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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Baafi Jacqueline DEANS  
Baah Philip DEANS  
Babar Esra PRESDT  
Babdhan Moushimi PRESDT  
Babee Edrise PRESDT  
Babin Adam DEANS  
Bably Sharmin PRESDT  
Babor Jennifer PRESDT  
Baca Maricela DEANS  
Bach Lan PRESDT  
Bach Lien DEANS  
Bacus Adam DEANS  
Badawy Ramy PRESDT  
Baddoo Lauretta DEANS  
Badley Alexander DEANS  
Bae Chun DEANS  
Baek Seung PRESDT  
Baer Jamie PRESDT  
Baez Leonila DEANS  
Baftechi Fatemeh DEANS  
Bagby Alan DEANS  
Baggette Tabytha DEANS  
Baggott Amy PRESDT  
Bahadar Asma DEANS  
Baharustani Haseebullah DEANS  
Bahou Natalie DEANS  
Baidoo Khadeja DEANS  
Bailey Amanda DEANS  
Bailey Amber DEANS  
Bailey Brandon DEANS  
Bailey Evala PRESDT  
Bailey Jeremy DEANS  
Bailey Joshua DEANS  
Bailey Tasha DEANS  
Bailey Terra DEANS  
Bain Parker DEANS  
Baird Myhoa PRESDT  
Baird Sandra DEANS  
Baires Natalie DEANS  
Baker Allison DEANS  
Baker Bernadine DEANS  
Baker Brent DEANS  
Baker Catherine DEANS  
Baker Larry PRESDT  
Baker Torria PRESDT  
Bakhtiari Niki PRESDT  
Balafrej Karim DEANS  
Balaraju Vinaya DEANS  
Balboa Grecia DEANS  
Balbuena Kenneth DEANS  
Balch Virginia DEANS  
Baldassari Amanda DEANS  
Baldelomar Genny DEANS  
Balderrama Maria DEANS  
Baldovin Jaclyn PRESDT  
Baldwin Thomas DEANS  
Ball Andrea DEANS  
Balla Andrew PRESDT  
Balladares Claudia DEANS  
Ballinger Ioana DEANS  
Ballou Helen DEANS  
Baltzer Garrett DEANS  
Bamford Michaela DEANS  
Banal Brian DEANS  
Bang Hye Bin DEANS  
Bang You Bin DEANS  
Bangura Hannah DEANS  
Banicevic Jelena DEANS  
Banjara Jhanak PRESDT  
Banks Chynna DEANS  
Banner Grant DEANS  
Bannon Ratha DEANS  
Bannourah Samer PRESDT  
Bansah Esi DEANS  
Baradi Enkhtuya PRESDT  
Baragan Luz DEANS  
Barahona Juliana PRESDT  
Barakzai Faridoon DEANS  
Baral Seema DEANS  
Baral Sindhu PRESDT  
Baratali Saleha DEANS  
Barazandehkar Bita DEANS  
Barber Charlotte DEANS  
Barber Dylan DEANS  
Barber Ernest DEANS  
Barber Nathan PRESDT  
Barbosa Marcus DEANS  
Barbour Brianne PRESDT  
Barco Ryan DEANS  
Barden Andrew DEANS  
Bardwell Lauren PRESDT  
Bare Joseph DEANS  
Bare Lan DEANS  
Bare Tiffany DEANS  
Barekzai Sadaf DEANS  
Barker Joseph DEANS  
Barker Kevin PRESDT  
Barksdale Stephanie PRESDT  
Barlow Christopher DEANS  
Barlow Linda DEANS  
Barnard Vandie DEANS  
Barnes David DEANS  
Barnes Mary PRESDT  
Barnes Raymond DEANS  
Barnes Ronika DEANS  
Barnes Samuel DEANS  
Barnett Monay DEANS  
Barnhart Erik DEANS  
Barqadle Khalid DEANS  
Barr Edward DEANS  
Barr Natalie DEANS  
Barraza Ingriz DEANS  
Barre Maiwa DEANS  
Barreda Laura PRESDT  
Barrenechea Claudia PRESDT  
Barreto Atski DEANS  
Barrett John DEANS  
Barrett Nathaniel DEANS  
Barringer Jack DEANS  
Barrios Arlynn DEANS  
Barrios Mabel DEANS  
Barry Christina PRESDT  
Barter Brittany PRESDT  
Barth Nathan DEANS  
