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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Saa Juan PRESDT  
Saadallah Ranj DEANS  
Saavedra Cachuan Nataly PRESDT  
Sabban Jennifer PRESDT  
Sabin Christi DEANS  
Sabour Rouh Aghdam Ghazaleh DEANS  
Sabri Elizabeth DEANS  
Saburova Heather DEANS  
Sadik John DEANS  
Sadiqui Dounia PRESDT  
Sadozai Nigeen PRESDT  
Saez Anny DEANS  
Saferstein David DEANS  
Saffell Katelyn PRESDT  
Saghafi Keya DEANS  
Saghafi Samra DEANS  
Sahno Kamelia DEANS  
Sahouri Michael DEANS  
Saint-Andrie Kevin DEANS  
Sakraida Roberta DEANS  
Sakwa Ruth DEANS  
Salameh Nidal PRESDT  
Salandy Ishmael DEANS  
Salang Verna PRESDT  
Salcewicz Adam DEANS  
Sale Brenda DEANS  
Saleem Zobair DEANS  
Saleh Zemzem DEANS  
Salem Arya PRESDT  
Salemme Lois DEANS  
Salgado Rosa DEANS  
Salguero Leslie DEANS  
Salim Ali DEANS  
Salim Imran DEANS  
Salinas Ariel DEANS  
Salinas Carlos DEANS  
Salinas Cristina DEANS  
Salinas Ivana PRESDT  
Salinas Laura DEANS  
Salkco Sharon DEANS  
Sallberg Amanda DEANS  
Salmani Arez DEANS  
Salmeron Ingrid DEANS  
Salmeron Josefina DEANS  
Salous Nahida PRESDT  
Salvador Michelle PRESDT  
Salyer Sarah DEANS  
Sam Yana DEANS  
Sammari Fatima Zawea DEANS  
Samuel Janae PRESDT  
Sanabria Federico DEANS  
Sanchez Alison DEANS  
Sanchez Krystol DEANS  
Sanders Andrew DEANS  
Sanders Ashley DEANS  
Sandhu Azza PRESDT  
Sandhu Puneet DEANS  
Sandhu Ripandeep DEANS  
Sandiego Andrea Lauren DEANS  
Sandiego Angelica Luz DEANS  
Sandler Patrick DEANS  
Sandoval Manuel DEANS  
Sandridge Jason DEANS  
Sands Clare PRESDT  
Sandstrom Debra DEANS  
Sandulescu Ala PRESDT  
Sandulescu Olesea PRESDT  
Sanei Lana DEANS  
Sanford Tiffany PRESDT  
Sanie Laila DEANS  
Sansal Volkan PRESDT  
Santa Cruz Daniel DEANS  
Santiago JB DEANS  
Sanwar Suhani DEANS  
Sanzetenea Antonio PRESDT  
Sapp Rachel DEANS  
Sapre Kimberly DEANS  
Saputo Anthony DEANS  
Sarakinis Dionysia DEANS  
Sarangi Bagmee DEANS  
Sarani Hamid DEANS  
Sarich Hillary DEANS  
Sarpong Annette DEANS  
Sarwari Freshta DEANS  
Sasin Andrea DEANS  
Sauble Brandy DEANS  
Sauer Donald DEANS  
Saunders David PRESDT  
Saunders Ione DEANS  
Saunders Scott DEANS  
Saunders Whitney DEANS  
Sauter Joshua DEANS  
Savage Noelle DEANS  
Savino Joseph DEANS  
Savitsky Amy DEANS  
Savoie Heather DEANS  
Sawhney Jasleen DEANS  
Sawyer Christopher PRESDT  
Sawyer Edward PRESDT  
Sawyers Russell DEANS  
Saxton Amanda PRESDT  
Sayed Masood DEANS  
Saylor Aiyah PRESDT  
Scaglione Salvatore DEANS  
Scalph Melissa DEANS  
Schad Ayaka DEANS  
Schadlich Eric PRESDT  
Schaeffer Christina PRESDT  
Schaffer Aleda DEANS  
