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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Caballero Gustavo DEANS  
Cabanas Nicole PRESDT  
Cabato Joseph PRESDT  
Cabezas Marlene DEANS  
Cable Samuel DEANS  
Cabrera Cristina PRESDT  
Cabrera Sotelo Margot PRESDT  
Cacciapaglia Kristin DEANS  
Cadena Jesseca DEANS  
Cadima Scarleth DEANS  
Cafferty Emily DEANS  
Caggiano Emily DEANS  
Caihuara Claudia DEANS  
Cain Arthur DEANS  
Calandrino James DEANS  
Calderon Gabriel DEANS  
Calderon Jessica DEANS  
Calhoun Robert PRESDT  
Calhoun Thomas DEANS  
Calisti Mark DEANS  
Caliwag Faye DEANS  
Calkins Shannon PRESDT  
Callahan Lindsay DEANS  
Callan Lisa DEANS  
Callander Andrew DEANS  
Callaway Darren PRESDT  
Callender Allen DEANS  
Calles Julia DEANS  
Camacho Melissa DEANS  
Camden Joshua DEANS  
Cameron Brendan DEANS  
Caminade Cristina DEANS  
Camp Deborah DEANS  
Campa Alfred DEANS  
Campbell Christina PRESDT  
Campbell Clarence DEANS  
Campbell Horace DEANS  
Campbell Marta DEANS  
Campbell Melissa DEANS  
Campbell Michael DEANS  
Campbell Shannon PRESDT  
Campbell William DEANS  
Campos Maria DEANS  
Camuti William PRESDT  
Canales Carlos DEANS  
Canary Miriam DEANS  
Canfield Thomas DEANS  
Canlas Robyn DEANS  
Cannon Brianna DEANS  
cannon farnaz DEANS  
Cano Kerri PRESDT  
Cano Morales Maria DEANS  
Canton Ma-Linda DEANS  
Cantu Jessica DEANS  
Cantwell Karin PRESDT  
Canzani Vanessa DEANS  
Cao Khiem DEANS  
Cao Kim DEANS  
Cao Trung PRESDT  
Capo Alison DEANS  
Caputo Christopher DEANS  
Caravelli Christopher PRESDT  
Carbajal Vicente DEANS  
Carbo Jose DEANS  
Carbone Denise DEANS  
Card Jason PRESDT  
Cariota Gail PRESDT  
Carl Joshua DEANS  
Carlan Joshua DEANS  
Carleton Caitlin DEANS  
Carley Jeffrey DEANS  
Carlson Julia DEANS  
Carlson Marcia DEANS  
Carnes Joni PRESDT  
Carpenter Ashley DEANS  
Carpenter Lawrence PRESDT  
Carper Nicole DEANS  
Carr Andrew DEANS  
Carr Rhiannon DEANS  
Carrillo Cristhian DEANS  
Carrington James DEANS  
Carrion Adolph PRESDT  
Carroll James DEANS  
Carroll Leslie DEANS  
Carruthers Kelly DEANS  
Carruthers Lisa DEANS  
Carter Alexa DEANS  
Carter Dawnielle DEANS  
Carter Derek DEANS  
Carter Joe DEANS  
Carter John DEANS  
Carter Sarah DEANS  
Carter Stuart DEANS  
Carter Edmond Sha-Ron DEANS  
Carter-mcmillan Annette DEANS  
Caruso Giose DEANS  
Carvalho Kristin DEANS  
Casanova Christin PRESDT  
Casaro Diana DEANS  
Caselli David PRESDT  
Caseman Catherine DEANS  
Casey Teresa DEANS  
Casey Vanessa DEANS  
Cash John DEANS  
Cashwell Joe DEANS  
Casie Chitty Rochelle DEANS  
Casquero Mayra DEANS  
Cassano Daryn DEANS  
Cassell Catherine DEANS  
