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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Gabor Jason DEANS  
Gabre Margareit DEANS  
Gabudeanu Dragos PRESDT  
Galarza Luis DEANS  
Galarza Richard DEANS  
Galcius Alexander PRESDT  
Galeano Debora DEANS  
Galentine John DEANS  
Galitzin Tatiana DEANS  
Gallagher Patrick DEANS  
Gallego Luis DEANS  
Gallegos David DEANS  
Galos Karen PRESDT  
Gammache Elisabeth DEANS  
Gammache Simon PRESDT  
Gandy Shalonda DEANS  
Ganger Rishabh PRESDT  
Gantois Izis DEANS  
Gantt Dorothea DEANS  
Gao Yajuan DEANS  
Garaitonandia TerahAmber DEANS  
Garber Benjamin DEANS  
Garcia Angel DEANS  
Garcia Bianka DEANS  
Garcia Brittney DEANS  
Garcia Bryan DEANS  
Garcia Carlos DEANS  
Garcia Giovanna DEANS  
Garcia James DEANS  
Garcia Jessica DEANS  
Garcia Mark DEANS  
Garcia Mary DEANS  
Garcia Orlando DEANS  
Garcia Junco Erica PRESDT  
Garcia Junco Jesus PRESDT  
Garcia Medina Gerardo DEANS  
Garcia Severich Carlos PRESDT  
Gardella Stephen PRESDT  
Gardner Joe DEANS  
Gardner Stephen DEANS  
Gargulinska Anna DEANS  
Garland Jared DEANS  
Garlock Jenny PRESDT  
Garnjost Albert DEANS  
Garrahan Yolanda DEANS  
Garrett Tyler DEANS  
Garrison Carol DEANS  
Garten Ola DEANS  
Gartzke Caroline PRESDT  
Garvey Kaylin DEANS  
Garvey Shanda DEANS  
Gashaw Behailu DEANS  
Gaspi Maria Clarissa DEANS  
Gassman Kelby DEANS  
Gates Brian DEANS  
Gates Milissa PRESDT  
Gathman Melinda PRESDT  
Gault Shawneeta DEANS  
Gaus Rachel PRESDT  
Gaviola Agustina PRESDT  
Gaviola Victoria PRESDT  
Gavrilova Natalya PRESDT  
Gaygay Mary DEANS  
Gaza Nichole DEANS  
Gazarek Rudolph DEANS  
Gebre Eleny DEANS  
Gebreamlak Kidist PRESDT  
Gebregiorgis Admas DEANS  
Gebrehiwot Sara DEANS  
Gebremariam Martha PRESDT  
Gebremariam Yared DEANS  
Gebremedhin Fanuel DEANS  
Gebremikael Haileslassie DEANS  
Gebreselassie Abeba PRESDT  
Gebresellasie Bisrat PRESDT  
Gebresilassie Mesay PRESDT  
Gebru Yoska PRESDT  
Geele Shukri DEANS  
Geggus Samual DEANS  
Gehring Kali DEANS  
Geiger Barbara DEANS  
Geisner Vanessa PRESDT  
Gelderloos John DEANS  
Geldreich Sarah DEANS  
Gelfand Desiree DEANS  
Gelhaus Franziska DEANS  
Gelles Sabrina DEANS  
Gelvin Nicolette DEANS  
Gemeda Mesfin PRESDT  
Generazio Victoria DEANS  
Gentile Karen DEANS  
Gentry Katherine PRESDT  
George Eugene DEANS  
George Jennifer DEANS  
George Lauren PRESDT  
Georgopoulos Savvas DEANS  
Gerald Angela PRESDT  
Germain Silvia DEANS  
German James PRESDT  
Geschke Brian DEANS  
Geschwind Carl-henry DEANS  
Getahun Selamawit DEANS  
Getz Karen PRESDT  
ghabaian mandana DEANS  
Ghaffari Nik Sara PRESDT  
Ghaly Marianne DEANS  
Ghani Hosay DEANS  
Ghani Semeen DEANS  
Ghazizadeh Meschgahn DEANS  
Ghebremariam Yonas DEANS  
Ghilazghi Mulugeta DEANS  
Ghimire Bibek DEANS  
Ghoraishi Behzad DEANS  
ghorbani Payam PRESDT  
Giberti Francesco DEANS  
Gibson Christine DEANS  
Gibson Philip PRESDT  
Gieck Linda DEANS  
Gietzen Veronica PRESDT  
Gilani Rabia DEANS  
Gilbert Albert PRESDT  
Gildee Craig PRESDT  
Giles Leila DEANS  
Gilkey Ethan DEANS  
Gill Cecile DEANS  
Gill Jessica DEANS  
Gill Stacy DEANS  
Gillen Alanna DEANS  
Gilliland Rachel DEANS  
Gilpin Kristin DEANS  
Gim Harrison DEANS  
Gimbel Madeleine DEANS  
Gimeno Paolo PRESDT  
Giovinazzo Christopher DEANS  
Girma Amanuel DEANS  
Girma Dagmawe PRESDT  
Girma Kerubel PRESDT  
Giron Carlos PRESDT  
Gitim Michael DEANS  
Gittens Laraine DEANS  
Glascock Gina DEANS  
Glasoe Rebekha DEANS  
Glaus Kevin DEANS  
Glick Vanessa PRESDT  
Glotova Polina DEANS  
Glover Luke DEANS  
Go Avaline DEANS  
Go Hanseok PRESDT  
Go Woon DEANS  
Gobel Danielle PRESDT  
Goclawska Joanna PRESDT  
