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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Pacheco Susan DEANS  
Pacheco William PRESDT  
Padberg Paul DEANS  
Paddock Kristi DEANS  
Padilla Victor DEANS  
Page Vicky DEANS  
Pageau Ryan PRESDT  
Painter Phuong DEANS  
Painter Tammy DEANS  
Pak Maryanna DEANS  
Palacios Mirtha DEANS  
Palen Charles DEANS  
Palhus Paula DEANS  
Palke Chris PRESDT  
Palm Angela DEANS  
Palmer Anne DEANS  
Palmer Nancy PRESDT  
Palmer Rachel DEANS  
Palmer Todd DEANS  
Palomino Henry PRESDT  
Palomino Jessica DEANS  
Palucho Leslie DEANS  
Palza Isabel DEANS  
Panagakos Ariana DEANS  
Pandey Bijaya PRESDT  
Pando Eric DEANS  
Pandya Sunit DEANS  
Pangilinan Malia DEANS  
Panizo Lavinia DEANS  
Pankow Sunja DEANS  
Panlaqui Robert DEANS  
Panopoulos Aristotle DEANS  
Pansiri Pawvana PRESDT  
Pansoy Kathleen DEANS  
Panteleeva Anastasiya DEANS  
Pantin Anita PRESDT  
Pappa Morgan DEANS  
Pappalardo Marcel DEANS  
Paraan Maria DEANS  
Paracha Reema DEANS  
Pardo Fabio DEANS  
Paredes Alyssa PRESDT  
Paredes Ubillus Augusto PRESDT  
Paris Daniel DEANS  
Pariser Michael DEANS  
Park Chong PRESDT  
Park Chul DEANS  
Park Gloria DEANS  
Park Hyoungkun DEANS  
Park Hyo-Zin DEANS  
Park In PRESDT  
Park In Hye DEANS  
Park In-sun DEANS  
Park Jeeson DEANS  
Park Jin-Hyun PRESDT  
Park Kum PRESDT  
Park Laura PRESDT  
Park Lucia DEANS  
Park Meehyun DEANS  
Park Peter DEANS  
Park Sohyun DEANS  
Park Sunhee PRESDT  
Park Taehum PRESDT  
Parker Jacquelyn DEANS  
Parker Jillian DEANS  
Parker Michael DEANS  
Parks Christopher DEANS  
Parra Daniel PRESDT  
Parrington Adam DEANS  
Parrish Amy DEANS  
Parrish Jennifer PRESDT  
Parry Deborah DEANS  
Parsa Ilar PRESDT  
Parson Alvin DEANS  
Parsons Justin DEANS  
Pasiak Andrew DEANS  
Pasimio Jaclyn DEANS  
Paska Kimberly DEANS  
Pastor Miguel PRESDT  
Pastore Andrea DEANS  
Patel Divyeshkumar DEANS  
Patelski Susan DEANS  
Patino Karen DEANS  
Patio Bruna DEANS  
Patrican JR Richard DEANS  
Patrick Steven DEANS  
Patrick Thomas DEANS  
Pattee Lori DEANS  
Patterson Camilla DEANS  
Patterson Chris DEANS  
Patterson Emily DEANS  
Patterson Harris DEANS  
Patterson Kimberly DEANS  
Patterson Kristin DEANS  
Patterson Priscilla DEANS  
Patton Mark PRESDT  
Paudyal Sarmila DEANS  
Pauken Sam PRESDT  
Paul David DEANS  
Paulas Wendy PRESDT  
Paule-Carres Philip DEANS  
Payne Danielle DEANS  
Payne Kara DEANS  
Payne Lisa PRESDT  
Payne Robert PRESDT  
Paz Ingrid DEANS  
Peabody Elizabeth DEANS  
Peach Dusty DEANS  
Pearson Brian DEANS  
Pearson Ryan DEANS  
Peck Daniel DEANS  
Pedemonte Luis PRESDT  
Pedersoli Tiziano DEANS  
Pedreira Teresa PRESDT  
Pedroni Kelly DEANS  
Peiffer Aaron PRESDT  
Pelletier David DEANS  
Pemberton Niels DEANS  
Pembroke Joseph DEANS  
Pen Sophorn PRESDT  
Pena Julia DEANS  
Pena Katherinne PRESDT  
Pena Pettenkofer Liliana DEANS  
Penaranda Bello PRESDT  
Pendergrass Daniel DEANS  
Penic Kim DEANS  
Pennington Jason DEANS  
Penton Turner DEANS  
Peressini Allison DEANS  
Perez Adelina DEANS  
Perez Carlos DEANS  
Perez Derek DEANS  
Perez Diego DEANS  
Perez Hector DEANS  
Perez Jose PRESDT  
Perez Marc PRESDT  
Perez-Vera Alice DEANS  
Perfetti Robin PRESDT  
Perkins Derek PRESDT  
Perkins Diana DEANS  
Perkins Meagan DEANS  
Perry Kimberly DEANS  
Perry Michelle DEANS  
Peter Joanna PRESDT  
Peter Tonya DEANS  
Peters Dana PRESDT  
Peters Jeannine DEANS  
Petersen Brent DEANS  
Peterson Jennifer DEANS  
Peterson Katherine DEANS  