Schams Rita DEANS  
Scheid Steven PRESDT  
Scheile Jennifer PRESDT  
Schell Eric DEANS  
Schemmer Matthew PRESDT  
Schermerhorn Scott DEANS  
Schindelholz Joseph DEANS  
Schley John DEANS  
Schmidlen Monica DEANS  
Schmidlen Paul DEANS  
Schmidt Eric DEANS  
Schmidt Samantha DEANS  
Schnaible Linda PRESDT  
Schneider Jennifer DEANS  
Schneider Rian DEANS  
Schoen Paul DEANS  
Schollbach Aline PRESDT  
Schooley Nicholas PRESDT  
Schoop Cynthia DEANS  
Schott Susan PRESDT  
Schreiber Jeffrey DEANS  
Schrock-Fischer Sonja DEANS  
Schuenemeyer Kenneth PRESDT  
Schultz Jaclyn DEANS  
Schulz Peder DEANS  
Schwartzberg Bruce PRESDT  
Scott Amy DEANS  
Scott Camey DEANS  
Scott ChiFVonn PRESDT  
Scott Christina PRESDT  
Scott Douglas PRESDT  
Scott Elizabeth DEANS  
Scott Kate DEANS  
Scott Katherine DEANS  
Scott Robert PRESDT  
Scutt Michael DEANS  
Seaha Spencer DEANS  
Searcy Cathryn DEANS  
Seaton Michael DEANS  
Seedah Jennifer DEANS  
Seekhao Nuttiiya PRESDT  
Seifert Jason DEANS  
Seiff Anne DEANS  
Seifu Mariamawit PRESDT  
Seip Gretchen DEANS  
Selim Hythem DEANS  
Sellars David DEANS  
Sellers Thomas DEANS  
Semakula Joseph PRESDT  
Semat Mary DEANS  
Senay Sara DEANS  
Sener Baris DEANS  
Sengstack Jason PRESDT  
Senkow Stephen DEANS  
Sentimore Mark PRESDT  
Seo Hee DEANS  
Seo Heekyung DEANS  
Seo Sejin DEANS  
Seo Seung-Woo DEANS  
Seo Sinae DEANS  
Seo Yohan DEANS  
Serin Timothy DEANS  
Serra Lucia DEANS  
Sesse Genet PRESDT  
Setliff Heather DEANS  
Seu ChungSun PRESDT  
Sevilla Estefan DEANS  
Sevilla Mark DEANS  
Sexton Deborah PRESDT  
Shade Colette DEANS  
Shaffer Angela PRESDT  
Shaffer Brittany DEANS  
Shaffer David DEANS  
Shaffi Nissa DEANS  
Shafiq Falvasha DEANS  
Shafique Syeda PRESDT  
Shaft Jocelyn PRESDT  
Shah Adeela DEANS  
Shah Henna DEANS  
Shah Sayed DEANS  
Shahsavarani Sakineh DEANS  
Shaikh Amna PRESDT  
Shakya Shova DEANS  
Shalal Raad DEANS  
Shammas Jacob DEANS  
Shamoon Reem DEANS  
Shamshad Ayman DEANS  
Shamshad Warda PRESDT  
Shanahan Jacquelyn DEANS  
Shank Esther DEANS  
Shank Kristy PRESDT  
Shannon Danielle DEANS  
Shannon Elisabeth DEANS  
Shapiro Elizabeth DEANS  
Shapiro Philip DEANS  
Sharber Anna DEANS  
Sharif Nazrullah DEANS  
Sharif Yadco DEANS  
Sharma Dhruba DEANS  
Sharma Ranju PRESDT  
Sharma Rekha PRESDT  
Sharma Sangita DEANS  
Sharp Catherine PRESDT  
Sharp Jessica DEANS  
Sharpe Kenneth DEANS  
Sharpe Maitland DEANS  
Sharrett Christopher DEANS  
Shaver Amanda PRESDT  
Shawler Stephanie DEANS  
Sheehan Pamela DEANS  
Sheehey Diane DEANS  
Sheeran Patricia DEANS  
Sheets Steve DEANS  
Sheikh Aisha PRESDT  
Sheikh Fardosa PRESDT  