Bartlett Christine DEANS  
Bartlett Jennifer DEANS  
Barton John PRESDT  
Bartosavage Brett DEANS  
Bartus-Dobson Marissa DEANS  
Baruch Edwin DEANS  
Basappa Tharakeswara DEANS  
Bashaw Nathan DEANS  
Basheda Matthew PRESDT  
Bashore Nicholas DEANS  
Basitova Iroda DEANS  
Bassett Brandon DEANS  
Bassil Joana DEANS  
Bassiri Sima PRESDT  
Bastian Kenneth DEANS  
Batbayar Tsolmonbayar DEANS  
Bates Jessica DEANS  
Batjargal Uranbileg DEANS  
Batres Robert DEANS  
Battey Maragret DEANS  
Battifora Pierina DEANS  
Battistoni Scott DEANS  
Batzorig Altanzul DEANS  
Bauer Robert DEANS  
Baukin Anna DEANS  
Baukin John DEANS  
Baumgartner Jacquelyn DEANS  
Baxley James DEANS  
Baxter Adam DEANS  
Beach Chris PRESDT  
Beach Elizabeth DEANS  
Beale Sara DEANS  
Beam Abigail DEANS  
Beaman Roger PRESDT  
Bean Hollie PRESDT  
Beare Caitlin DEANS  
Beattie Kathryn DEANS  
Beatty Tera PRESDT  
Beauchemin Stephen DEANS  
Beaulieu Charles DEANS  
Bechara Georgie DEANS  
Bechtel Peter DEANS  
Beck Andrea DEANS  
Beck Paul DEANS  
Beck Susan DEANS  
Becker Matthew DEANS  
Bedraoui Othmane PRESDT  
Bedwell Lisa PRESDT  
Beeler Dana DEANS  
Begum Shazmin DEANS  
Behailu Dagmawit DEANS  
Behmand Syrous PRESDT  
Bein Kristen DEANS  
Bejjaji Maryam DEANS  
Bekele Abrham DEANS  
Bekele Estifanos DEANS  
Bekieva Leyli DEANS  
Belachew Yanit PRESDT  
Belcher Joseph PRESDT  
Belding Dean DEANS  
Belguinha Michael DEANS  
Belhaj Soulami Fadela DEANS  
Belhaj Soulami Youssef DEANS  
Belkoski Dorothy DEANS  
Bell Bryan DEANS  
Bell Joanna DEANS  
Belleville Alicia DEANS  
Bellomo Krystle DEANS  
Belousov Roksana DEANS  
Beltethon Gordon DEANS  
Beltre Maria DEANS  
Ben Ayed Karima DEANS  
Benali Hamzah DEANS  
Benavente Jennifer DEANS  
Benbaba Salah DEANS  
Benica Regina DEANS  
Benitez Elisa DEANS  
Benitez Gloria DEANS  
Benitez Samier PRESDT  
Bennett Bisona PRESDT  
Bennett Brittany DEANS  
Bennett Elizabeth DEANS  
Bennett Erin DEANS  
Bennett Jamie DEANS  
Bennett Laura DEANS  
Bensinger Alison PRESDT  
Benson-adjei Cobbina DEANS  
Benton Sarah DEANS  
Benz Emilee DEANS  
Beresa Surafel DEANS  
Berg Candra DEANS  
Berge Stephan DEANS  
berger austin DEANS  
Berger Benjamin DEANS  
Bergere Gabrielle DEANS  
Bergeron Jennifer DEANS  
Bergfeld Jeffrey PRESDT  
Bergsveinsson Bjarki PRESDT  
Berlin Claire PRESDT  
Bernedo Pablo DEANS  
Bernedo Sandy DEANS  
Bernett Barbara PRESDT  
Bernier Jr Oscar DEANS  
Berrios Manuel DEANS  
Berrios Alfaro Juan DEANS  
Berro Nicole DEANS  
Berry Beth DEANS  
Berryman Cortney PRESDT  
Berthelsen Richard PRESDT  
Bertrand Corinna DEANS  
Bess Cheyenne DEANS  
Bessellieu Nicholas PRESDT  
Bessey Sophia DEANS  
Bethea Greta DEANS  
Betker Caitlin DEANS  
Betts Benjamin DEANS  
Betz Caitlin DEANS  
Betz Haley DEANS  
Beyene Seleshi DEANS  
Beykzadegan Tabrizi Reza DEANS  
Bezuayehu Hanan DEANS  
Bhagwat Tejas DEANS  
Bhatt Poonam PRESDT  
