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The College provides the following recognitions for academic excellence:

1. Presidential Scholars - Your name will be placed on the Presidential Scholarsí list for any semester that your grade point average is 3.75 or higher. You must have completed at least nine (9) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) and have earned a minimum of twenty (20) semester hours of credit at NVCC.

2. Dean's List - Your name will be placed on the Deanís List for any semester that your grade point average is 3.50 or higher. You must have completed at least six (6) semester hours in the current semester (excluding developmental courses) with no grade lower than C.

At the end of fall and spring semesters only, academic excellence recognitions are listed below one week after the deadline for posting final grades. Those who qualified but whose grades were not posted by the college deadline will not be displayed on the online list.

Spring 2008
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Click here to see the Summer '07 semester Dean's List/Presidential Scholars
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Ma Rui DEANS  
Ma Thanh PRESDT  
Maaloum Souad PRESDT  
Mabrouk Eman DEANS  
Macalister Mary DEANS  
Macatangay Kristine DEANS  
Macatuno Kathleen DEANS  
MacDonald Kathleen DEANS  
Macdonald Ryan DEANS  
Mace Daniel DEANS  
Mack Christina DEANS  
Mackay Jonathan DEANS  
Mackin Sean DEANS  
MacLean Bryan DEANS  
Macpherson Michelle DEANS  
Madden Preston DEANS  
Maddox Amy DEANS  
Maddox Brittanie DEANS  
Madhu Princy DEANS  
Madigan Patrick PRESDT  
Magana Jorge DEANS  
Magana Manuel DEANS  
Magana Maria DEANS  
Maged Dean PRESDT  
Magee Robert DEANS  
Magnotti Michael PRESDT  
Magnotti Theresa DEANS  
Magnuson Ryan DEANS  
Mahan III Robert DEANS  
Mahdi Shabinaaz PRESDT  
Mahinpour Kameron DEANS  
Mahjoub Saoussen PRESDT  
Mahmod Tazria DEANS  
Mahmood Abid DEANS  
Mahmoodi Krishma PRESDT  
Mahmoodi Mujahida DEANS  
Mahmoud Hiba PRESDT  
Mahmoudian Ramin DEANS  
Mahoney Russell DEANS  
Mai Tan DEANS  
Maia Andrea Astrid PRESDT  
Main John DEANS  
Majid Fahad DEANS  
Majul Ahmad DEANS  
Makarevich Yauheniya DEANS  
Makayat Gladys DEANS  
Makely Neal DEANS  
Makris Eleni DEANS  
Maksimets Irina DEANS  
Makuta Brittany DEANS  
Maldonado Frances PRESDT  
Malick Jennifer DEANS  
Malik Faheem DEANS  
Malik Mansoor DEANS  
Malikian Sylvia DEANS  
Malla Dhiraj DEANS  
Mallari Adrian DEANS  
Mallari Christopher DEANS  
Mallory Veronica PRESDT  
Malmgren Erika DEANS  
Malnati Florie DEANS  
Malone Sheron DEANS  
Maloney Kelly DEANS  
Mamaed Angelica DEANS  
Mamo Fetene DEANS  
Manasrangsi Thanaporn DEANS  
Manasterli Saad PRESDT  
Manchisi Michael DEANS  
Mancia Rivera Jose DEANS  
