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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Tabakov Emil DEANS  
Tabatabaei Seema DEANS  
Tabatabai Milad DEANS  
Tackie Jennifer PRESDT  
Tacy Caitlin DEANS  
Tadesse Endale PRESDT  
Tadesse Yekeren DEANS  
Tae Jung PRESDT  
Tafesse Zebib PRESDT  
Tahbaz-Salehi Naseem DEANS  
Taher Raja PRESDT  
Taj Aysha PRESDT  
Taj Mohammad PRESDT  
Taksey Michelle DEANS  
Talib Zohib DEANS  
Tamariz Maryen DEANS  
Tamiao Ghislaine PRESDT  
Tang Anthy DEANS  
Tank Brett PRESDT  
Taoras Caralye DEANS  
Tappan Nancy DEANS  
Tareque Tasnim DEANS  
Tarpey Sean DEANS  
Tarr Valerie DEANS  
Tarver Kendra DEANS  
Tate Carla DEANS  
Tatum Domonicque DEANS  
Taube James PRESDT  
Tavares Yahaida DEANS  
Tayar Hiba PRESDT  
Taye Kalkidan PRESDT  
Taye Martha DEANS  
Taye Sora DEANS  
Taye Yetenayet PRESDT  
Taylor Anthony PRESDT  
Taylor Blair PRESDT  
Taylor Bret DEANS  
Taylor Damien DEANS  
Taylor David DEANS  
Taylor Donna DEANS  
Taylor Elizabeth DEANS  
Taylor Jesse DEANS  
Taylor Karen DEANS  
Taylor Leslie DEANS  
Taylor Stella PRESDT  
Taylor Susan DEANS  
tazi hamza DEANS  
Tchounga Jean PRESDT  
Tchuisseu Lucienne DEANS  
Tearno Christopher DEANS  
Tedesco John DEANS  
Teel Ryan DEANS  
Teets Ashley DEANS  
Teets Bradley PRESDT  
Teferi Mismak DEANS  
Teferra Samuel DEANS  
Tehran Saghi PRESDT  
Tehrani Ali DEANS  
Tehrani Mojtaba DEANS  
Tejada Angela PRESDT  
Tejada Efrain PRESDT  
Tekalign Abebayhu DEANS  
Tela Lani DEANS  
Tellez Nava Marilia DEANS  
Tello Isabel PRESDT  
Tello Jaime DEANS  
Temelso Bereket DEANS  
Temme Frances DEANS  
Tenan Kyle PRESDT  
Tenggara Nadia PRESDT  
Tenney David DEANS  
Terekhine Fedor DEANS  
Terekhov Alexey PRESDT  
Terezon Melvin DEANS  
Terlau Regina DEANS  
Terlecki Michael PRESDT  
Terrazas Christine DEANS  
Terry Jannie DEANS  
Terry Lorraine DEANS  
Tesfay Mearg DEANS  
Tesfaye Kidist DEANS  
Tessitore Steven PRESDT  
Tetteh Lesly PRESDT  
Tewolde Tigist PRESDT  
Thach Nancy DEANS  
Thai An PRESDT  
Thai Dieu PRESDT  
Thai Hong Yen PRESDT  
Thai Jessica PRESDT  
Thakkar Rinkal DEANS  
Tham Vihanh DEANS  
Thamvongsa Vilayvanh DEANS  
Thapa Nischit DEANS  
Thiede Michael DEANS  
Thiel Kristyn DEANS  
Thiet Giang PRESDT  
Thiong'o Samuel DEANS  
Thoma Nancy DEANS  
Thomas Alana DEANS  
Thomas Bethany PRESDT  
Thomas Chad DEANS  
Thomas Christopher DEANS  
Thomas David DEANS  
Thomas Deanna DEANS  
Thomas James DEANS  
Thomas Julia DEANS  
Thomas Shanna DEANS  
Thomas Stanley DEANS  
Thomas Veronica DEANS  
Thomason Scott DEANS  
Thompsen Molly PRESDT  
Thompson Amber DEANS  
Thompson Brian DEANS  
Thompson Christopher PRESDT  
Thompson Clyde DEANS  
Thompson Elizabeth DEANS  
Thompson Janie DEANS  
Thompson Jennifer PRESDT  
Thompson Justin PRESDT  
Thompson Kasey DEANS  
Thompson Kenna DEANS  
Thompson Michelle PRESDT  
Thompson Rachel DEANS  
Thompson Shelly DEANS  
Thomson Jeanne DEANS  
Thomson John DEANS  
Thornhill Kyle DEANS  
Thorpe Donald DEANS  
Throop Sarah PRESDT  