Godby Jesse DEANS  
Goddard Amanda PRESDT  
Godfrey Hannah PRESDT  
Godinho Lenny PRESDT  
Godshall Jessica DEANS  
Goettlich Brianne PRESDT  
Goff Michael DEANS  
Goffney Meosha DEANS  
Goins Elizabeth DEANS  
Goitia Hilda DEANS  
Golaszewski Thomas PRESDT  
Golczewski Dominik DEANS  
Goldman Jaclyn DEANS  
Goldsmith Nancy PRESDT  
Goldstein Vivienne DEANS  
Goletz Victoria DEANS  
Goley Patrick PRESDT  
Golub Andrey DEANS  
Gomez Claudia DEANS  
Gomez Marlene PRESDT  
Gomez Stephanie DEANS  
Goncalves Alini DEANS  
Goncalves Marluce DEANS  
Goncalves Tatiana DEANS  
Gonzales Rony DEANS  
Gonzales Terrazas Claudia DEANS  
Gonzalez Cindy PRESDT  
Gonzalez Claudia PRESDT  
Gonzalez Daniel PRESDT  
Gonzalez Ewa DEANS  
Gonzalez Matthew DEANS  
Gonzalez Monica DEANS  
Gonzalez Nidia DEANS  
Gonzalez Raquel PRESDT  
Gonzalez Robert DEANS  
Goode Emma DEANS  
Goode James DEANS  
Goodman Marni DEANS  
Goodnight Steve DEANS  
Goodson Caitlin DEANS  
Goolrick Logan DEANS  
Gorbutt Quinn PRESDT  
Gordon Alyssa DEANS  
Gordon Edward PRESDT  
Gordon Jacob PRESDT  
Gordon Katherine DEANS  
Gordon Melanie DEANS  
Gordon Stewart DEANS  
Gorey Lauren PRESDT  
Gorgan Alina DEANS  
Gorman Belinda DEANS  
Gorman Rebecca PRESDT  
Gormley Blair DEANS  
Gorpe Muhammed DEANS  
Gossard Carl DEANS  
Gottlieb Jack DEANS  
Gould Kristin DEANS  
Gourley Michael DEANS  
Goushe Saffie PRESDT  
Graf von Pfeil Nikolaus DEANS  
Gragasin Tammy PRESDT  
Graham Angeline DEANS  
Graham Ashley PRESDT  
Graham Patrick DEANS  
Graham William DEANS  
Grainger Kaitlin PRESDT  
Gramp Donald DEANS  
Granja Santiago DEANS  
Grannan Lorraine DEANS  
Grant Samantha DEANS  
Granzow Dale DEANS  
Graves Megan PRESDT  
Gray Christine DEANS  
Gray Terry DEANS  
Green Alexander DEANS  
Green Allison DEANS  
Green Caitlin DEANS  
Green Damon DEANS  
Green Mary DEANS  
Green Rochelle DEANS  
Green Ryan PRESDT  
Greenberg Michelle DEANS  
Greene Alicia DEANS  
Greene Erika DEANS  
Greene Joseph DEANS  
Greenman Jill DEANS  
Greenwell George DEANS  
Greer Mary DEANS  
Greer Valorie DEANS  
Gregory Alex PRESDT  
Gregory John DEANS  
Grenawalt Andrew PRESDT  
Grenier Michael DEANS  
Grether Susan DEANS  
Grewal Sandeep DEANS  
Griffin Laura DEANS  
Griffin Meghan PRESDT  
Griffin Nora DEANS  
Griffin Rachel DEANS  
Griffin Shannon PRESDT  
Griffith Meghan DEANS  
Griffiths Robert DEANS  
Grigore Ilea Maximilian DEANS  
Grillo Ashley DEANS  
Grillo Frances DEANS  
Grimes Amber DEANS  
Grimmer Keenan DEANS  
Grimmer Samantha DEANS  
Griner Frank DEANS  
Grinnan Michael DEANS  
Gross James DEANS  
Grossman Daniel DEANS  
Grossmann Rachel DEANS  
Groth Melissa DEANS  
Ground Sarah DEANS  
Groupe Taylor DEANS  
Growe Paul PRESDT  
Grygorian Viktoria DEANS  
Guberman Alyssa DEANS  
Gudeta Abebech DEANS  
Gueri Nathalie DEANS  
Guerra Natalie DEANS  
Guerra Wilma DEANS  
Guerrero Arlene DEANS  
Guerrieri Mark DEANS  
Gugasa Ribka PRESDT  
Gugiu Iulian DEANS  
Guico Marione DEANS  
Guillen Airene DEANS  
Guillen Luis DEANS  
Guinand Marianela DEANS  
Guinivan Emily DEANS  
Guluma Aklilu DEANS  
Gumus Alper DEANS  
Gundayao Maricel PRESDT  
Gunn Colleen DEANS  
Gunther Colby DEANS  
Gupta Maria DEANS  
Guragain Richesh DEANS  
Gurney Alexander DEANS  
Guruswamy Fathima DEANS  
Gustaveson Darren PRESDT  
Gutierrez Gustavo DEANS  
Gutierrez Miguel DEANS  
Gutierrez Sergio DEANS  
Gutierrez-Bou Luis DEANS  
Gutreuter Julia DEANS  
Guy Samantha PRESDT  
Guyette Alicia DEANS  
Guzman Ariel PRESDT  
Guzman Christine DEANS  
Guzman Danny DEANS  
Guzman Edna DEANS  
Guzman Eli PRESDT  
Guzman Emily PRESDT  
Gwiazda Magdalena DEANS  
Gyamfi Effa DEANS  
Gyamfi-Awuah Kwesi DEANS  
Gyves Elise PRESDT