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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NOVA.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of every semester, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Summer 2008

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Ma Yulan DEANS  
Macabrey Stephane DEANS  
Macatuno Kathleen DEANS  
MacDonald Adam DEANS  
MacDonald Kathleen DEANS  
Macensky Alexander PRESDT  
Mach Kristi DEANS  
Mackin Anthony DEANS  
MacMullin Alan DEANS  
Madaj Jennifer DEANS  
Madebo Mekuria DEANS  
Madhu Princy DEANS  
Mahaney Augustus DEANS  
Mahaney Kylen DEANS  
Mahasankun Tekayu DEANS  
Mahassine Larbi DEANS  
Mahdi Fouad DEANS  
Mahmod Tazria DEANS  
Mahmood Haider DEANS  
Mahmood Humaira DEANS  
Mahmoodi Krishma DEANS  
Mahmoud Hiba PRESDT  
Mahteme Nimrodi DEANS  
Mai Nina DEANS  
Mainey Antoinette DEANS  
Majot Stephen DEANS  
Malace Brittany DEANS  
Maldonado Gualberto DEANS  
Malerich James DEANS  
Malik Amna DEANS  
Malik Mariam DEANS  
Malone Christian PRESDT  
Malone Megan DEANS  
Maloney Kelly DEANS  
Mandal Argha DEANS  
Manley Kathryn DEANS  
Mann Robert DEANS  
Mannan Abdul DEANS  
Manning Colin DEANS  
Manning Erin DEANS  
Manning Lawanna DEANS  
Manurung Binsar DEANS  
Mao Channy DEANS  
Maplesden Helen DEANS  
Marazzi Carlos PRESDT  
Marazzi Luis DEANS  
Marcey Jeffrey DEANS  
Marcocci Norman DEANS  
Maree Amal DEANS  
Marenco Krystopher DEANS  
Maresh Myra DEANS  
Marfo Kwasi DEANS  
Marks Ryan DEANS  
Marsh David DEANS  
Marshall Bryanna DEANS  
Martin Charles PRESDT  
Martin Chase DEANS  
Martin Daniel DEANS  
Martin Drew DEANS  
Martin Maria DEANS  
Martin Rachel DEANS  
Martin Tyler DEANS  
Martinez Andrea PRESDT  
Martinez Christopher DEANS  
Mase Kathleen DEANS  
Masih Nicholas DEANS  
Mason Andrew DEANS  
Mastromarino Christopher PRESDT  
Mata Courtney DEANS  
Maton Renee DEANS  
Matsushima Steven PRESDT  
Maududi Narges DEANS  
Maurer Susan PRESDT  
May Katharina DEANS  
May Shannon DEANS  
Mayers Jill DEANS  
Mazouz-Marrero Sarah PRESDT  
Mazzello Sarah DEANS  
Mbarek Mounsif DEANS  
Mc lean William DEANS  
McAdow Kelly PRESDT  
McCann Jina DEANS  
McCarthy Erin PRESDT  
Mccarthy Maureen PRESDT  
McClain Nataliya DEANS  
McClelland Michael DEANS  
McCommas Stuart DEANS  
McCord Stacey DEANS  
McCormack Elizabeth DEANS  
McCormick Amber PRESDT  
McCormick Emily DEANS  
McCracken Mark DEANS  
McElfresh Allison DEANS  
McElwain Shawn DEANS  
McGee Michael DEANS  
McGraw Erin DEANS  
Mcguin Melody DEANS  
Mcguire Anne DEANS  
McKenna Timothy DEANS  
McKenzie Caitlin DEANS  
McKinley Jean DEANS  
McLain Chelsea DEANS  
McLaughlin Kathleen DEANS  
Mclaughlin Shauna DEANS  
McLeod Katie DEANS  
Mcmahon Stacey DEANS  
McMillan Jamie DEANS  
McTaggart Mary DEANS  
Mcveigh Maura DEANS  
Meador Sandra DEANS  
Medina Lisbelt DEANS  
Medrano Dennys DEANS  
Meers Diane PRESDT  
Megersa Daric DEANS  
Megersa Nardos DEANS  
Mehdi Syed DEANS  
Mei He DEANS  
Mejia Brenda DEANS  
Melgar Melissa DEANS  