Mander Semra PRESDT  
Mandujano Pilar DEANS  
Maniker Bonnie PRESDT  
Manley Kathryn DEANS  
Mann Amarjeet DEANS  
Mann Benjamin PRESDT  
Mannherz Walter DEANS  
Mannino Toni-Anne PRESDT  
Mansour Younes DEANS  
Manville Cara PRESDT  
Manwaring Mackenzie DEANS  
Manzano Elsy DEANS  
Maqbool Faiza PRESDT  
Mara Erin DEANS  
Maradiaga Kullike DEANS  
Maradiaga Marvin DEANS  
Marandino Graciela PRESDT  
Marazzi Carlos PRESDT  
Marca Gustavo DEANS  
Marchegiani Sarah-Maria DEANS  
Marcu Adina PRESDT  
Marcum Jeremy PRESDT  
Maree Amal PRESDT  
Marian Larisa Mihaela DEANS  
Marin Erika DEANS  
Marino Stephanie DEANS  
Markham John DEANS  
Marks Ryan PRESDT  
Marlar Jessica DEANS  
Marney Austin DEANS  
Marr Alan DEANS  
Marsh Brian DEANS  
Marsh Erin DEANS  
Marshall Jessica PRESDT  
Marshall Kelsey DEANS  
Marshall Leah DEANS  
Marshall Nicole DEANS  
Marshall Wesley PRESDT  
Martin Amanda DEANS  
Martin Charles DEANS  
Martin Chase DEANS  
Martin Christopher DEANS  
Martin Christy PRESDT  
Martin Gavin DEANS  
Martin Heather DEANS  
Martin Jill PRESDT  
Martin Kathryn DEANS  
Martin LaToya DEANS  
Martin Michelle Dindi DEANS  
Martin Neville DEANS  
Martin Rebecca DEANS  
Martin Stacy PRESDT  
Martin Steven PRESDT  
Martinez Andrea PRESDT  
Martinez Christina PRESDT  
Martinez Dariana DEANS  
Martinez David DEANS  
Martinez Dixie DEANS  
Martinez Erica DEANS  
Martinez Megan PRESDT  
Martinez Herrera Claudia DEANS  
Martinez Irizarry Nastasha PRESDT  
Martins Priscila DEANS  
Martus Jarred DEANS  
Mary Jennifer DEANS  
Mase Kathleen DEANS  
Mashalian Afsane PRESDT  
Mashburn Judy DEANS  
Mashid Husna DEANS  
Maslovskyy Yaroslav DEANS  
Massey Cheryl PRESDT  
Mastbrook Paula DEANS  
Masterson Philip DEANS  
Mastriano Rosalila DEANS  
Mastromarino Christopher DEANS  
Matel Aleksei DEANS  
Mathews Selby PRESDT  
Mathewson Shelby DEANS  
Matias Erendira DEANS  
Matoga Daniel DEANS  
Matsuoka Miyuki DEANS  
Mattey Kristy DEANS  
Matthews Robert DEANS  
Matthews Tamika DEANS  
Matthews Ulysses DEANS  
Matthews Venetia DEANS  
Matz Thomas DEANS  
Maududi Narges DEANS  
Maughan Richard DEANS  
Maurer Susan PRESDT  
Mausolf Joshua DEANS  
May Katharina PRESDT  
May Marc DEANS  
May Viriya PRESDT  
Mayer Lindsay DEANS  
Mayer Rebecca PRESDT  
Mayers Courtney DEANS  
Mayfield Traver PRESDT  
Maynard Stephen DEANS  
Mayor Michael DEANS  
Mazouz-Marrero Sarah DEANS  
Mbarek Mounsif PRESDT  
Mc Graw Janet DEANS  
McAllister Deanna DEANS  
McAlpine Alys DEANS  
McArthur Laurie DEANS  
McBride Megara PRESDT  
McCall Travis DEANS  
McCallum David DEANS  
McCarthy Erin DEANS  
McCarthy Jonathan DEANS  
McCarthy Nicolas DEANS  
McCarty Justin DEANS  
McCarty Kathleen DEANS  
McClain Justin DEANS  
McClain Nataliya DEANS  
McClary Crystal DEANS  
Mcclees Ricardo DEANS  