Sheikh Mohamed PRESDT  
Shell Craig DEANS  
Shella Melissa DEANS  
Shellenbarger Annette DEANS  
Shellenberger Jonas PRESDT  
Shepherd Courtney DEANS  
Shepherd Theodora PRESDT  
Shepherd Zachary DEANS  
Shepherdson Charles PRESDT  
Sheppard Brendan PRESDT  
Sheppard Taya PRESDT  
Sheridan Kim DEANS  
Sherman Rachel DEANS  
Sherman Rebecca DEANS  
Sherman Sondra DEANS  
Sherrill Stephanie DEANS  
Sherry John DEANS  
Shertzer Andrew DEANS  
Sheth Tushar DEANS  
Shetty Sujatha DEANS  
Shiao Johnny DEANS  
Shibli Payman DEANS  
Shields Justin DEANS  
Shiley Rachel DEANS  
Shim Seong Hee DEANS  
Shimelis Blen DEANS  
Shin Hyosun PRESDT  
Shin Junsang DEANS  
Shin Seung Hwa DEANS  
Shipko Janet DEANS  
Shipman Tracy DEANS  
Shirey Rachel PRESDT  
Shirisia Lucy DEANS  
Shoecore Neelab DEANS  
Shokry Omar DEANS  
Sholokh Diana DEANS  
Shoun-Corry Brandon DEANS  
Shrestha Brijesh DEANS  
Shrestha Mamta PRESDT  
Shrestha Subesh PRESDT  
Shrestha Subol DEANS  
Shteir-Dunn Maxwell DEANS  
Shu David DEANS  
Shuaib Danieh DEANS  
Shukry El-Sherif DEANS  
Shull Bethany DEANS  
Shuman David DEANS  
Shumate Sherrie DEANS  
Shumway Graham PRESDT  
Shupp Kimberly DEANS  
Shvarts Marina DEANS  
Shyllon John DEANS  
Siadatpour Pegah DEANS  
Sickmiller Matthew DEANS  
Siddiqui Madiha PRESDT  
Siddiqui Sara DEANS  
Sidikkhodjaev Sarvar PRESDT  
Siegal Rebecca DEANS  
Sigman David DEANS  
Sikorski James DEANS  
Siler Andrew PRESDT  
Siler Catherine DEANS  
Siljander Allison PRESDT  
Silkaitis Lawrence PRESDT  
Silsby Ryan DEANS  
Silva Aline DEANS  
Silva Tania PRESDT  
Silverstein Ashley DEANS  
Silwal Binod DEANS  
Simbulan Erwin DEANS  
Simmons Cameron DEANS  
Simmons David DEANS  
Simmons Desiree DEANS  
Simmons Erica PRESDT  
Simmons Tara DEANS  
Simms Laci DEANS  
Simon Andrew PRESDT  
Simons Paul DEANS  
Simpson Bonnie PRESDT  
Simpson David PRESDT  
Sims Ashley PRESDT  
Sina Michael DEANS  
Sindi Maryam PRESDT  
Sindi Shekriya PRESDT  
Singh Jaya PRESDT  
Singh Mandeep DEANS  
Singh Manpreet DEANS  
Singh Navdeep DEANS  
Singh Rajinderpal PRESDT  
Singh Ravileen DEANS  
Singh Ruminder PRESDT  
Singh Sukhwinder PRESDT  
Singh Dangol Mahesh DEANS  
Sinha Anjori DEANS  
Sipes Louise DEANS  
Sirin Bilal DEANS  
Sirris Alexander DEANS  
Siso Heybet DEANS  
Siso Zerevan DEANS  
Sison Nicolle PRESDT  
Sistek Katherine DEANS  
Sitaula Ganesh PRESDT  
Sitoe Carmen DEANS  
Siu Kam-Ho PRESDT  
Siwakoti Ambika DEANS  
Sizemore Chance DEANS  
Skabova Katerina DEANS  
Skalecky Michael DEANS  
Skiff Theodore PRESDT  
Skoda Miranda PRESDT  
Skowronski Matthew DEANS  
Skuce Matthew PRESDT  
Slade Jennifer PRESDT  