Castaneda Rigoberto PRESDT  
Castello Brian DEANS  
Castile Caterra DEANS  
Castillo Cassis DEANS  
Castillo Fernandez Oswaldo PRESDT  
Castles Amber DEANS  
Castro Lindsay PRESDT  
Castro Maritza DEANS  
Castro Marvin DEANS  
Castro Aldana Crystal PRESDT  
Caswell Pamela PRESDT  
Catalfamo Thomas DEANS  
Catan Elizabeth DEANS  
Catano Cheryl DEANS  
Cate Patrick PRESDT  
Catlin Kathryn DEANS  
Cattanach Colin DEANS  
Catton Janet DEANS  
Caucci Joe PRESDT  
Causey Clifton PRESDT  
Cauthorn Alvin DEANS  
Cavanagh Audrey DEANS  
Cavanaugh John DEANS  
Cavano Carolina PRESDT  
Cavazos Valarie DEANS  
Cave Deanna PRESDT  
Cekanskiene Regina DEANS  
Cekova Desislava PRESDT  
Celestino Gayeanne PRESDT  
Cengic Melisa DEANS  
Cerro Jose DEANS  
Cesaro Micaela DEANS  
Chachumporn Aomjai DEANS  
Chada Janet DEANS  
Chaiyapat Malathip PRESDT  
Chalal Mohamed DEANS  
Chalova Valentina PRESDT  
Chambers Kristine DEANS  
Chambers Racheal DEANS  
Chamness Marilyn DEANS  
Champlin Lauren DEANS  
Chan Che Kei DEANS  
Chan Ho Ching DEANS  
Chan To DEANS  
Chandler Ashley DEANS  
Chaney Chris DEANS  
Chanfreau Denise DEANS  
Chang Jane DEANS  
Chang Jee Hei PRESDT  
Chang Joo DEANS  
Chang Kyung DEANS  
Chang Lois DEANS  
Chang Michelle DEANS  
Chang Yong DEANS  
Changiz Matin PRESDT  
Channa Amna DEANS  
Chao Steve DEANS  
Chapman Gail DEANS  
Chapman Heidi DEANS  
Chapman Lara PRESDT  
Charles Dennis DEANS  
Charles Kasen DEANS  
Charley Jr Joseph PRESDT  
Chase Lauren PRESDT  
Chase Sabrina DEANS  
Chatelain Alexander DEANS  
Chau Binh DEANS  
Chauca Ivan DEANS  
Chaudhary Shamim DEANS  
Chaudhry Zahid PRESDT  
Chaudry Adil DEANS  
Chaudry Sofia DEANS  
Chauhan Jitendra PRESDT  
Chaurio Karelys DEANS  
Chauvin Magali DEANS  
Chaves Veronica DEANS  
Chavez Amanda DEANS  
Chavez Jorge DEANS  
Chavez Julio DEANS  
Chavez Luis DEANS  
Chavez Calvi Diego DEANS  
Chbani Said PRESDT  
Chebat Layla DEANS  
Checknita Gary DEANS  
Cheddad Omayma DEANS  
Cheema Ali PRESDT  
Chehreh Ramin DEANS  
Chehreh Rana DEANS  
Cheikh Lahlou Caroline DEANS  
Chelariu Gabriela DEANS  
Chemrinow Antwon DEANS  
Chen James DEANS  
Chen Kevin PRESDT  
Chen Li-an DEANS  
Chen Ling DEANS  
Chen Tiffany DEANS  
Chen Weijia DEANS  
Chen Xiao-fang PRESDT  
Chen Ya-wen PRESDT  
Chenari Nima DEANS  
Chenery Mary DEANS  
Chenette Mary PRESDT  
Cheng Chunlai PRESDT  
Chenzaie Zohra DEANS  
Cheon Myung Jin DEANS  
Cherne Leah DEANS  
Cherry Shaina PRESDT  
Chestney Meredith DEANS  
Chevarria Jorge DEANS  
Chhatwal Samina DEANS  
Chhetri Manju DEANS  
Chhillar Madhu DEANS  
Chicaiza Victor DEANS  
Childress Ann DEANS  
Childs Courtney DEANS  