McClellan Christopher DEANS  
McCloud Misti DEANS  
McCloy-Johnson Casandra PRESDT  
Mcclutchy Matthew DEANS  
McConville William PRESDT  
McCord Jennifer DEANS  
McCormack Elizabeth DEANS  
McCormick Amber PRESDT  
McCormick Hays PRESDT  
Mccoy Christopher DEANS  
Mccoy Judith DEANS  
McCracken Jessica DEANS  
McCrane Meagan DEANS  
McCullar Tonya DEANS  
Mccusker James DEANS  
McDonald Jeffrey DEANS  
McDonald Theresa DEANS  
Mcdouall Bradford DEANS  
McEntee Caroline PRESDT  
McEwen Daniel DEANS  
Mcfadden Elizabeth DEANS  
McFarland Nathan PRESDT  
McGahan Matthew DEANS  
McGarity Kathy PRESDT  
McGee Emily DEANS  
McGhee Christina PRESDT  
McGhee Demitris DEANS  
McGhee Michael PRESDT  
McGill Craig DEANS  
Mcgrady Patrick DEANS  
McGrath Heather PRESDT  
McGraw Brian PRESDT  
McGraw Erin DEANS  
McGregor David DEANS  
McGuin Austin PRESDT  
Mcguin Melody DEANS  
Mcguire Valeri DEANS  
McHugh Brien DEANS  
McIntire Joye DEANS  
McIntosh Dylan DEANS  
McKenna Kaitlyn DEANS  
McKenna Timothy DEANS  
McKenzie Caitlin DEANS  
McKeone Gregory DEANS  
Mckinley Breianne DEANS  
Mcknight Tara DEANS  
McLain Chelsea DEANS  
McLain Kelley DEANS  
McLarney Kelly DEANS  
McLemore James PRESDT  
McMahon Sandra PRESDT  
McMillian Angela DEANS  
McMurray Erin PRESDT  
Mcneal Matthew DEANS  
McNeill Christopher DEANS  
McNeill Jesse DEANS  
McNulty Kelly DEANS  
Mcpeak April PRESDT  
McPhilamy Cristin DEANS  
McRae Jasheem DEANS  
McSpadden Amber PRESDT  
McTaggart Mary PRESDT  
McVeigh Brian DEANS  
Mcwilliams Cheryl DEANS  
McWilliams Joy DEANS  
Mead Lauren DEANS  
Meamarian Milad PRESDT  
Medina Melanie DEANS  
Medina Michael PRESDT  
Medlin Lyndsey DEANS  
Medrano Claudia DEANS  
Medrano Luis DEANS  
Medvedeva Anna DEANS  
Megersa Daric PRESDT  
Megherbi Mohamed DEANS  
Mehdi Syed DEANS  
Mehryar Zohreh DEANS  
Mehus Lynnie DEANS  
Mei He DEANS  
Mejia Evelyn DEANS  
Mejia Silvia DEANS  
Mejia Izaguirre Alex DEANS  
Mele Lisa DEANS  
Melendez Veronica DEANS  
Melendres Eric DEANS  
Melgarejo Dextre Pablo DEANS  
Mellis Anthony DEANS  
Melnikova Aleksandra DEANS  
Menchola Marianella DEANS  
Mencia Jose DEANS  
Mendoun Adam DEANS  
Mendoza Sergio PRESDT  
Mendygaliyev Almas DEANS  
Meneghello David DEANS  
Mengesha Samuel DEANS  
Menifee Amber PRESDT  
Mensah Abraham DEANS  
Mensah Alexander DEANS  
Mensah Emmanuel DEANS  
Mensah Richard DEANS  
Menzies Jeffrey PRESDT  
Merhazion Aselet DEANS  
Merino Melba DEANS  
Merrell Beth-Anne PRESDT  
Merzaq Mouatassim DEANS  
Mesfin Yirgalem DEANS  
Meshesha Meron DEANS  
Mesias Brian DEANS  
Messalle Carl DEANS  
Messamore Scott PRESDT  
Messer Scotty DEANS  
Messier Cynthia DEANS  
Meston Ashley PRESDT  
Mettendorf Elizabeth DEANS  
Meyer Andrew DEANS  
Meyer Leslie PRESDT  
Michael Damien DEANS  
