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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Fall 2008

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Aamold Katherine DEANS  
Aanderud Janet DEANS  
Ababio Richard DEANS  
Abawi Jamila PRESDT  
Abbas Mariam DEANS  
Abbas Mazin PRESDT  
Abbas Minerva DEANS  
Abbas Waseem DEANS  
Abbasi Qasem DEANS  
Abbasi Waleed PRESDT  
Abbasi Waqar DEANS  
Abbey Derick PRESDT  
Abbott Angela DEANS  
Abbott Jennifer PRESDT  
Abbott Joann PRESDT  
Abbott Walter DEANS  
Abdallah Bint DEANS  
Abdelgadir Ahmed PRESDT  
Abdel-Hadi Sarah DEANS  
Abdelsalam Mariam DEANS  
Abdi Nadia DEANS  
Abdulahi Fozia DEANS  
Abdullah Alia DEANS  
Abdul-rasheed Asma DEANS  
Abdurahman Inas PRESDT  
Abdurahman Seid DEANS  
Abe Joshua DEANS  
Abebe Betelehem DEANS  
Abebe Daniel DEANS  
Abebe Edom PRESDT  
Abebe Tsegereda DEANS  
Abebu Mathias DEANS  
Abed Elrazaq Ehab PRESDT  
Abedelrazak Hanan DEANS  
Abedrabo Haytham DEANS  
Abel Kenneth DEANS  
Abera Meaza DEANS  
Aberra Nebyou PRESDT  
Aboagye Serwa DEANS  
Abotaleb Wed DEANS  
Abrahams Christopher DEANS  
Abreu Miguelina DEANS  
Abrham Saba PRESDT  
abubeker zinet DEANS  
Aceto Kristi DEANS  
Acevedo Angela DEANS  
Acevedo Anthony DEANS  
Acevedo Nestor DEANS  
Acharya Hari PRESDT  
Acheampong Bridget DEANS  
Acierto Charle PRESDT  
Ackley Tamara PRESDT  
Acord Douglas DEANS  
acosta alain DEANS  
Acosta Beverly DEANS  
Acuna Rebecca DEANS  
Adaaquah Dennis PRESDT  
Adam Gregory DEANS  
Adams Charlotte DEANS  
Adams Danette DEANS  
Adams Jeana DEANS  
Adams Robert DEANS  
Adams Rosemarie DEANS  
Addai Benjamin PRESDT  
Addy-Grigsby Henry DEANS  
Adeko Sergut DEANS  
Adem Nebil DEANS  
Adem Sebry PRESDT  
Aden Mohamud DEANS  
Adhikari Anima PRESDT  
Adhikari Ishwor DEANS  
Adhikari Lokesh PRESDT  
Adhikari Narayan DEANS  
Adhikari Sujan PRESDT  
Admassu Michael PRESDT  
Adu Boakye Christiana DEANS  
Adusei Poku Nana DEANS  
Adwitya Sulaksana DEANS  
Aefsky Brett DEANS  
Aelich Samantha DEANS  
Aerts Ronald DEANS  
Aflatooni Pooya PRESDT  
Aft Susan DEANS  
Afzal Mohammed PRESDT  
Afzal Zainab PRESDT  
Aganze Estella DEANS  
Agarwal Samira PRESDT  
Agbemble Henry DEANS  
Aghayere Adesuwa PRESDT  
Agnew Felicia DEANS  
Agnew Robert DEANS  
Agogino Sarah PRESDT  
Aguilar Erik DEANS  
Aguilar Meza Maria DEANS  
Aguirre Jovanny DEANS  
Agyei Kwabena DEANS  
Agyeiwaa Adwoa DEANS  
Agyemang-Barimah Ansah PRESDT  
Ahite Ayi DEANS  
Ahluwalia Vineet PRESDT  
Ahmad Ibtihaj DEANS  
Ahmad Khwaja PRESDT  
Ahmad Leana DEANS  
Ahmad Mahtalat DEANS  
Ahmad Naseer PRESDT  
Ahmad Saima DEANS  
Ahmad Sardar DEANS  
Ahmad Sumra DEANS  
Ahmadi Jacque DEANS  
ahmady Abdullah DEANS  
Ahmadzai Nadjma DEANS  
Ahmed Asain PRESDT  
Ahmed Ayaz DEANS  
Ahmed Azza DEANS  
ahmed Balal DEANS  
Ahmed Danish DEANS  
Ahmed Faheem DEANS  
Ahmed Hera DEANS  
Ahmed Imtiaz DEANS  
Ahmed Isahak DEANS  
Ahmed Jihan PRESDT  
Ahmed Maham DEANS  
Ahmed Mohammad DEANS  
Ahmed Naseeb DEANS  
Ahmed Noman DEANS  
Ahmed Sami DEANS  
Ahmed Sayem DEANS  
Ahmed Shahbaz DEANS  
Ahmed Waqar DEANS  