Peterson Lars DEANS  
Peterson Martha PRESDT  
Petrie Rachel PRESDT  
Petrow James PRESDT  
Petruzzi Alysse DEANS  
Petzrick Samantha DEANS  
Peugh Tim DEANS  
Peverall Jesse DEANS  
Pfeifer Theresa DEANS  
Pfeifle Megan DEANS  
Pfude-Huguley Cynthia DEANS  
Phalon Brian DEANS  
Pham BichTram PRESDT  
Pham Hoang DEANS  
Pham KimLoan DEANS  
Pham Lam DEANS  
Pham My-Phuong PRESDT  
Pham Nina DEANS  
Pham Thuy DEANS  
Pham Thuytrang DEANS  
Pham Tram PRESDT  
Pham Tuyen DEANS  
Pham Xuan-Mai PRESDT  
Phan Truong DEANS  
Phan Ut DEANS  
Phannareth Tommy PRESDT  
Phee Margaret DEANS  
Phillips Alice DEANS  
Phillips David PRESDT  
Phillips Erin DEANS  
Phillips Jeanette DEANS  
Phillips Stephanie DEANS  
Phouminh Keoviengkh DEANS  
Phuong David DEANS  
Phuong Phat PRESDT  
Piccardo Rodriguez Gina PRESDT  
Piccariello Jennifer DEANS  
Piccolo Carlo PRESDT  
Pick Joseph DEANS  
Pick Michael DEANS  
Pickford Elena PRESDT  
Pickford Joel DEANS  
Pickford Sarah PRESDT  
Piekut Richard DEANS  
Pieper Katharina PRESDT  
Pierce David DEANS  
Pieri Anna Loiza DEANS  
Pierre Brian DEANS  
Pierre Melinda DEANS  
Pilahome Andrew DEANS  
Pilchuk Laura PRESDT  
Pinc Thomas DEANS  
Pincoski Scott DEANS  
Pinkman Shannon DEANS  
Pinney Shannon DEANS  
Pinto Daniel DEANS  
Pinto Joshua DEANS  
Pinzon Ricardo DEANS  
Pipoly Michael PRESDT  
Piracha Sabiha PRESDT  
Pita Maritess DEANS  
Pittas Denise DEANS  
Pitts Breanne DEANS  
Pitts Brenda PRESDT  
Pizzuto Samantha DEANS  
Plache Benjamin PRESDT  
Placious Mark PRESDT  
Plaine Dalila DEANS  
Plant Grace DEANS  
Plata Heidy DEANS  
Platt Amy DEANS  
Plein Abigail PRESDT  
Plewacki Karen PRESDT  
Plintharanunt Kritchai DEANS  
Plourde Christopher DEANS  
Plummer Julie-ann DEANS  
Plunkett Michelle DEANS  
Plunkett William DEANS  
Poblacion Candice DEANS  
Poddar Debarati DEANS  
Poe Farrah DEANS  
Poerio Rochelle DEANS  
Poisson Laura PRESDT  
Pokorny Paola DEANS  
Polak Virginia DEANS  
Polat Fatma PRESDT  
Polk Leniesha DEANS  
Pollack Chelsea PRESDT  
Pollak Lacey PRESDT  
Pollard Jerome PRESDT  
Pollard Vernon DEANS  
Pollington Richard DEANS  
Ponce de Leon Briana DEANS  
Pongudom Pradthana DEANS  
Pontani Joseph DEANS  
Ponti Katherine DEANS  
Poole Kaila PRESDT  
Poore Benjamin DEANS  
Popovich Mary DEANS  
Porfiris David DEANS  
Porter Kristy DEANS  
Porter Rachel DEANS  
Portillo Martinez Yanira DEANS  
Posey Sarah PRESDT  
Poston Jonathan PRESDT  
Potts Alistair DEANS  
Potts Erica DEANS  
Potts Julia PRESDT  
Poubelle Mark DEANS  
Poudyal Lelisha DEANS  
Pourkiani Nayereh DEANS  
Poutre Christy PRESDT  
Powell Jonathan PRESDT  
Powell Julia PRESDT  
Powell Sherene DEANS  
Powell Tracey DEANS  
Powell-Perkins Kathy DEANS  
Powers Nathaniel DEANS  
Praetorius Kanya DEANS  
Prater Tammy PRESDT  
Pratt Roger DEANS  
Preissner James DEANS  
Preko Michael PRESDT  
Premo Deborah DEANS  
Preston Keith DEANS  
Preuss Erin DEANS  
Price Amanda PRESDT  
Price Gina DEANS  
Price Timothy PRESDT  
Pricer Bessy DEANS  
Prickett Marc DEANS  
Pride Darren PRESDT  
pride`` amanda DEANS  
Primmer David PRESDT  
Prinz Anna DEANS  
Proko Daniel DEANS  
Prokopyeva Maria DEANS  
prompovitch greg DEANS  
Prompruk Chamaiporn DEANS  
Pruefer Karla DEANS  
Prukop Steven DEANS  
Pulickan Shirley DEANS  
Pulley Manuel DEANS  
Pulliam Laura DEANS  
Pultz Kris DEANS  
Puma-Rowell Paulette DEANS  
Purcell Richard PRESDT  
Purdham Tara DEANS  
Purks Desiri DEANS  
Purksirisombat Siripen DEANS  
Purnell Darla DEANS