDT  
Hussain Saqib DEANS  
Hussain Syed DEANS  
Hussein Muna DEANS  
Huynh Huy DEANS  
Huynh Ngoc Minh DEANS  
Huynh Phuong PRESDT  
Huynh Phuong-Nhi DEANS  
Huynh Thu DEANS  
Huynh Thuy PRESDT  
Huynh Tuan PRESDT  
Huynh Uyen DEANS  
Huynh Van PRESDT  
Hwang Hye Ri PRESDT  
Hwang Miwa DEANS  
Hyeon Miriam DEANS