Michaud Sarah DEANS  
Michel Bethany DEANS  
Michels Lee PRESDT  
Mickelson Jessica DEANS  
Mickens William DEANS  
Miclos Diana PRESDT  
Middleton Robert DEANS  
Miehm Angelique DEANS  
Mikula Irene DEANS  
Milatzo Jillian DEANS  
Milburn Tenisha DEANS  
Miles Dewan DEANS  
Milillo Tina DEANS  
Miller Abby PRESDT  
Miller Andrea PRESDT  
Miller Angela DEANS  
Miller Anne DEANS  
Miller Bennett DEANS  
Miller Carlton DEANS  
Miller Caroline DEANS  
Miller Cassandra DEANS  
Miller Daniel DEANS  
Miller Erica PRESDT  
Miller Jessica DEANS  
Miller Kevin DEANS  
Miller Kimberly DEANS  
Miller Kyle DEANS  
Miller Larissa DEANS  
Miller Laurie DEANS  
Miller Marie DEANS  
Miller Paul DEANS  
Miller Sherylin PRESDT  
Miller Stefanie DEANS  
Miller Steven PRESDT  
Miller Tanya DEANS  
Miller Tiffany DEANS  
Miller Vernon DEANS  
Mills Ashleigh DEANS  
Mills Daniel DEANS  
Mills Ellen DEANS  
Mills Heather DEANS  
Mills Jennifer DEANS  
Milton Garret PRESDT  
Milton Jason DEANS  
Milton Mikaila DEANS  
Mindorashvili Tornike DEANS  
Minehart Timothy PRESDT  
Minor Felicia DEANS  
Minor Terrance DEANS  
Mir Aliyeva Sabina DEANS  
Miranda Carol DEANS  
Miranda Doris PRESDT  
Miranda Marcelo PRESDT  
Mirch Catherine DEANS  
Mirhosseini Mina DEANS  
Mirza Shehryar DEANS  
Mirza Zara DEANS  
Mirzozoda Khulkar PRESDT  
Misola Shiene PRESDT  
Mitchell Amanda DEANS  
Mitchell Katherine PRESDT  
Mitchell Nicole DEANS  
Mitchell Shasta DEANS  
Mitchell Sylvester DEANS  
Mitchual Richmond DEANS  
Miyamoto Masami DEANS  
Mizrachi Sivan DEANS  
Mlejova Michaela PRESDT  
Mochcco Geraldine PRESDT  
Modi Tina DEANS  
Moeen Hamta DEANS  
Moeller Manuela DEANS  
Moffett Kyle DEANS  
Moghaddam Parastou DEANS  
Moghbel Shahla PRESDT  
Mogin Madeleine PRESDT  
Mogrovejo Karoline PRESDT  
Mohamed Azhar DEANS  
Mohammad Michelle PRESDT  
mohammadi mohammad reza DEANS  
Mohammed Reshad DEANS  
Mohammed Summer DEANS  
Mohamud Falhad DEANS  
Mohamud Sahra DEANS  
Mohsin Elizabeth DEANS  
Moini Shirazi Samira DEANS  
Mojadidi Madina DEANS  
Mokhiber Lina DEANS  
Molina Olvin DEANS  
Molina Victoria DEANS  
Molla Meklit DEANS  
Molnar Vanessa DEANS  
Molovinsky Oren DEANS  
Moltzer Kimberly PRESDT  
Molyneaux Kandi DEANS  
Momeni Khodayar PRESDT  
Momoh Virginia DEANS  
Monahan Maggie DEANS  
Mondoloka Vivian DEANS  
Mongwa Calvin DEANS  
Monh Reathany PRESDT  
Monroe Jo-Ann DEANS  
Monroe Keith PRESDT  
Monson Jennifer DEANS  
Montag Michael PRESDT  
Montag Sara DEANS  
Montanari Adrienne DEANS  
Montano Erika DEANS  
Monte-Ball Justine DEANS  
Monteiro Ana PRESDT  
Montemayor Marcia DEANS  
Montes Guadalupe DEANS  
Montgomery Hollie PRESDT  
Montgomery Lauren DEANS  
Montgomery Pamela PRESDT  
Montoro Graziele PRESDT  
Montoya Rivas Carolina DEANS  
Monts Karina DEANS  