Slater Andrew DEANS  
Slater Stefanie DEANS  
Slattery Brianne DEANS  
Slebrch Katherine PRESDT  
Sledz David DEANS  
Slimp Laura PRESDT  
Small Allison DEANS  
Smeallie Peter DEANS  
Smeltzer Katherine DEANS  
Smeragulioulo Geneiveve DEANS  
Smith Amanda PRESDT  
Smith Anthony PRESDT  
Smith Bradley PRESDT  
Smith Charles DEANS  
Smith Christian PRESDT  
Smith Colin DEANS  
Smith Dorothea DEANS  
Smith Erik DEANS  
Smith Glenn DEANS  
Smith Holly DEANS  
Smith Jadron DEANS  
Smith Jeremiah PRESDT  
Smith Joseph DEANS  
Smith Julia DEANS  
Smith Kati DEANS  
Smith Kelsey PRESDT  
Smith Kevin DEANS  
Smith Kristen DEANS  
Smith Kristina DEANS  
Smith Lindsey PRESDT  
Smith Lydia DEANS  
Smith Margarett DEANS  
Smith Melissa DEANS  
Smith Mica DEANS  
Smith Michelle DEANS  
Smith Porscha DEANS  
Smith Rebekah PRESDT  
Smith Ryan DEANS  
Smith Sandy PRESDT  
Smith Sarah DEANS  
Smyth Diana DEANS  
Snaith Venecia DEANS  
Snead Lucie DEANS  
Snider Matthew DEANS  
Snodgrass Kristin DEANS  
Snyder Crista DEANS  
Snyder Kirby DEANS  
Snyder Tiffanie PRESDT  
Snyder Timothy DEANS  
Soe Aye PRESDT  
Soe Thiha DEANS  
Soemarko Abisasongko DEANS  
Sofy Raz PRESDT  
Sohail Sehar DEANS  
Soleyman-begi Akram DEANS  
Soleymani Iman DEANS  
Soliman Aliaa DEANS  
Solomon Beza DEANS  
Solomon Brandon PRESDT  
Solomon Leoul DEANS  
Solomon Lula DEANS  
Solomon Mehari PRESDT  
Solomon Negede DEANS  
Solomon Berhane Linda DEANS  
Solyom Daniela PRESDT  
Sommer Rosalyn PRESDT  
Song Eun Hye DEANS  
Song Yunmi PRESDT  
Sonntag Thomas DEANS  
Sooknanan Chandaye DEANS  
Sorenson Mandy DEANS  
Soriagalvarro Mayra DEANS  
Soroko Sonya DEANS  
Sorour Sherif DEANS  
Sorto Kenny DEANS  
Sorto-Sanchez Vicky DEANS  
Sosa Mayra DEANS  
Soto Katheryn DEANS  
Soubbotin Leonid PRESDT  
Soughe Yogo Cathia DEANS  
Souza Matthew DEANS  
Sowells Danny DEANS  
Spalding John PRESDT  
Spargur Christine PRESDT  
Spatz Oraly DEANS  
Spatz Suzanne PRESDT  
Speaker David PRESDT  
Spears Alexander DEANS  
Spencer Cynthia PRESDT  
Spetz Lauren DEANS  
Spicer Bailey PRESDT  
Spicer David DEANS  
Spinks William PRESDT  
Spittal Dixie DEANS  
Spivey Shay DEANS  
Spoone John PRESDT  
Sposari Paul DEANS  
Spraker Jennifer DEANS  
Spring Sarah DEANS  
Spryszynska Agnieszka PRESDT  
Squirewell Ebony PRESDT  
St john Brooke PRESDT  
Stacks Jennifer DEANS  
Stahl Bryan DEANS  
Staley Tara PRESDT  
Stallings John DEANS  
Stamm Richard DEANS  
Stanakzai Shabana DEANS  
Stanazai Khalida DEANS  
Stanga Stephanie DEANS  
Stanikzai Mohammad DEANS  
Stanislaus Talbert DEANS  
Stanley Denise DEANS  
Stanley Presharn DEANS  
Stanton Emily DEANS  
Stanton Jordan PRESDT  