Chinkuli Kingsley DEANS  
Chinworth Derek DEANS  
Chiorean Simona PRESDT  
Chirkova Ekaterina DEANS  
Chiu Jonathan DEANS  
Cho Eunyoung DEANS  
Cho Hanna PRESDT  
Cho Hye DEANS  
Cho InHye DEANS  
Cho Kye DEANS  
Cho Young Woon DEANS  
Choe John DEANS  
Choe Ryeora DEANS  
Choi Christine PRESDT  
Choi Ellen DEANS  
Choi Hyung DEANS  
Choi Hyunyong PRESDT  
Choi Ji PRESDT  
Choi Jongwon DEANS  
Choi Julieann DEANS  
Choi Kwon DEANS  
Choi Nally DEANS  
Choi Slgi DEANS  
Choi Stephen PRESDT  
Choi SunAh PRESDT  
Choi Won DEANS  
Chong Inhar DEANS  
Chong Yujin DEANS  
Chopra Rahul DEANS  
Choudhry Shahzad DEANS  
Choudhry Wahaj DEANS  
Choutedjem Talla Jean Pierre PRESDT  
Chowdhury Ahsan DEANS  
Chreky Isabel DEANS  
Christensen Andrew DEANS  
Christensen David DEANS  
Christensen Megan DEANS  
Christenson Logan PRESDT  
Christofferson Michael DEANS  
Chua Sin Lee DEANS  
Chufar Eric DEANS  
Chukhno Anna PRESDT  
Chun Jeeyoon DEANS  
Chung Brian DEANS  
Chung Hyun Woo DEANS  
Chung Timothy DEANS  
Chung Won DEANS  
Chunn Deborah DEANS  
Chunvichit Anthony DEANS  
Chylinski Kristina DEANS  
Ciaburri Jeffrey DEANS  
Cisneros Bayron DEANS  
Cisneros Katherine DEANS  
Cisneros Richard DEANS  
Cissel Martin DEANS  
Ciurescu Gabriel DEANS  
Clapper Jeffery DEANS  
Clark Bradley PRESDT  
Clark Caitlin DEANS  
Clark Coleen DEANS  
Clark Derek DEANS  
Clark Elisabeth DEANS  
Clark Michael DEANS  
Clark Stacia DEANS  
Clarke Heather DEANS  
Claros John DEANS  
Clavijo William PRESDT  
Clay Jeanette DEANS  
Clayton Cheryl DEANS  
Clayton Kelly DEANS  
Clement Randall DEANS  
Clements Ariana DEANS  
Clements Christopher DEANS  
Clements Robert DEANS  
Clements Terrence DEANS  
Clements Valerie DEANS  
Clermont Kristen DEANS  
Cleveland Susan DEANS  
Cliff Robert PRESDT  
Cloney Erin DEANS  
Coakley John DEANS  
Coates Robin DEANS  
Cobb Samantha DEANS  
Coggins Sarah DEANS  
Cogswell Sara DEANS  
Cohen Kelly DEANS  
Cohen Marc DEANS  
Cohen Surekha DEANS  
Cohn Leah DEANS  
Coitinho Ludmila DEANS  
Colby Conrad DEANS  
Colchao James DEANS  
Colcombe David DEANS  
Cole Brian PRESDT  
Cole Charkee DEANS  
Coleman Derhonda DEANS  
Coleman Michael DEANS  
Coleman Michelle DEANS  
Coleman Olga DEANS  
Coleman Tiffany DEANS  
Coles-huff Doris DEANS  
Collier Nicholas DEANS  
Collins Anthony DEANS  
Collins Devin DEANS  
Collins Joanna DEANS  
Collins Karen PRESDT  
Collins Megan DEANS  
Collins William DEANS  
Collinsworth Vickie DEANS  
Columbia Emily DEANS  
Colvig Amelia DEANS  
Comer Joseph DEANS  
Comer Rhonda DEANS  
Comerford Kevin DEANS  
Commey Abednego DEANS  
Compton Shana DEANS  
Comtois Jeffrey DEANS  