Melgarejo Ariel DEANS  
Melgarejo Dextre Pablo DEANS  
Melka Awoke DEANS  
Melton Laura DEANS  
Melton William DEANS  
Menchola Marianella DEANS  
Mendel Joshua DEANS  
Mendelson Christine DEANS  
Mendoza Georgina DEANS  
Mendoza Nicole DEANS  
Mendoza Sergio PRESDT  
Mendoza Salgado Guissela DEANS  
Mends-Cole Kona DEANS  
Meneces Revollo Coraly DEANS  
Mengesha Samuel DEANS  
Mensah Jesse DEANS  
Mensah Joseph DEANS  
Mercer Jacob DEANS  
Mereness Soonyoung DEANS  
Mericka Stephanie DEANS  
Merino Jennifer PRESDT  
Merritt William DEANS  
Mesias Brian DEANS  
Mesich Caitlin DEANS  
Metzger Genevieve DEANS  
Meyers Catherine DEANS  
Mian Junaid DEANS  
Michael Zelalem DEANS  
Michaels Dennis DEANS  
Michaelson Daniel DEANS  
Michaud Sarah DEANS  
Miele Theresa DEANS  
Migneault Alain DEANS  
Miller Armena DEANS  
Miller Gregg DEANS  
Miller Helen DEANS  
Miller Jaclyn DEANS  
Miller Jefferson DEANS  
Miller Karen DEANS  
Miller Kevin DEANS  
Miller Rebecca DEANS  
Miller Sebastian DEANS  
Miller Shannon DEANS  
Miller Tanya PRESDT  
Millones Erika DEANS  
Min Su Jung DEANS  
Minni Meki DEANS  
Miranda Doris DEANS  
Mirzada Syed DEANS  
Mirzozoda Khulkar DEANS  
Mishler Oksana DEANS  
Mitchell Kelly DEANS  
Mitchell Lindsey DEANS  
Mitchell Michael DEANS  
Mitchell Stephanie DEANS  
Mitchell Sylvester DEANS  
Mittman Bomar Christine DEANS  
Mitzel Marty DEANS  
Mobarakeh Darius DEANS  
Mochcco Geraldine PRESDT  
Modi Tina DEANS  
Moeen Hamta DEANS  
Moghavemi-Tehrani Mondona DEANS  
Moghbel Shahla DEANS  
mohammadi mohammad reza DEANS  
Mohammed Summer DEANS  
Mojica Janelle Marie DEANS  
Mokha Mandeep DEANS  
Moncada Amanda DEANS  
Monje Christian DEANS  
Montanez Omar DEANS  
Montemayor Marcia DEANS  
Montgomery Kyle DEANS  
Moody Edward DEANS  
Moon Edward DEANS  
Moonan Elizabeth DEANS  
Mooney Brian DEANS  
Moore Bree DEANS  
Moore Kirsten DEANS  
Moore Leticia DEANS  
Moore Natalie DEANS  
Moore Sarah DEANS  
Moore Stephanie DEANS  
Moradi Sahand DEANS  
Morales Nancy DEANS  
Morales De Andrade Jussara DEANS  
Moran Edward DEANS  
Moran Terrence DEANS  
Morehouse Rachel DEANS  
Morell Joseph DEANS  
Moreno Tania PRESDT  
Morgan Christopher PRESDT  
Morgan Conner DEANS  
Morgan Jasmine PRESDT  
Morgan Matt DEANS  
Morgan Thomas DEANS  
Morgan Wayne PRESDT  
Morris Tiffany DEANS  
Morrow John DEANS  
Moses Kelly DEANS  
Moses Michelle DEANS  
Moskowitz Evan DEANS  
Mosley Jr Melvin DEANS  
Mosuela Kristine DEANS  
Motamedi Boroujeni Bashir DEANS  
Motsenbocker Joshua DEANS  
Moxley Kelly DEANS  
Mu Qiongyu DEANS  
Muekalia Isaura DEANS  
Mueller Audrey DEANS  
Mukhoty Tanushree DEANS  
Mullervy Maritza PRESDT  
Mungo Marisa PRESDT  
Murphy Chelsea DEANS  
Murphy David DEANS  
Murphy Lawrence PRESDT  
Murphy Robert DEANS  
Murray Candice DEANS  
Murray Karen DEANS  
Murray Nicole DEANS  
Musa Nurul DEANS  
Musabay Nuri DEANS  
Mustafa Mohammad DEANS  
Mustaqeem Abdul DEANS  
Mutrija Shaline DEANS  
Muzeyen Tesfahun DEANS  
Myers Christopher DEANS  
Myers Ryan DEANS  
Myers Steven DEANS