Bhattarai Sateesh DEANS  
Bhatti Amar DEANS  
Bhatti Taaha DEANS  
Bhuller Nasreen DEANS  
Biamby Anye DEANS  
Bidarian Roya DEANS  
Bieleszczuk Agata DEANS  
Bilek Jennifer DEANS  
Bille Amanda DEANS  
Billingsley Keith DEANS  
Billow Brian DEANS  
bin rafaa adhwa DEANS  
Biney Emmanuel DEANS  
Bingley Michael DEANS  
Binsley Joyann DEANS  
Birisik Mehmet DEANS  
Bischur Katja DEANS  
Bishop Jonathan DEANS  
Bismarck Natalia PRESDT  
Bissonnette Guy DEANS  
Bista Ram DEANS  
Bisulca Timothy DEANS  
Bitzer Ellen PRESDT  
Bjork Brittany DEANS  
Black Alisha DEANS  
Black Anne DEANS  
Black Caitlyn DEANS  
Black Ellen DEANS  
Black Masumi DEANS  
Black Nicholette PRESDT  
Black Susannah PRESDT  
Blackadar Kara DEANS  
Blackmon Courtney DEANS  
Blagg Suzanne DEANS  
Blake Brian DEANS  
Blake David DEANS  
Blanchard Christopher DEANS  
Blanchard Stacie DEANS  
Blank Beverly DEANS  
Blau David DEANS  
Blay Tawnita DEANS  
Blazquez Danielle DEANS  
Blocker Keona DEANS  
Bloom David DEANS  
Boateng Emma DEANS  
Boberg Kristina DEANS  
Bodenhamer Mary DEANS  
Boehmer Tanya DEANS  
Boggs Justine DEANS  
Boggs Paula PRESDT  
Bohn Marc DEANS  
Bohn Melissa DEANS  
Bohnet Lisa PRESDT  
Boksha Natalia DEANS  
Boku Bethlehem DEANS  
Boland Killian PRESDT  
Bolanos Elena DEANS  
Bolanos Lindana DEANS  
Bolchini Maria DEANS  
Bold Bumdary PRESDT  
Bolderson Laurel DEANS  
Bolin Kevin PRESDT  
Bond Amanda DEANS  
Bond Jamie DEANS  
Bond Paula PRESDT  
Bonham-Lovett Colin DEANS  
Bonilla Bessy DEANS  
Bonilla Edwin DEANS  
Bonilla Fabiola PRESDT  
Bonnema Michael DEANS  
Bonometti Jessica DEANS  
Bonsu Afia DEANS  
Bonsu - Amoako Kobby DEANS  
Boone Jalen DEANS  
Boone Richard DEANS  
Boonyoo Chacris DEANS  
Boothe Phil DEANS  
Bootz Megan DEANS  
Boquet Margaret DEANS  
Borecky Kenneth DEANS  
Borges Lisa DEANS  
Borja Jouhn PRESDT  
Borno Kore DEANS  
Borowski Adam PRESDT  
Borzi Daniel DEANS  
Bosserman Mary DEANS  
Bouchard Elliott DEANS  
Bourne Lesley DEANS  
Bowar Chairssa DEANS  
Bowen Ciara DEANS  
Bowen Galo PRESDT  
Bower Maggie PRESDT  
Bowie Kristbjorg PRESDT  
Bowie Seth PRESDT  
Bowley Jessica DEANS  
Bowling Katherine DEANS  
Bowman Ashley DEANS  
Boy Axel DEANS  
Boyce Fabianne DEANS  
Boyce Katherine PRESDT  
Boyd Amanda DEANS  
Boyd Christopher DEANS  
Boyd Katie DEANS  
Boyer Charles DEANS  
Boyle Caitlin DEANS  
Boyle Lauren PRESDT  
Boyle Melissa DEANS  
Boyle Ryan DEANS  
Bozzay Paul DEANS  
Bracken Michelle DEANS  
Brackett Adriana DEANS  
Bradley Beau DEANS  
Bradley Patrick DEANS  
Bradshaaw Iris DEANS  
Brahmbhatt Ankur DEANS  
Brancato Susan DEANS  
Brandon James DEANS  
Brandon Samuel DEANS  
Brandon Stephen DEANS  
Brandt Linus DEANS  
Bratcher Andrew DEANS  
Bratton Alexandrea DEANS  
Bray Elizabeth DEANS  
Breeden Kyle DEANS  
Breedlove David DEANS  
Brennan Samantha DEANS  
Brenner Ana DEANS  
Breon Arthur PRESDT  
Breslin Patrick DEANS  
Brew Nora PRESDT  