Ahn Alexander DEANS  
Ahn Phillip DEANS  
Ahn Se Key PRESDT  
Ahrens Hilary PRESDT  
Aijaz Mohsin DEANS  
Aimen Narwan DEANS  
Ait Anna DEANS  
Ajilore Nicole DEANS  
Akenten Felicity DEANS  
Akhond Hawraa PRESDT  
Akhtar Samira DEANS  
Akhter Shammi PRESDT  
Akhwand Mustafa DEANS  
Akin Valerie DEANS  
Akins Adekunbi PRESDT  
Akram Fareeda DEANS  
Akuak Akuany DEANS  
Akwo Awahngie PRESDT  
Al Hajebi Sumaia DEANS  
Al Imran Abdullah DEANS  
Al Jaloud Riyadh DEANS  
Al Salti Khalid PRESDT  
Al Tamtami Sultan PRESDT  
Alarcon Karla DEANS  
Alarcon jarjuri Jaen DEANS  
Alas Stephanie DEANS  
Albrecht Bianca DEANS  
Albrecht Brian PRESDT  
Albrecht Elizabeth PRESDT  
Albright Kathryn DEANS  
Albrittain Lindsay DEANS  
Albritton Matthew DEANS  
Alcoreza Daniel PRESDT  
Alderman Wendy PRESDT  
Alderson Anne DEANS  
Aldhaheri Afra PRESDT  
Alegre Maria-isabel DEANS  
Alemayehu Edna PRESDT  
Alemayehu Senay DEANS  
Alexander Erin DEANS  
alexander jerarmen DEANS  
Alexander Justin DEANS  
Alexander Kyle DEANS  
Alexandra Michelle DEANS  
Alfaro Amber DEANS  
Alfaro Henry DEANS  
Alford Shyla PRESDT  
Alghaithi Ahmed DEANS  
Alhajomar Alaa PRESDT  
Alharthi Aesha DEANS  
Alharthi Bandar DEANS  
Alhasasneh Abdullah DEANS  
Al-hassan Nada PRESDT  
Al-hussaini Tamara DEANS  
Ali Abdulhakim DEANS  
Ali Akhter DEANS  
Ali Iqbal DEANS  
Ali Lina DEANS  
Ali Mariam PRESDT  
Ali Noria DEANS  
Ali Sobia DEANS  
Alidou Mauridjanatou DEANS  
Alimi Tina DEANS  
Aliyetti Hannah DEANS  
Alizai Farhat DEANS  
Aljazairi Maha DEANS  
AlKhater Amneh DEANS  
Allen Christopher DEANS  
Allen Emily DEANS  
Allen Eugene DEANS  
Allen Kara DEANS  
Allen Kerry DEANS  
Allen Tranice DEANS  
Allio Jason DEANS  
Allison Melinda DEANS  
Alloway Christian DEANS  
Allred Amy DEANS  
Allred Pamela DEANS  
Almeida Simone PRESDT  
Almoualem Belal PRESDT  
Al-Musawi Haidar DEANS  
Alnoor Runa DEANS  
AlRayes Massa DEANS  
Alrobayan Maznah DEANS  
Alsabagh Sukrat DEANS  
Alsaidi Thekra DEANS  
Alshereif Badria PRESDT  
Alt Kim DEANS  
Altalib Othman PRESDT  
Altamirano Naomi PRESDT  
Altayi Ligia DEANS  
Althabet Esam DEANS  
Althabet Samy DEANS  
Althaus Silvia PRESDT  
Altiparmak Tammy DEANS  
Altobelli Donato DEANS  
Alvarado Cynthia DEANS  
Alvarado Max DEANS  
Alvarado De Soto Daysi DEANS  
Alvarado Hernandez Ana DEANS  
Alvarez Fernando PRESDT  
Alvarez Wilber DEANS  
Alvear Baldeon Marcela PRESDT  
Alves Jessica DEANS  
Aly Eman PRESDT  
Alzadjali Ali PRESDT  
Alzamora Joseph DEANS  
Amadi D'Oshemeka DEANS  
Amaral Annette DEANS  
Amato Ryan DEANS  
Amde Megdelawit PRESDT  
Amedome Jannette DEANS  
Amer Monir PRESDT  
Ameri Marjan DEANS  
America Johnathon DEANS  
Amesse William DEANS  
Amezquita Leonor DEANS  
Amin Sediqullah DEANS  
Aminov Nadia DEANS  
Amir Mohammad DEANS  
Amir Muhammad PRESDT  
Amireh Mariam PRESDT  
Amjad Arif PRESDT  
Ammon Bonnie DEANS  
Amortegui Catalina DEANS  
Amos Angelia DEANS  
Amos Donna DEANS  
Amos Lisa DEANS  
Amsalu Mulugeta PRESDT  
Ananyan Levon DEANS  
Anastasio Chase PRESDT  
Andersen-Farmer Tracy PRESDT  
Anderson Anisha PRESDT  
