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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Ra John PRESDT  
Rackley Roy DEANS  
Radeline Mark PRESDT  
Radwan Hussam DEANS  
Raetz Elizabeth PRESDT  
Raetz Emily PRESDT  
Rafferty Lynn DEANS  
Raffiqi Fatima PRESDT  
Rafiq Hiba DEANS  
Ragan Mary PRESDT  
Rahimian Stefan DEANS  
Rahman Elias DEANS  
Rahman Mohammad DEANS  
Rahman Sumaiya PRESDT  
Rahman Umme DEANS  
Rai Paru PRESDT  
Rai Tara DEANS  
Rai Tresa PRESDT  
Raj Victoria PRESDT  
Rajabi Iraj DEANS  
Rajthala Bishow DEANS  
Ralph Chantel DEANS  
Ramdeen Sasha DEANS  
Ramirez Alfredo DEANS  
Ramirez Angelica DEANS  
Ramos Benjamin PRESDT  
Ramsden Tim DEANS  
Randall Laura DEANS  
Randazzo Peter DEANS  
Randrianasolo Sylvia PRESDT  
Ranjbarkohan Fatemeh DEANS  
Ransom Regina DEANS  
Rapatan Aina PRESDT  
Rapavi Christopher DEANS  
Rasaily Uttam PRESDT  
Rasheed Anaam DEANS  
Rashid Hadi DEANS  
Rashid Sarah DEANS  
Rashid Shabnam DEANS  
Rastegari Amir PRESDT  
Rasulov Rauf DEANS  
Rathburn Kimberly PRESDT  
Raupp Carey PRESDT  
Rausch Tallison DEANS  
Ravetti Helen PRESDT  
Ravi Kiran Sushma DEANS  
Ravy Paul DEANS  
Rawlings Danielle DEANS  
Rawlings Nathan DEANS  
Raymond Secil PRESDT  
Rayo Jordan DEANS  
Raza Adeel PRESDT  
Raza Syed DEANS  
Reagan Dustin PRESDT  
Reams Allison DEANS  
Rease Shelby DEANS  
Reasons Melissa DEANS  
Rebers Bethany DEANS  
Recco Ethan DEANS  
Redding Lauren DEANS  
Redmond Melissa DEANS  
Reed David DEANS  
Reed Deborah DEANS  
Reed Elise DEANS  
Reed Eva PRESDT  
Reed Matthew DEANS  
Reed Tyler DEANS  
Reeves Joshua PRESDT  
Refahi Poyesh DEANS  
Regan Sean DEANS  
Regmi Prakash DEANS  
Regmi Pukar DEANS  
Reich Galen DEANS  
Reichert Nadine DEANS  
Reid Brian DEANS  
Reid Danielle DEANS  
Reid Jesse DEANS  
Reid John DEANS  
Reid Robert DEANS  
Reid Virginia DEANS  
Reilly Jaymes DEANS  
Reinink Amber DEANS  
Rekas Stephanie DEANS  
Rekik Maryam PRESDT  
Relator Anthony PRESDT  
Relton Rebecca PRESDT  
Remiany Hassan DEANS  
Rena Aniceto DEANS  
Renganathan Ramya DEANS  
Renna Fabrizio DEANS  
Resch Aaron DEANS  
Rexrode Dianna DEANS  
Reyes Charisma DEANS  
Reyes Katrina DEANS  
Reyes Robert DEANS  
Reyes Rose DEANS  
Reyes Stephanie PRESDT  
Reynolds Jason DEANS  
Rezende Vania DEANS  
Rezvankhoo Venus DEANS  
Rhee Ji PRESDT  
Rhoades Johnathan PRESDT  
Rhodes Christopher DEANS  
Rhodes Matthew PRESDT  
Rhyne David PRESDT  
Ribbentrop Alexander DEANS  
Rich Emily PRESDT  
Rich John PRESDT  
Richard Christian DEANS  
Richards Robert PRESDT  
Richardson Camille DEANS  
Richardson Lloyd PRESDT  
Richardson Uma DEANS  
Richmond Brittany PRESDT  
Ridder Tristy PRESDT  
Ridenour Cynthia DEANS  
Rider Heidi PRESDT  
Rieck Maike-Lea DEANS  
Riedel Peter DEANS  
Riegel Robert DEANS  
Rigby William PRESDT  
Riggs Leah DEANS  
Riggs Thomas DEANS  
Rijal Pragya DEANS  
Riley Elizabeth DEANS  
Rinaldi Paul DEANS  
Ring Victoria DEANS  
Riobe Gregoire DEANS  
Rioja Pedro PRESDT  
Rios Laura DEANS  
Rios Hernandez Jennifer PRESDT  
Rippe Rochelle DEANS  
Risheq Liyana DEANS  
Riss Michael PRESDT  
Ritson Jourdan DEANS  
Ritter Laura DEANS  