Conaway Catherine Grace DEANS  
Condit Patricia DEANS  
Confair Krystyn DEANS  
Cong Quynh DEANS  
Congleton William PRESDT  
Conklin Patrick DEANS  
Conley Samantha PRESDT  
Conner Patrick PRESDT  
Connolly Thomas DEANS  
Contreras Maria DEANS  
conway francis DEANS  
Conway Joseph DEANS  
Cook Adam DEANS  
Cook Donna DEANS  
Cook Martine PRESDT  
Cooke Jennifer DEANS  
Cooke Kiel DEANS  
Cooke Megan DEANS  
Cooley Michael DEANS  
Cooper Jessica DEANS  
Cooper Joseph PRESDT  
Cooper Kimberly DEANS  
Cooper Samantha DEANS  
Coppinger Molly DEANS  
Coradin Madeline DEANS  
Coratolo Jeffrey DEANS  
Corazza Jennifer PRESDT  
Corbett Teri DEANS  
Cordeiro Vivalda DEANS  
Cordova Laura PRESDT  
Cordova Lauren DEANS  
Corey Timothy DEANS  
Cormier David DEANS  
Cornwell Jonathan DEANS  
Corona Perla DEANS  
Corpuz Haide DEANS  
Correa Luis DEANS  
Corron Kelly DEANS  
Cortes Karla DEANS  
Cortez Ramiro DEANS  
Cortez Verano Daniela PRESDT  
Cosby Kimberly DEANS  
Cosby Olivia DEANS  
Costa Brandon PRESDT  
Costea Maria DEANS  
Costello Melanie DEANS  
Cottle Ellen DEANS  
Cotton Meghan DEANS  
Coughlin Valerie DEANS  
Coursey Phillip DEANS  
Couture Vanessa DEANS  
Covert Tanya DEANS  
Cowan Gina DEANS  
Cowan William DEANS  
Coward Robert DEANS  
Cowell Julia PRESDT  
Cox Lucy PRESDT  
Cox Melissa PRESDT  
Cox Rebecca DEANS  
Crabbe DeShawn DEANS  
Crabtree Deborah DEANS  
Craddock Joshua DEANS  
Crandall Robert DEANS  
Crane Jessica DEANS  
Crawford Ashley DEANS  
Creasy V James DEANS  
Cresswell Justin DEANS  
Crews Diane DEANS  
Crider Kenneth DEANS  
Crisan Dana PRESDT  
Crisostomo Khristine Anne DEANS  
Crisp Shannon DEANS  
Crisp Shawn PRESDT  
Crites Keleigh DEANS  
Crompton Dixie DEANS  
Cromwell Alexander PRESDT  
Cronauer Robert DEANS  
Cronmiller Andrea DEANS  
Crosby David DEANS  
Crosby Jason DEANS  
Cross Chelsea PRESDT  
Crosse Tyler DEANS  
Crotty Kevin PRESDT  
Crow Linda DEANS  
Crowe Jonathan DEANS  
Crowley Liana DEANS  
Crum Tara DEANS  
Crump Timothy DEANS  
Cruz Djhoanna DEANS  
Cruz Monica DEANS  
Cruz Rosa DEANS  
Cruz Sergio DEANS  
Cubas Jessica DEANS  
Cuddihy Anastashia DEANS  
Cuellar Jessica PRESDT  
Cueto Lelis DEANS  
Cuevas Andrea DEANS  
Cuffy Clint DEANS  
Cuison Irene DEANS  
Culbertson Hannah DEANS  
Culbreth Blair PRESDT  
Cuminale Richard DEANS  
Cummings Daniel DEANS  
Cummings Jennifer DEANS  
Cummins Ewan DEANS  
Cundiff Reilly PRESDT  
Cunningham Jennifer DEANS  
Cunningham Randy PRESDT  
Cuppett Ashley DEANS  
Curlett Brittnee DEANS  
Curran Erin PRESDT  
Curtis Michael PRESDT  
Cushing Molly DEANS  
Cusicanqui Emily DEANS  
Cvijanovic Slavica DEANS  
Cynar Tiffany DEANS