Anderson Bartley DEANS  
Anderson Christopher DEANS  
Anderson Frank PRESDT  
Anderson Joel DEANS  
Anderson Lisa PRESDT  
Anderson Megan PRESDT  
Anderson Meredith DEANS  
Anderson Michael DEANS  
Anderson Preston DEANS  
Anderson Renee DEANS  
Anderson William DEANS  
Andes Christian DEANS  
Ando Yuko DEANS  
Andrade Rosita DEANS  
Andrews Amber DEANS  
Andrews Cody DEANS  
Andrews Erika DEANS  
Andrews Hannah DEANS  
Andrews John PRESDT  
Andrews Mary Victoria PRESDT  
Andrews Michael DEANS  
Andrews Revelle PRESDT  
Anees Sumal DEANS  
Anez Cristobal DEANS  
Angassa Fitsum PRESDT  
Angel Elizabeth PRESDT  
Angelova Petja DEANS  
Anghelone Jessica PRESDT  
Angiolillo Alexander DEANS  
Angulo Mark DEANS  
Annor Nana DEANS  
Ansari Fatima DEANS  
Anson Marla DEANS  
Anthony Jessica DEANS  
Anthony Katina PRESDT  
Antolik Steven PRESDT  
Antonio Therese DEANS  
Antonova Helen DEANS  
Antosh Lori DEANS  
Antzoulatos Nicholas DEANS  
Anwar Kadar PRESDT  
Anwar Sajad DEANS  
aponte natalie DEANS  
Aponte Segundo DEANS  
Appiah Amma PRESDT  
Appiah Philip DEANS  
Appiah-Kumi Frances DEANS  
Appietu-Ankrah Afua DEANS  
Appl Craig DEANS  
Applegate Brianna DEANS  
Apraku John DEANS  
Aquino Mary DEANS  
Arbieto Nancy DEANS  
Ardila Elkin DEANS  
Aregay Maeregu DEANS  
Argandona Walter PRESDT  
Argote Fabiola DEANS  
Arguelles Encarnita DEANS  
Arias Ana DEANS  
Arias Jonathan DEANS  
Arias Katty DEANS  
Arias Leslie DEANS  
Arif Fatima DEANS  
Arif Saiyeda DEANS  
Arko James DEANS  
Armoh Sylvia PRESDT  
Armradit Kimberly DEANS  
Armstrong Anna DEANS  
Armstrong Kyle PRESDT  
Arndt Erin DEANS  
Arosemena Juan DEANS  
Arriaga Jessica DEANS  
Arriaza Marlen DEANS  
Arrington Lolita DEANS  
Arthur Nathanael PRESDT  
Aryal Apsara DEANS  
Aryoubi Sanga DEANS  
Asfaw Betelihem DEANS  
Asfaw Solomon DEANS  
Ashkan Arzhang PRESDT  
Ashley Theresa PRESDT  
Ashner Melissa PRESDT  
Asif Abdul DEANS  
Asif Sahar DEANS  
Asjodi Sasha PRESDT  
Askin David DEANS  
Aslam Humaira DEANS  
Aslan Ahmed DEANS  
Asma Umma DEANS  
Asmelash Yosef DEANS  
Asnake Mekdes DEANS  
Asper Andrew PRESDT  
Assadi Feroze PRESDT  
Assamnew Tefera DEANS  
Assefa Kalkidan DEANS  
Assefnia Amirashkan PRESDT  
Asselanis Dino PRESDT  
Atak Nabila DEANS  
Athay Rachel DEANS  
Atif Atika DEANS  
Atkins Tiffany DEANS  
Attipoe Rosamond DEANS  
Attridge Susan PRESDT  
Aubry-Blanchard Clementine DEANS  
Auceda Leslie DEANS  
Audi Jerry PRESDT  
Audia Eric DEANS  
Aung Su Sandy PRESDT  
Aust Trisch DEANS  
Austin Elizabeth DEANS  
Austrie Nuella DEANS  
Avalos Nataly DEANS  
Avent Eva DEANS  
Avery Lisa DEANS  
Avila Cadavid Eloisa DEANS  
Aviles Alberto DEANS  
Aviles Daniela DEANS  
Awan Muhammad DEANS  
Awan Omair DEANS  
Awnour Mahmoud DEANS  
Ayala Denice DEANS  
Ayala Roy DEANS  
Ayalew Tinsae PRESDT  
Ayalew Wendmnew PRESDT  
Ayettey Rebecca PRESDT  
Ayton Orette DEANS  
Ayubi Maihan PRESDT  
Ayubi Sara DEANS  
Azad Shahyasta DEANS  
Azadi ardekani Ladan DEANS  
Azam-Vaghefi Niku DEANS  
Azar Michel PRESDT  
Azevedo Lea DEANS  
Azimi Homaira DEANS  
Aziz Usman PRESDT