Tice Devon DEANS  
Tiefenbrunn Emily DEANS  
Tierney Neil DEANS  
Tierra Jean-Pierre PRESDT  
Tilford Rhiannon DEANS  
Tillery William DEANS  
Tillett Kristine PRESDT  
Tillman Germany DEANS  
Tim-Young Stephen DEANS  
Tindell Richard DEANS  
Tiruneh Melat PRESDT  
Tiruneh Tequam DEANS  
Tittle Amanda DEANS  
Tiwari Saroj PRESDT  
Tjan Sherwin DEANS  
Tkachuk Maryna DEANS  
To Thang DEANS  
Tobey Jamieson PRESDT  
Tobias Chris DEANS  
Tobing Ricky PRESDT  
Todd Calvin DEANS  
Togade Marco PRESDT  
Tolbert Daneen DEANS  
Tolbert Marc DEANS  
Toler Beth PRESDT  
Toler Jacob DEANS  
Toler Robyn DEANS  
Tollefson Amber DEANS  
Tomaino Brittany DEANS  
Tomaszewska Katarzyna PRESDT  
Tombakoglu Deniz DEANS  
Tombakoglu Derya DEANS  
Tomlin-Mathews Kathryn DEANS  
Toms Christopher DEANS  
Ton Lan DEANS  
Ton That Quy PRESDT  
Tong Stephanie DEANS  
Toohey Elizabeth PRESDT  
Toole Steven PRESDT  
Torres Gisela DEANS  
Torres Gloria DEANS  
Torres Katrina PRESDT  
Torres Luis DEANS  
Torres Mary DEANS  
Torres Tiffany DEANS  
Torrey Maryelizabeth DEANS  
Torreyson Lynn DEANS  
Torrez Pimentel Susana DEANS  
Torrico Neyer DEANS  
Toscano Manuela PRESDT  
Toth Fruzsina DEANS  
Towson Justin PRESDT  
Toy Patrick DEANS  
Trachsel Bryan DEANS  
Trakas Maria DEANS  
Trammell Blake DEANS  
Tramonte Ryan DEANS  
Tran Andrew DEANS  
Tran Anh DEANS  
Tran Chia DEANS  
Tran Diem DEANS  
Tran Han DEANS  
Tran Hung DEANS  
Tran Julie DEANS  
Tran Long DEANS  
Tran Luong DEANS  
Tran Mary DEANS  
Tran Michelle DEANS  
Tran Minh-Tam DEANS  
Tran Mylinh DEANS  
Tran Ngoc Anh DEANS  
Tran Nhi DEANS  
Tran Sa DEANS  
Tran Sarah PRESDT  
Tran Thoai DEANS  
Tran Tina DEANS  
Tran Tram PRESDT  
Tran Van PRESDT  
Tran Vinh DEANS  
Tran Yen DEANS  
Tran Ngan Phuong N DEANS  
Trasmonte Jorge DEANS  
Trautwein Janet DEANS  
Travis Gary PRESDT  
Trebbe Danielle DEANS  
Trees Diane DEANS  
Treichler Emily DEANS  
Tretler Katheryn DEANS  
Tria Anne Michiko DEANS  
Trice Cheryle DEANS  
Trigg Marianne PRESDT  
Trigg Megan PRESDT  
Triglia Ashley DEANS  
Trigo Leslie DEANS  
Trimmer Yos DEANS  
Trindade Paulo DEANS  
Trinh Dung DEANS  
Tritt Roxanne PRESDT  
Trowell Paul DEANS  
Trudeau Duncan DEANS  
Trueheart Anthony PRESDT  
Trueman Patrick DEANS  
Truong Catherine DEANS  
Truong Kha PRESDT  
Truong Thanh DEANS  
Truong Thao-Nguyen DEANS  
Truong Tuan DEANS  
Truta Ionela PRESDT  
Tsarkova Aleksandra DEANS  
Tsedendamba Khuyag DEANS  
Tseliak Volha PRESDT  
Tsenddoo Aligermaa PRESDT  
Tsoukalis John DEANS  
Tsoy Tatyana DEANS  
Tu Phan PRESDT  
Tubman Albertine DEANS  
Tucker Marlene DEANS  
Tucker Robin PRESDT  
Tucker Samantha DEANS  
Tufano John DEANS  
Tuladhar Alina DEANS  
Tuladhar Sandeep PRESDT  
Tulupova Xenia DEANS  
Tum Lal DEANS  
Tunalli Abdulmonam DEANS  
Tura Zewdnesh DEANS  
Turbett Anne DEANS  
Turgeon George DEANS  
Turner Betty DEANS  
Turner Torin DEANS  
Turnipseed Christopher DEANS  
Turpenoff Melissa DEANS  
Turrisi Adam DEANS  
Twersky Stacy DEANS  
Twiner Jacqueline DEANS  
Tyler Kristin DEANS