Montville Shannon DEANS  
Moore Amanda DEANS  
Moore Ginny PRESDT  
Moore Justin PRESDT  
Moore Krista DEANS  
Moore Marguerite DEANS  
Moore Melba DEANS  
Moore Michael DEANS  
Moore Nakisha DEANS  
Moquin Kevin DEANS  
Moradi Sahand PRESDT  
Morales Abie DEANS  
Morales Alvin DEANS  
Morales Gardy DEANS  
Morales John DEANS  
Morales Lesly PRESDT  
Morales Reinaldo DEANS  
Morales Ayala Walter DEANS  
Moran-Limer Kimberly PRESDT  
Morante Jose DEANS  
Moreau Robert DEANS  
Morehouse Rachel DEANS  
Moreland Lauren PRESDT  
Morgan Alessandra DEANS  
Morgan Angela DEANS  
Morgan Conner PRESDT  
Morgan David DEANS  
Morgan Jennifer PRESDT  
Morgan Jessica DEANS  
Morgan John PRESDT  
Morgan Julie DEANS  
Morgan Stephanie DEANS  
Morgenstern Julia DEANS  
Morin Joshua DEANS  
Morley Benjamin DEANS  
Morris Donna DEANS  
Morris Joy DEANS  
Morris Nancy DEANS  
Morris Stephanie DEANS  
Morris Tonya DEANS  
Morrison Alexander DEANS  
Morrison Katherine PRESDT  
Morrison Nicole PRESDT  
Morrow Jeffery PRESDT  
Mortazie Michelle DEANS  
Moseman Evan PRESDT  
Moses David DEANS  
Moses Natasha DEANS  
Moshirfatemi Tina DEANS  
Mosley Tiara DEANS  
Motahedy Storai DEANS  
Motamedi Rouhieyh PRESDT  
Motamedi Boroujeni Bashir PRESDT  
Motaweh Mostafa DEANS  
Motley Kristin PRESDT  
Motsenbocker Joshua DEANS  
Motter Bradley DEANS  
Mountcastle-Jones Rebecca DEANS  
Mourtaza Saliha DEANS  
Moussa Hesham PRESDT  
Moussa Reem DEANS  
Movassagh Susan DEANS  
Mowery Scott DEANS  
Mowinski Eric DEANS  
Moxley Kelly PRESDT  
Mozingo Mary DEANS  
Mubiayi Manatshitu DEANS  
Mueller Audrey DEANS  
Mueller Karl PRESDT  
Mueller Stephanie DEANS  
Mugisha Emma DEANS  
Mugnolo Craig DEANS  
Muhammad Hajjah DEANS  
Muhlenkamp Nicholas DEANS  
Muiznieks Elmar DEANS  
Mujarwanda Sifa DEANS  
Mukumbuta Peggy PRESDT  
Mulgrew Victoria DEANS  
Mullarkey Kieran PRESDT  
Muller Natasha DEANS  
Mullins Bethany DEANS  
Mullins Jeremiyah DEANS  
Mullins Jessica DEANS  
Mullins Tammy DEANS  
Mulqueen Jessica PRESDT  
Mulroney Brian DEANS  
Mulvena Caitlin PRESDT  
Mumaugh Matthew DEANS  
Mumenthaler Agata DEANS  
Munger Jennifer DEANS  
Mungo Marisa DEANS  
Muniak Caroline DEANS  
Munoz Ana DEANS  
Munoz Diana DEANS  
Murphy Alyson DEANS  
Murphy Benjamin PRESDT  
Murphy Danielle PRESDT  
Murphy David DEANS  
Murphy Kevin DEANS  
Murphy Lisa PRESDT  
Murphy Megan PRESDT  
Murphy Sarah DEANS  
Murphy Skyler PRESDT  
Murphy Veronica DEANS  
Murray Heather DEANS  
Murray Karen PRESDT  
Murray Laura DEANS  
Murray Michael DEANS  
Murray Natalie DEANS  
Murren Cara DEANS  
Musavi Nasim DEANS  
Mushtaha Musab DEANS  
Muslu Saadet DEANS  
Mustafa Hana DEANS  
Mustafa Mohammad DEANS  
Mutrija Shaline DEANS  
Muzeyen Tesfahun DEANS  
Myers Amanda DEANS  
Myers Cherilyn DEANS  
Myers Coley DEANS