Rivas Abigail PRESDT  
Rivera Alexander DEANS  
Rivera Erin DEANS  
Rivera Jennifer DEANS  
Rivera Jessica PRESDT  
Rivera Joanne DEANS  
Rivera Patrick DEANS  
Rivera Pena Luis DEANS  
Riveros Luis PRESDT  
Roach Dennis DEANS  
Roach Jessica PRESDT  
Robbins Candace PRESDT  
Robbins Corey DEANS  
Robbins Evan PRESDT  
Robbins Kathryn PRESDT  
Roberto Kristi PRESDT  
Roberts Anne PRESDT  
Roberts Bianca DEANS  
Roberts Jeanne PRESDT  
Roberts Kevin DEANS  
Robertson Cheri DEANS  
Robertson Courtney DEANS  
Robertson Elizabeth DEANS  
Robertson Erin DEANS  
Robertson Gloria DEANS  
Robertson Julian DEANS  
Robertson Raymond DEANS  
Robeson Randy DEANS  
Robinette Nicole DEANS  
Robinson Alicia DEANS  
Robinson Becky DEANS  
Robinson Bradley DEANS  
Robinson Cherrelle DEANS  
Robinson Deshapreca DEANS  
Robinson Kathy PRESDT  
Robinson Lautonia DEANS  
Robinson Nancy DEANS  
Robinson Ruscel PRESDT  
Robison Rebecca PRESDT  
Robles Vincent DEANS  
Roca Vanessa DEANS  
Rocco Matthew DEANS  
Rocha Frank DEANS  
Roddy David DEANS  
Rodenburg Alison DEANS  
Rodgers Patricia DEANS  
Rodriguez Grecia DEANS  
Rodriguez Jonathan PRESDT  
Rodriguez Jorge DEANS  
Rodriguez Jose DEANS  
Rodriguez Mario DEANS  
Rodriguez Mayra DEANS  
Rodriguez Michele DEANS  
Rodriguez Miguel DEANS  
Rodriguez Mireily DEANS  
Rodriguez Nicole PRESDT  
Rodriguez Wendy DEANS  
Roesch Genevieve DEANS  
Rogalski Kathryn PRESDT  
Rogers Courtney DEANS  
Rogers Dustin DEANS  
Rogers Heather DEANS  
Rogers Kim PRESDT  
Rogus Steven DEANS  
Roh EunOck DEANS  
Roh Jae-youn DEANS  
Rohani Maryam DEANS  
Rohr Kathryn DEANS  
Rojas Ana DEANS  
Rojas Eliana DEANS  
Rojas Maria DEANS  
Roland Christopher PRESDT  
Romalho John DEANS  
Romano Kevin DEANS  
Romeo Monique PRESDT  
Romer Roxie DEANS  
Romero Ana DEANS  
Romero Gabriel PRESDT  
Romero Kyung DEANS  
Romero Tatiana DEANS  
Romero Bardalez Lesley DEANS  
Romo Ismael DEANS  
Rondinelli Lisa DEANS  
Root Kari DEANS  
Root Truayenet PRESDT  
Rosado Dennis DEANS  
Rosales Daynee PRESDT  
Rosales Renee PRESDT  
Rose Ella PRESDT  
Rose Jeffrey DEANS  
Rose Kristal DEANS  
Rose Rachel DEANS  
Rosen Michael DEANS  
Rosenbaum Karina PRESDT  
Rosenblatt Krista DEANS  
Rosenthal Julia PRESDT  
Rosko John PRESDT  
Rosner Sarah DEANS  
Rossi Andrea DEANS  
Rossi Rhea DEANS  
Rostami Mohammad DEANS  
Rothe Susanne DEANS  
Rothenbach Helena DEANS  
Rothenberger Mallarie DEANS  
Roudabush Mark PRESDT  
Rouzi Musidapa PRESDT  
Rowe Michelle DEANS  
Rowland Leaya DEANS  
Rowles Jennifer PRESDT  
Royal Albaney DEANS  
Royal Luz PRESDT  
Rozario Joan PRESDT  
Rozlachowska-Wojcik Karolina DEANS  
Rozmus Claire DEANS  
Rubin Shree DEANS  
Rubio Elsy DEANS  
Rudnitsky Yulia PRESDT  
Ruffner Rachelle DEANS  
Ruggiero Andrew DEANS  
Rugwell John DEANS  
Ruhman Rami PRESDT  
Ruiz Alexandra DEANS  
Ruiz Sara PRESDT  
Rushbrook Chelsea DEANS  
Rusiniak Kinga DEANS  
Russell Brenda DEANS  
Russell Holly PRESDT  
Russell Jessica DEANS  
Russell Joseph DEANS  
Russell Kelly PRESDT  
Russell Scott DEANS  
Russo Stephanie DEANS  
Ruvunangiza Jeremie DEANS  
Ryder Christine DEANS  
Rynex Devin DEANS