Stapler Kelsey DEANS  
Stapleton Darren PRESDT  
Starck Kylie PRESDT  
Starkey David DEANS  
Starling Kayla PRESDT  
Starnes Daniel DEANS  
Steele Dan DEANS  
Steele Dinah DEANS  
Steen Mary DEANS  
Stefanova Plamena DEANS  
Steinberg Robin DEANS  
Steinhardt Chris DEANS  
Steinmetz Renee DEANS  
Stelling Cory PRESDT  
Stelmack Bernadette DEANS  
Stephens Barbara PRESDT  
Stephens Daniel DEANS  
Stephenson Ella DEANS  
Sterling Leslie DEANS  
Stevens Amber PRESDT  
Stevens Darcy DEANS  
Stevens Elisa DEANS  
Stevens Emily DEANS  
Stevenson Joseph DEANS  
Stewart Daniel DEANS  
Stewart Dustin DEANS  
Stiefvater Lynne DEANS  
Stillings Shannon DEANS  
Stockel Jillian DEANS  
Stocking Erin DEANS  
Stockslager Supinda DEANS  
Stoddard Heather DEANS  
Stoffregen Ryan DEANS  
Stokes Brian PRESDT  
Stokowski Adam PRESDT  
Stoll Karla DEANS  
Stoll Kenneth DEANS  
Stone Jeffrey DEANS  
Storch Elizabeth DEANS  
Stotzky Jay DEANS  
Strait James DEANS  
Stratton Lucille DEANS  
Streeter Augusta DEANS  
Streicher Sandra DEANS  
Stricker Tuyen DEANS  
Strider Mollie PRESDT  
Strobel Melanie PRESDT  
Stroud Andrea DEANS  
Stroud Ken DEANS  
Strydom Rene' DEANS  
Stuart Alejandra DEANS  
Stubler Jason DEANS  
Stulgaitis Paulius DEANS  
Stup Emilie DEANS  
Sturgill Phillip DEANS  
Suarez Dolly DEANS  
Subaitani Jonathan PRESDT  
Subedi Pious DEANS  
Sugahara Karen PRESDT  
Sugiyatno Johnny DEANS  
Suglo Irenious DEANS  
Suh Eun-Jung PRESDT  
Suh Paul PRESDT  
Suh Sung PRESDT  
Suh Thomas PRESDT  
Sullivan Casey PRESDT  
Sullivan Daniel PRESDT  
Sullivan Kelsey DEANS  
Sullivan Kristina DEANS  
Sullivan Luis PRESDT  
Sullivan Phillip DEANS  
Sullivan Rebecca DEANS  
Sullivan Stuart DEANS  
Sullivan Thomas DEANS  
Sultan Asad DEANS  
Sultan Marwan DEANS  
Sultani Zorah PRESDT  
Sunderlin Clorise DEANS  
Sundquist Paul DEANS  
Sundy Mercedes PRESDT  
Sunga Justin DEANS  
Sunwoo Jin DEANS  
Surender Mallika DEANS  
Suresh Rishi DEANS  
Suresh Umadevi DEANS  
Suriel Malorie PRESDT  
Suslick Gina DEANS  
Sussman Amanda DEANS  
Suter Willa PRESDT  
Sutton Hanna DEANS  
Suzuki Roni DEANS  
Svetaka Uljana DEANS  
Svoboda Kelly DEANS  
Swan Justin PRESDT  
Swaney Addison DEANS  
Swann Christine DEANS  
Swanson Emily DEANS  
Swanson Robert DEANS  
Swarray Lucia DEANS  
Swazya Karin DEANS  
Sweeney Mary DEANS  
Sweet Danielle DEANS  
Sweitzer Samantha PRESDT  
Sweitzer Stephanie PRESDT  
Swift Emily DEANS  
Swinsky Denise DEANS  
Swintek Jennifer DEANS  
Syed Mariel DEANS  
Sylvester Chase DEANS  
Sylvester Jamie DEANS  
Szakacs Agnes PRESDT  
Szatmari Erika DEANS  
Szczepaniak Klaudia DEANS  
Szewczulak Monika DEANS