Bridges Alissa DEANS  
Bridges Daniel DEANS  
Brigham Natalia DEANS  
Briley Brandon DEANS  
Briley Jennifer DEANS  
Brites Bruna DEANS  
Britt Cherise DEANS  
Britt Dionyeus PRESDT  
Britton Adam DEANS  
Brizuela Karla DEANS  
Brock Gerald PRESDT  
Broda Maria PRESDT  
Bronder Deanna DEANS  
Brooks Eleanne PRESDT  
Brooks Federick DEANS  
Brooks Melissa DEANS  
Brooks Nancy PRESDT  
Broseke Daniel PRESDT  
Brougham Jennifer DEANS  
Brower Brian DEANS  
Brower Lindsey PRESDT  
Brower Randolph PRESDT  
Brown Allyson DEANS  
Brown Andrew DEANS  
Brown Bonnie DEANS  
Brown Christian DEANS  
Brown Danielle DEANS  
Brown David DEANS  
Brown Elizabeth PRESDT  
Brown Elizabeth DEANS  
Brown Erin PRESDT  
Brown Fatima DEANS  
Brown Gavin DEANS  
Brown Irene DEANS  
Brown Jennifer DEANS  
Brown Jung-sook PRESDT  
Brown Justin DEANS  
Brown Kadiatu DEANS  
Brown Karen DEANS  
Brown Kelley DEANS  
Brown Kenyetta DEANS  
Brown Laura DEANS  
Brown Maurice DEANS  
Brown Monique DEANS  
Brown Nathan DEANS  
Brown Olivene DEANS  
Brown Rachel PRESDT  
Brown Sean DEANS  
Brown Shakarla PRESDT  
Brown Shannon DEANS  
Brown Boltz Constance DEANS  
Bruch Rachel DEANS  
Brumbaugh Laura DEANS  
Brummette William DEANS  
Bruner John PRESDT  
Bruns Anne DEANS  
Bruss Caroline DEANS  
Bryan Amanda DEANS  
Bryant Susan DEANS  
Bryce Ryan PRESDT  
Buchanan Sara DEANS  
Bucher Matthew DEANS  
Bucholtz Michael DEANS  
Buck Lindsay DEANS  
Buckholtz Jennifer DEANS  
Buckley Anne DEANS  
Buckley Daniel PRESDT  
Buendia Juliana DEANS  
Buendia Vilma DEANS  
Buerk James PRESDT  
Bui Alex DEANS  
Bui Chinh DEANS  
Bui Dominika DEANS  
Bui Donna PRESDT  
Bui Duy PRESDT  
Bui Nguyet DEANS  
Bui Thuy Trang PRESDT  
Bui Tram DEANS  
Bulcroft Kerstin DEANS  
Buller Heather PRESDT  
Buning Bonnie DEANS  
Burch Kelly DEANS  
Burchfield Brandon DEANS  
Burdette Kaitlin DEANS  
Burgbacher Christopher DEANS  
Burge Duwayne DEANS  
Burke Christene DEANS  
Burke Daniel PRESDT  
Burke Melinda DEANS  
Burkhalter Bryan DEANS  
Burkhammer Carlton DEANS  
Burkhardt Anne DEANS  
Burlew Jessica DEANS  
Burn Jennifer DEANS  
Burnes Yen DEANS  
Burnett Colin DEANS  
Burnett Karen PRESDT  
Burney Natalie DEANS  
Burnham Kristen DEANS  
Burns David DEANS  
Burns Douglas DEANS  
Burns Merrilee DEANS  
Burns Samuel DEANS  
Buro Adam DEANS  
Burrell Elsie DEANS  
Burrell Keith DEANS  
Burton Amber PRESDT  
Burton Glenn DEANS  
Burton Rebecca DEANS  
Burzy Monika DEANS  
Buscema Michelle DEANS  
Buscher Zachary DEANS  
Bush Andrea DEANS  
Bush Zak PRESDT  
Bustamante Alvaro DEANS  
Bustillos Dilianna PRESDT  
Butcher Tracy DEANS  
Butkovich Mary PRESDT  
Butler Christopher PRESDT  
Butler Jennifer PRESDT  
Butler Kelly DEANS  
Butterworth Wilson DEANS  
Butts Tina DEANS  
Buyandelger Saikhantsets PRESDT  
Buzzell George PRESDT  
Byars Leah PRESDT  
Byess Abigail PRESDT  
Byrams Scott DEANS  
Byun Yuri PRESDT